The object of my column will be to help you help yourself by pointing you in the right direction if I can or by supplying you with WEB resources you can use that will help you find the answers your looking for.


My boyfriend (m/25) and I (f/24) have been together for five years. I truly believe he's the one. We have stated to one another that we are soulmates. Well we have recently started unprotected sex and I'm not on birth control. I realize its risky and we should be a lot more careful.
However he called me the other day and told me he bought plan b in case just for next time. He asked if it would offend me...I don't see how it would. However I question it now and it kinda of bothers me. I feel if he loves like he says he does than wouldn't we be engaged and wouldn't he want to have kids with me?? I guess I'm confused. Mind you I'm not ready for kids...idk :/ any ideas or advice?

If there is a medical reason you are not on birth control medication then you should not be relying on the plan B pill as all it is, is an extremely heavy dose of birth control. Again if you for medical reasons should not be on birth control there is no reason why he should not be using a condom. Condoms are 85% effective in preventing pregnancy when worn correctly. He is old enough to know how to wear a condom correctly.

Not knowing the reason why you are not on birth control. Then the reason as I see it is not whether to be offended; it is whether or not you want to take the chance of becoming pregnant. The plan B pill is not 100%.

Their are other forms of birth control other than the pill that are more effective than condoms and are not chemicals such as the pill. I would suggest you talk to your GYN about other forms of birth control rather than rely on the Plan B pill.

Relying on the plan B pill for having unprotected sex is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver and hoping for a miss fire.


So I'm not a bad kid. I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm a good student, I got all A's last year and I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs and no sexual contact. I work hard in school and horse riding. I try hard to please my parents. My parents did hit me and spank me with a belt when I was younger. I'm not bad to my parents, sometimes I may talk flippant however the meanest thing I've said to them is that they are annoying. They get mad at me and offended by the smallest silliest things. They hit me and insult me, and I have lost a lot of respect for them. I cannot take it anymore and I've started cutting as of late. I honestly never thought I would I thought that it was stupid and pointless but I guess now it somewhat helps as stupid as that sounds. I have contemplated suicide a lot. I'm so depressed and alone and I have no one to talk to. I don't know what to do but my realtionship with my parents really sucks and there's not much to do to make it better and I don't like living this way.

By asking for help you have made the first choice you needed to make before you can be helped. Before I offer suggestions on how to get that help lets do something about the cutting.

Cutting is dangerous and is actually a cry for help in part and away to relieve the stress which is a cause for the depression you feel. What I would like to do is substitute for the cutting. Find the biggest thickest rubber band you can find and let it hang from your wrist. When you feel like cutting yourself snap the rubber band against your wrist. This will provide the same relief the cutting is providing and you don't have to run and hide to do so.

Now as for help with the depression. You are old enough by law, Federal Law, that you can seek medical treatment without parental approval.The law is called HIPPA and covers anyone 14 and older.

From what you have written you are probably depressed. Not unusual for your age. There is actually a medical diagnoses called teenage depression; caused by puberty. Puberty and the new hormones and physical changes happening to due to puberty, especially to girls, causes stress. Stress causes depression. we'll call this internal stress. Depression causes us to see things maybe not as they exactly are and could be the reason for some of the things you wrote about. This causes more stress. We will call this external stress causing more depression.

When I was your age, many decades ago, doctors did not recognize this as a treatable illness, they called it a phase. It is an illness, actually a medical one as even though you have all those new hormones you don't have enough of one or two of them to handle stress. There is help in the form of medication and talk therapy. You take the medication generally for a year or two and the talk therapy for as long as you feel you need someone you can talk to in strict confidence. Your therapist will never tell your parents, or anyone else, what is spoken about in therapy.

If you're feeling suicidal pick up the phone and dial 911, help will be sent to you. If you are not actively suicidal at this time call your doctor and make an appointment to see him or her. Tell the doctor what you wrote us and asked to be screened for depression. Once your doctor screens you for depression he or she will know what and how to treat you. Your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist. Do not get alarmed at this The psychiatrist is the best doctor, who is also ans MD, because the hormones that are insufficient, secrete in the brain. You are not crazy or manically depresses, just this doctor is better trained to administer and monitor the medications you may need.

Whatever you chose to do, do it today as feeling better starts with the right phone call.


I am hoping to get a government job but there are SO many places to apply and look for jobs! Is there one central place for government job postings? Some one site or something where you can go to see what all the different available jobs are across all branches of government? Please and thank you!

