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I have made a resume but I am not sure if it's a bad, good, or great resume.

I have a header with my name, phone number, address, and date of birth.
I have an objective which is one sentence.
I have skills which I listed 12 skills in a chart and I deleted the borders and centered everything.
I have my education.
I have my experience which I listed my last 3 jobs starting with my most current.
I have my volunteer experience which I listed the types of mission work I did with my church over the years.
Lastly, I have 'References available upon request'
Everything looks very organized.

What else should I put into my resume?
Any tips on making a resume great?
Do I need to omit any information?


Without actually seeing your resume all I can say is it sounds good. Get someone to proof read it for spelling, grammar, punctuation and capatalization. A great resume can be ruined with poor writing skills.

If there is a break in your work history explain why. For instance: Left to return to school" at the end of the discription of the job you left to return to school or if you entered the Military.

Try and keep the major points of your resume to one page. Keep the discription of your work history short and to the point. One well defined paragraph is best.

Last would be to add your special interest or hobbies. These would be sports you play,cooking, photography, hiking, fishing, camping and the like. These and your volunteer experience are fine for a second page if needed. The first page should contain all of your important work history. At the very end you put references and special interest and the fact that references are available.

When I was reviewing resumes, my first pass through the stack I looked for clean easy to read type. Ones that were not overly wordy; I was not interested in being dazzeled by BS. If I did not find who I was looking for in the remaining stack of resumes then I would go back and look at the reject pile and resort them. That happened in only a few instances.

Put together a short cover letter to send with your resume.
It something like the following.

Dear Sir, (if name is not known)

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I believe my work experience, the skills I have mastered, will not only meet the needs of your company. (insert name of company if known) They also meet my objectives for new employment as well making me a unique asset and quick starter for you and your company.

I look foward to meeting you in the near future.


The above is just an example. Make changes that fit your personality as if you meet with someone you have to fit the letter.

I hope this helps.


I asked this question about three days ago and nobody answered it yet and since you are the advice giver being promoted, I thought I'd ask you personally (:

I am 17, female. My brother is 20, his friend is 20, almost 21. Let me start off by saying, I don't even know if he asked me out if I would say yes because I don't think I could do that to my brother. So, for starters, me and my brother's friend are close, I call him my second brother because he is over all the time. Sometimes he comes over when my brother isn't home from work yet and he'll watch tv with me until my brother comes home. My aunt, who lives in Maryland, came home to visit and met this friend and winked at me and told me to date him, my mom told my brother's friend (much to my anger) and my mom said he hesitated and then said "i'm to old for her". The last thing that had happened, my brother's girlfriend just had a big party for her 20th birthday. My brother's friend doesn't drink for personal reasons. About a week before the party, the friend was asking me to go to the party so he can hold a sober conversation. I agreed and we hung out and talked a lot at the party. I then realized I had stayed two hours after curfew, so I called my mom and she said it was fine, so I stayed for cake with everyone and my brother asked his friend if he could drive me home and he smiled and said "oh yea, that's no problem at all" so he drove me home from the party around 3 am. As I was getting out of the car, he said "I'll see you on Sunday for the grad party, right? Keep me company?" (it's his cousin's grad party who is also my neighbor so we will both be attending). Today is, I believe, 1 week and 2 days after the party and him driving me home. Things have been weird. He used to always come in the house and say hello to me and ask how I am doing. He has been over five times since the party and hasn't said hello to me once. I'm not sure if I did anything to piss him off so I haven't said anything to him either. What do you think is going on? Do you think he likes me and that' why he got awkward? Thanks! (This just happened last night, he was over at my house with my brother and he was standing outside of my brother's room as I left the bathroom with just a towel on and he said "oh hey!" I found it weird that he wasn't awkward then and he didn't even try to go into my brother's room so he wouldn't see me, he just kept put).

I don't remember seeing this question. Then agaain it is not the type I generally answer.

I see two problems here neither of which has anything to do with this person being your brothers friend. I really don't think that is a problem and it should not be if your brother trusts this guy.

