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My husband and I attended His brother's daughter's wedding. We are the very immediate family.All of my husband's brothers and sisters(also immediate family) and their spouses were seated at the front of the room at table 1 and 2 ,however we were assigned seats in the very back of the room.We were surprised and saddened by their choice to put us there. The whole family is very kind ,loving and religious.There are no problems between any of us, we really love all of them. We feel so hurt. Should we address this? If so ,Is there a polite way to do it?I am lost and so hurt. Thank You

I can think of a few reasons as to why you were selected to sit in the back, all of which should have come with a brief explanation. There are only so many seats at a table and if all of the family cannot be accommodated at one or two tables then you select certain members to sit with people they know so they can have an enjoyable evening.

Usually you pick a close family member to do this for you. Someone who would not be offended but would understand. It is also possible that the Bride is closer to the other family members than you and your husband and you were selected on this basis. For whatever reason your brother or sister in-law should have said something to you so as not to injure your feelings when not seated with the rest of the family. No one likes to be treated as the family outcast which is I'm sure how you feel.

That being said, do you say something to your brother in-law. For you personally I would say no; you are the in-law. If he owes anyone an explanation it would be directly to his brother. If your husband does not wish to take the issue up with his brother then their may be an issue between them you are not aware of or something else. As the direct family member the issue is his to raise directly with his sibling, not yours.

At least that is how I see it. As someone who is also an in-law; when their are problems within my wife's family, unless she asks me to step in I sit on the sidelines and let her handle her family and I handle my family. We have done so for 40 plus years and I believe it is one of the secrets to our long successful marriage.


me and my girl friend juat broke up because she thinks my d**K is to big, is tht such a bad thing or a bad thing at all

First: Your ex needs to remember what her vagina is designed to for, which is the birth of a child. A child is much larger than any penis I have ever heard about. If you are larger than average (see below) she may have been scared and it was your job to calm her and make her comfortable, not just pound into her.

Second: If in fact you are overly endowed. Remember that sex is for the enjoyment of both partners and that you may be longer or wider than a vagina is designed to accommodate during sex. If so it does not mean you can't have sex. It means you need to be more gentle especially at first until she becomes comfortable with you being in her if the problem is your girth. If it is your length then you need to shorten your stroke so you are not pounding her cervix and hurting her.

Below is some information you may find use full:

Average Vagina Size

Length 3 1/2 to 4 inches
Diameter 1 Inch

Length ("tented) 5 to 6 inches
Diameter 1 1/2 to 2 inches

the average male penis when erect is between 5.1 & 5.9 inches long.

As you can see by the size chart of the average female vagina. Any penis over 6 inches in length and 2 inches in girth is larger than the average vagina can easily accommodate. A larger penis will cause a woman with an average sized vagina pain during intercourse, especially if the male is not a thoughtful and considerate lover.

So if your dimension are above average a women can accommodate you. She needs more stimulation so that she is properly lubricated and you need to be aware not to pound her cervix and cause her pain.


Hey :D 13/F. I think my mom is over protective coz I am 13 I may not 1.have a BF. 2.Sleep at my friends house. 3.Go to the mall with my friends. 4.wear high heels. 5.go to a party. I know I should enjoy her but she is making me nuts. And I don't want to tell her. Plz help

Let me tell you it is tough being a parent these days. There is just so much to worry about and to protect our children from, much more then when we were children or so it seems. (Read on, I will make my point, you need the background to understand the why)

Frankly the world has not changed all that much since we were your age. What has changed is the news cycle. Meaning how fast the news of today is delivered to us. Today we have almost instant access to any event the media thinks is news worthy. Whereas when I was your age what happens today depending on how news worth it is we may have seen it in tomorrows afternoon newspaper or the following mornings newspaper.

Yes we use to get two newspapers a day. Reporters had time to flesh out a story and report facts not sensationalism as they do today. Today we get raw news and in many instances we see things as they happen. This scares Thar heck out of us especially the stories about child predators which seem to be more prevalent today.

