The object of my column will be to help you help yourself by pointing you in the right direction if I can or by supplying you with WEB resources you can use that will help you find the answers your looking for.


Hi there,I will be going on a trip to California next month and Im scared as I can be!!
Im terrified of planes and flying!!!
I have this fear,because I dream quite frequently that Im going to die,or have died on a plane because it crashed!!
I seriously dont want to get on a plane,but kts not avoidable.Just thinking about it gives me even more anxiety than I already have.
To make it worse,I have to change planes on the way!! I know Im being chicken,and I need to get over it.But Im so so scared!!
I have flown about 5 times actually,but its been 12 years since I have flown.
Can anyone help me as to how I cannot be afraid anymore??

If you can find a psychologist who would be willing to give you extensive therapy between now and the time you have to leave. A psychologist is really the only person who can work with you to help you get over the fear of flying, though it takes time.

You could also seek the help of hypnotist to help you. They can put a suggestion in you while you are under that can reduce your anxiety. The last resort is to ask your doctor for a mild tranquilizer to take just before departure and again while changing planes. Mile tranquilizers can usually be taken 4 hours apart.

If you do go the tranquilizer route DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE TRAVELING. Alcohol at altitude has a much stronger effect than on the ground.

Now I could sit here a write about how safe it is to fly. How safe todays passenger aircraft are and how it is more likely you would get hit by a bus crossing the street then by dying in a plane crash. Somehow I think you know all this and trying to rationalize an irrational fear. It just doesn't work. Try one of the three I suggested.


I'm 20/f.

Most of the time I like being a girl. I'm a very girly person in general. I like wearing dresses, I have long hair, I like necklaces, stuffed animals etc.

The thing is that when it comes to having sex or a romantic relationship with someone I'd rather be a guy. Whenever I have sex with my boyfriend I feel so uncomfortable because I just don't like being a girl in bed. I also don't like being dominant, so that's not the problem. I'm just uncomfortable with my private parts and my whole gender when it comes to these things.
Because of this, we don't have sex very often.

Whenever I fantasize about either sexual or romantic relationships, I think of myself as a guy. Anything else just turns me off. I also don't like heterosexual pairings. I usually just read books or watch movies about two guys being in a relationship because a girl would just ruin the whole story for me.
This leads to another problem I have.
I don't get along with girls. Just their presence makes me feel really uncomfortable. Whenever there is a girl around, I just want to get away. I don't have any friends that are girls, I just feel really weird around them and usually don't get along with them very well.

I don't know if I'm really born in the wrong body or anything like that, because as I said, I'm not tomboy-ish, I like being girly and dressing girly.

I don't know what's wrong with me. :(

I'm really not sure how to answer you on this. I not sure if any of us are qualified to answer you. I can speak quite well on sexual identity questions, Transgender, homosexuality and other sexual problems.

Your question though takes a turn I've never encountered before that being you like being a girl except when having sex. You don't like girls so you can't be a lesbian and you don't fit, at least to my understanding a transgendered person. Neither do you fit the definition for Pansexual.

What I suggest since there may not be any among us that can offer you any help is that you contact a psychologist who specializes in sexual identity and dysfunction. I do not believe you are sexually dysfunctional though I do believe your problem my be in the area of sexual identity.


Hi this will sound really weird but a couple of days ago my head started to feel really numb like if i held ice on it or something and it still does and whenever someone talks to me I don't understand them right away and it has been taking me a while to respond. I can't get a doctors appointment until September and I am worried because I have been forgetting a LOT of things and I felt really stupid and embarrassed today because I hit my head on a pole even though I was looking straight forward and should have known not to do it. It hasn't even been easy to write this on the computer. Does anyone know what might be happening, i don't really have as many thoughts in my head as i used to and my friends are calling me stupid what is wrong?

None of us are doctors so we can not make a diagnoses. From what you are saying I would suggest you go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room and have this checked out.

Of the possibilities; you could be suffering a small blood leak to the brain. There is also a possibility of a tumor or blood clot. These are all serious conditions all of which require radiology exam to rule out.

All of the conditions are serious to life threatening. Do not drive, do not drive yourself to the hospital. In fact I would suggest even if you have someone that could drive you to the hospital that you call 911 and have them come and transport you. The paramedics can do a field assessment and transport you to the proper hospital based on their assessment.