The real problem here is your age difference, at least for another year. Now this varies from state to state. But in many states you are under the age of consent and you are still considered a child since you have not reached the age of 18. In my younger days we would consider you by a term we used as; "Jail Bait," for there is a Law known as "Statutory Rape. No sex has to be involved but someone 4 years older than you dating you can be in a whole lot of legal trouble for doing so. This may be the reason behind his not asking you out.

As for the other things you write about I really can't speak to them as I have no insight into them. Maybe your brother said something or someone else said something to him. I really cannot give you a reason for his actions.

You might try talking to your brother .


Sex within family members

Sex with family members is illegal in most all counties. It is called Incest.

Do you have a question?


I am a girl(17). I watch porn 3 to 4 times a week. I want to stop doing this. Everytime i watch porn, i feel loads of guilty, but i do the same next time. I was caught watching porn once, but my mom didnt say anything. Please help me......i am an indian

There is nothing wrong with watching porn. Millions of people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds do so every day. Pornography is a mutibillion dollar industry

The reason your mom may not have said anything to you about you watching porn is she may not have an objection to you doing so. Straight porn can be a good learning or teaching tool.

Legally you may be too young to watch it but in the privacy of your own home; without objection from your parents I see nothing wrong with doing so. It becomes a problem if watching it becomes an all exclusive activity. But 3 to 4 time a week is very normal for a teenager. Frankly at your age I rather you watch porn than engage in sex itself if you were my daughter. You can't get pregnant from watching.

So stop feeling guilty. Your normal, even if you masturbate while watching, this too would be normal.


So basically, about 2 months ago I had sex with an idiot because I was drunk and I hate myself for it, I didn't want to in the first place but he convinced me I should and when I said we cant because neither of us have a condom he sort of shrugged it off and continued, so I knew I wasn't really going to get out of it... Yes, stupid stupid stupid girl.

Anyway, I am done with him, never want to speak to him again, and I went to the clinic for an STD test and they said they couldn't take a blood test because it hadn't been 3 months, they dd a swab test and it came back I had chalymdia, I took the Az-something treatment and they told me that would be 100% effective but if I'm worried be re-tested in 8 weeks.
Anyway, since then, me and this guy I had been chatting on and off to became serious, and I realise I love him, he loves me we joke about me spending my last year of uni living together and we had sex after ages, we used protection at first but then, a naked hug progressed...as they do... and then we just stopped because he really doesn't like them. Anyway, even though they said it was extremely unlikely I'd have anything serious as the serious ones don't pass as easily(like HIV) I am still worried.

Me and the guy id slept with didn't last long, maybe the length of half a song and he didn't cum. I wanted him to stop asap

From what you have written, not knowing the laws were you live. It sounds to me that the idiot you slept with raped you. Were I live it is rape to have sex with someone under the influence of alcohol as he or she is unable, by law, to consent. So don't hate yourself you are a victim not a willing participant. If you want you can speak with the police as to whather you can bring charges. You should see a rape counselor for help dealing with how you fell.

As for the chalymdia, it is one of the most common of STDs and it is called the ping pond disase as onec you give it to your partner you both have to be treated or it ping pongs back and forth between you. Once you are bothe treated you are disease free.

As for HIV the chances are very low. I would go ahead and have the blood test and the reppeat test six months after that. This is more for your own peace of mind then anything else. From your writing it does not sound like either you or the idiot are in the high risk group for HIV exposure.

Relax and enjoy youe new boyfriend. In the future use alcohol in moderation. Try not to get so drunk that some idiot can take advantage of you.


Boyfriend 20M
To start off I have been sexual active for about 4 years now, I have never had too many problems until I started dating my boyfriend I am with as of now, Most the time sex is fine and great, however some of our favorite positions can't be done, when we do doggy style or I put my legs a certain way he goes to deep or it just hurts too much and we'll have to stop, he's not very big, about 6 inches, I don't know what the problem could be, because I've been with bigger guys and it never hurt, could there be a reason why? It feels like he's going too deep and it hurts a lot, Is there some kind of exercise or something I could do to stop this from happening??

Six inches is the average depth of a vigina. Sex in the doggy position does allow for deeper penetration as does certain other positions. This deeper penetration may be allowing you boyfriend to come in contact with your cervex. This contact should not cause you the type of pain that would cause you to stop what you are doing.

You may have some type of inflamation. I suggest you see your GYN ASAP to have it checked. I would also suggest that you not have intercourse until you are checked by GYN.

