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does anybody know some good alternative rock i wil give good rating please help

3 doors down, fm static, foo fighters, fall out boy, red hot chili peppers, taking back sunday, etc

or go to and click on alternative

hope i helped &hearts


does anyone know of any really good alternative rock songs..(like lifehouse, foo fighters, howie day)or bands? PLEASE tell me i'll rate high because i keep listening to the same songs over and over again and i wanna try some other new songs!


bands: 3 doors down, fall out boy, fm static, sugarcult, taking back sunday, red hot chili peppers, etc

or just go to and click on alternative or rock

hope this helps &hearts


does anyone no any good tanning products or any good ways to get tan??


i rate high :)

id recommend spray on tans or lotions with a tanning aunt just got melonoma (skin cancer) and trust me its not fun, even if it clears up theres only a 63% chance she'll always put on suntan lotion and avoid the tanning beds because they're just as bad if not worse..however spray tans from the drug store or professional spray tans are great!! hope this helps &hearts


OK. I have a pony. And we show english hunter stuff and i was wanting a one horse trailer or 2 horse. Is there like a really good website i can look at that will show me the inside/outside/ect.? Thanks!

i rate

hope this helps &hearts


is it wrong to wear a thong? i want to get one but i dont want people to think of me as a hoe

NO its not wrong to wear a thong, its a personal choice and to be honest almost all teen girls where them! if you dont want to be concidered a hoe then just dont wear super low rise jeans when you have a thong on hah..and thongs are actually better, no panty lines and guys think its hott ;)

hope this helps &hearts please rate


Are there any songs I can start practicing singing that are easy, but a bit challenging? I have a pretty good voice, but not as good as Kelly Clarkson's. Does anyone know any of those types of songs?

pop/rock songs are pretty easy to sing to and are still challenging to give your voice a warm up

Singers/Bands: hilary duff, ashlee simpson, sugarcult, the starting line, avril lavine, simple plan,... you get the picture

try those bands and you can find the lyrics for their songs at

hope this helps &hearts


I am a dancer and when im home alone... i dance lol.. what are some good fast pace songs that are good to dance to?

If you have music stations on your t.v then turn on the dance staion..if not i like listening to Fall Out Boy, they have really upbeat songs with amazing lyrics! hope this helps &hearts please rate


please read this and help me..i'll rate 5s..just please i desperately need help more than anything

i fell in love with a guy named harrison about 2 years ago, and we have been unseperable ever since then. we'd always have the occasional fights between us, and i was crazy about him, and he was about me too. i loved him more than anything in the world, and this was not just puppy love, this was the real thing. he was my first and possibly final love, and i lost my virginity to him. when he moved to iowa last year, we still loved each other and he never even attempted to go out with any other girl. he was the best thing that had ever happened to me, and i loved him..i truly mean it. he was always there for me, he was there when mother died, i lost my best friend, and when i had to have a heart surgery.

recently he died in a car accident. it wasn't his fault at all, it was horrible luck. he was driving on a highway and a drunk driver crashed into his car, killing him. i cried myself to sleep for months, and i just didn't care about anything but him. i was obsessing yes, but i loved him, and i know he loved me too. he was the only one for me, and i know he's gone now and i should move on and look for other guys, but i don't think i'll ever find anyone else like harrison. i will still of course try, but i cannot help but feel horrible. sometimes i feel i should kill myself so i can join harrison up in heaven, but i have never succeeded. i am hurt beyond words, and i don't know what to do anymore. please help me, anything will help right now. thank you so much for reading all of this.. love, lauren

first of all I am very sorry for your loss...i dont know if i can really help you becasue it seems like you know what you should do, its just a state of mind..maybe talk to a councelor? that could really help. Its so tough to get over someone after they die and it seems especially difficult in your situation! but remember sucide is not the way! its a sin and harrison wouldnt want you to, he would want you to continue your life and live it happily! i hope everything works out! &hearts very sorry!!


I absolutely hate my hair. I have thick light brown hair with blonde highlights. When i say thick.. i mean really thick. I have anywhere from 5-10 minutes in the morning to do my hair. Besides the everyday ponytail... what can i do to my hair? I am taking coloring, cutting, and styling ideas.