So yes; mom is being a little over protective but maybe it is because it is not that she does not trust you; it is because she does not trust others and fears for your safety.

Going to mom and telling her that Mary or Sally's mom allows them to do these things will not win you the freedom you want. It never worked for me or any other child with over protective parents.

First of the 5 things you named forget about the high heels for now as that is something you can deal with next year when you are a little older. It won't kill you not to have high heels this year.

Of the remaining four things you want to do pick two. If I were you I would pick going to mall and a party. Then you need to present to mom a calm and reasonable case for allowing you a chance with these two.

Start with the mall. If I were you I would ask her to take you and a few friends to the mall. Ask her to let you and your friends go off on your own and that at a certain time you will meet her at a specific place to go home. Now no matter what you be at that place at that time even if your friends decide they want to check out another store. The object here is to show mom responsibility that you will be where she expects you to be when she expects you to be there.

Your object here is to get her comfortable enough that the mall is a safe enough place for you to be that she can just drop you off knowing you will be where she expects you to be when it is time to pick you up. You may have to do this a few times, but be where your expected to be when your are expected to be there.

Now as for parties or sleeping at a friends house. You are going to need to have the parents of the friend who is having the party call your mom. What mom is looking for is assurance that this is a safe place for you to be. Especially if she does not know the parents. She wants to know that they will be their to chaperone. If this is a boy girl party that they will see to it that everyone stays in the same room, that no alcohol is served. If the party will turn in to a sleep over that the boys leave before the girls change into their night clothes.

It is unfortunate that you have to teach mom to be comfortable with you growing up. But that is what is needed. What I have written above is what you need to discuss and assure your mom of if you want greater freedom. As she learns to trust your ability to stay safe she should give you more freedom.


im 3week pregnant
my mom doesnt want nothing to do with me
i dont have anyone else beside my sister and the father of my unborn child
im in school and dont plan on dropping out
dont have a job or any income comeing in

so my question is
what should i do?
is it legal for a mom to neglect their 16year pregnant daughter?

You question could have a yes and no answer to depending on the laws in your state.

The immediate answer to your question of can your mother,"neglect their 16year pregnant daughter?" The answer is no. She is still legally responsible for your well being unless and until you are declared an emancipated minor.

In many states, and it depends on the girls age, a pregnant teenager can be declared an emancipated minor. Meaning you would have all the benefits and privileges of an adult 18 years of age or older. Your mother can't just say she declares you emancipated; it requires a court order. Until then she is just as responsible for you and her unborn grandchild as she was three weeks ago.

What you can do is call child protective serves, tell a trusted teacher or school principle or go to the police for help. Any of the people I just named will see to it that mom is informed of her responsibilities towards you and your baby. Mom cannot just disown you.

As for what you can do about your pregnancy. At 16 years of age you have medical privacy. By law which is covered by a Federal Law called HIPPA. You and you alone can make any and all decisions concerning your pregnancy. The doctors you see cannot discuss you exams or treatment with anyone you do not give them express permission to do so in writing.

This being th case; if you wish to have an abortion that is your choice. If you wish to carry this child to term that is your choice. If you wish to give this child up for adoption you may need the consent of the father since you know who he is. This is something you need to discuss with a lawyer.

Should you chose to raise this child then you also need to see a lawyer to get all the legal work done to make sure the father complies with his legal responsibilities towards this child. Just because he too may be under age does not mean he gets to have the fun then skate on the responsibilities towards this child. The courts will see to it that financial and medical responsibilities are supported by the father. You need to speak to a lawyer to have the legal paperwork done.

My advice is: Since you wish to continue your education, which is a good thing, and your mom is looking as if she will not be of any support to you. I see only two options available to you. The first of course is having an abortion while you still can. This is a personal decision you have to make based on your beliefs. The other is to have the child and give it up for adoption.

Fact is neither solution is the optional one. Frankly both suck. Though one of them is the right decision to make. Trying to raise a child by yourself without support of your mother or his parents will not work. You are dooming you and the child to a life time of misery.