If you don't have a GYn you can go to any womens Clinic, Walk in Clinic or Hospital ER for treatment.


Right yesterday me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time,he wasn't a virgin but I was and we did it and before we did I told him 'the condom's loose' then he didn't look and he said 'its fine that's how its ment to be,but it was actually half way down his penis ,but I just thought 'oh ok' cause I didn't know but in the end after we did it,the condom came off and he thought he had cumed,now I'm scared incase I get pregnant! I have told him if I have a baby he will be the one driving me to get an abortion and will be paying for everything! I know I've done bad but it has been done now and I can not change it,please help me

JustJessOx is right. You still have time to take the plan B or morning after pill. They are the same thing just some people refer to them differently.

If you are over 14 you can't be refused and you should not be asked to many questions. The morning after pill is a high dose of Birth Control medication that should prevent a pregnancy.

Sperm is viable for a short time during which it seeks an egg. You are only fertile for a small window of time during your menstrual cycle. For most women this is around the 14th day of the cycle. It is not as easy to get pregnant as one may think all factors have to be in place. But it is possible so you must take precautions and he should know how to use a condom.

Purchase and take the morning after pill. If you are going to be sexually active and are over 14. Then you are covered under a federal law called HIPPA which gives you medical confidentiality with yur doctor for medical problems concerning you reproductive health, meanin no one can tell you parents what your visit was for or what you are being treated for. Because of this confidentiality you can go to your doctor or any womens clinic and seek birth control

Of course the best birth control is not to have sexual interourse at all. If you are going to have intercourse the you should protect yourself and be on sometype of birth control. Even so make sure your partner does use a condom as well.jus t some


I have been dating my soulmate for around 9 years now, starting when i was 11 and now that we have graduated he thinks it's time to get married, his bestfriend warned me he is planning to propose this weekend and I'm only 19. I know i want to be with him for forever and I love him soo much! My parents and his always make snarley comments about how marriage at a young age is over rated and we used to agree when we were younger, but now all we want is to just be with eachother and his folks don't beieve in living with eachother before marriage, so that is a big part of wanting to get married ASAP.

But my question is, Am i being blinded by love and will me saying yes to him this weekend be a mistake?

Let me add to what NinjNear said.

I see nothing wrong with getting engaged as there is a big difference between being engaged and marriage. You have been going together for 11 years. I think your comitment to each other can stand 4 more years, being engaged, while you finish college.

The young marrages that fail do so over money problems. Today is not the time to go out in the job world without a college degree, perferable in a marketable skill. Right know I am able to hire college graduates for entry level positions where before the economy took its down turn College graduates would not even apply for these positions. Fast food companies are hiring college graduates for store managers were before they brought them up through the ranks starting as order takers or hired from other franchises. Kids with just high school diplomas are finding it very hard to find a job right now.

If you are not college material then go to a trade school and learn a marketable trade. Plumbers, Electricians, carpenters, computer repair, Paramedic. These skills are very marketable and pay very well. Any skill in the medical field will always be in demand and pays very well.

Securing a future together has to include a stable economic future before taking the walk down the aisle. If you do that, be it through a college education or Trade School your marriage has a greater chance of survival.

While marriage is not all about sex, I do believe his parents are wrong about living together before marriage. Living together allows you to really get to know the other person. People look a lot different in the morning when they wake up then they do after they have showered and had breakfast, they act different to. Will he be a helpmate or expect you to do all the household chores and so on.

You two are both legally adults and it is great that you want to honor his parents. Fact is they cannot stop you from living together. They can disapprove but that is all they can do.

So if he does propose this weekend there are three possible answers other than no you can give him: 1) Yes, and plan a wedding. 2)yes, but I want a long engagement during which we will work to provide for a solid financial future or 3) Ask me again in 2 years when we are more mature and have a better financial footing.

Good luck. and I hope when the wedding does take place you have many, many years of wedded bliss.


I met a guy who i heard dont like black women but I like him what do i do should i try to convince him to give me a chance and show him that there are good black women out there or just move on i have seen him looking at me so im not sure what to do

I don't know why you would want to go out with someone who at worst could be a Racist and at the very least is very closed minded.

