I'm Kaylee, I'm fourteen but many people say I act older then I really am. People say I'm high maintence, I have no clue why they would ever think that! =P I have some people in my life right now that mean a lot to me and I would do anything for them. I love to give advice so send your questions to my inbox. ♥


15/f. i got my formal dress and i ordered it online. well it fits except it is a little short. so i tried it on with leggings and it looks cute, but i'm afraid that now it isn't dressy enough. the dance is a holiday winter formal and everybody gets all dressed up. here are two pictures and i'd like your opinion (guys & girls) on which way i should wear the dress.




the leggings are too much, so the one without the leggings. leggings are really casual and you said you wanted to be formal and the dress looks way better without the leggings so there ya go! =)


I was thinking earlier in the day about this game I used to play when I was in second grade. There were 4 people at 4 different corners with one in the middle, and the people on the corners would try to switch 3 times to get the one in the middle out and not let them steal a corner.

What was this game called? Thanks.

its called "Four Corners." that brings back old memories!!! haha i used to play that in second grade.

hope i helped


Everyone tells me that I'm not fat but I feel like I am...I'm between 5'2 and 5'3 and I'm 110 pounds. Is this overweight? My mom says that I'm really not fat and that I see a distorted image of myself. But does anyone know of average weights for someone of my height? Thanks, all answers are appreciated!

your the perfect weight even a little under the average weight.your mom isnt lying!!! your fine just keep eating right and excersizing


ive been wit a guy for like a year n a half and were madly inlove but recently at my new job i met this guy whos soooooo hot and he wont leave me out alone, i dont want him 2 but i dont wanna cheat on my boyfriend i cant afford losin him, hes always trying 2 kiss, i kissed him but i stopped him and told him i cant, i dont no wat 2 do im so physically attracted to this guy, hes such a turn on n i dont wanna lose my boyfriend wat should i do?

okay, if you dont make your move fast you could lose both of them. you have to find out who you want to stay with. you have loved your boyfriend for 1 and a half years, but you have only known the girl from work for a short amount a time. i know he sounds really sweet, but you have to make sure thats his real personality and hes not being fake just so he can get in your pants. whatever you do, dont cheat on your boyfriend. your relationship with him will never be the same. theres a huge chance he will somehow find out and if he doesnt you will have to live with the guilt that you cheated on him and your conceious could haunt you forever. so whether he finds out or he doesnt, there will be some big concequences. you need to decide who you are attracted to more. i dont personally know you so i cant say which guy you should choose, so you have to list the good and bad things about both of them and come to a finally decision. for some support, you could have your friends help too and have them give you some reasons why one of the guys might be better. are you sure the guy at work isnt a phony? there has to be a way you can find out more about him. like maybe you, him and another one of your friends could go see a movie, not a date just for fun and maybe you could find out whether hes a really nice guy or if he just wants to get in your pants. dont tell your boyfriend about this new guy yet because it could break his heart. this is your decision, so really all i can say is listen to your heart. pick who you like better. i kno its a hard decision but if you really think about it and decide the outcomes for both choices, you will come to a decsion.

i really hope you make the right choice


how much should a fourteen year old who is 5'7 wiegh? whats a healthy weight for her?

Thank you muchly!

anywhere from 115-140 is a good weight range for someone 5`7. everyone has different bodies, some people have small bones and a small frame and they might be 5`7 and only weigh 120, but someone 5`7 with larger bones and a larger frame might weigh 135 and they are still healthy. everyones bodys are different so as long as shes in that range shes doing good!



i really like this girl and i think she kinda likes me back but i'm too scared to ask what should i do???

get over your fear. the sooner the better
just go over to her and say "wanna go out
with me friday night and grab some pizza?"
or something like that or if you want her
to be your girlfriend say "hey, will you
go out with me?" she might say yes, she
might say no. its worth the risk


okay, i'm getting a new cell phone and i cant decide between the chocolate, the motokrzr, or just a regular flip phone with a camera and all that good stuff. which one works the best ?

my dad has the chocolate! your going to love it. i wanted to steal it on him haha


okay so whats does biffles mean?

biffles means best friends for life. so instead of saying your my best friend, you could say your my biffle.