If your looking for a Federal Government go to "usajobs.gov". If your looking for a state or local government job go to the individual websites. Somewhere, each state or local website is different, on them you will find a link to job listings and how to apply. Most of the ones I have seen have a on-line resume form you can use to apply for different positions that are available.

Check these sites frequently as posting are made daily.

I hope this helps you.


My husband bought his mom a perfume bottle last Mother's Day and it came along with a free tote. He gave his mother the perfume, and I got the tote!!! I checked online and figure it out that the tote was free!!! I asked him about it and he said he thought about me and gave me the tote! What should I do now? He didn't even look for a present for me but giving me that free tote from his mother's present!!!

I hesitate to overstate the obvious here; your not his mother, your his wife. He is not obligated or required to by you a mothers day present.

My wife and I exchange cards on these days until we had children then we bought gifts for the children to give the appropriate recipient until the children were old enough to shop on their own. Then we went back to the card exchange.

We buy each other gifts on birthdays, our anniversary, Christmas and when we feel like for other reasons. Neither of us have ever felt it was appropriate to exchange gifts on Mothers Day or Fathers Day.

Regardless of what the retailers are trying to do with commercializing of the holiday, which is an event mostly created by Hallmark to sell greetings cards. It is a special day reserved to honor our mothers and fathers for everything they have done and do for us. If we are good marriage partners we honor each other in many ways all year long.


How do you do a warrant lookup on your boyfriend to see if he has been in trouble with the law or is wanted now? I caught him in a lie and now I want to do a background check on my boyfriend! Does that make me a bad paerson?

There are a number of websites you can go to that provide this service. I typed in "safe dating check" and the search engine returned a list to chose from. Most all I found had a minimal charge for the service to review their report.


Does anyone know how to make smothered pork chops so they turn out nice and moist like they do in a restaurant? I don't know what I am doing wrong but mine are always dry! Help! Before my hubby gives up on me! :)

The recipe flare has found for you is a good one. In fact it is how I've made them. One key to cooking is seasoning. The seasonings in this recipe are a little heavy for my family's tastes and I would cut down on them. When following a recipe especially for the first time I will, unless I know for certain that a certain seasoning is to heavy or not to our liking, follow the recipe as written.

After we have eaten my wife and I will discuss the dinner and decide what if any adjustments have to be made to make this recipe ours. Then if I'm the one who cooked the dinner I will make notes on the card and place it in our recipe file.

Recipes such as this one I know for instance that I would need to cut back on the garlic and onion powder. Later I might even experiment with using real garlic and blooming the garlic in the oil then removing the garlic from the oil. This is something for a more experienced cook.

NOTE: With the flour and oil you are making a rue. Be Careful not to burn it. All you need to do when making the rue is cook the raw taste from the flour. This only takes a minute or two.


ok, to start off, im not sure if it was sex or rape.
i said yes to my boyfriend. he did NOT pressure me into it. later before it, i changed my mind, but i forgot to tell him. so we did and now i feel violated.

was it sex or rape????

You have to communicate to him in someway that you have changed your mind and do not want to have sex with him. Unless you say the word no or physically force him off of you it is not Rape.

There has got to be more to this then what you are telling us for I cannot understand how someone your age can forget that you don't want to have sex with someone. The only thing I can think of is you were drugged or drunk in someway in which case that would be rape for your ability to consent is not possible.

Anytime your ability to consent is impaired then it is possible you were raped.


well at school every 1 hates me and wanna die and they buly me talk about me family ect. what do i do to com down or how do get help

Being a bully or bulling or be bullied is very much in the news these days. Many states have even passed laws to criminalize school bullying. Most all State Boards of Education have placed zero tolerance rules in effect to combat bulling.

The rules and laws are only effective if the person Bing bullied speaks up. You need to go to your parents and tell them what is happening at school. Tell them by name, first and last names if you know them, of who is bullying you. You also need to tell your parents what they are saying and doing to you.

Your parents can then go to the police or the school principal. Something they can decide based on what you tell them is happening. No one has the right to bully or belittle you in any way. You have the absolute right to go to school and receive the full benefit of the education being offered.

Those kids that are bullying you,in those states that have passed laws against bullying. Have the right to go directly to the juvenile justice center; nit to pass go, not to collect $200 and receive any punishment the law directs.

By taking the proper action and reporting the bullying you are getting you are not only helping yourself, you are helping anyone else who may be being bullied. Word will spread as to what has happened to who ever is bulling you. The other bullies will get the message. If they don't they will be subject to the same punishment.