Being closed minded as he may be he is missing a great opportunity to meet you and learn about you and another culture. I think he is very wrong to be this closed minded and the problem stems from his up bringing; as racism is a learned experience.

I live in a community were inter-racial relations and marriages is a norm. We all live, for the most part, in harmony with one another. Yes we do have a problem with bigatry and racism but not to the extent other communties have.

I think you would be better off to find someone who is not struck with the racial problems he has. You'll have more fun with others and it is safer for you.


Hi I had sex with my bf when my periods were due .. we used condoms for protection and he even cummed outside just for extra protection. However .. it has been 2 months since i got my last periods ... I was scared that i was pregnant so i took a pregnancy test 10 days after we had sex and it showed that i am not pregnant!
recently mom wants to take me to the doctor to get it checked but m freaking out like hell .. can i possibly be pregnant!
i recently started exercising, i eat normal, i dont have any morning sickness nor do my chest feels weird! Could i possibly be pregnant??

The probable answer to your question lies within what you have written. "i recently started exercising,".

Any changes to your normal routine, such as exercising, new medications & stress can and will throw of your cycle off. To give you an example. Look at the women Olympic Athletes, they are all under developed for their age. Many of these young women have never experienced a period because of their training regiment.

Your doctor is better able to explain this but my theory is that all this exercise depletes a girls estrogen which is needed for development and to maintain a menstrual cycle. Once thes girls stop training they develop normally and generally very fast.

By the way if you are over 14 a federal law called HIPPA gives YOU & all young people 14 and older, the right to see a doctor in total privacy and confidentiality. Mom may want to take you to the doctor and as a good daughter you should go with her. Once at the doctors office she must wait in the waiting room while the doctor examins you. That is the basis of the law so that you and your doctor can speak openly and frankly.

This is the only way the doctor can properly treat you. Whatever the doctor finds and treats you for, even if you are pregnant which I doubt you are, stays between you and the doctor. He or she cannot tell your mom without your written permission. To do so is punishable with jail time of up to 5 years in prison.

Since you are sexually active you can during this visit ask for birth control pills and the doctor will prescribe them if you are in all other ways physically able to take them. All mom needs to know is that they are prescribed to regulate your period.

Congress passed this law so that young people such as yourself will vist a doctor when it is necessary to seek help for problems with their reproductive health. The confidentiality afforded you means no one can force you or your doctor to say what you are being treated for.

So let mom take you to the doctor. Tell the nurse, receptionist or the doctor you would like to be examined in private. Mom can fuse all she wants the doctor cannot and will not examine you with mom in the room.


Ok well I know that I'm being stupid and all but yeah I told my mom and my teacher about it and yea they believed me but I still feel scared and cofused,alone,uncomftable I still cry so much and my brother in law is still out there my mom doesn't report it! I don't want my mom to know I'm upset because its awkward talking to her.sometimes I feel as if I want to comit suicide but I know its wrong. The only person I feel comftable letting them know how I feel is my best friend and my teacher.like its not like I can go to a counslir because I don't want my mom to know that I'm not ok.by the way I'm 12 he's 32 and he started when I was 9 turning 10.I told them about a month ago about this but yeah I cry myself to sleep every single night:(I hate my life!

You should not be living in fear, this is very wrong. If your mom has done nothing and your teacher has not reported what you said to familly services or the police then this is what you can do for yourself.

If you live in the United States or Canada pick up the phone and call 911. Help will be sent to you. You have done nothing wrong and the help sent to you will protect you and get you the help you need.

Afraid to use the phone in the house. If you don't have a cell phone. Go to the nearest Fire or Police station. These are safe havens for children. Tell the people on duty what you have written to us and they will help you. You can also go to any Hospital Emergency Room and ask for help.

Do not be afraid of any of these people. The police, firefighter, doctors or nurses will take care of you. No one will blame you as you are a victim. Please go to one of these places and ask for help or call 911 or the emergency number for where you live.

If you go to a fire station that is not manned. On the front of the building will be a call box that is connected directly to the fire dispatcher. Use that phone to ask for help.


I'm 19 years old, and I feel as though I'm treated like such a child.

I live with my Dad, and I usually stay at home all day unless it's to go to the YMCA or work but other than that, I can't really go anywhere!