This is the type of problem that is why we have the 911 system. Call them and let them assist you. Call 911 and get to a hospital now, today from wherever you are.


I'm a female and 15 years old I have no emotions I haven't felt anything since I was 8! My mother is worried about me because I have show a symptoms of depression lately. My mom says I'm depressed because I'm stressed but I think it's because I found out my father killed people and that's why he is in prison! I'm was courious if this was a normal thing or should I be worried or I don't exactly know so if anyone has anything that would help I would really apreciate it!

Having no emotion is an emotion of itself. Having no feelings is different and this may be what you are saying. From what you wrote I think this is what you are saying.

Your father being in prison for killing people can have an effect on you adversely as you describe. Now how your dad killed someone is important also. If say he did so unintentionally in an auto accident that is way different than intentional homicide. People go to prison for unintentional homicide just the same as for intentional homicide. The only difference is the term of incarceration.

I'm always here if you want to follow up and I would like to hear back from you as to how your are feeling. This is not how you have to live there is help. Please get the help that is out there.

Still this can be very stressful on a child so both you and your mother are correct. Stress causes depression. Depression causes pain which in your writing I believe you are saying is no emotion. Having been that depressed myself I belief this is what you're saying.

Feeling as you do one could say is both normal and abnormal. It is normal considering the circumstances that you would feel as you do. It is abnormal for you to have to lives this way for there is help for the depression, stress and pain you live with.

This help starts with a visit to your family doctor so that you can be properly diagnosed for the depression you suffer from. From there you follow your doctor's instructions as to what treatment is needed. By following your doctor's instruction and taking any medication your doctor or other doctors prescribe as prescribed. You will feel much better in about 4 to 6 weeks as the medicine and talk therapy do what they do best.

I'm always here if you want to follow up and I would like to hear back from you as to how your are feeling. This is not how you have to live there is help. Please get the help that is out there.


For almost 2 weeks, I have been taking Zoloft. I haven't felt better whatsoever. I thought it would be working by now, but it's not and I'm not sure when it will.
I have been experiencing countless moments of feeling like I am in a dream. I don't feel like I'm in my body. I do think I have depersonalization. I have been experiencing this for a couple years, but I feel like it has gotten worse. I overthink way too much, and I think it's caused by my anxiety. Whenever I think of the thought of not being in my own body, I get that feeling for long periods of time. I can't get my mind off it and I don't know what to do. I'm almost certain that Zoloft will help this go away, but the meds haven't worked yet.

Give the medication one moe week. If you don't start to feel better call your doctor In the mean time try to relax and give the medication a chance to work.


Would it be okay for me ti tslk to him on fb send him and texts and talk to him on the phone as long as I don't see him in person until I talk to her.

Yes I think that would be fine


My dad died when I was 12 and awhile back I wrote on here about how my cousins husband told me I could call him dad and now my cousin and him are seperated I feel bad for my cousin I really do I don't want to sound selfish but I miss thos father daughter talks we use to have and I don't 'rwant to talk to my cousin about how I feel because I know sh e is hurting right now before he left he said just because they are together anymore dosnt mean I am not his daughter anymore but how is that possible when I can't talk to him or see him anymore. What should I do? He left when I wasn't there. I didn't even get to say goodbye.

I seem to remember your original letter I do not remember if I answered you.

When two people separate they hurt more than just themselves. If there are children involved they hurt their children and then of course there are members of their extended families that are hurt who have formed attachments to them. This is where you come in to this picture.

Right now you must feel some allegiance to your cousin as she is family yet you miss the father daughter relationship you have had with her husband. I think this is a natural situation for you given how close you were to him and your cousin. What he meant in what he said to you when he left you cousin is what a father would say to his children when moving out of the family home. They say something to the effect that just because mom and I don't live together anymore doesn't mean I am not still your father. He is and always will be.

I believe this is what he was trying to say to you. That you can still come to him just as you did before he and your cousin separated, that you did not get a chance to say good bye. You say you were not there when they separated so I am wondering how this got to you? Did your cousin tell you this?

If your cousin told you that he said this then it would be okay for you to talk to her now and ask her how she would feel if you stayed in touch with him. You should tell why you need to stay in touch with him then ask her if it is okay with her if you do. If she is not the one that told you this then give your cousin some time to heal and then talk to her.

