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i asked the question about what 3 tops to wear and most people said the second one and i put the same link for 2 and 3 the 3rd link was supposed to be

this is the one you guys said i should wear >>>

so which one the first link or the second link with blue jeans and pink and black shoes
thanks 2 everyone who answered my last question..

I definately like this one better.. (the first one)!! then again its up to you! that shirt would look way cute with jeans but id find a diff pair of shoes! i dont see how the pink would fit in but maybe plain black..good luck! ♥


I need some four or five letter words to write on my binder for school. Please no fowl words. Thanks in advance I rate 5's no matter wat!

live, laugh, love, smile, shop, play, party, flirt, dork, etc. I know those were kinda lame lol but hopefully Ive been of some help ♥ good luck


Hey..I just wanted to know if anyone knew any websites where u could download free music and is it safe.Like can u get viruses with it? Thankss.Because i had kazaa but then like 3 weeks ago my computer froze everytime and i had to get it fixed. So please tell me some good websites yall might know.
I rate high too!
Brenda seems like all music dowload sites freeze your computer lol so maybe try just a plain music site like,, and then click on music! i know this wasnt exactly what you were looking for but hopefully ive been of some help! ♥


I have a light light light brown almost dirty blonde shade of hair. It comes to about an inch past my shoulders. I have bangs. Just like straight across my face. I want to do something cute to spice it up and make me look pretty. I will rate really high PLEASE this is like a fashion emergency!

id try giving your hair some layers that frame your face, this will give your hair some body. wait a while until your bangs get longer then make them sweeping bangs! i have it and omg i love it, you prob will too! and also concider getting some blonder highlights! then again if this dosnet sound like something youd like you can always ask your hairdresser for styles that would look good on you or you could look through haircut magazines! hope ive helped ♥ good luck


hey im looking for the background music code for the song 'Never had a dream come true" By SClub7..i know its old but i really like it & i wanna use it for my myspace. If you know, or know anyone who, know a site where i could find this that'd be great =)

thanks, ♥
- tara

find the song youre looking for then copy the html code, paste the code into your ABOUT ME secrtion under the EDIT PROFILE link! hope I've helped ♥


My boyfriend's birthday is September 14th, and I dont know we're so alike and things like that but I still am so lost on what to get him for his birthday.

It's his 16th so I dont want to just be like "OH HERE" and hand him something stupid. Plus, Im gonna try saving up but i just hope im not limited on money and all that stuff. But yeah.. any ideas? HE LOVES MUSIC. Stuff like slipknot, system of a down, korn.. and all that. You never see him without his mp3 =)

ill definitely rate high for great helpers.

try band shirts, cds, posters, etc

you could even look for concert tickets, maybe a band he likes will be playing soon? you never know so check it out! hope I helped ♥


y do guys like sex so much?

haha good feels good hah and its fun i guess ♥


Hey I really like this guy but he says that we are two different people and he does not want to be my friend any more what do I do

..This is short but just forget about him! dont waste your time with someone that dosnet want to be your boyfriend let alone just a friend! good luck, thanks for asking ♥


Hey. I was wondering, it was either on you advicenators page or myspace (I think it was your myspace), what song is that and who is it by? Thanks.

yeah probably my myspace

its called Who I am Hates Who Ive Been//by Relient K

I love love loooove that song ♥


hey i was wondering if abercrombie && fitch clothes runs small?

theyre meant to be tight and they actually run in a smaller fit then hollister or american eagle! but then again their clothes tend to be way cuter! remember to wash the shirts on delicate and then leave them out to dry, the 1st couple of times you wash it, just to prevent potential shrinking! ♥


heyy -
you know how people have those cute little falling hearts on the top of their webpages or myspaces? I think thats soo cute & i wanna use them! But i cant seem to find any HTML webpages with the code for it! Do you know of any good sites with that code? Or if not do you know any good myspace HTML code sites? Thanks a million

Love Always,
xoxo nicole

Im soo sorry, but Im completely the wrong person to ask about this lol! so sorry! all I can say is try and google it or you can post a bulletin asking how and maybe some of your myspace friends will reply and tell you how ♥ good luck