Color/Cut wise just flip through magazines and im sure youll find one that grabs your far as styling goes there arent alot of things you can do in 10 minutes (sry this wasnt the answer you were looking for) besides the ponytail and maybe half up half could always wake up earlier? and flat iron it..or try scrunching it the night before after a shower! After you get it cut maybe your hair dresser will have some ideas on how to syle it! hope this helps &hearts please rate


Hey, I'm going to Greece for the holidays, and I was wondering if anybody has ever been to any of the Greek islands besides Mykonos and could tell me a few things about them. I get to choose which island besides Mykonos we get to visit and I was wondering if anybody has ever been to any of them and has any particular suggestions and stuff. I'm sixteen, by the way, so if the island you've been to seems to be revolving around adulty stuff, then yeah...

I dont have any personal experience but just try a webiste or google it//hope this helps?? &hearts


im really tired of being single and miss having a boyfriend, but im gonna be a Jr. and i think i should get serious about school and my future. Should i get a boyfriend or just worry about school?


concentrate on school right now..and if you meet a guy later on then thats great! he'll come to you and if he really likes you he'll understand your need for good grades and will work around your schdule. this way you have the best of both worlds! hope this helped &hearts please rate


i have to go to a graduation party tomorrow and theres a swimming pool and everyones gunna be swimming! well i just got my period for the first time thursday night ( graduation party's sunday) should i swim? and if i do do i wear a tampon? please help what do i do?

If you definately wanna go swimming then yeah you should wear a tampon...however you might not need to b.c your period started thursday it might be over by sunday but youll just have to wait and see..sense its your 1st you dont know how long your typical period will last..there are dircetions in the box so youll know what to do

hope this helps &hearts


i heard that you get discharge about 1 - 2 years before puberty and its like white creamy fluid stuff.. well i have it and i wanted to know if you get it all ur life or will it end?

You get discharge either before or after every it will eventually end during menopause, but its diff for everyone (some might stop sooner)
while you have it use panty liners

hope this helps &hearts


Does anybody know where to get those cute leg warmers?

Hollister, Abercrombie, Urban Outfitters, etc..just try cute preppy stores lol

hope this helps &hearts


does anyone know any shampoos/conditioners that make your hair like really silky??? i use pantene but my hair like got used to it and it doesnt work very well anymore... 5 for good answers...

Garnier Fructis works really good! and if you have the extra money almost all salon shampoos/conditioners make your hair silky! hope this helps x33


im 5'7" and i weigh like 110. im really thin and i have trouble finding jeans. whenever i find some that are the right length theyre too baggy and stuff... i shop at wet seal, forever 21 --abercrombie sux so dont tell me to go there--any other stores where i can find relatively inexpensive jeans that have a lot of sizes? thanks

*HOLLISTER* they have tons of cute jeans in alot of diff styles and sizes however they are around $40-60$ if thats ok for you! also try american eagle or any department stores! good luck x3 please rate


see the thing is i have alot of friends but not one best friend i can do everything with. i want my one friend to be my bff but i dunno how, its really confusing and even tho i have friends i feel so please

Take the extra step and just remember this motto "to have a friend you have to be a friend". Plan trips to the malls/movies/etc and over time you guys will become closer! hope this helps x33


ok Im really upset right now my mom like thinks that im gonna be like anorexic and she wants me to go to a freakin consuler that I dont want to talk to at all she says because like some of the reasons that I dont want to go do things with my friends at the lake and have a pool party or whatever is because i think im fat well see i kinda do but i only think that I need to lose a few ponds i just dont like the way my legs look and a little bit of my stomach and she like is nagging at me like why dont u go to the lake with your friends or go to so so pool party she like because you dont want people to think your fat and crap like that and that might be a reason but she wants me to go to a consler!!!!!! god she is just.. i just wish she would let me live! pls help

If you tell her what you just wrote she might understand..the teenage years are a stressful time when everyone is body conscience..tell her you dont have a eating disorder and you only want to lose those few extra pounds and youll do so in a healthy way..if you and your mom have a heart to heart she might not think it nesacary to send you to a concelor! hope this helps x33


Ok so I Am only 13 but could I be in love do you think you cAn truley be in love at 13? or do think it is just puppy love? I rAte 5's

it depends on the situation..but you can definately be in love at 13


Im wondering if my period should be coming soon. I've done some reading and I found out that I have most of the "signals" *Pubic hair, boobs are growing, growth spurt, underarm hair, discharge etc.* But its been this way for almost a month and nothing coming? Should it be coming soon? *Btw im 13*

Remember your period comes once every month so it could be coming pretty soon..but then again you can always blame hormones..dosnet matter it will come when it comes! hope this helps x33 please rate


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