I'm Kaylee, I'm fourteen but many people say I act older then I really am. People say I'm high maintence, I have no clue why they would ever think that! =P I have some people in my life right now that mean a lot to me and I would do anything for them. I love to give advice so send your questions to my inbox. ♥


Ok here it goes. i need some advice!! this boy at my school named jonas..... so i feel like i know everyhing about him then i also feel like i dont know anything about him.... i hope you know what i mean... :) i see him everyday in the hallways and around school... everytime i see him its like my mind goes blank and its like i go into total SHOCK!! and i dnt know what to do my face gets red when he looks at me we look at each others eyes his eyes are so beautiful!!!! sorry this is so long :) and one more thing hes in the 7th and im in the 6th!!! but hes 13 and im 12! also i havent talked to him so i really dnt know much about him!! and if you dont mind i want to know some helpful tips on how to talk to him and what to say. :)because like i said before my face gets red and my mind goes blank and its like i go into total SHOCK!! you can email at luv_20_sweety@yahoo.com thanks for your time!! :)

how did you find my account?


which are good movies, like teenage love comedy =) like a piece of my heart, mean girls, or somethign like that ?

Bring It On All Or Nothing
Stick It
Step Up
John Tucker Must Die
The Devil Wears Prada
American Pie: Band Camp

...Hope you like those!


does anyone know any good shampoos/conditioners that will make your hair like extremely soft and silky? my hair is soft when i put it in a ponytail but when i wear it down its not as soft. help with anything. thanks.

Pantene Pro V is wonderful!! I use it (both shampoo and conditioner) and I get so many comments about how silky my hair is. you should try it. they also have the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner in one bottle and that works good too. cvs, walmart, & any local drugstore carries them.


Well I'm 14.
and I'm already studying for a permit and
I was wondering if you really have to be 15 1/2 to get your permit.
by the way i live in nevada so if that helps than I'd really like to know

yes you really do.


Ok. Well Im 14 and I'm a girl. My boyfriend is just a few years older than me. Me and him have gotten sexual, but we haven't had sex before. I don't want to have sex, but he's older and he would do it if i did. And that kind of puts pressure on me. He isn't making me have sex or purposly putting pressure on me. He is a really nice guy and has a very nice personality and I could so see myself with him years from now and we have been together for 6 months. We have touched eachother in certain places before and like the other night we took it a step further. He touched me between my legs bare but I let him. I always get caught up in the moment and I am afraid I will get caught up in the moment and end up doing something I will regret. I won't have sex till I have no doubts I want to be ready and my mom said that if i want to have sex she will put me on the pill. So I want to wait another year or so and then i will if I'm ready, but I'm afraid he exspects I will have sex with him even though he's told me many times it's will always be my choice and when I am ready he will be to! I am scared! What should I do?

Oh sorry if it was so long, but if you can could you please give me some advice? :)

you seem like a smart girl, and i know stuff happens but if you're not ready then don't do it. if he says he will wait, and he truly means it, then wait. you want your first time to be special and you know its the right time when you are no longer nervous. you're only 14, i'm the same age as you and i'm, still a virgin and i know i want my first time to be special. even if you're on the pill, you can still get pregnant. and yes my best friend had sex on the pill with a condom and now has a baby. so i'm going to warn you don't just think "oh yes i'm on the pill now i can sex him" it doesn't work that way. when you can handle a baby, that's when you're ready for sex. 6 months may seem long, but truly it's not.

is your boyfriend a virgin? if hes not, you don't know for sure he doesn't want to get in your pants. i dont know either of you and i'm not saying he's just trying to get in your pants, but i'm just saying boys will say anything.

if its been 6 months and he still respects you, chances are, he's a good boyfriend. but still, if your not ready, than wait.


What's a GOOD and EASY way to make a lot of money, fast? [BESIDES babysitting & chores.]

Any help is very much appreciated,
Mucho thanks in advance =)

carwash & bake sale & garage sale.
if you want a real job, maybe start off working at a restaurant or abercrombie and fitch.
if i find out your age i can give you more advice


hey. you know when that girl asked about the chanel bag? well i have the answer lol. ill copy and paste the answer:

omg i just got that SAME EXACT bag for christmas! same color and everything! i got it at a stand at the mall called "handbag heaven" or something like that. but it wasn't real though. the real ones cost about $1,500. i got mine for 60 bucks though. so check stands in the mall. but when you buy it, instead of the C's they are O's, so just cut them to look like a C, its really really easy. hope i helped!

xoxo its_melissa_duh

thank you.


where can I find this handbag and how much is it?

ahhhh i want that bag so bad. i see tons of girls in my school with them. if you find out PLEASE TELL ME.


