I'm Kaylee, I'm fourteen but many people say I act older then I really am. People say I'm high maintence, I have no clue why they would ever think that! =P I have some people in my life right now that mean a lot to me and I would do anything for them. I love to give advice so send your questions to my inbox. ♥


I have a huge crush and he doesnt feel the same but I really want to be closer friends anyway. He doesnt like going places where he's the only guy so it has to be a group thing. What do you think we should do? I always thought of me having a holiday party and having a sevcret santa and "secretly" giving him me.He also loves the jets so I thought a couple of friends and I could go to the game. I really want something fun that can show him that i'm a fun, cute, sweet girl. Any suggestions?

aww hun, ive gone through the same thing 100 times and you have some really good ideas! you should deffinitely go to one of those "jets" games since he loves that team. oh yeah other good suggestions are the movies mall bowling ice skating roller blading, anything fun like that.. if your going with a group go with both boys and girls so hes not outnumbered. flirt with him smile and touch him in a playful way and make sure you show that your funny and sweet and make sure he has a great time. dont be boring or shy because he wont want to do anything with you ever again you have to be outgoing! oh yeah make sure you wear a super cute outfit dont overdo it though.. hope you have fun!!


If my moms family is german and irish and my dad is from egypt?

yeah that stuff you listed above is just your heritage, if you were born in the united states that makes you white.



so theres a halloween party on halloween and your supposed to dress up
i have three costumes in mind a pirate, witch, and angel
and im not sure which one to pick so i just want people's opinion im leaning towards the pirate and then the angel and then the witch but wht do you think

pirate: http://howcool.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=12582

angel: 1. http://www.fredericks.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=Holiday2002&category%5Fname=Costumes-Fun+and+Flirty+Costumes&product%5Fid=90428

angel: 2. http://howcool.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=12545

( i think i like angel one better its a cute corset and fits well when i tried it on but idk)

witch costume: http://howcool.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=12501

i need your're opinon which one i should be (ps. please dont tell me there too skimpy, etc)

the pirate is original and super cute so go with that!


How do you make those cute little heart pictures (like some people have them next to their name)? I know this is a dumb question!

& h e a r t s ;

type that without the spaces.



you awnsered mmy quetion before on gaing arm weight..well i'm freakishly tall..i'm 5 feet and 5 1/2 inches...so do you know wat weight is best for me??

okay according to am-i-fat.com your BMI is 17. Your BMI should be ranging from 19-23. A good weight range is 115-125 so you need to gain a few pounds but your weight isnt bad


my boyfriend is two years younger than me. is it bad? i mean he acts alot older and we really do like eachother..

age is just a number. if you guys really love eachother your age difference wont matter.


i get so i guess you would say "wet" when i'm, with mt boyfriend i was just wanderin how i could maybe stop so slow it down b/c it kinda embarassing, because i know he wants to finger my but i push his hand away b/c i know he might find out it it would be gross.

babe, its normal. im sure all of his past girlfriends get wet too so most likely hes used to it and why should he care hes lucky hes getting in your pants. :)


i'm skiiny but not annerexcic...i promise...i eat alot and i never get full and i can't help it...i can eat a meal be full for 10 seconds then get hunry again..well..not hungry but not full...i don't know why..and while eating i don't gain much weight eitheer...i want gqain arm waeight...if you look at me i'm good skinny..like healthy skinny...but my arms are long and look annerexic...

i'm 14/f and i'm 100 lbs...

do people think i'm anneraxic??...how do you gain arm weight??

hunn, you are not anorexic. anorexic means you dont eat, and as you just told me on this anonymus forum, you said you do eat so you cannot be anorexic. im 14 and my friend who is also 14 pounds is 90 pounds and no shes not anorexic people are just different. if you give me your height i can tell you a good weight range for you.

if you want to gain arm weight you want to gain muscle since muscle weighs more than fat. 2 words for you, lift weights. buy some dumbells and only start out with 5-10 pounds and lift them 100 times a night and then work your way up to higher weights like 20-40 pounds.

if you need more help contact me.


how do you get someone to call you without actually saying that you want them to call you?

just say do you want my number and give it to him and tell him you guys should hang out. trust me he will get the message!!! ♥


So I'm pregnant, my boyfriend freaked out left me for about 2 weeks no phone call, no nothing. Then suddendly he called me, and left a message that went like "I'm sorry, I was rude & selfish I didnt mean what i said, i didnt mean to hurt you. I want to be with you & help you raise this baby. I'm sorry." and Hanged up. I want to call back, but do I? do i wait for him to call? What do i say "I accept your appoligy (sp?)".

you need to call him back. the reason why he flipped out is because he heard really big news, he just found out hes a father, its pretty overwelming! just call him back and tell him you love him and you hope everything works out.. its as easy as that good luck with the baby!


