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more... 16 and ive never been kissed. Or lets change that..ive never "madeout" with anyone. And im talkin to a couple of guys and theyre askin me on dates n stuff and i wanna go but i know theyll make a move on me and then i wont kno what im doin! Im already behind..because im 16 and most ppl have madeout already. What do i do about this?

go there! this site explains EVERYTHING. go with the flow and it will be great. good luck.


ok so last night i have this guy come over to my house and we were makin out and shit and he then started to finger me. It got harder and harder. He fingered me so hard tht i was hurting after wards and i didnt tell him to stop goin so hard because i didnt want to look stupid. it even hurt when i had to go to the bathroom. well i thought it was just the one night thing. but now im hurtin again and still when i go to the bathroom.. if anyone has any advice on what this good be or if its normal. everything is appreciated.

ok i know exactally how you feel. when that is going on, and is really rough like you said, it tends to be sore down there for a little while after. even up to three days, well atleast that is the longest i have heard about/experienced. if not, come back and ask again. but anyways, in the future always feel comftorable to speak up. you are allowed to stop the situation if you are in pain. he should respect your desicion completely. good luck


On Monday Im going to go to this guys house with my friend and his friend. He's really into my friend and when we all hang out, he has his arm around her and my question is what are FUN things to do with 2 boys and 2 girls at someones house? I dont want it to be awkward/boring..Play Games? Anything is appreciated.

hanging out is all about the basics. talk talk talk. talk about everything or talk about nothing. laugh. watch movies/tv. go on the computer. act casual and chill, everything will go smoothly.


When I shave my vagina, it is pokey even right after i shave, like how my legs get the next morning or so. It is also very itchy down there after that. How do I help this or prevent it?

hair down there is usualy thicker than hair on other parts of your body, like your legs for example. the hair is more coarse so it tends to "poke." the itchy thing isn't really preventable. sorry. but everything you mentioned is perfectly normal, hope this helps.


ok so my little brother is 9 years old and he always wants me to play with him. he doesnt understand that im older and have things to do. whenever i try to explain this to him, he gets upset and thinks i dont want to play with him so i feel really guilty. how can i explain to him that im busy a lot and dont really have that much time to play with him?

btw 15/f

schedule little play date type things. maybe 30 minutes a day, or one whole day together during the week. just break up the time into sections, this way everything will be equal and organized.


i'm 5'8 and 112 pounds maybe? how fast can i lose around 10-15 pounds and how? what are some things i can do?

wow that is a perfectly fine weight considering your height, its even on the thin side. very thin side. but try cutting out sodas and fast food. it will help you lose weight, if you really think that's necessary, and is healthy desicion in the long run.


i went to the am i fat site thing and it said my bmi was 17 how can i get it down lower? to like... 15 or 14?

the answer is simple. eat healthy and exersise as often as possible. 1,000-1,200 is a reasonable calorie intake per day. the sergan general says everyone should exersise 30 minutes each day. cut out junk food and sodas, those are easy and officent ways to lose weight. however 17 sounds fine to me.


I have this problem...Like when i get bored i tend to eat and im afraid i will become overweight. But I excercise and everything and im in cheerleading but it seems as if i am ALWAYS bored! Does anyone know how I can stop myself from eating when I get bored? I hate this!

ah I feel your pain. I used to do this too, and I still get the temptations every once in a while. The first thing to remember is portions! If you feel the need to snack every once in a while, it's ok as long as your portions are reasonable and healthy. Measure the food and put it in a baggy, then only eat one baggy per day. That could work. Try to divert your attention aswell. When you are feeling bored do something else. For example: hang out with a friend, go outside, talk on the phone, etc. There are so many choices. Hope this helps!


okay my homecoming is this weekend and im getting my hair done at a very nice place but i dont know what do get done. my hair is a little below my shoulders and i dont mind if the hairstyle is curly or straight. please send links of pics of you can! thanks

something like this would be really cute..its simple but still appropriate! and to dress it up more you could do half up half down, some type of updo, etc.!

good luck♥


Hi im 13 yrs old and my twin sister is mentally challenged.. i started my period about 6 months ago.... but now she has and shes askin a lot of questions... my mom want me to talk to her about the birds and the bees.... but wat do i say.. does any1 have any suggestions on easy ways to understand all this???