In the mean time you could send him emails but not see him in person until you have spoken to your cousin and get her blessing.


I'm an 11 year old female
Even though it takes me an hour to go to sleep without a light source, and outside at night I'll start getting sick (she's witnessed this), and once I tried to talk to her, and said it was nyctophobia, she only laughed and said it's not a phobia. She also tries to fix it on her own. The problem is, she thinks she could fix it, but she isn't trained to do it,I know I need a psychologist or something like that, but she refuses to admit it. She is all like,“common, (my name), you never had this before!" When really,I did. I remember I had several night lights. What should I do?

In this instance both you and your mom are somewhat correct. This is a common phobia that usually is found in younger children and generally clears on its own as children get older and learn there is no boogeyman. In your case there may be a reason you are having anxiety attacks at bedtime and at night.

You probably did have this problem as a young child. Did it ever go away. If it did and has since returned then something has happened to cause it. It could be some type of trauma, not an injury type but something you saw or read. It could also be something someone has said to you that has scared you.

Based on what you have written that about what mom said and the night lights you had. I believe at one time when you were much younger you had the normal night time phobias of young children. This is why mom said what she said we parents have a tendency to forget the normal things.

since you cannot talk to your mom or she is not willing to listen to you. Is it possible you could talk to your grandparents or possibly a favorite Aunt or Uncle who would then talk to mom for you. Other than that the only other thing I can say to you is to deal with this until mom takes you for your back to school physical and then tell the doctor. You are old enough now that mom doesn't have to be in the exam room with you and you can ask her to wait in the waiting room. It will be just you the doctor and if it is a male doctor his nurse so you can talk freely to him or her. Then tell the doctor about this and let the doctor talk to mom.

If your school system is not like mine and does not require back to school physicals. Then when you return to school go talk to the school nurse.


Four years ago I have been suffering with terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I was taking clonazepam for it 1mg 2x daily.

However, about a year ago I researched what ADHD was and I thought I matched all the symptoms. I went to go see my Psychiatrists and he was willing to try Ritalin. I immediately had so much energy and was finally able to keep a job for the few months I was on it. I then read the Rx label and it said may cause new bi polar symptoms including mania. I also found out it was a controlled narcotic.

I went back to my Psychiatrists told him about how much evergy I had and he then diagnosed me with Bi Polar I. He put me on Abilify which I only tried for one day. I was very confused of all these diagnoses within four years. In the mean time I still suffered with anxiety attacks and had a fear of failure going back to work..

How do I know if I am Bi Polar or ADHD now? I got a second opinion and he says ADHD and my counselor says I am not Bi- Polar. How can he make such a quick judgement?

When it comes to psychiatry and the practice there of. In many states in the U.S. any doctor that did a rotation in psychiatry during their Residency can practice psychiatry. This does not make them the best psychiatrists.

The best psychiatrists are the ones who have been Board Certified by the College of Psychiatrists. These are Medical Doctors who have done a Fellowship in psychiatry after their residency and past all the test and standards to practice psychiatry.

Your counselor may be a clinician such as a psychologist or social worker who is trained to help you deal with the problems of your illness but is not a medical doctor and in most states is not allowed to make a diagnosis. Though they can suggest to you what they think. I know this is a bit confusing but so is anything that concerns one's mental health.

Since it would be wrong of me to make any type of judgment here and you are still confused and being re-diagnosed between two different illnesses. I suggest you do the following:

Find a board Certified Psychiatrist for another opinion. Call the State Board of licensing or your local hospital if need to find one. Then allow that doctor to help you find a psychologist he or she can work with for you to work with in dealing with whatever diagnoses this doctor finds.

As for the medication. If by chance you are diagnosed as bipolar the medications for this illness take time to work. They do not work overnight and yes they will make you feel different for a while. Give them a chance to build up in you and give your body a chance to get use to them. Do not stop taking them without first talking with your doctor. All that might be needed is a change is dosage to make you feel better.

Yes some of these drugs are a schedule II or I drugs. This is not something to be concerned about. It mostly concerns how the doctor prescribes and how the drug is tracked by FDA. Just because it is a Narcotic does not mean you are going to become a Junkie.