heyy - ive lived in the house i live in now ALL my life, & i like it- but lately all my mom talks about is moving to a bigger one. [I'd rather just extend, b/c some of my neighbors have been doing that and it looks GREAT!]I dont want to move b/c my BEST BEST friend lives a few houses down. We hangout ALL the time & we talk to eachother about everything, and we help eachother through hard times. We know what goes on in eachother's lives and we tell eachother everything. I worried that if i do move we'll drift apart [thats what happened to our other friend who moved, we used to be BESt friends but she moved & we NEVER ever talk anymore..] I really dont want to see our friendship fade b/c weve gotten SOO close through all these years[ weve been best friends since kindergarten] im soo worried and i really dont want to move , whenever my mom talks about moving, i have to told back my tears b/c i thnk about how it'll be so different going from being able to walk to eachothers houses to not being able to at all. We are REAlLY close & im so scared that one day my mom will tell me that she bought a house. I really need help b/c i have no idea what to do. Ive tried telling my mom, but she just talks about it more & more - and its driving me crazy. I love this house & i love being so close to my best friend b.c if theyres a problem we can always run to eachothers houses & we are going through the same problems with parents & friends and stuff so we can relate a lot. We laugh together, we cry together, and i really dont want to lose that. Shes my BEST friend & im so afraid of what might happen! PLEASe help me! i dont know what else to do! Its getting me really upset ... =(

[sry this is long, but i really need help lol ]

thanks soooo much for taking the time 2 read this -- it really means a lot =)

love always,

first of all thanks for asking me! your story really touches home, I lived in florida for 10 years and then one day I found out we were moving to some of my friendships didnt last but my best friend and I stayed connected she even comes and vists me (shes hear right now)..saying that youre not moving out of state im even more positivie that you guys will remain Best friends!! maybe search for a bigger house in your neighborhood! but if it comes time and your mom finds a house farther away, dont worry! i know it will be weird at 1st but act like nothing has changed, conntinue to call each other and hang out whenever possible!! GOOD LUCK, hope I've helped ♥


what are some good websites you can go on if you're REALLLLLY bored? thanks

here are some sites I go to..maybe you'll like them

hope I've helped a bit♥


Hey i play sports and dont get me wrogn I love playing them and wouldnt want to quit...but iam kinda a tom boy so how can i become more girly??

to be more girly wear cuter clothes! instead of basketball shorts or whatever try on a cute skirt! instead of plain T-shirts try a polo, theyre still comfotorable but theyre also way more stylish! top it of with earings, heels, and makeup! now remember dont ever feel the need to change yourself..these are just some tips to embrace your girly side lol, hope Ive helped ♥


if my eyes are dark blue-green wut color eye shadow should i use to make my eyes stand out?

I have a similar color and I wondered the same thing..I asked someone from a makeup store and they told me that a taupe color would work the best! so try something brown/goldish with maybe a litte shimmer! hope Ive helped ♥


i know this question gets asked a lot but i havent ever looked to see the answer.... well how do u put a background on myspace i cannot figure it out for the life of me!! so if you could please answer this question that would really help!!



ok well first of all you need to find a layout you like..i dont know of any sites off the top of my head so youll just have to google it..well once you find one you'd like to use copy the URL code, then go back to the myspace HOME section, click on the EDIT PROFILE link, and last but not least paste the URL code in the ABOUT ME section! hopefully Ive helped a bit ♥


I MISSED the laguna beach season premiere!! what happen detail please an r thye gona show it agian?

actually its on right now (3-4pm) it will also be on later tonight (9-10pm) I dont want to give details for that would spoil it however I can assure you that its an awesome episode! hope I helped ♥


ok, my bf thinks that i dont like him very much...but i dont know y. i mean i told him that that isnt the deal but he wont listen. he even asked advice on here that said "i think my gf is going to break up with me...but i dont know. i dont think she likes me that much. what should i do?"
can you belive that. i dont know how to get it through to him that i really really like him. how? any advice?

tell him once more that you feel the relationship is going fine and have no intention on breaking up with him..if he needs constant reasurance then he is obviously insucrue! i would at that point concider breaking up with him for real..but its up to you and if you can deal with him always wondering if things are ok? hope i helped =) good luck


i have STICK STRAIGHT hair no matter what i do to it. how can i give it some wave without curlers or a curling iron cause i dont have much time in the morning

scrunching hair is pretty easy and dosnet take much time..however your hair usually needs to be wet so try taking a shower the night before then scrunching it before bed! this way all youll have to do in the morning is touch it up! hope I helped ♥ good luck


sport finder
i go to a school where sports mean alot..i have tried a bunch of differnet sports..but none of them work for me..i am tring to stay in shape..but i havent as much since i quit my last sport..i really want to try out for a sport this year..any ideas of which one i should pick..i'm not to good at sports ..but i'm detirmned to do this!

well it depends? which sports have you already tried
here are some to keep in mind..

high activity level:soccer, lacorsse, basketball, swimming

medium: baseball, track

low: something like golf or volleyball
(p.s im not trying to offend anyone if you disagree)

well hope I helped, good luck ♥


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