I have had this song stuck in my head for a while now and I completely forgot who it's by. I only know the very beginning lyrics, and I've search them on google and a few other sites already, but I still can't find it. The very beginning is "one chick, one love, how many times do we watch you crumble." Who sings this?



One check, one love,
How many times can we watch him crumble?
Histrionics repeats itself all over again,
I'm down on thought you say,
You're becoming so the same,
If it were up to me you're gone
I've been dying to get it into you somehow,

One check, one love,
One check, one love,

One check, one love,
How many times can we watch him crumble?
Histrionics repeats itself all over again,
I'm down on thought you say,
You're becoming so much the same girl,
If it were up to me you're gone
I've been dying to get it into you somehow

One check, one love,
One check, one love,
I've been dying to get it into you somehow
One check, one love,

is that right?


i am tired of my name!!!!
What are some good nicknames
i am Bailey hunter
13yrs old
love my cell
favorite color : pink
if you need andymore info just ask


Baby B
B-hun (b-bailey hun-hunter)

um, yeah i'm not to good with nicknames but i tried.


I have nothing to do on new year.I'd find a party to crash but i'm a minor and I cant drink.Does any one know of any ancient new year tradditions?
How should I spend new year?

well this year im going up to new hampshiere for new years with my family and like 7 other families and we go in a limo and go tubing and shopping and it's a blast. we watch the ball drop on this huge tv screen and we have a big party in the hotel lobby with food and all that jazz.

so yeah, spend time with your family or ask a couple of your friends to sleepover. you don't have to do anything big, and you don't have to drink.


well i am 13 and i hate my older brother. he always gets me in trouble and he never gets in trouble instead i do. my dad treats him like royality and me like the ugly duckling. what should i do i cant stand him anymore he even broke my new skateboard i got for christmas! should i fin another place to live

running away can only make things worse.
you can't just run away from your problems.
be strong, and stand up for yourself.


Ok i like this guy that has a girlfriend, they say they dont know if they are goin out or not because they never talk but still they dont break up. the guy i like has no clue that i like him and i am friends with his girlfriend. i dont want to hurt his girlfriend but they dont even like one another and i LIKE him. should i tell him or what?

tell him you like him. if his girlfriend gets mad, she's not your friend. it's simple


waht should i do everybody hates me because im ugly how can i make me pretter so i can have more friends

if those people don't like you because you're ugly than they are shallow and you shouldn't want them as friends. true friends don't care what you loook like. don't change for them, your true friends will like you for who you are.


I'm going bra shopping tomorrow cause none of my bras fit me right. My left boob is a small C/very full B, but my right is a smallish B. I try to get a C bra to fit my larger breast, but you can see that very large gap between my shirt and the bra on my smaller side. (I can't fill it because I dress out infront of girls everyday for PE, I don't want anything to get started)

What should I do?

use extra padding for the smaller boob. and haha if any girls notice that, than they are LESBIANS or BI/ because none of my friends would ever do that. ew

happy kwanzaa


I always look at the bad side of things. So basically that makes me sad or worried all the time. How can I become more optimistic and see the good side of things? =]

well whenver something bad happens like for example, you premenately stain your brand new $300 coat, or your best friend moves away, instead of crying about it for 284735897473 years, say "well atleast i'm not a starving kid in africa." or "atleast i have a house and family who loves me and good friends." stuff like that. just remember, if you think you have it bad then think about poor people, people with sicknesses and diseases, starving people, people with no family, people who are abused. just remember, life won't always go your way and if bad stuff happens, you will learn from those bad things.

happy kwanzaa


Is it okay that I discharge between periods? Right before my period it gets pretty heavy, other then that its just .. like a normal flow of discharge until the next period. Is this okay?



does anybody know where i can find a nice ipod video case preff. under 20 -25 dollars? my ipod is black btw if that matters and im a 13/f im looking with one that has an cover for the screen but doesnt have a cover on the little spinny thing lol thanks

um, walmart target circuit city claires, they all have tons. and even check ebay i got a cute pink one for $18. haha, happy kwanzaa :)


do the short uggs come in chocolate?

yup just go on the website and search for what you want. www.uggs.com and to the person undernath me, your wrong Uggs DO come in chocolate. so maybe you didnt see them? but yeah. happy kwanzaa!


today i brought some tablets called HRI
its like a herbal remedy to help clear skin and stuff.
i was wondering if anyone had used it before and how long it takes to work.
o btw... im 16/f/uk
emma xoox

uhm, ive never used it before, but if you want to know how good it works, why dont you just try it yourself? i mean theres diffrent results for everyone.


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