Ever since I was about six years old I always used to sing in the car. I was not very good at it but it was something that I did. I knew all the lyrics and song titles etc.) Now that I have been driving on my own for 5 yrs I always sing in the car very loudly and I am not any good. When I sing I feel very good. I will NEVER sing around anyone because I know that I am terrible at it. However, in my car I feel safe and no one can judge me so I will jam out to my favorite songs over and over sometimes.

Could these be manic episodes that I am having for all these years? I am 23. Or could it be ADHD?

I sing in the house too but only when there is no one around. I dance too sometimes also not very good at that but only in the privacy of my own home.

Can someone please explain to me if this sounds like a manic episode? I also suffer from panic attacks and I have social anxiety. Any advice would be great.


We are not doctors so we cannot make any medical diagnosis. I will say that this does not sound anything like bipolar disorder or ADHD. It sounds more like a coping mechanism of some type, possibly something you developed a long time ago to deal with the panic attacks.

Bipolar disorder is the current name for manic depression. A person who suffers with manic depression or bipolar disorder has swift mood swings that can last for hours to days. Mood swings that go from being extremely happy one minute to extremely depressed the next. This does not sound like that. ADHD is more of a compulsive disorder which this also does not sound like you.

If this coping mechanism works for you don't worry about it. There are many different ways people find to cope with things in life. A good friend of mines wife likes to do her housework in the nude. This is her way of coping with the daily stress of life. She keeps a bathrobe by the door incase she has to answer the door. There is nothing wrong with this either. Just before the kids come home from school she takes her shower and gets dressed. She is a happy well adjusted and stress free person and a great cook. (Just thought I would throw that last part in, have no idea if how she does her house work effect her cooking)

Have you ever seen a therapist for either your panic attacks or social anxiety disorder. If you haven't you should as a therapist can be a big help in properly dealing with both of these problem. Your family doctor can also offer you medication to help with the panic attacks while you see a therapist about them.

Both the panic attacks and the social anxiety are caused by triggers. In therapy you can learn to identify the triggers before the attacks begin and deal with them in a more acceptable manner then a panic attack.

There is no reason to have to live with these problems for this is help for the asking. as far as the singing goes. If it makes you feel better then continue.


I started taking Zoloft last night. I have severe anxiety and depression. I decided to give it a shot, but I was scared of it getting worse. Well...

I know it hasn't been 24 hours yet, but I feel as if it's getting worse and I don't know what to do. I don't know if it's because I'm freaking myself out over it. I've been scared to take medicine, so I have not. But I decided I cannot live like this anymore. I must find a solution. So I decided to take them but what if it just keeps getting worse and worse? Anyone who takes any antidepressants that know how long I'll feel like this? :(

Please do not listen to littlesky9 for he or she does not know what he or she is talking about. The only thing he or she may be a bit correct about is the suicide thing as it is a side effect of some antidepressant medications.

Zoloft is one of the older antidepressants and used by many doctor for people under 18 because it is a very stable medication that does not have many side effects including suicide. Although like other medications it does come with the warning to contact you doctor is you start having suicidal ideations.

Hopefully I have cleared that up for you. Antidepressants are not like antibiotics. They do not start working over night. They need to build up in your body as they are a hormonal replacement for hormones such as serotonin a natural hormone made by your body. When people suffer depression, especially clinical depression diminished or insufficient serotonin levels is usually the culprit.

The time it takes for these levels to build up in your body depends on the dosage you are on and how your doctor decides to build you up. In my case I was started at a low dosage and 3 weeks later the dosage was increased. Along the way I started to feel better and better as the dosage increased and my body stored more and more of the antidepressant.

What is very important with this medication is to take it exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Try to take it every day at the same time especially while you are building up on it. Being compliant with your medication and seeing both your doctor and therapist and being open with them so that the stressor that is causing your depression can be identified is key to recovery.

Clinical depression is caused by stress. Stress causes depression, depression causes pain, including mental pain which causes depression. It is a vicious circle that has to be broken. Proper medical treatment and talk therapy is how you recover.

Give the medication time to work, you should start to feel a bit better in a few days and then a bit better every day there after. If not then call the doctor to see if a change in dosage or if a different medication may be needed. But please stay on the medication it will work. If this is your first depressive episode you will not have to take the medication forever. Probably for a year to 18 months and then the doctor will take you off of it.