It's summer now, and I'm not in school. I want to wake up in the morning, and take a walk by the lake, and in the park. My father doesn't want me going.

I've gotten into a fight with him over simple things like taking a walk around the block, or going for a run. He gets so suspicious and thinks I'm up to no good.

I'm not a house hermit, and I hate staying inside. I've always been outdoorsy since I was a kid. I love going out, I love adventure, I love exploring.

I want to be able to go outside, take walks, walk in a travel, go take a train to downtown Toronto, or go to those meet up events from those websites.

My Dad won't let me, and he even insists on driving me EVERYWHERE including to the YMCA which is 15 minute walk from my house. I appreciate that he drives me around, but I need my independence and I need my space.

I want my life and I want to live it in a way that makes me happy. I feel like a bird trapped in a cage, quite honestly.

You have not given a reason why your dad does not trust you. As a general rule fathers are over protective of their daughters. A son is a son until he is a man. A daughter will always be daddy's little girl even when she is all grown up and has children of her own. a double standard; yes, but it has always been that way and even with all the freedoms women have won this will never change.

Now you are an adult, yes and you live at home. There is an old saying that most parents have, one I have used myself; that says if you live under my roof you live by my rules. Now that is not to say I agree with your fathers rules. For some unknown reason he is being overly protective of you.

When you finish school you will go out into a world that you are truly not prepared, socially, to go out into. Your teenage and young adult years are your socially training years to prepare you for life without the saftey net of your parents security. Once you reach age 18, regardless of what dad may think, in the eyes of the law you are an adult responcible for your own actions.

So what can you do about your present situation. You have a number of options. First: You can try talking to your father and let him know you are of adult age responcible, by law of the land, for your own actions. You need more freedom to experience life outside the safety of your home if you are going to be able to take what you learn in school and make a career for your self.

Option Two. Talk dad into allowing you to attend a College where you can live in a dorm. This will be harder to do as it will require dad to give up his control, which is the main problem here. Dad is a controller. The saving grace in this option is that many Colleges, especially an all girl college have strict rules by which you live that dad may agree to. Benefit to you is you are on your own and their rules are less strict than dads.

Option Three: You can get a full time job and find an apartment or share an apartment with someone. You finish college by going part-time at night. Dad won't like this option though there is nothing he can do to stop you as you are an adult. It is though a good barganing chip to use if he turns down options 1 and 2.

Without knowing why dad is so untrusting this is the best advice I can offer. I hoe it helps


Okay, well I have six brothers and sisters and I am the third oldest out of seven. Well, my oldest brother is 15 and I am 13. Well, my brothers name is Dylan. So, my dad always spends time and money on Dylan. I mean Dylan does Football and stuff. So, he is always with him. I do sports to. And the main reason that I do sports is to get attention from my dad. Well, I have this Volleyball camp Monday through Thursday and my dad was supposed to take me. But guess what. He is going to take Dylan to a camp instead. The only day that he can take me is Thursday.The last day. It just makes me feel like my dad loves Dylan more than me. I mean I kind of get it because Dylan is his oldest boy. But, HEY I am his oldest girl. So, why shouldn't he spend time with me to? I would love to hear what evryone's advice is. Thanks a million!!!!!! (: Oh, by the way, my name is Allison.

I'm sorry you feel the way you do. As a father myself and old enough to be your grandfather. I hink I can say that I doubt your father even realizes he is hurting you or playing favorites.

Your parents have 7 children. I'm sure having such a large family that they love each and every one of you. Dylan being the oldest may be receiving more of dads attention for a specific reason. Possibly to see to it that Dylan excells in this one sport so to receive a college scholership.

He is making time to see you at volley ball camp and I will bet in two years when you are 15 you will receive more of dads attention too. College is important and it is expensive. Having 7 children means your parents are looking for any help they can get to defray the cost of college. As you turn 15 and start to prepare for college I'mm sure dad will spend time helping you hone your sports skills so you too can recive a scholarship to Collage.

So give dad the benefit of the doubt and possibly talk to him about how you feel. I'm sure he is not aware of how you feel. I am also positive he is not wanting to hurt you this way so let him know nicely of your feelings.