In my state a bully is expelled from the school and sent to an alternative learning center. All the bad apples attend these school it is not a great learning environment.


i love my bf with all my heart and my mom dont approve of him. i dought that mom will allow me to marry him. am not sure that i need her premission or not. so should i tell her or not?

Depending on where you're from being 18 makes you an adult. As an adult you no longer need parental permission to marry or enter into any other type of contract. That is mans law in most western Countries. Tradition(s) of Heritage and religious values are different than mans law but do not override mans law.

Even though you may be seen as an adult by law let me offer this advice. At 18 you are still very young and in many way naive in the ways of the world; this includes love. Statistically if you were to marry at your present age your marriage has the greatest chance of failing than if you were to wait 5 to 10 years.

Your mothers disapproval of your boyfriend and a possible desire by you to leave home and live on your own may be blinding you to what your mother sees. My niece married a young man when they were both just 19. The marriage lasted 4 years and she was deep in debt when it ended. Thankfully her mother and step-father stepped in to help her with the debt. No one in the family liked the boy she married but she did and moved to the opposite coast. Now at 34 she has married a wonderful young man who idolizes her and she him. This young man has a wonderful career, something her first husband couldn't seem to grasp the concept of and still can't from what we hear.

The moral of my story is this. You probably do not need moms permission to marry especially if you live in the U.S. What you should do is stop and think about why mom disapproves of your BF. With age comes maturity and wisdom. Mom sees something you are either being blinded to or don't see. Talk to her, find out what that is. Then make your decision.


I have feelings for my coworker. We are naturally close and bonded at work because we are the two superiors for our shift. We structure a lot together and compliment one another with how we think and manage things. The big boss tried to hook us up once when we first met saying we were perfect for each other but I never said a word and neither did he. Over time our compatibility has become obvious. We laugh and joke and agree on almost everything. We really value each other and there's a lot of respect and trust between us. HOWEVER could be casual to him but for me it makes my heart jump lol. We don't hang outside of work but we do text. Mostly about work and making fun of people at our job.. There's some flirting but I don't want to jump the gun. He's so politically correct that I can't tell if he holds back bc of work or if he just sees me as a cool friend. He sometimes passes by really close to me instead of just waiting for me to move out of his way. I've also felt his hand for a brief moment while handing things to him. Felt like time stopped but for all I know he doesn't even notice. He's also about to transfer schools in the next year so I could See him holding back because of that. He is very cautious and smart about everything he does. Anything I could add to improve your understanding I'd be happy to. Thanks and hope to get some answers :)

When two people have a work place friendship or relationship that works well at work. It is not always a good idea to try and take that relationship outside of work. Relationships or friendships of two same sex people at work stand a better chance of working outside of work as, generally, sex is not in the equation. When the relationship is of two people of opposite sexes try to take the relationship outside of work then sex comes into the relationship someplace down the line.

Two people of opposite sexes can be just friends but that is not what I'm seeing in you letter. You are looking at taking your friendship to the next level which would be a relationship. Relationships include sex and sex with a coworker is dangerous. The intimacy required for a sexual relationship can and does often show at work. It effects the way you work. It often can cause friction were before you were intimate there was no friction.

We can only make you aware of the problems that can come about. You have decide if a relationship with him is worth the possibility that you may have to change jobs if the relationship doesn't work out. Then of course is the fact that he may be changing schools. How will this effect any relationship. Will it make it just a fling or can it exist after he changes schools.


Scared of graduating. i dont know what to do?!?

So im in a huge dilemma.
i am graduating grade 12 this year!
I do not want to walk across the stage. I'm nervous I'll get laughed at or someone will yell something rude out. I just don't like to be in huge crowds and I'm afraid that I'll ge nervous and embarrass myself. I do not want to walk across the stage in front of all those people. I didn't pay for my cap & gown cause I didnt want to go to graduation, but someone payed it for me so now I have to go. I'm afraid I'll get nervous & embarrass myself.. I never like to b around a lot of people, or in huge crowds. I don't want to have to sit in the middle of the stage cause everyone will be staring at us. I don't want to walk across the stage in front of all those people but I have to, how can I not be so nervous?

First: Graduation is not so much for you as it is for your parents and grandparents as it marks a milestone in your life. If you need to speak to your family doctor about a chill pill to take for your nervousness then do so.