Please do not listen to littlesky9 for whoever that is does not know what they are talking about. I've been there. I've taken the medication and I have recovered by doing just what I am advising you to do.


I am a teenager. I've suffered with Anxiety, Depression, and Depersonalization for the past few years and have decided it's time to fix it. I can't live like this. The doctors want me to go on Zoloft, but I'm scared that there will be side effects or something. I rejected medication a couple years back, and I sort of regret it. I want to get better, but I don't want to have any hallucinations or for it to get worse. Any advice? What do you think I should do?

Take the medication. Zoloft is one of the older medications and has few side effects. The most noticeable one is a decreased sexual desire or ability.

Now Antidepressants and antibiotics do not work the same. An antidepressant takes time to build up in your system. So the effect will can take several weeks to take effect. It is a more natural feeling that you should start to feel a bit better day by day as you body absorbs the new hormones Zoloft is supplying.

For your part you should just forget about the medication and just let it do its job. If you start to have feeling that you don't think are right the first person to tell is one of your parents and then your prescribing doctor.

Most people do not suffer any real side effects from this medication. You may feel drowsy or have a dry mouth at first. Tell mom or dad if you do but it should pass as your body grows accustomed to the medication.

Most important is to take the medication as prescribed and as close to the same time every day.

My son has been on Zoloft for two years and has suffered no side effects at all.


So the other day I went to pineland for my doctors appointment and they did a did a suprise drug test which dosnt bother ne any because I don't do drugs that are prescribed by a doctor but I went to pick up adderall and the pharmacy gave me concerta by mistake not my fault I noticted the pill looked different by I trusted the pharamist and figured they knew what they were doing do I have 3 og the concertas already like I thought I was suppose to but my mom looked it up on the computer since it was diferent color after I have already taken the meds and its nor adderall its concerta will it show up in a druh test if pineland makes me take another one

Amphetamine is in the Opiate class of drugs for which most drug test are testing for. Since this drug although dispensed in error was legally dispensed to you this should not be a problem for you. Concerta is one of the rugs doctors use to treat ADHD and I doubt did you any harm it is just not the drug your doctor prescribed.

Should you be questions just have them contact the pharmacy that made the mistake and that should be the end of the problem for you. Depending on how many tablets you took the drug should be out of your system in 10 to 30 days and not cause a problem in future drug tests.


hi im 12 and i do self harm ive been doing this since i was like 10-11 i want to stop but every time i try and tell someone i get nervious and scared what should i do?

The biggest step in stopping the self-harm is admitting you have a problem which you have done. The reason you get scared and nervous is you think your parents are going to yell at you or be mad or even punish you for doing so.

As a parent myself, actually I'm of the grandparent age I can only tell you how I would act if my son or daughter would come to me with news like this. I think I would get upset not necessarily at you but with me for not noticing what was happening. Depending on how you self-harm I would probable then get scared as well because you could have hurt yourself beyond repair. While I might be yelling at you I am really yelling at myself. I know that is a little hard to understand but it is a parent thing we yell at our children when they do something that scares us that we could or should have been able to prevent.

Have you considered writing mom and dad a note? You could start by saying something like; "I need help and I'm afraid you will yell at me so I have chosen this way to tell you why I need help. I have been self-harming myself for the last two years and I want to stop. I need your help. I think I need to see a doctor."

Self-harming is a cry for help. It usually means you are suffering from some type of depression. Given when you started to self-harm it is possible you are suffering from teenage depression which come on when a child starts into puberty.

Since puberty can start as early as 10 and sometimes even earlier, it is quite possible that you are having trouble dealing with all the new hormones now in your body. This is generally a cause for teenage depression and doctors can help you. So you are absolutely correct in asking for help.

If you can't fact mom or dad in person then write them a note. Leave the note on their pillow or on the kitchen table where they can find it. There is one other thing you can o and you do not need parental permission to do so.

IF you feel the need to self-harm before you find a way to tell your parents. Pick up the phone and call 911. This is a reason for calling 911. Tell the call taker you have been self-harming and you feel the need to do so now. The call taker will stay on the phone with you while help is sent to you.