You made a mistake, don't compound it by dooming this child to a life of misery before it even enters the world. Make the right choice now, whichever it may be. Afterwards learn from your mistake and take the proper precautions to prevent pregnancy or refrain from sex until you can properly support a child.


I'm 16 years old and I always seem to be horny. Its not always but it just seems that whenever i do things something makes me horny. Like the other day I was sitting on the train with all my friends. We all sit together but when one of my friends didnt have a seat she sat in my lap. Now im not attracted to her but she sat down and everytime there was a bump or turn i felt really horny. There are many things that just randomly make me hot. Anyone suggestions?

Relax, your normal. You would be abnormal if you weren't horny all the time.

Teenage boys when they hit puberty have all these new hormones floating around. They have erections happening what seems like almost constantly to the point of being embarrassing. These are the hormones and not having anything to do with conscious thoughts you may or may not be having.

Most young men you age handle this problem through masturbation. Masturbation is normal, about 85 percent of the population masturbate. Most males your age do so about 2 to 4 times a day. This is all normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

Relax and enjoy being a teenager.


I have this "friend" and her dad abuses her alot..... shes thinking of suiciding... What should "she" do?

Suicide is never an answer. It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem that does have solutions.

If your "friend" is actively suicidal call the Police. There are many different types of abuse all of which are wrong, most of which are illegal and the police can handle immediately.

Don't allow calling the police to scare you. The police are there to help you or your friend in situations like this. Not all parents that are abusive go to jail for their abuse. It depends on the type of abuse. If the abuse is sexual or physical then yes the father goes to jail because that is where he belongs.

Your friend, her mother and her siblings could even get mad at you for calling the police; let them. Better to have a live friend who is made at you then a dead friend.

After the police have corrected the situation, then your friend should call the following number. This number is for a 24 hour hotline operated by an organization called RAINN which stands for; Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network. They are there 24/7 365 days ready to help people like your friend. If your friend is not actively suicidal you might suggest she call them now. Their number is:1-800-656-HOPE. You also can call this number for advise as to what to do for your friend.

Don't let your friend do something you will all regret later. Call the Police or talk with your parents and ask them to call the Police for you.


My grandma,and my mom seems to think I have and eating disorder,but I know I don't.
I go days without eating,and feel fine.
But my mom and dad makes me eat something,cause they think I have an eating disorder.
When I do eat,I have puke it right back up.
I don't think I have an eating disorder,but they do.
Do I?

Do you have an eating disorder? It is really tough to say one way or another from what you have written. Everyone's eating habits are different.

What concerns me is the puking. If you force yourself to puke then you do have an eating disorder know as Bulimia and this can be serious even life threatening if it is not corrected. If the puking is not self induced then you have either a medical illness that needs a doctors attention; or the puking is psychosomatic that is also a illness that is more of an eating disorder also requiring medical attention.

Regardless of the what the only one that can say for sure if you have an eating disorder or not is a doctor. The puking is your biggest problem especially if not self induced.

My suggestion, since you did not give your age. Is to talk with your mom and grandma and have them arrange for you to see an internist. This would be the specialist doctor who deals with eating disorders. As I said in the beginning, everyone's eating habits are different. If this doctor finds you are healthy, finds the cause for the non self induced vomiting and corrects it, if that is the case. Them mom and grandma should be satisfied and stop forcing you to eat when you are not hungry.


okay im a male and i need a relationship thats fun and somethin sexy for both me and my girlfriend but i can ever find the right girl what should i do

I love questions like this as I am one of the older advisers on this site. Actually old enough to be your grandfather. Questions like this give me the opportunity to tell you what it was like back in the day when we were your age, what our parents thought and what we thought of your parents when they were your age.

First relax, your normal and so are your parents. They just seem to have forgotten what it is like to be 13. When I was 13 the scourge, musically speaking was Roch & Roll. Elvis AKA the King, was the next think to the Devil himself they way he swung his hips around. That all of us were going to become sex maniacs or worse, listening to that Rock & Roll Music.