My boyfriend is nearly 25 and he is about to have a tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy.
I have heard some terrible things about having a tonsillectomy. He is having 2 weeks off work after the surgery, but I've heard the recovery process can be quite painful and you can barely even eat or talk. I am actually really worried about him because I can hear it can be really painful and quite dangerous if you start haemmoraging.

BTW he is having it for obstructive sleep apnea reasons, not tonsillitis.
Any advice for him? Anyone had one and can share a story? Any reassurance for his anxious girlfriend? Haha.

All surgery comes with a degree of risk. With todays modern technique this surgery is a fairly simple and safe procedure. The reason for the longer recovery time is as adults we do not heal as fast as young children do.

Children as well as adults will have trouble eating and talking for a day or two after the procedure. Ice Cream, milk shakes, soup, jello and other easy to swallow liquids are in order for a few days afterwards. Follow the doctors orders for diet.

Don't be surprised if your BF is not to hungry right after surgery. The main thing is to get him to drink plenty of plain water so as not to get dehydrated and spike a fever.

Generally this procedure is now done as an out patient procedure. It is also not uncommon to keep the patient overnight. Most insurance companies will leave this up to the doctor and not object if the doctor choses to keep the patient in the hospital over night.

If you and he are that concerned with hemoraging aftewards; speak to the doctor about an overnight stay. Not only is this good for your concerns but they can better able to control his pain in the hospital than you can at home.

Don't worry. I have known several adults who have had this procedure done without any complications. Just stock the freezer with his favorite flavor of Ice Cream.

I hope this helps.


Oh boy. I recently discovered something about mastrabation. I usually do it everyday. But if I stop for a few days then do it, it feels a lot better and lasts longer. Then theres this burn at the tip that makes the sensation like 100x better. Why so? It's very weird I know. Is semen like acidic? Or does it change the longer it stays in?

As for a better feeling if you hold off for a few days between sessions; that is normal.

If you don't have a burning sensation when urinating the chances of having an infection is small. Most likely what ever lubricant your using is getting inside the tip of your penis and causing an irritation. Most guys masturbate in the shower with soap as a lubricant. The soap has Lye in it and can be the cause of the burning. Seman also has salt in it and after not masturbating for a few days the build up of seman may have more salt in it.

If you are dry masturbating try finding a lubricant to use. You'll find what you need in any drug store and is a generic product; meaning it is not strictly used as a sex aid. So you should not be embarrased to purchase it.

If none of the above seems to help see your doctor. If your over 14 you can see the doctor in private, no parent can be with you. Anything you say to the doctor is confidential and cannot be told to your parents without your written permission. So you can speak frankly to your doctor and tell him/her about your masterbating and the burning.

This is your right under a Law none as HIPPA. This law was specifically written to afford young adults 14 and older to see a doctor to get proper care for their reproductive systems. Parental permission to see a doctor is not needed and parents are not allowed in the exam room unless you invite them. what ever takes place in the exam room stays between you and the doctor. Your parents cannot know unless you tell them or give the doctor written permission to tell them.

Trust me your doctor has heard it all and will not be embarrased so neither should you be. Masturbation is a normal and safe way to relief sexual tension.


im looking for a 9 year old girl to have sex with help me

Your and ass. Anyone wanting to have sex with a nine year old is a sick bastard.


I am a high school teacher & I'm teaching summer school this year. there is a student that I've known for a couple of years & I've taught her in the 8th grade also.

She has a crush on me, and it's pretty obvious. She blushes & smiles when I talk to her.

She told her friends who told another friend and so on, now loads of students know. She always finds some way to draw attention to herself, so I have to pay attention to her loads.

She is a good student & she's smart, but she tries to flirt with me, I don't flirt. I don't think she's trying to do anything inappropriate, but she's just always trying to get my attention. I'm nice to her and I treat her like everyone else.. I look at most of my students like they are my own kids and I see her as a daughter.

It's frustrating, is there anything I can do? I don't want to be mean to her or hurt her feelings. I did on accident once and I felt bad. Any ideas?

Given how easily things can be made to look inappropheriate. I would inform the principal of her crush she has on you. All it takes is for her to say something to someone and ti be taken wrong you will find yourself defending yourself or worse possible out of a job.