Where I live, and as a first responder; when we get this type of call they dispatch the closest fire truck to you, and ambulance and a police officer. The fire truck is sent so the EMT's on the fire truck can care for you until the ambulance arrives with the paramedics. The police officer is dispatched to make sure you are safe and that the firefighters and paramedics are allowed to treat you.

I'm telling you this as this is fairly a standard response in most parts of the country so you know what to expect if you need to call 911. If you need to call 911 then do so this is what 911 is all about.


So I'm only 15 and a sophomore in high school. I remember when I was a kid my classmates would call on me to read the next piece of the book and I would read it extreamly fast but I prounced every word and didn't studder, I am a very good reader but since we were younger they couldn't keep up. So after awhile my teacher stopped calling on me to read because I read to fast for them to comprehend the infomation , but I didn't mind that. Example is in 7th grade I was reading at an 11 grade level not a 7th graders. Then personally I started reading really fast too but I maintained all the information perfectly still. For example I read a book that was 600 pages in one day. And now as I'm 15 I've realized over the years that I jump from topic to topic. Like when I was with my grandma telling her about my day I wouldn't even give her enough time to transseion with me to another topic, but after I finished saying whatever I got back on the original topic. Now I noticed this past year that my brain is thinking too fast and my mouth can't keep up. So then when I'm talking to someone I accidentally leave out a few parts of a sentence because my brain thought I already had said them but my mouth really hadn't yet. Then when I do tell a story I literally have to give exact specifications or it will bug me and I won't move on or I'll move but I'll come back to it. Also when I'm talking and my brain is thinking to fast sometimes I just literally can't keep up with my mouth speaking what I'm thinking and I just make a goofy sound in the middle of what I'm saying juat to stop and play it off as being silly or something because I jusy cant keep up. I can't even remember what I was going to say because again my brain has already sped off. I also know I dont have ADHD. So my question is what's up with this? Is there a way I can teach my brain to slow down ? Or is this tied to something like a condition ? I'm not really sure but its been giving me a lot of issues these last couple of years and I just at least want to know what's up with it. So any thoughts and advice is welcomed thank you :)

I agree with GiddyGeezer that this is something you need to have evaluated by a professional and this starts with your family doctor. None of here are doctors so we cannot offer you any really good advice or even suggestions on this one this as this one truly needs to be evaluated by the proper professional.

I will say this that what you are seeing is not all that rare. I know of others who suffer with similar problems. Even though I now of them I will not offer a suggestion as this problem is unique to each individual.

I don't think it has anything to do with ADHD and it may have more to do with puberty, which is just a guess on my part. What I do know is the fact it is bothering you enough to write to us. So ask mom or dad to make an appointment for you with the family doctor and discuss it with the doctor. If you do not get a satisfactory answer from your doctor ask for a referral to a board certified psychiatrist. No you are not crazy. A board certified psychiatrist is specially trained to deal with all aspects of the brain.

Other doctors you might want to see for an evaluation would be an Internist and a Neurosurgeon. Being evaluated by all of these doctors would rule in or out any of the factors that could be in play to be the underlying cause of your problem.


So I am in the 8th grade- going into 9th. I'm pretty sure this all started in 5th grade btw... but I think I have a depression/ anxiety/ bipolar disorder. I've taken A LOT of these quizzes and screenings online for them and it states that I have a high case of it and I should get some help just in case... I also had one of my friends take it and she got a high ish score too but her mom found it and she took her to get help and she has been getting help from medications because she was diagnosed with quite a few disorders like depression and anxiety. I've told her about my scores and she has told me many times to ask my mom but I'm afraid to. I mean I don't cry every night or day about my life but I do a lot and when i do it's horrible and i have no one to talk to about it. If i tell my mom, she'll either think i'm crazy or she won't believe me. And what if I am actually diagnosed with those disorders? I'm going to have to talk to a therapist (she does) and get on medication.. and that's going to cost a lot of money... and nows not the time to make my mom worried and have to pay money. she and my dad have been stressed lately and it's just too much money and i don't think we could afford it with all this shiz going on. I want help but I don't want my parents to have to go through all this...

First: These online quizzes are not a diagnostic tools. They are at best an indicator that you MAY be predisposed to a certain condition the test or quiz is designed to root out.