We didn't become sex maniacs or ax murders as feared. We grew up to be fairly normal. We married and had families just like are parents did. Your parents were our children. They had their music which included heavy metal and then rap and so on and so forth.

We feared for their virtue just as our parents feared for ours. Guess what; they grew up, married and started having their children. You, your siblings, your friends and their friends. They had their lifestyles, we had ours and now you have yours. The fact of the matter is this will pass for you just as it did for my generation, your parents generation, generations past and future.

I could just about go out on a limb here and say this is just about a right of passage for all teenagers. It is part of finding themselves. So why do I see this and not your parents. Wisdom of age that all grandparents have. We lived it, we dealt with it and know we get to watch our children deal with it.

While you can't talk back to your parents and say; you know adviceman49 says you guys were just as bad when you were my age, for they will deny it. What you can say is, if you can sit down with them and discuss it calmly. Is I bet when you were my age your music and your way of dressing was just as upsetting to your parents. This is just who I am now, who we as teenagers are expressing ourselves. You changed and I'm guessing so will I, eventually.

Of course you use your own words. The object is to get mom and dad to reflect back to when they were your age. I have vivid memories of saying things like, "you know I wasn't born this age, I was once your age." Well this is a polite way of putting those words back at them and getting them to realize they were no different than you are.

Music for some reason has always been at the root of problems. Music has always been seen as a virtue killer. I don't know why that is it just is and it is something that history shows we as parent have always had to deal with and you will deal with when you have children.


I'm a relatively healthy young lady. 21/f. not overweight. not underweight. no serious health issues. lately, i'm just SO tired. when i'm driving in the car, i just feel extremely tired and one of my eyes keeps twitching. it's SO weird! It's every day, and especially at night, when I'm starting to get tired. It happens to me when I'm working on my schoolwork. That's another thing. At school, I'm SUPER tired. I never feel like I have ENERGY to do things. To read and analyze handouts or readings in the textbook is another way of telling me to go to sleep. If I were to have to put up things or decorate something of some sort, I would FALL ASLEEP. i'm just REALLY, REALLY tired! I try to complete my homework and projects and it's like the clock is ticking at a certain time because of how tired I start to get at some point in the day. it is interesting to me and I want to study, but I'm so tired, that it becomes like a task. So, it's more of an impairement from what I'm doing than an excuse not to do it. Has this ever happened to anyone? and if so, what can I do about it? thanks!

I'm not a doctor, none of are and even if we were we cannot give medical advice over this website.

What scares me the most about what you have written is that whatever is bothering you does so while you are driving. Until you see a doctor and find out what is bothering you, which will be my advice. Drive with your window open at least an inch and your radio turned up loud to help you stay a wake. Also keep the heater turned down so as not to over warm you. Overheating causes drowsiness.

You do need to see a doctor to find out what is causing your problem. While I do not wish to tell the doctor how to examine you I would like you to ask the doctor to test your blood for high Carbon Monoxide levels.

I'm not trying to alarm you over this but this is a symptom, one the doctor may not look for mixed in with the other symptoms you may have. Given the mild winter we have had I would rather be safe than sorry.

You could if you like or if you find driving with the window open keeps you from feeling drowsy have your cars exhaust system checked by an ASE certified mechanic. You can also buy CO detectors for your home or ask the local fire department to check your home for CO levels.

This would eliminate all but school and work from any environment where high co levels could be effecting you. This is a guess on my part, one that cost little and is painless to have checked out.

See a doctor as soon as possible and if you are falling asleep or having trouble staying awake when driving then refrain from driving as much as possible until you see a doctor. If you must drive do as I have suggested and keep a window open and your radio on.


can sex cause a miscarriage ?

In general the answer to this question is no. Your doctor will tell you when it is time to stop having sexual relations prior to giving birth. The reasons for doing so is because the baby has dropped down into the birth canal and not because it could cause a miscarriage.