As far as anyone shouting something out during the ceremony I wouldn't worry about it. The threat to disrupting the ceremony is that you are all, until you actually have that piece of paper in your hand, under the control of the school. Anyone who disrupts the ceremony or acts improperly could lose the right to walk across the stage and that would embarrass their parents.

As for sitting on stage being starred at. Here is an old trick used by those of us who lecture. In your mind picture those sitting in the audience sitting there nude. Laugh if you want but it works. There you are fully dressed on stage and they are sitting there in their birthdays suits. Now who should be embarrassed.

You suck it up and do this for your parents and you suck it up again when you graduate college. It may seem like we parents ask a lot of our children; in actuality we do not. You will begin to learn this as you enter adulthood.

By sucking it up and doing this on thing you will be giving them a moment of great joy that makes all the years of fear, hard work and everything a parent goes through in raising a child worth every minute. I've watched my son Graduate from College and Paramedic College. All the anguish and fears I experienced as he grew up melted away.

I am proud of what my son has become and the fact that he has saved many lives. Your parents our proud of what you have accomplished and will be prouder as you go forth in life. Give them this one moment.


Hi im a 13 year old boy and i was wondering what is considered a big penis i have a 6 inch penis is that big small or medium? please help and dont say im to young to worry or anything like that

The information below should answer your question:

According to the latest Ansel Research Survey; the average male penis when erect is between 5.1 & 5.9 inches long.

Keep in mind that this is the average, the middle between the largest and the smallest, above the micro-penis (below 2 inches in length). The survey states that size varies based on age, time of day, level of excitement and ambient temperature.

What you are born with is what you have. There is no way to enhance, or enlarge a penis even with surgery. Penile surgery is usually done to assist those with erectile dysfunction when there is no other medical solution that will help.

Average Vagina Size

Length 3 1/2 to 4 inches
Diameter 1 Inch

Length ("tented) 5 to 6 inches
Diameter 1 1/2 to 2 inches

As you can see by the size chart of the average female vagina. Any penis over 6 inches in length and 2 inches in girth is larger than the average vagina can easily accommodate. A larger penis will cause a woman with an average sized vagina pain during intercourse, especially if the male is not a thoughtful and considerate lover.


am 12 he 13. he wants sex, but i told him i was scared, he respects my response,but he keeps saying that he 'wants to fuck me bad.' the more he says it i want to, but am 12 dont know what to do.some advise???

You have said no. No means no and he needs to stop pestering or harassing you for sex. From a very legal stand point once you say no that is the end of the conversation:

His continued harassment or pestering of you to get you to have sex with him: Makes him guilty of Sexual harassment.

If you give into his harassment, it is statutory rape. As you are not old enough, by law, to consent to having sex.

He may be 13 but he is still old enough to be charged with these crimes possibly as an adult. The law is weird this way. He is a juvenile in all ways under the law though for some laws for certain crimes a juvenile can be charged as an adult and rape is one of them.

If he doesn't know the law inform the boy; it might just keep him out of trouble. Fact is you don't have to say a word. He brags to a buddy who says something to his parents. They get outraged and call the police. End of story and he is looking at life through bared windows. Real world adage; If he wants to play in the adult world he should be prepared for the adult world consequences.

That was the law. The human side is you said no. No means no. His problem is he is a typical 13 year old male who confuses love and lust. He like you is going through puberty. He has all these new hormones floating around in his body causing him not only sexual awareness but sexual tension. He wants relief and is seeking a girl to give it to him. Telling her he loves her and if she loved him she would have sex with him. That is not love that is lust.

He does not love you in the way you love him. Once he gets what he wants from you guaranteed he will seek other girls to get sex from them. If he can't respect you then find somebody that will.

Both of you are far to young to be having sex and that is also a fact.


My father and I are planning on surprising my mother and brother with going on a cruise, but we don't want to tell them until we drive up to the ship area. We are planning on saying that we will be at this hotel (wont actually stay there), but is there anyway we can make sure the cruiseline doesn't call us at our house phone?

Book your cruise directly with the cruise line and not a travel agency. Tell the agent for the cruise line that this is a surprise for your mom and why, if it is a special event. If it is they will help you make it a memorable one for her as well.

There are things such as tickets and baggage tags that will have to be sent to you. The agent will work with you to send then to dads office or to a neighbors home.

You are going to need Passports or travel permits, just how your going to get one for mom is going to be a problem as she has to sign them in front of the person at the post office. There is no way around that.