Does anyone know that if a cellphone that fell in the bathtub can be repaired? Or is it gone for good?

ouch hun im sorry to hear that.. sorry to break it to you but your phone is done.


HI people I'm 17. Sorry to ask something stupid like this. But I wanted to know a couple of things before i go out and get a belly ring. One, would it look ok or good on someone that's not overweight, but not a stick either. Two, does it hurt ? I mean I have a tattoo, but I’m not sure what a belly piercing feels like. Three, what are the goods, and bad’s of belly rings. If any of you can help me out with this it will mean a lot. Thanks and hope you all have a nice day.

hi, a lot of my friends have belly button rings and they look cute on everybody ive seen that has one unless your like 200 pounds. ive been thinking about getting one and one of my friends helped me with what i need to know so ill tell you what she told me. when you get it pierced it doesnt really hurt its just a pinch and only a second long. the only reason it would hurt after you get it is if it gets infected so just clean it like you would do for any other piercing and you will be good to go. tell me how it goes ! ♥


okay.. i really need help. i have REALLY STRAIGHT HAIR, and ive tried soo many thiungs to get it to scrunch. what are the best ways to scrunch hair. i dont want any products that can damage my hair. please help. thanks so much

my hair is soo straight just like yours so i know how you feel it sucks!! uhm ive tried everything too ive tried, curling shampoo mouse gel and heaps of hairspray but it just doesnt curl. so i say instead of scrunching it try using a curling iron or use curlers. tell my if that works


What does it mean when a guy says go in your pants

it means he wants to have sex with you. =]


I have a question. i normally dont ask for advice. but i want to know someones oppinion. are you a slut if you had sex with 2 boys in the same night?

Well, yeah I'm not going to lie if you were my friend and you told me you had sex with two guys in one night, I would think wow whore. isn't one boy enough? it would be obvious that you don't love either of these boys so why would you be having sex with them in the first place? people do make mistakes so as long as this is your first and last time, i wouldn't say you're a slut.


Hey guys! Well I'm not sure if this sould have went under home decorading or something but here it goes. I want a new comforter but it is around $50.00. I don't have that kinda money right now. Plus, shipping and handling might add around another $10.00. Anyone have any good ideas on how I could make some money? I'm 13 years old so something that I could do that would get some quick money. Thanks!!!

heres a list of things you could do..

babysitting the neighbors
dog walking
rake leaving (big money)
sell stuff on ebay
do extra cleaning and housework
deliver the paper
bag groceries at the super market

yeah, thats tons of stuff you could do just put your mind on it and you can get the money you need.


Okay, so if a guy asks you to slow dance with them, that doesn't make them your boyfriend or anyhthing...does it? And it's perfectly normal to dance with more than one guys..right? Also if you're going to the homecoming with a guy, are they considered your boyfriend...or if they aren't can you dance with other guys at the homecoming too...?

Haha, no just because you're slow dancing with guys doesn't mean you're going out with them. If it did, I would have 9 boyfriends by now!! And yes you can dance with as many boys as you want, some girls might think its slutty but its obvious they are jealous and wish they were you. and if your going to homecoming with a guy it doesnt mean their your boyfriend because you guys could just be close friends and i know people who went to homecoming with their cousins. and unless you and you can dance with other guys too even if you have a boyfriend. ♥


14/M okay sry but this is a long one, okay i have been talking to this one girl harley for like a month and i like this girl paige and on top of that i like this other girl samantha... well harley and me were getting along pretty good and kissing and stuff but now she like never calls me or answers my calls and paige is so confusing i can't tell if she likes me but i really like her and samantha likes me and i like her and wants to go out with me... what do i do? (if you need furher details just ask)

try having a relationship with samantha. its better then waiting around for those other girls who might not even like you. if you and samantha dont work out you could always go back to harley and paige.


he's pretty quite and nice
and he likes baseball =)
i talk to him sometimes but it kinda gets awkward
any tips? what kind of topic should we talk about? and how to not make it obvious that i like him?thanks everybody =)

talk about baseball and what teams are good which ones suck and stuff. its not that hard just say whats on your mind

hope i helped



ok so my dads birthday is on wensday and i still have no clue what to get him i have decided to make him something and make it really personal and sweet any ideas?

i definitely say you should make a scrapbook with all of the memories and pictures you and him have.


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