If you are concerned you might want to discuss this with your OB/GYN to find out what is the best positions for sex. Which positions would be the most comfortable for you and the safest for your unborn child. Don't be embarrassed to discuss this with the doctor. I can assure you that you are not the first pregnant women to ask these questions and you will not be the last to ask them.


Most people can spot add or adhd easily but the difference with me is that I'm gifted. I attend a school just gifted students. I have read about adhd in gifted students and I have some of the symptoms. My grades have gone down...a lot. I used to be a straight A student now I have D's C's and maybe a B. One of the symptoms of it is that these adhd gifted students start to go down hill in around 7th grade and thats where I am now. I really want to know why because I want good grades! Desperatly! I had a test yesterday and I studied for 2 hours but I got a 57 on it! Whenever I bring up adhd with my parents they start to yell at me (no joke) and they go on FOREVER! My brother who is not gifted had adhd and they won't even consider it. Please help, thx.:)

We are not doctors and we cannot make diagnoses over the web even if we were. The information you have provided does not contain enough information about you to even consider whether ADHD is something you should be concerned about.

What I will say is that if a sibling was diagnosed as having ADHD by a doctor theer is a chance you could suffer from it. If your parents are refusing to discuss this with you you could discuss it with your guidance counselor in school.

Judging by grades alone does not provide a clear picture as to a diagnoses of ADHD. Being in the 7th grade puts you in the middle year of middle school in the public school system. This is a transitional year from Elementary school to High School. The work gets harder and more is expected of you. This does not mean you suffer from ADHD just because you are having trouble maintaining your grades.

The stress of your concern though needs to be addressed, not screamed at. You need to know if you are suffering from ADHD or using it as an excuse for poor grades. No offense intended, just a factoid that is needed.

My advice as I said is if your parents won't discuss this with you. Talk to the guidance department at school.


I have been best friends with this guy for three years. He's my rock, he gets me through everything. We text everyday and hangout every weekend. I have no romantic feelings for him, I think. All I know is I wanna hook up with him sooooooo bad. He's expressed how he doesn't want another relationship for the rest of highschool but that he'd really like a f*ck buddy. I wanna volunteer! Haha but how do I do this without making things AWKARD? I really don't think it'll ruin friendship. We've both admitted were extremely attracted to each other. And I really just want a no strings attached kinda thing. Help?? (I'm sixteen, girl. He's 18, boy).

There are a number of things wrong with what you are thinking.

First: From a legal standpoint you could get him in a world of trouble by having sex with you. Depending on the laws in your state you may be below the age of consent. That means even if you have consensual sex with him. By law you are unable to give consent so he can be charged with statutory rape. The only difference between Rape and statutory rape is a legal definition of consent by a minor. Minors cannot consent to sex. Some jealous friend or do good-er reports you two and he goes to jail.

Second: Sometimes friendships are meant to be just that. When friendships go beyond to what you are calling f*ck buddies' the intimacy of the relationship interferes with the friendship. Once you take that step their is no turning back. You have been there. You have had the intercourse and that cannot be erased. For whatever reasons your relationship is forever changed.

You say this boy is your rock, your confidant, your hang buddy. All that changes when you bring sex into the relationship. It has to for it is too intimate regardless of how free and easy you want it to be. The raw facts of sex are being naked with one another and one penetrating the other. It does not get any more intimate then that. When intimacy is involved relationships change.

It is possible to remain friends. It is also possible that one partner wants a deeper relationship after being intimate and the other doesn't see it that way. Then the friendship does not survive.

My advice is to think twice before offering to be his f*ck buddy, then rethink you decision again.


I usually perceive this offensive odor when i have sex and I went for a medical examination where the result indicated a profuse growth of Escherichia coli. The recommendation I got was to buy Levofloxacin tablets which I have completed its dosage but my boyfriend still complains of the odor every time we have sex. Please i need a lasting cure of this infection. This infection refuses to be totally cured.