The test or quiz is also designed to indicate the condition far more easily than the actual diagnostic test would so you will go see a doctor and be properly tested. Just because your friend, who when properly tested, did have the condition indicated does not mean you do. Everyone is different and it takes your doctor who knows you asking different questions to come up with a proper diagnoses.

Second: Never ever second guess what you parents can and cannot afford, especially when it comes to your health. Both your physical and mental health. As a parent I can tell everything in our lives comes a distant second to the health and well being of our children. This is a promise we made when we decided to have children and we always find a way.

Now as to mom believing you or not. This is a different story. I can't say whether she will believe you or not. She may believe that these online test are a bunch of BS and tell you not to believe them. She knows you best and I think she would know if you were depressed and if the depression was bad enough to need a doctors care.

The flip side of this could be in telling mom it would be a light bulb experience for her in enlightening her to something she had not thought of. She may have noticed changes in you that concern her but unsure of the reason.

Your job is to tell your parents when you are not feeling well. It doesn't matter if it is a cold, sore throat or something like this. As I said in reason two, it is not your worry to count the money in their pocket. It is their job to care for you.

In any case school is out for the summer in most of the country. Before you return to school, most schools require you to have a physical and to have the doctor update your immunization records. During your physical you can tell the doctor about this test and how you scored. The doctor can test you at that time. The test is simply answering a number of questions the doctor will ask from which a diagnosis is made.


I am a 26 year old woman and I get so frustrated with myself because I have quite a few irrational fears. What doesn't make sense is that I KNOW they're irrational and I'm still afraid of them anyway.

My sister's getting married Saturday and insisted that I get a tan for the wedding. My choices were to get a spray tan or get a real one. Since spray tans aren't really my jam, I chose to get a real one with the use of a tanning bed. Today was about my fifth day to do so and its so hard for me to relax in those beds. I keep thinking about getting overheated, getting burned, getting skin cancer, damaging my eyes and most ridiculously, the plastic over the bulbs breaking or melting or one of the bulbs exposing or something.

My biggest problem with spray tans is that I wouldn't be able to shower, wash my hands, or use hand sanitizer for a certain amount of time and I'm WAY too germphobic for that.

I'm afraid of all kinds of things. Food poisoning, riding on an airplane, going outside alone after dark, anesthesia wearing off at the dentist's office, bugs crawling on me while I'm asleep and all kinds of other things.

I know I probably need counseling, but please give me some other advice as well. Also, are any of these fears as irrational as I think they are?

Some of your fears are not all that irrational. The fear of going out alone at night is unfortunately a justified fear for any woman. It is an unfortunate sign of our time that a woman is not safe alone on the street in her own community or town. Your fears concerning the Tanning bed, many of them are things to be concerned over.

Being a germ phobic, riding on planes anesthesia wearing off and food poisoning are irrational to different degrees. Germ phobic is greatly irrational. Food poisoning does happen if you do not cook certain foods properly or wash vegetables properly. When eating out choose restaurants carefully and you can even check their ratings with your health department.

Your fear of planes is actually not a fear of flying it is the fear of crashing. Given the safety record of todays passenger airlines and the planes being built today this is too becoming an irrational fear. You are much safer traveling by air than by Rail, bus or by car. I don't have the actual statistic or I would give it to you but it is multi-million times safer to travel by air than any other mode of transportation.

Yes you do need counseling and I would advice you seek out a good psychologist to work with to control these fears. For if you let these fears control you, you will have a very fearful and dull life stuck behind closed doors.

As for getting a Tan for your sisters wedding. If you can do so without getting a sunburn fine. If not don't do it. The last thing you want is to be standing there either all red or peeling.


I am a 25 year old female and I don't know what's wtong with me. I akready go to pineland 3 says a week on meds and I am still having problem s with my mental health. I am real emotional all time like for instance one minute ill be all hyper and happy and the next I will be agitated and ready to come unglued over every little thike like for instance I came home from pineland to find that my niece had stuff all over my bed and I snapped but stugf lack that dosnt usually bother me and I bursted into tears anf told her to get out of my site. Why would I cry over something like that. When I was in group today and I was reading some material I noticed that I kept getting lost in mid sentence and the sentenceskept running together and couldn't concentrate. Like I said I am already on celexa f or anxiety and depression and I am on adderall for adhd but why am I getting mad so easy because I've never had problems with anger before and ehy does my moods keep switching like a light switch that's never happened and for the past month I have been crying for ehat seems to be no reason at all why?

