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I'm a seventh grader and I was just wondering whether or not i should try out for the Baseball team or the Soccer team? I'm 4.7, 75 pounds, and i'm excellent as a goalie. But I love baseball just as much. What should I do??

I rate High!!

first of all find out if you can do both sports..if not, write down a pro and con list for each choice! i know its super corny but it really helps!! or just think about this, pick whichever one you love the most!! dont worry about which sport youre better at RIGHT now b.c youll get better through practice! best of luck deciding! let me know which one you choose! [♥]


=/ I suck at reading guys' actions, so.....

1) He sits next to my best friend in my Social Studies Class. So one day before class, I went over to talk to her, and he jumped, yes JUMPED up and RAN, yes, SPRINTED across the room, and started talking to his friend. Matter of fact, he practically leaves everytime I come near. I'm not mean to him or anything, and we get along well (just got aquainted about 2 1/2 weeks ago)

2) When I come late into class, he stares. Like the other day, I came in late, and he looked at me for about 5 minutes while I was explaining to the teacher.

3) He'll only talk to me if I say something to him. I don't think this means anything--a lot of my friends say he does that anyways.

=/ And he has a girlfriend. Or should say "groupie". She's VERY obsessed with him. I think he just gave in, (they were friends) and was too nice to know.

What do you guys think?

its one of two things..he either has a HUGE crush on you, or the complete opposite! different guys react differnt ways to girls they like so I dont know exactly what hes thinking! i would just talk to him and ask him whats going on, do you like me, etc.! good luck!! [♥]


How do you get to be the featured advice columnist ? Like when you go to the site and the home page has a persons column. How do you get to be there ?? Oh and I have a average rating of 5 so ive got a good rating. I use to have a column a long time ago but I deleted it after i got rid of my old computer and finally got my new one. But I still wasnt one and I had about a 4.89 or something and still wasn't there. So thats why im asking how you get to be there. Thanks in advance

heyy! im currently the featured columnist..but i didnt really do anything in order to get it! it comes randomly! ive been on the site for a couple months now and this is the 1st time ive been chosen! so give it time! good luck!! [♥]


my parents' anniversary is coming up and they keep reminding me because im the oldest of 3 so they want me to do something for them or buy them something.. i hav no idea wat to get or do..and im limited in money..any ideas??

maybe make them a reservation for dinner at a really nice resturaunt! or some sort of little trinket or card! im sure anything you give them theyll love, as long as they know yore thinking of them! good luck!! [♥]


I usually don't ask for screen name ideas but I really need some help. This is my final one. I had the same screen name for 3 years and I'm tired of it!

I want something with glam, vintage, narly , < those types of words. Thanks so much and I defenetly will rate.

vintag3xx, glamour x whore, glAmx33

basiclly just use the words you wrote down and experiment with differnt formats, capitalizations, etc.! im sure youll find somehting you like and thats original! good luck!! [♥]


this might be kinda confusing but my friend is goin out wit her bestfriends brother and he is goin to break up with her and i found this out. he wants his sister to tell his gurlfriend he wants to break up but she doesnt want to and shes afraid that if she does that it will ruin her friendship between her and my friend so wut should we all do because me and his sister know that he's goin to break up with her but we dont want to tell her and we dont want them to break up because she really likes him.

this guy needs to step up to the plate..and not be immature and have someone else break up with his girlfriend for him! i mean we do that in 5th grade lol! so tell him if he wants to break up with her he has to go through with it by himself! and i completley agree, if the sister dose it for him there will be a lot of friction in their friendship! so thats def. not a good idea! good luck!! [♥]


ok. what is like genital herpes look like. sry not trying to be gross. im not sexually active, no guy has even touched down there. i dont shave often. but i have little red bumps sometimes, and even sometimes on my leg by that area. im worried that i have it. and idk how i couldve gotten it. im young so please help. sry for the details, i just want help!
really really embarrassed

If no guy has touched you down there and it cant be razor burn, I really doubt its something serious. It could be a rash or reaction to some type of soap or body wash?? But its better to be safe than sorry so if dosent go away in a couple days I would schedule an appointment with a doctor or dermotoligist! Dont worry about the embarassment part, its true you might feel awkward for 10 or some minutes but if it something serious and you dont get it checked out, the consiquences will be way worse! good luck!!! [♥]


I have a crush on a boy. My friends tell me I should leave a rose in his locker. Do boys like stuff like that?