Levofloxacin is a very strong antibiotic used for certain types of bacterial infections. It is possible it was not the medication for your strain of infection. It happens on occasion or your strain of infection is resistant to this medication, that happens as well.

You need to go back to the doctor and be examined again. Talk to the doctor about having a culture done to find out exactly what strain of bacteria is infecting you.

In general a culture is nothing more than a swabbing of the infected area that is then rubbed on a petri dish and incubated from 24 to 72 hours. Then a lab technician identifies the strain of bacteria and informs the doctor who can then prescribe an antibiotic known to kill off that strain. Some times the lab will recommend that information to the doctor as well.


what is sex?


This question is best answered by your parents when they feel you are old enough and mature enough to understand the answer.


19/F; This is my first year in college and I am assigned a research paper 6-8 pages long in APA format about Childhood. I can pick any topic within childhood, so I picked Toddlers. I figured it would be something with a lot of information about; I was wrong. I've look in books, internet, and even articles. I can't find anything.

Can you guys help me with a website that I might have overlooked, or maybe a topic within childhood that would have more information and interesting?

I'm not going to copy and paste; I just need some ideas, and facts; so I can use a work sited page.

Thank you so so so so much!

Try switching the words a bit. I would look under topics in the category of "EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT", OR EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING. These areas generally would include the toddler years up through ages I would guess to be around ages 5 or a bit older.


Ever since I was around 11 years of age, I've been masturbating (I'm a female!) with bathwater and etc. Yet when I hit around 16 to my current age it almost seems insatiable. I probably masturbate at least two to three times a day...

Is there a way to cure this or get over it? Make the urges stop coming?

I'm a virgin as well if that helps.

As someone old enough to be your grandparent I will tell you what I told my children. It may not be what your parents told you.

First: There is nothing wrong with masturbation as long as it does not become an all encompassing activity. Meaning you would rather be home Masturbating then being out with friends doing whatever 16 year old do these days.

Second: Masturbation is a safe and pleasant way to relieve the sexual tension brought on by the hormones raging through you from puberty. You won't get pregnant and it is most unlikely to get an STD from fingering yourself.

Third: Masturbating two to three times a day for someone your age I believe is very normal. I would not worry about it.

Fourth and final: All the old wives tales as they are called that parent tell their children about masturbation are not true.

I don't know why parents tell these to their children, especially when masturbation is part of foreplay. In foreplay handjobs and fingering are given to one another to excite their partners. This is called mutual masturbation. If it is okay and normal to do so in sexual relations why would it be wrong to do so as self gratification.

My advice is to relax and enjoy the comfort and satisfaction you are receiving. Just make sure you have privacy and cannot be disturbed when masturbation.

I would rather have my children, and told them so, masturbate then become pregnant or get someone pregnant as they sought to calm their sexual urges.


Side effects of propindol tablets

From the Manufactures Website

Propranolol, marketed in the United States under the trade names Inderal and Inderal LA, is a medication used to treat high blood pressure, chest pain and abnormal heart rhythms. In addition, it is used in the treatment and prevention of heart attack. Propranolol is also beneficial in the prevention of migraine headache. It is available by prescription in tablets, extended-release capsules, oral solution and injection.

Read more: Side Effects of Propanol | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5513062_side-effects-propanol.html#ixzz1kUGLstVQ

Side Effects

The most common effect of propranolol is fatigue. Other mild central nervous system effects include headache, dizziness and insomnia. Patients experiencing more serious symptoms such as fever, confusion, vivid dreams, fainting or hallucinations should promptly notify their physician.

Cardiac effects are common and include a lower than desired heart rate, lower than desired blood pressure, heart failure, heart block, abnormal heart beat and chest pain. Patients with these symptoms should also notify their physician.

Shortness of breath may occur, as there are also β-receptors in the lung. Patients with chronic respiratory illness, such as asthma, emphysema or COPD should not use propranolol as it may worsen respiratory function or counteract certain respiratory medications. Any patients experiencing breathing difficulty or sore throat during propranolol use should contact their doctor.

