I'm scared to think and know things can actually go up my vagina. like ew! people like finger and touch all over it and stick their finger up it! tampons and guys "part" goes up. but like that's where pee comes out and like why would anyone want anything stuck up there of even touch it? I'm really confused. in health I'm learning so much at one time and its really hard.

You do not say how old you are and I am guessing you are a pre-teen by what you have written. As you get older you will learn things that will cause you to change your mind.

For now though lets correct one misconception. Pee does not come out of your vagina. Pee comes out of your urethra which is located above your vagina. Between the vagina and clitoris which is the nub at the top of your Mons.

When you get your period, you and your mom should discuss whether a tampon or a pad is better for you to use. If you are athletic or like to swim a tampon would be better than a pad as you can go swimming with a tampon also there is less chance of leakage during exercise.

Mom or sex ed class will explain the rest.


(Rating: 5) im 13/f. i am on a swimteam and i already had my period. my sex ed class is basically done and it's still not explained.

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