I'm Kaylee, I'm fourteen but many people say I act older then I really am. People say I'm high maintence, I have no clue why they would ever think that! =P I have some people in my life right now that mean a lot to me and I would do anything for them. I love to give advice so send your questions to my inbox. ♥


ok im almost 18 and when i was younger i experminted i was like 6or7 at the time it was like 10 or more years ago and the kid i experimented with was like 8or9 only like 2 years older than i am and i havent done anything since than nothings been in there fingers or nothing and i want to know can i still consider myself a virgin it happened so long ago and do you think that ill be tight still i dont even remeber if it fully went in or not i mean he was only like 9 how big can it be so will i still be tight like a virgin please help

6 or 7?????????
how did you even know what sex was?


Okk,well i didnt really know how too work this.And i didnt know were too putt it...But

ok,so my brother finger me ...I'm not sure if he touched his penis..were he could have touch cum//I have missed my period i'm 2 weeks late.Is it just me stressing..Or my period has skipped this month///Or am i pregnet.. i do have a the flue..Does this have anything to do with it..I keep stresing to make sure my tummy isent growing please helpp..Please...I jsut don't know what tood doo...

Thanks xxx

uh, you're not pregnant but there might be some deeper issues you might want to worry about..


I got an iPod nano.. I added a whole bunch of songs but now i want to add more. If I add more will it delete any current songs on it and in the future can i delete every song on there? thanksss.

yes and yes.
happy kwanzaa


alright so me and this boy have been hooking up. not having sex but hanging out and getting really close and we have done stuff. well he has this ex g/f. and shes like crazy stalkerish. he told be that they have been broken up for like 3 weeks. well she made him a myspace and everything and it said they were still goin out. well i asked him and he said no they werent. well then on his myspace he took down all the pics of them kissing and put single on it. so i added him. well then i just seen that he deleted me and there are pictures of them kissing again. and she put on there she loves him. and it says in a relationship. but i really dont think that its him on there. i dont think he would go back out with her. i think its her on his myspace putting things on there. me & him were supposed to hang out today but i dont know if i should call him. i know he likes me. like on saturday night i was supposed to go to a party he was at but i couldnt find a ride. he did everything in his power he could to get me a ride. he walked in on this naked guy and begged him to come pick me up. plus i was in the other room and i heard his friend say something about me and my guy was like "im in love with her". should i still call him and hang out with him?

awww, you have to call him.
don't let her take the power.
tell him about the myspace and since
he loves you (or so he says,) he will
tell you if it's him or not.

tell him you don't want him speaking
with his ex because you think
she's creepy. i'm sure if he loves you
that much to walk in on a naked guy,
than he would stop talking an ex.

it seems like he really loves you, so i
wouldn't worry about it. dont assume hes
cheating on you because he seems like a good
guy. ex's will do anything to break couples
up. so just don't let her get to you


are therre any GREAT fade sites anybody knows of?

buddy4u.com has some great fades.


help im 10 and my bf wants to have sex with me!

i dont want to but he does he says we're ready

weve been going out for a year and he says its times

hes 11


um, i dont even know if i believe this because 10 year olds and 11 year olds should be playing with barbies and playing in the playground, NOT HAVING SEX.

if this is a true story which i doubt, then the obvious answer. don't do it.

if you get pregnant then when your 30 your daughter will be 20 and thats a close age difference. your daughter could technically be your sister. haha

so yeah, you don't want to worry about STDs, pregnancy, and all of that. your very young and you have time to worry about sex with you're wayyy older. for now, just go back to being a kid because thats what you are. enjoy it while it lasts.

and if you really are 10, you need to get of this site now because you have to be 13. alrighty bye


Ok i cant stand my family. they make me want to kill myself. First off. my little brother of 11 years old, is a selfish little brat, who crys and crys about everything. and if he doesnt get his way he flips out. my sister of 15 is always pointing out the bad things about me, she is always yelling at me, and always makeing me feel like crap. My older brother of 17 is always beating on everything and needs to take anger mangament classes. My mom is always telling me, how i should feel about things, and yells at me for things i dont even do. Please tell me, what do i do?

i agree with the person under me. pray to god and tell him how you need his help. i promise, if you are christian and believe in him, he will lead you in the right direction. just take a deep calm breath and forget about your family. i know you may think that they are annoying and you can't stand them but if you lost them right now, i guarrentee you would still be in tears. there are times when i want to beat up my family too but thats how families are. no family is perfect and if families were, life would be boring. if you need to let out your feelings i suggest going to a guidance counselor. they will help let all of your feelings out and you won't feel as stressed. but if you feel uncomfortable, i suggest getting a diary and writing down your feelings. if you get it off your chest you will feel a little better.

you need to also get out of the house. hang out with friends, hang out at the mall, see a movie, go iceskating; do something. if you're out of the house away from your family then the pressures off.