I rate high!!!!


well this is a lot of pressure and you probably feel uncomftorable with this..if so, tell your mom she should explain this! good luck ♥


ok i think this guy was trying to finger me but i was wearin pants is that how u do it?

uh no [♥]


Okay, My name is melissa, and i'm fifteen. Theres this guy at my school who keeps calling me fat. He says that i'm obese and that i should just stop eating!!! The problem is, that i'm 5,4 and i'm 105 pounds. I dont think that's fat, and all my friends say i'm stick thin....but, i dont know. If he calls me that, do other people think that? And...if not, how do i get him to stop?

Please help! I rate high!


youre definately not fat..!! that weight is perfect for your age and height! dont worry about him..and just try to ignore it! hes trying to get a rise out of you but in return act like it dosnet bother you at all! if it keeps getting worse then maybe talk to a teacher..but dont worry at all about being obese, because youre NOT ♥


why is it bad for guys to drink mountain dew?

"lowers sperm count.." idk though [♥]


I just started going out with this guy. He knows a ton of people and is always giving like 10 girls hugs left and right everyday. And sometimes he even kisses their heads/foreheads and tells him he loves them. I'm guessing he's just really, really good friends with these girls, but a lot of girls like him and he does this with so many. Is it wrong for me to get mad at him for this? I don't see anything wrong with hugs, but it just seems like hes all over some of them..and he does this right in front of me. I'm new to relationships, so I don't exactly know if this is considered acceptable?

No this really isnt acceptable! i dont mind my boyfriend talking to girls, etc.! because you cant be a controlling gf and not let him have any contact with the opposite sex (besides you)! and even hugging MIGHT be ok..i mean it depends on the person! i personally would be a little jealous! but then kissing is a def no!! even if its on the forhead! sit down and talk to him about this, but usually guys like this refuse to change! give it a shot though and tell him how youre feeling! if he dosnet stop then i would break up with him! but remember this is all up to you, if youre fine with his actions then theres no reason you should end it! good luck!! [♥]


i was just wondering what a christians view was on cousins going out. is it a sin? and no, i'm not going out, or in love with my cousin!

Yes, Its a sin! and illeagal..


well, i have a friend that doesnt really like me much but she is kinda known for cutting, then today i saw something on her wrist and it was a cross, then i got HEy ***** what is that, have you been cutting? all of our friends where there and i was like hey ***** look at ***** wrist and she wouldnt show then. All my friends are saying that i did the wrong thing. i know i could have done it in a better way but did i do to much of the wrong thing?

Well what was the friends reaction to this?? she might have been embarassed and angry! so i would sit down and talk to her about this! cutting is a very dangerous and scary thing! apoligize for how you handeled it the other day, then just talk to her calmly! now remember she might not want to that case you really need to tell an adult or counselor! your friend might get mad at you for a while but in the long run this will definately help!! good luck!!! [♥]


I just got a myspace and i was wondering if anyone knows anywhere i can get a myspace layout. please help!! thanks in advance=) .. slide down a little bit and youll see LAYOUTS click on MYSPACE! once you find one you like, copy the code, and paste it in your ABOUT ME section! good luck!! feel free to ask me any other myspace questions you might have! [♥]


TELL ME WHERE TO BEGIN! School starts in 2 days now... I cant set myself to just pick out an outfit. I love all my new clothes... just cnt pick! I need to pick something out tomorrow.... how do I start to make myself accept n outfit. I just dnt wanna wear the wrong thing... first day of hs. In years prior I could pick out so quick! Wt? Helllllp!!!!!

you can never go wrong with this combo: classic jeans with a stylish shirt! this is perfect for the 1st day b.c its casual and yet still cute! good luck!! [♥]


ok so my schools homecoming is september 16 and i really want this guy to ask me!! he's never had a girlfriend and we're 15 and he doesn't even take girls to his sports banquet cause he's kinda shy around girls..haha so does anyone know any ways to hint that i wanna go 2 homecoming with him? thanx!

yeah, he dose seem pretty he needs a confident girl to approach him! this might be hard but just throw yourself out there and start talking about thing leads to another and he should take the hint and ask you! if not you can always rely on a close friend to help move him along ;D! best of luck!! [♥]


hey, i was just wondering how can you delete feedback that you get? thanks!

delete the answer you wrote for that particual question! =D hope this helps [♥]


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