I'm Kaylee, I'm fourteen but many people say I act older then I really am. People say I'm high maintence, I have no clue why they would ever think that! =P I have some people in my life right now that mean a lot to me and I would do anything for them. I love to give advice so send your questions to my inbox. ♥


am 14 am my girlfriend said she want sex at this age but am too young what shall i do. shall i do it or not

You definitely seem like you're not ready if your having any doubts so I think you shouldn't do it. If you're afraid of hurting her feelings say just tell her you love her but sex is just not an option yet. If she understands then shes not using you but if she gets really mad I would just leave her then and there. Hope this helped....


So.. im only 5'6"
and my boobs are a FULL D cup!
Everyone looks at my chest and im getting tired of it.. Girls get jealous because they want bigger boobs..when really i would deff trade down to a full b or small c ANYDAY!
Should I just suck it up and be greatful? Is there any good comebacks for when people say .. oh your boobs are so big? .. or ..when i hear people talking about how much they bounce during physical activity even when im wearing a sports bra?! It just gets annoying!

I'm a small B so I really can't relate to you but I have a good comeback haha. When someone says your boobs are big say "at least people don't mistake my chest for my back." You might think its stupid but someone said it to me once and I thought it was funny. Yeah, if you get your parents permission or if you wait until your 18, you can get breast reduction which you should consider if you have the money. If you cant afford the surgery you're just going to have to live with your boobs.


dont laugh please but i have a question. is there anyway you can like "speed up" your period so it doesnt last as long? like i said, please dont laugh, i seriously want to know if there is a way.

I heard that excersizing helps. My friend does intense work outs and does 100 crunches and runs 7 miles and goes to soccer practice and plays basketball outside and sometimes she doesnt get her period at all that day. I'm not sure if it only works for her but hey why not give it a try!

Hope this helps.


I live in a one storey house. My family sleeps late and wakes up early. That's bad and I don't wanna have that kind of lifestyle. So whenever I try to sleep early, my parents(who arent asleep yet) will be watching tv and talking rather loudly. And when I try to sleep after all of them have slept, I'd be unable to sleep till late morning cos they'd all be up already. The sound of my dad's car driving off and the clanging of the pots and pans in the kitchen by my mum wakes me up in no time.

I feel really very frustrated. I told them to please keep it down. They'd try to be quiet for a few days but then their old habits kick in again after some time. So when I told them to keep it down again, they told me that I'm spoilt and told me to deal with it.

My eye bags are like so darn obvious and I feel so damn frustrated at being unable to sleep.

I've tried to not sleep for a whole day so that I'd be sleepy enough to sleep the whole day but it didnt work out. Its the noise that my family makes that keeps me up almost all night. I get only like 6 hr plus of sleep and tt's definitely not enough!

I used to be a heavy sleeper but I dun know why I've become such a light sleeper and that sucks. So now, I feel so paranoid to the extent that I dont dare to sleep for fear that my family members will wake me up with their noisiness.

THere's no point telling them to keep it down cos they'd just go back to their own habits again.

I'm desperate for a good night's sleep. Someone please help me. Tell me how to shut out their noisiness and be able to sleep like a dead man.

If you want to get a good nights rest then close your door and wear ear plugs so you don't hear your parents. It really helps me! I dont think you can do anything else because your parents arnt going to be quiet so you have to find ways to not hear them.

If earplugs don't work tell me and I will help you find another way.

Best of luck.


Why don't most girls like it when guys say that they are hot. Isn't that a compliment? What's the big deal?

I really have no problem with guys saying I'm hott but i guess some girls think it means they just want you for your body and not for your personality and they are just using you. Some girls would rather be called beautiful. I would rather be called beautiful too, but I have nothing wrong with being called hott haha. I hope this helped. ♥


Iwas just wondering if stuff like nail polish remover and permanent markers could get you high?
If they can.. dont you think its kind of dumb to have products such as that when they could probably easily develope something that isnt harmful?

Yeah both of those things can make you high. When they were first made no one really thought of that though. But if your really concerned about getting high from those things just try not to breathe them in alot haha. ♥


i have to buy my own phone because my family is in really bad debt and i want to get a razr really bad. i am getting it from t-mobile for $50..but i only get $12 a week and it would take me about a month to get it (without taking any allowance) is there a way to get 50 dollars in maybe 2 weeks besides babysitting? thanks a lot in advance.

Heres a list of your possible options.

-walk/babysit pets for people
- mow lawns
- rake leaves
- garage sale
- sell stuff on ebay
- bake sale
- lemonade stand (classic)
- do extra house work

Any of those things will get you the money you need. So good luck and I hope you enjoy your phone.



how many calories do you have to burn to lose a pound?

It's 3,500 calories but just because you might be burning calories you are going to start losing fat and gaining muscle as you burn calories and since muscle weighs more then fat you might gain a couple of pounds. I hope this helps! ♥


My friend has a problem ...she cuts herself and nobody can seem to help her ne advise that i could give her to make her stop?

Oh wow you need to get her help quick! I would tell her she needs to go to a counselor maybe a guidance counselor to start off with and see if she needs further help. You should definitely go with her to give her support. If she says shes fine on her own you should go to your guidance counselor and tell him or her about your friend and they can make an appointment to see her. Even if she says not to tell anyone, you cant keep it a secret. If you do, you are putting her life in danger. Do the right thing and tell someone about it.

I hope she gets the help she needs!


I Love the quilted chanel totes.

^image of the one I want..

But the closest boutique is in Boston, and I rarely get out there. Does anyone know a website or store in or around providence (Rhode Island) that sells AUTHENTIC bags? Please, don't recommend a fake. It just sickens me.

I think your only option is ebay. Make sure when you are searching for the bag type in real so it won't come up with knock offs. But just to be safe so you don't get ripped off, make sure you check the sellers feedback and if its below 90% they might not be that reliable and also ask the user if its real just to be sure.

I hope this helps if not I can help you find more websites which I'm pretty sure theres not any but if I find more I will edit this answer.


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