i personally can't help you but i can lead you in the right direction. try different things to handle your problem. i don't know what will work for you so try different things.

if it doesn't get better, let me know. write down my username or something so we can talk about it. i really want to help you because i have friends who have the same problem and i want you to be happy.

just remember, do what's in your best interest. talk to your family tell them how you feel and if they don't listen, you're on your own to handle your problems. to be on this site you have to be 13 or older, so you're old enough to handle problems. just do whatever it takes and ill be hoping for the best.

please let me know how it turns out

merry christmas,


Is there a free, LEGAL way to transfer DVD's that you already own to the iPod format? I've tried using dvd4ipod, videora, dvd decrypter, all of that stuff but they all tricked me and told me they were legal until I bought them. Then they said "This may not be legal in your country". [I live in the United States]. Or is there another website where you can buy movies [like itunes]?

nope, you have to buy them off itunes or it's 100% illegal. i mean if you want to disobey the law and transfer your dvds to your ipod then be my guest, but if you're caught there are bad concequences especially a big fine.


I stumbled across this site by accident. I seriously doubt many of you have the qualifications to give real people proper advice. After reading some of your responses to people's inquiries i was quite astonished as to how teenagers find they are able to give quality advice and information to real people in need with such little life experience. If you ask me you are not in a place to give your "personal opinion" when people truly believe you are giving them the right answer simply because you claim "people think i give really good advice". (eg. i am still at a loss as to how a 17 year old girl thinks she can give advice to someone regarding conceiving a child) I know you try to come across as a "godsend" to poeple who are in some sort of personal crisis and need a fast easy answer but the truth is, in the cases where it really counts, there rarely is one; at least not from you.

for your information, this site was created to have fun and give advice, i give advice about sex although i haven't had sex yet, but so what! i know about it i'm not brain dead and besides, you don't have to be a professional to give advice, who made that kind of screwed up rule? most users probably won't use any of our advice word for word. you need to get over yourself and if you don't like this website that you "stumbled across by accident" then freaking leave. no one wants to listen to your ignorance.

just because we are only "17" doesn't mean we don't have a clue about life. we've probably experienced more than you know so shut up.



Yes, I know, yet another Christmas-related question lol. But, I need advice on this. Okay, so I have a lot of close friends(nine, maybe?) that bought me Christmas presents and I bought them Christmas presents. The thing is, though, I have other friends who I'm not as close with but still good friends with and I feel like I should get them a small gift for Christmas. So, I don't really know what to get. I bought all of my best friends` presents already, and I was thinking about giving all of my other friends a mixed CD of really good songs/Christmas songs. Is that a good idea? Or should I just go with buying them all candy/candy canes? I don't really know whcih would be best; I'd have to burn like 15 CDs, but just giving them a candy cane seems a little impersonal. So, would a burned CD with mixed songs on it be a good idea? Or candy canes?

i'd definatly give them both, but thats just me.

you could always get them a little bottle of christmas spray or lotion from bath and body works. its really cheap and thats what im doing for my "not so close" friends.

but your idea is cute =]


I keep pondering whether God is supporting homosexuality, or opposing it. Many of my Christian friends have told me it's a sin to be homosexual, or bisexual for that matter, and according to the bible marriage is between a man and a woman. However, I always viewed it as God would accept you no matter who you are, or what you believe in. I am wondering which side I should take. I am not against homosexuality/bisexuality at all. I am befriended with many of them, and they don't bother me. It's just I am not sure which side is right, and which side I should go for. I need explainations on which side is better, even if it's based on opinion. Thanks in advance!

hun, you dont have to go completely by the bible. you have freedom of speech and you can believe in whatever you want. form your own opinions and believe in what you think is right. if you dont think being gay/bisexual is wrong, than stay with your guts. god loves everyone and even if it is a sin, everyone makes sin all the time whether its swearing, stealing, lying, cheating, making fun of someone, or even killing someone, they are all sins. its okay to make sins god will forgive you. just go with your gut and follow what you believe in because thats why god gave us brains so we could think for ourselves and make our own decisions and own beliefs.


i'm not planning on doing this, but how do you make apple juice? do you just squish an apple ? or what. haha thanks,

um put some apples in a blender and leave them in and take them out every few minutes to see if they are liquid yet.


i am 15 and for the past 3 weeks i've been straightening my hair and i've got mixed responses
to it and i just wanted to know should i keep straightening my hair?

i know a few guys that do straighten their hair and personally i think its hott. i mean its not really common, i only know like 4 guys in my grade that do it but if it looks good forget what the guys say. just do it for the ladies =] haha. if the girls think its hott and you like it then theres no reason why you cant. i know people might say its feminine and yeah it kinda is but as long as you dont obsess over it and every 10 minutes you have to re-straighten your hair (like me) then your fine.

if your concerned that people will make fun of you, you can always stop. but im sure people will like it and maybe your friends will straighten their hair too =]


ok so. im looking for a christmas song that deals with a girl wanting a guy or somewhere alogn the sorts of that. i kno that theres alli want for xmas is you so dont say that one and only taht one. much is appreciated. i jsut need a song for my myspace and just to sing along to because every xmas i just have a song thats myne. like we do this wierd things with my friends. so like yeah anything to do with a girl really wanting this guy. like dear santa i want this guy for example or w.e lol thanks =]

all i want for christmas by mariah carey is such a cute song. also, britney spears christmas album has some pretty songs like "Santa can you hear me." for more ideas just type it in on Google.