In today's world it is not always what you do or what you say that can hurt you. Apperances alone can do more harm than words. It is like a sticks and stones thing if you get my meaning.

By informing your principal allows the principal to be the fall person and take whatever action deemed appropriate and cools the situation for you. It could be just having a conversation with the young lady or calling the young lady's parents and asking them to talk to her. Whichever is done this protects you job which is important to you.


ok so I'm a 12 year old girl and I met this guy on facebook he said he's 13 and we never met but ya he started like talking to me sexualy but then he said he's 15 and I didn't mind and he got my number and asked for naked pix and I sent them well after a while he said he's 18 and stil I didn't mind and he started sending me pix and stuff and he said he's 20 then 25 and now he wants to meet up but I'm scared he's older and say now he's like a really old perve and rapes me ! Flip I'm scared must I go and trust his age? How do I know how old he really is?

First never ever send anyone naked pictures of yourself. First: It is unlawful Even for someone your age to do so. Second: It is unlwaful for someone his age, whatever his age may be, to be in posession of child pornography, which is what they are. THIRD: You have lost all control of those pictures. He can post them on any website he pleases for all to see and there is very little you can do about it.


I am old enough to be your grandfather so please listen to me. Yes you made a mistake. Yes your parents are going to be upset and they may punish you. This is far better than the possible alternative.

On the plus side for you is the fact that you were scared enough to ask some one if this is wrong. I answered you and I am telling you it is. Meeting him would put you in danger. There are a lot of perverts who lurk on social websites like this website to try and atract young socially immature girls like you.

While it is possible this is a boy just being stupid you cannot take that chance. It is a police matter now, one that requires you and your parents to report this. If he is 13 or 15 he is going to learn a hard lesson. If he is 20 or 25 you will be keeping other girls from being seriously hurt or worse.



im addicted to this site so ive read many of your advises.

my question is why are you so tense? did something happen in your life that made you so tense?

like when i asked for help cause i wanted to commite suicide you said and i quote 'you think life is hard now, it gets harder and harder while you grow'it gives me all the more reasons to commite suicide.

so why so tense?

I know you asked for Braidon only though I would like to reinforce what he said. Life is a mixture of good and bad times. There are times the peoblems associated with the bad times seem so insurmountable that we feel like the weight of the world is upon us and we cannot crawl out from under. Age does not matter you can be 16 or 61, the problems will be different but the wight is the same.

Take it from me, someone who has suffered with the type of pain I believe you are feeling, their is away out from all this.

Unfortunatley I am working from a borrowed computer as mine is in the repair shop and I am without my normal resources. Still there is help that I can offer you. If you have spoken to your parents and they are reluctant to take you to the doctor you can do one of the following.

If you are actively suicidal, meaning you feel like killing yourslef. Then please pick up the phone and call 911. Tell the call taker how you are feeling. They will stay on the phone with you untill help arrives. Mom and dad cannot turn them away until they check for themselves that you are okay and that means taking you to a doctor. Help will be both police protect you and fire rescue to care for you.

Your other choice is if you are not sctively suicidal then go to the nearest ER or walk in clinic. You do not need parental permisson for this type of help. If your over 14 then treat you. If your under 14 they can care for you while they get the permission they need to treat you.

Part of treating you is finding out why you feel this way and helping you to correct whatever it is. I cannot think of any problem so grossly wrong that can't be corrected as long as you are honest with those treating you. Who by law cannot tell your parent anything that you talk about or are treated for by the doctors that is the law.


This guy Ive known for a few years, hes amazing. We have gone on a few dates, but when it comes to asking him if I'm his girlfriend, he says no.

We have kissed, he calls me babe, and sends me

My usual reaction to questions like this one; is to go with your gut instincs. We have built in sensors that we try to ingnore when we want something our instincts are telling us is either wrong or not going to be.

Here he is unwilling to comitt. I think you know something is not right. Your heart is trying to override your gut or common sense in this matter and your asking strangers to tell you what to do.

It is not my place to tell you to leave or to stay for simply I do not know either of you and would need to inorder to offer that type of advice. What I can tell you is your instincts are probably correct and you should follow them. If he has the feelings for you that you want he will come after you. If not you will know that you made the right choice.


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