Rare but serious skin effects, such as rash, skin peeling or blistering may occur and require immediate medical attention.

Less serious side effects include sexual dysfunction, nausea, vomiting, constipation and stomach cramps.

Read more: Side Effects of Propanol | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5513062_side-effects-propanol.html#ixzz1kUGpysyG



I would like to know what subjects you tutor as I too need extra help at school.


This is not the place to find a tutor. In fact I would advise against looking for a tutor to work with you online unless you live in some remote area of the country. It is impractical to do so as tutoring by nature is a face to face, one on one activity.

If you need a tutor the best way to find one is through your school. In high school you should meet with your guidance counselor. Some of your teachers may also be willing to offer after school tutoring if you ask for it. If you're in College you should go to you need to go to the student resource center to find a tutor.


My husband and I just got married in October and he looked really young he said he was 22 but I looked on his profile and it said he was 42. I'm 19 so he's old enough to be my dad almost. He's been married before and he has 4 kids but his wife and kids left him and never came back to him. I know he's too old for me but I love him and I don't wanna leave him even if he lied to me. I asked him if his profile was right he said yes. Since he lied to me what do I do about it ? Should I keep him or devorce him ? But I hate to leave him he's so sweet and caring.

First: Any marriage founded on a lie is a marriage with quicksand as a foundation. It is bound to fail in the future. This is not an if, it is a when.

Second: My feelings are that this man is looking or looked for someone to marry that he could have control over. Having had his first wife leave him and take his children with her. Not knowing your meaning of;"never came back to him. Does this mean he has not ever seen his children again? My feeling is he is determined not to let this happen again.

By marrying someone as young as you he can mold and shape you into the wife he desires and can control. He is more mature and more worldly than you are. The fact that he is old enough to be your father and you now acknowledge that fact insulates that feeling for me. He will for ever be a father figure for you and to you. Here again that control issue is forefront in my mind.

Neither I nor anyone else make a decision for you we can only offer advise. It is my feeling that this marriage is one as I said that is doomed to fail. When it does fail will you be strong enough to leave? Will you be hurt physically before you find away to leave?

My advice is to talk to your parents and tell them what you have told us. As my advice is to leave now while you can, while your parents and family are able to support you in leaving.

He has already lied to you on one big issue that you know of. How many more lies are out their that you don't know of? How many more lies will he tell you in the future.

You love him now, that love will I'm very sure soon turn to despair and hurt. Get out now while you have a support system and are strong enough to do so.


Last night I guess i was really tired, so i forgot to take out my tampon and I fell asleep with it in me. I put it in at 9 p.m. and woke up at 6:45 a.m. I had no idea I had a tampon in me (silly right) and then i put another one in while that was still in there. I went to school and at 12:00 I looked at the clock and realized I should change my tampon. I went to the lady's room and took out my tampon to find it to be not very bloody at all. I then found ANOTHER string in there. In my head i thought oh no... as I pulled out a really bloody tampon. I remembered applying it at 9 p.m. the night before but do not remember taking it out! So that tampon has been in m uterus for 15 hours.... I feel fine right now (7 hours later after removing the two tampons) but I am nervous that my anxiety will make me think i have tss and give ma the symptoms/: my mom refuses to bring me to the dr's because she says its expensive and she claims I will be fiiiiine. i know tss is rare, but i'm prone to things such as yeast infections, uti's etc.. could that make me prone to tss??

I think your fine. If TSS where to happen you would all ready be seeing some of the signs.

When TSS first appeared it was thought to be the Tampon itself causing the problem, Later on it was found that young women were leaving the Tampon in for as long a 24 hours if there was no leakage and doing so for the entire time of there period. With the advent of super absorbent Tampons many young women were able to leave a tampon in place from the time they left the house in the morning until they returned home late in the evening.

Doing this day after day for the entire length of a period was the cause of TSS, not the Tampon itself. Forgetting to change your tampon one time is not going to cause TSS.


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