Hey I am going clothes shopping tomorrow and I don't have that much money. Any recommendations as to where I can go for clothes that are cool and fashionable for the winter but don't cost that much. Even if it's an expensive place with great sales or clearance. THANKS!

jc penney
hollister has some pretty good sales like tanks for $12.90
old navy
american eagle
abercrombie and fitch, sometimes in the back they have clearence
wet seal
urban behavior
victorias secret (if you buy any bottoms you can get a tee for $10)
....soo yeah if you need any more ideas just ask



My discharge smells TERRIBLE.
& im embarrassed by it. I take
showers daily, and im sick of
feeling dirty and stuff. Any
remedies that you make AT HOME
[so parents dont find outttt]
& is safe to put down there?

sorry theres nothing you can do.. all of us girls have to go threw it.
if you ever find out a way tell me


Soo one of my closest friends just found out that the girl he was majorly crushing on, lets call her jessica, liked someone else. He's devastated and since jessica is one of my bff im stuck in the middle of a love triangle, kinda im not in it though, but hes hurt and i dnt know how to comfort him or make him feel better. And the worst part is; he still likes her!!

well you have to tell him that he must move on. if
"jessica" doesnt like him he needs to stop clinging on to her and find someone else. just tell him that theres over a billion people in the world and im sure he could find someone else. i dont think its fair that your stuck in the middle. if i were you i wouldnt even get into it, if jess or the boy started talking about it i would say "sorry i dont wanna be in this mess" but if you want to comfort your friend just tell him everythings gunna be okay and life will move on.


Ok soo theres this guy and i guess he likes me,ALOT! But i've known him forever and i dont want to ruin our frinedship over it. My friend said he was going to ask me out like soon, and i don't know what to say i don't know if i should go out with him, or if i should tell him no, but if i tell him no what should i say?? please help! =]]

your in a tough situation. if you like him and wanna go for it, then go out for it. if you think its gunna ruin your friendship, your screwed because if you tell him no then it could break his heart. just listen to what your heart is saying and you'll make the right decision.


I'm only 13 but feel this urge to have sex.
It sounds realy fun and I might even be thinking of being lesbo.Since I'm too young for sex I kinda sort of hump my blankets.I feel guilty but still curious.

....and whats your question?


how can i look noticable? or attractive at least..? thanks.

If your pretty and likeable on the inside, then your pretty on the outside. i know thats such a cheesy saying, but i think its worth typing to you.

if you believe your pretty and act confident without being cocky, people will believe it too.

try a new look.

closet - go through your closet and get rid of anything that you dont like or doesnt fit. then go to whatever stores you like to shop at and buy a whole new wardrobe. it will probably cost a lot, so i'd consider waiting until christmas so you can use all of your giftcards to buy clothes.

hair - try a new hairstyle. you will be wayyyy more noticeable if your hair looks different. if you have long hair, maybe try cutting it shorter. if you want to change the color, put highlights in your hair or dye it. you dont even need to go to the hairdresser, if you like your hair the way it is then if you usually wear it straight, scrunch it or curl it with a curling iron. if you wear it curly, straighten it. just mix up the hair a little, you will be noticed for sure.

make up - i bet you already wear makeup, but if you dont you might want to try a little. dont cake it on because thats a huge turn off, and yes you will be noticed but not in a good way lol. just play around with some blush, eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara and maybe a little eyeshadow and it makes a difference. try different colors of make up and dont buy cheap brands. you dont have to buy the most expensive ones, but cheap makeup sometimes looks bad. victorias secret has cutee makeup. =]

my final word, looking good isnt everything. you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. if you keep saying "oh my god im so ugly" and "oh my god why cant i look like ____" you will never be pretty, no matter what you do. lets face reality, you cant be pretty unless you're pretty on the inside and out. you have to be confident and have self esteem. dont call yourself ugly, it wont make yourself any prettier. if you dont believe your attractive, then you cant be attractive. bob smith and jimmy santos (fake names) might think your hott, but no ones opinion matters - only yours.

if you want to send me a picture of you, i could tell you what makeup you should try and what hair colors/styles would look pretty on you. dont worry im not a stalker but i would be happy to help

hope i helped,


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