Passports are required to leave and return here as well as to enter all countries the cruise lines visit. There is a less expensive travel permit/ID, can't remember the real name for it, that the cruise line can tell you about. Still mom has to apply in person for it. No way around it. The only thing I can think of is if you happen to be vacationing around the Canadian or Mexican border you need these things to cross those borders as well.

Other than that the cruise line will work with you to make this trip memorable for mom. Just tell them the what and why and they will take it from there.

Have a great cruise.


i had sex w/my bf and i got pregnant i wanted to get pregnant.am now 23 weeks, but starting to think i will not be a very good mother. my family is not like me, nice and protective. i have a mother that has a very mean bf, father that is harasing my brother, brother mean to me.i dont want my child near these people. am afraid that they will be mean to me or my child,am afraid he/she will think im being mean about keeping her away from the rest of my family.

need some advise on what to do. please and thank you.

Don't judge your parenting skills based on those of your parents. My father and I never had a good relationship and he was a terrible parent. My son and I, now 35, have and always had an excellent relationship. One of my greatest joys in my retirement is when my son takes the time to spend the day with me. It really does not matter what we do just as long as we are together.

Yes it can be said that we are all products of our environment. That does not mean we have to follow what we endured. We can break the cycle through shear will power or through learning. If you are so overly concerned about what your parenting skills may be I suggest you look into parenting class.

The red cross and your local hospital are good places to look for parenting classes. Just remember one thing. If you get so upset that you think you are going to hit or feel like hitting your child; count to 10 first then turn and walk away.

My son confided in me the worst thing I could ever do to him was lecture him. He said my lectures were the worst type of punishment I ever gave to him. He said at the time he wished I had spanked him instead. I never spanked him but I would make him stand in front of me while I lectured him about his wrong doing.

Today he is an honorable young man in a very honorable profession. He saves lives as a paramedic/firefighter and if you haven't guessed by know I am very proud of him.

My father was not a good role model of a parent. I believe I broke from his model and raised my son properly and you can do. Raising a child is both the scariest thing and the best thing you will ever do in life. Being as concerned as you are now tells me you will do fine.


What does it mean when a guy asks what are you up to tonight or what are you up to?

Hey, I went to a restaurant five days ago with a friend of mine. I know a guy that works at the restaurant. When I went to that restaurant I had no idea he was going to be working there at that day. I hardly speak to him and whenever I do, I always ask him to help me out or ask him for his advice. That day he saw me and asked hey, Julia how are you? and I said hey Johnathan and smiled. And I continued talking to my friend. He then asked so what are you up to tonight or what are you up to? I can't remember exactly which one it was but it was one of the what are you up to tonight and what are you up to? I have hardly seen him around and this was after a long time I had seen him but before that I had asked him to help me out with something and he tried helping me out he did not mind. So I just said to him oh just with a friend and yeah. And he was like oh okay. So I would like to know what did that mean? Did he want to do something or ask me to do something with him or was he just asking a question as we were just standing in a line and he wasn't serving he was just behind the counter and then walking around serving other customers and cleaning up dishes from the tables. So what does it mean? Was he just being customer friendly or he wanted to do something or what? How would I know if he likes me and stuff? Does he like me or what? Please help me thanks in advance for anyone who answers my question... :)

Also how can I tell he likes me? And also tell me if he was being customer friendly or what please please please I really do like him but I am scared to ask him about anything and I don't want to ask him if he was just being customer friendly ...... How can I tell him I am wanting to be with him and how can I tell if he is really into me? He hasn't asked me if I wanted to do anything with him or anything like that just that question that I had asked you all to answer me please and thanks :)

This question would be better asked of one of the younger advisors. I suggest one of the ladies as well.


s it weird that i just want to wear regular panties? all of my friends wear thongs like all the time now and they keep telling me i should to...but thongs look really uncomfortable i dont want anything stuck up my but im totally comfortable wearing my normal bikini panties...shud i try wearing thongs?

Frankly who gives a damn what you have on under your street clothes, especially for day to day wear. You should dress comfortably for every day wear. If that means you wear granny panties then wear them. It is your comfort that is in play here. If your friends want to walk around with a shoelace stuck between their butt cheeks all day that's their choice.


I have a boyfriend who I really love,we have an intense and very active sex life,I mean we are used to arguing a lot but when it comes to having sex,I believe everything's perfect,what I'm also starting to believe,though,is that the only thing he cares about is sex,he doesn't wanna go out for dinner anymore for example,he doesn't say 'I miss you'anymore,I'm really worried about this,also he has started to hang out with his friends again like the way he was used to doing when he was a single ,I don't know what to do,nor do I know what to think,help?thanks!