hmmm that might freak him out a just might come off too strong! but you know him better than me, so its really up to you! maybe instead of a rose try a note! or have a friend talk to him and find out if he likes you! good luck [♥]


what does it mean when some one asks you if you can lick your elbow ? im lost

thats just a joke! people ask you if you can lick your elbow just to see you try and look stupid! lol..yeh its impossible to do so its just a joke! nothing serious [♥]


i am in love with my boyfriend, like i don't want to be with any other guy but him. and i want to tell him i love him. but im scared he is going to get scared like last time it happened i told him i love you (he said it back but) then a week later he broke up wiht me. i want to say it so much since i mean it., but i don't want to lose him. it hurts not being able to tell him i love him, but i don't know if he really is in love with me too. and i want to know. he is the only guy i actually fell for like this, i am about to cry from writing this. i dont want to lose him when school starts but i don't want to talk to him about it cuz im scared what he is going to say. what should i do

if youre having such strong feelings for him, its not fair for you to keep them in! if you feel something you just have to come out and say it! as scary as it might be..and there is a chance he might not know how to react and this can hurt! but you never know until you try..and he might be feeling the exact same way!!! =D if not..well id say sit down and "evaluate" your relationship, like where its going etc.! good luck!!! [♥]


can some one give me some pics of destroyed jeans. ive been looking but my search hasnt been succesful. it would be sooo helpful. thanks a lot! bu bye


im 13 years old and i dont know if one of my closest friends likes me.
hes acting very weird all the time around me and i think he wa flurtting with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what do i do?

do you like him?? well if you do then just flirt back! and see where things go..he might ask you out in the near future! if hes still sending you mixed signs i would talk to him or get a friend to ask him! good luck [♥]


what does a tease mean?


ok sry this is so long but i need help

i went out with this one guy for like 2 years and he was my first kiss, first make out and everything and i broke it off with him about 2 months ago

well i have a new boyfriend now and im crazy about him but i still kinda have feelings for my ex-boyfriend i told my friends about it and they said it was normal to not forget ur first love they said what iwas feeling was just memories and

i dont have real feelings for him anymore??
r they right what do u guyz think???

i'll rate high!

Yes, Its normal to keep a LITTLE bit of feelings for your first true love! but if this goes on for a long time or if the feelings deepen..i think youll have to sit down and think about the situation! maybe you really do care alot about your ex and want to go out again? idk give it a couple of weeks! good luck!! [♥]


Does anybody know some really good songs that they like? Im trying to make a list of really good songs But i cant really think of any. If you have any songs, doesnt matter what type or anything like that! Thank you!

heyy! im not sure if youll agree with my taste in music..but hopefully youll enjoy these songs

the pros and cons of breathing--fall out boy
dead on arival--fall out boy
you and me--lifehouse
mary anne--adam richman
reinvetning your exit--underoath
be my escape--relient k
shes the blade--sugarcult
until the day i die--story of the year
californication--red hot chili peppers
note to self--from first to last

hope ive been of some assistance [♥]


Whast the best music to be listening to?

whatever you like is the best kind to be listening to! try some diff genres and im sure youll find one that you love! for example: rock, punk, counrtry, rap, hiphop, etc.! personally i like rock/emo/screamo! good luck [♥]


ok well heres my problem ok well i like this guy named *cameron ok well ive met him before and he was really cool and now hes in my homeroom hes soo cute hes a freaking hotty ok well today we were totally playing footsy and stuff we were totally flirting hes my buddy and i like him so much and at lunch i told him i was sitting with him he seemed excited and we were tlking and my friends came over when they saw me and they saw i was flirting when we went outside he asked me if i wanted a piggy back ride and i said no thanks shly and it was just great but my friend amanda was like do u like him i was like yeah and then she started asking me if i had his screenname i know hes not my boyfriend but he didnt even talk to her but should i be worried ? thanks
I'm a female and i'm 13

no you shouldnt be worried..she might be a little jealous that youre getting attention from a guy and she isnt! or it could mean nothing at all, maybe she just wanted his sn? you never know. if you are pretty close with her then she should know not to flirt with a guy you like and have told her you like!! if youre still a little jealous or concerned just set her down and ask her if she likes him! if she dose then thats still ok he obviously likes you more! so dont worry [♥]


is this a nice phone? i really like it..
are phones that arnt flip phones out of style?
im willing to pay $70 for this phone its really nice.

70$ seems high for just the phone..but anyways Yes, its really cute! [♥]


how do you change your password for your myspace

login and go to your HOME page! then click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS! once you get to this page, the CHANGE PASWORD option is easly visible! good luck [♥] if you have any more myspace ?s drop them in my box!


Hey people i was wondering could everyone tell me what they think of a 15 year old going out with a 13 year old girl?

tell me ur honest opinions please

Theres definately nothing wrong with that combo! is the girl mature for her age? if so, thats even better! but either way its prefectly fine!! good luck [♥]


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