None of us are doctors so we can't make a diagnoses.

You need to speak with your treating psychiatrist. What is happening sounds like it could be a side effect of the medication you're on or that your depression is becoming more manic.

If you depression is changing then you medications will most likely need to be changed as well. In either case if this is a side effect or your depression is changing only your treating psychiatrist can change your medications.

When you are next at Pineland tell one of the nurses or your group psychologist you're having problems and need to speak with your treating psychiatrist.


I'm an 18 year old girl and I've been dealing with depression for about about a year now and I'm trying to get better. But sometimes (like now for instance) where I just have this consuming feeling of being off. It's like I'm not quite myself and I feel strange and weird. Sometimes I want to hide from everyone or sometimes I just start crying from feeling this way. I hate it more then any feeling I get when depressed. I feel like I'm not me and like I'm off. Does anyone else get this feeling? I might be crazy but does anyone know how to stop it or make it better because I can't stand being like this and it usually continues until I go to bed and when I wake up I'm fine. But I can't just go to sleep in the middle of the day. Any advice?

Just so you know I am not a doctor, none of us on this site are.

First: You are 18 which makes you an adult under the law. This also means that under the law even though you may still be covered under your parents health insurance they no longer have any say in any medical treatment you may need or seek. They can not speak to a doctor and learn anything about any medical visit you may have or see your medical records unless you have given the(se) doctors written permission. This is all written under a Federal Law Called HIPPA. Each doctor you visit will have you complete what is called a HIPPA disclosure form for their Office detailing your rights and theirs.

That being said if you are medically depressed as opposed to common everyday type of depression. Then you need professional help to get well. We all suffer from some type of depression brought on by something happening in our lives to make us temporarily depressed such as the loss of a loved one. Most of us get over it after a while.

Medical depression is much different. In your writing you hit several of the points a doctor might use to diagnose clinical depression. The most common form of medical depression. If you have not been properly diagnosed you need to see your doctor and schedule a complete physical and request to be screened for depression at the same time.

The reason for the complete physical is the doctor is going to want to do one to rule out any organic reason for how you feel that mimics depression. The test for depression is a series of questions the doctor will ask you during the physical. From your answers the doctor can make a diagnoses. Based on the diagnoses your PCP may chose to treat you or recommend you see a specialist.

Given your age it is quite possible you are suffering what doctors call teenage depression. This is a form of clinical depression teenagers suffer brought on by the abnormal amount of stress in their lives Generally it is treated with a pill and talk therapy with a psychologist to find out what the stress or stressors are in your life and help you deal with them better.

Therefore my advice is to make an appointment with your family doctor. This is something that now that you are 18 only you can do for yourself.

Your parents cannot make an appointment for you or stop you from seeing a doctor even if you are on their insurance. Remember they no longer have any legal say in your medical well being unless you ask for their advice and then it is only advice. So see your doctor


I've been to the Emergency room to see a doctor for seeing weird things and hearing voices. The doctor I went diagnosed me with psychosis nos and said I had anxiety. I've paid for & tried medicine that doesn't work. My bill is over $1,000 and I can't afford to go to the doctor or pay for the medicine. How do I get help paying for a doctor and medicine?

A hospital emergency room is the worst place you can go for mental health issues. On issues of mental health there concern mainly is to decide if you are a danger to yourself or anyone else. If you are not believed to be a danger to yourself or anyone else they treat you and street you.

I will assume you do not have private insurance and you did not sign up for Obama care when registration was available. Texas being a Republican dominated state probably made it hard to do so as the only way to sign up would have been through the federal site which we all know had it's problems.

I have reason to believe you are younger than 65 which would leave the only medical assistance available to you would be the Texas Medicaid system. Contact your County Department of Mental Health or Department of Health and Human Services for assistance in getting coverage under Medicaid. Then go to the website I have included below for Magellan Health Services.

Magellan Health Services is the largest provider of mental health providers in the country. From their provider list you should be able to find a psychiatrist who will treat you close to where you live and accept Medicaid patients.



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