Hey, I'm 14 years old, a freshman in highschool. So there's this boy i really really like, we just met this year and are firends. I can't tell if he likes me back though. Sometimes he talks to me, sometimes i tlak to him, and now we've been walking to classes with one another ( he's in four of my classes, three of them are right after eachother)

I've caught him looking at me a few times, and he's caught me looking at him a few times. We joke around modestly, as he's pretty quiet. But he seems to like talking with me...he usually will make a comment to me if we're near eachother and spark up conversation. I try to stay back and walk with him, and sometimes he appears to walk with me by his own choice. And lately he's been looking at me more than usual and sparking up more conversation with me. But the thing is, if i try to talk to him online , he just doesnt seem interested. I'll get so far as to ask "whats up" and he wont reply. But he will reply to questions relating to school work etc. Does he like me? thanks for your help

golly gee, that boy seems head over heels for you. the fact that he walks to classes with you, and starts conversation when hes a shy guy, must tell that hes trying to get your attention. the reason he might not be talking online is maybe he doesnt know what to say. maybe he wants to say something smooth or funny or smart and doesnt want to seem boring but he cant think of anything.dont judge people on how they seem online because people are really different if you talked to them in person then if you talked to them online. i mean if you really wanna talk on aim, you could ask him why he never answers you. but you could also try talking to him on the phone. one of you have to make a move. hopefully hes planning to ask you out within the next week, but if he doesnt you might wanna ask him out. NOT ONLINE because things that important shouldnt be handeled by aim, in person would be the best. but no doubt, i know he likes you so flirt and stuff and just wait and see! dont let him get away.

with much love and respect
---adviice_whore ♥


can someone tell me what 'kk' means? When I chat to some of my friends on msn they say kk, or like if i write them an email. can you please tell me what this means?? thanx

kk = okay.


i cannot find a good site to get myspace layouts from. anyone have any good ones? please and thanks!


try it its the best


what are some good sites for AIM profile quotes.

like the cute onesssss or some from like the hills or laguna beach like

"love's not a maybe thing, you know when you love someone"- the hills

stuff like that..

thanks in advance.

www.xanga.com and search aim profiles
myspace.com search aim profiles.

that should cover everything!


16/f. my religion tells us not to have sex until we are married, and i plan on sticking to that. im possibly going to a get a boyfriend soon though, and i dont know how to tell him that im waiting. what are some excuses of why i cant have sex with him besides my religion and i dont want to?

no dont use any excuses. tell it like it is and if he cant accept that than he doesnt love you. im serious


Ok my aim sn is OldschoolprepxOx but i like this new one OxHollisterlovexOo witch one would u choose.

i like the first one because its more original.. i love hollister but that sn is over used and your sn seems original so yeah.


Ok so I'm a freshamn and there's a kid in my gym class. He's cute and he always stares at me. Like a lot!. I think he likes me nd he's a really shy person. How can I get him 2 talk to me without looking stupid. Please don't say to ask him for what time it is...I don't think he carries a watch lol help

um asking him what time would just make everything awkward so im glad you didnt do that.

Anywho, you should just go up to him and be like "hey whats your name? I'm ____" and ask him what class he has next and stuff. also say he did good in gym whatever sport it was that he was playing and ask him what sports he plays and wrap up the conversation and keep him curious and wanting more. then next gym class maybe look at him so he gets that your interested and maybe he'll go up to you and talk.

just take it slow dont rush into anything get to know him more and make sure you smile alot and dont act boring or scared - its a turn off.

if you say the right things and kinda flirt you will hit it off.



so about 2 weeks ago i gave my bf a hangjob and i got cum on my finger but i wiped it off and washed it off only a lil and 40 mins later i masterbated but i got my period 4 days later. and now its after my period but i still kinda have cramps is that a sign of pregnancy?

sperm dies when it hits in air. so your not pregnant :)



RAWR. my brother was on the phone with the kid i like.. & my brother goes "My sister likes you!"

I was like mortified..

I see him friday...& hes comin to my party..
What do i do!? Do I say something to him?

luckily he wont mention it and everything will go cool, right? just be normal dont be really shy or awkward just talk to him like you normally would.

if by chance he brings it up just say "sorry about that my bro is a little crazy nah jus kidding..he does it all the time i hope he didnt bother you or anything" and just smile. if you want to hint that your brother was true without giving it away just laugh and say "ughh brothers are soo annoying but dont mind him"

you really dont need to worry things will definitely go smoothly.practice what your going to say to him so if it does come up you will be ready

dont sweat it


okay im 13 and so are my 2 friends. and we`re girls haha. and we have no idea what to be.. what are some creative, tteenish cheapish costumes ? THANKS! =]

me and 3 other girls are being ninja turtles. im being donnatello! haha. other suggestions are gangsters, gothic, fanta girls, raggety ann, power angers,devils, witches,disney princesses, pirates and anything else that comes to mind.just be creative and look through costume stores for more ideas



What age is a girls breasts done growing?

its different for every girl and can range from anywhere between 16-21. its all about genetics, im not sure when peoples in your family breasts stopped growing so i cant give you an exact answer because no ones the same. hope i helped

have a nice night


What personality traits do you look for in friends. I have servere depression. It's been so long since I've been...sane. Ha. I just need a little help getting back to my old self. Thanks.

i need a friend that is nice, funny, sweet, loyal, trustworthy, cares about me, and ISN'T bossy. if i find someone like that then most likely i will be their friend.



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