When you ask this type of question it would be nice to know how old you two are and how long you have been together.

The reason I say this is because life is not a Hollywood movie, a fairytale or a romance novel. Their is more to life than just great sex and one on one intimacy. After a while one or both partners in a relationship are going to want sometime with other friends to do things they alone like to do. There is nothing wrong with this and in many cases it make a relationship stronger.

If a relationship is solely based on sex and 24/7 togetherness demanded by one partner; no matter how good the sex and intimacy may be, the other partner is going or may start to resent their time being totally monopolized by the other. We need interaction with other people. We need to do things that we like to do . A relationship is or should be a 50/50 proposition.

Besides the sex life you share you should do things together and separate that you both like to do. For instance I hate to go shopping but my wife loves to shop. I go with her when she wants to buy for then I can help her buy. If all she wants to do is shop to see what is in the stores to me that is a total waste of time. If I need to go buy something and she wants to shop while we are there fine then we shop and buy. Do you see the 50/50 part I'm talking about.

My wife is a great cook, I like to cook. My wife is not one to try new recipes. I like to try cooking new things so we do so together or I do so alone. She shops alone when she needs time by herself. I have a volunteer fire station I am a member of that I go to when I want to be with my friends. She has her friends and we have our friends. We have two TVs; why? We don't like the same programs. Why make one suffer watching programs they don't like. Okay we have been married a long time so the newness of our relationship has worn off. The same though holds true in any relationship. At some point you hit a comfort zone where you don't need to be together 24/7.

Consider what I have written in relationship to where you are in your relationship. Then reevaluate what you have written and see if you really have a problem.


I cheated on my fiancee on a work trip (my job requires alot of travel) when I was out drinking with my coworkers. For some reason she decided to take me back even though I didnt deserve it. After that I vowed I would never do that to her again and I havent. But she still didnt trust me, completely understandable, and i thought that if I showed her I would never do that again by going out but not doing anything she would start to see I could actually be trusted. Then my dumb @#$ lied about going out drinking on another work trip, during which nothing happened, but I still lied to avoid a fight with her. I do love her and respect her even though those actions do not show it. She is an amazing woman and is willing to give me another chance provided we set extreme guidelines to prove that I am capable of being trusted. We are going to counseling and I have completely stopped drinking or going out without her (I havent had a trip yet to prove that) but this isnt enough for her. How else can I show her that I am deserving of this other chance?

You have asked a very tough question. As someone who has traveled as part of making my living I can understand where the two of you are at the moment. While I have never cheated on my wife it is not hard to put myself in either of your shoes.

Going to counseling is a good first step. If you feel that drinking is the root cause of your problem you might consider going to AA meetings to help with the drinking problem. There are AA meetings all over the country and you can find them almost anywhere you may go.

Not only would AA help with any drinking problem you may have but the meetings you attend while out of town would be a good substitute for the nights spent in the bar. For her part she can attend al anon meetings to talk with people; friends, relatives and other spouses of people with drinking problems to learn how to help you.

My brother in-law is 25 years sober as a member of AA. He and I have discussed AAs' 12 step program many times. Within this program is the vehicle I think you will find what you are looking for to rebuild the trust you want in your relationship. To get there means embracing the program.

Talk to your counselor; see if he or she agrees and then attend a meeting or two. The link below will take you to a page in the AA website where you will find a listing of states click on your state to start the search for a meeting in your area.



I am 10. I am a male. I have an 11 year old sister. She would tell. My parents would kill me.(Litterly)

How about trying to be a kid for awhile longer, at least until you start puberty. As for sex that is something you should wait much longer for. Sex is not a sport or a game to be entered into for fun. Yes it is fun for people of the proper age and you are not anywhere near the proper age to be having sex or even thinking about having sex.

Having sex with your sister is wrong. It is called incest and it is against the law. Not only will you and she get in trouble for having sex but your parents can get in trouble as well.

Where are you getting the idea that a 10 year old boy should be having sex. Whoever is telling you this is wrong. If this person is an adult they are wrong and are breaking the law by doing so.

You have plenty of time to grow up and explore the sexual aspects of life when you have matured enough to understand sex. For know go back to go back to riding you bike and playing with friends your own age and doing things that other 10 year old boys do.


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