can a sperm break the virginity without the penic penetreting inside.

I'm not quite sure what your asking.

If your asking is: if sperm can enter your vagina without a penis entering your vagina and your hymen is intact? The answer is it is possible.

The fact that you may be a virgin does not mean your hymen will block sperm from entering you. Remember period blood leaves you so sperm can enter you.

Now while it is possible that if your partner ejaculates anywhere close to or on your vagina that sperm will enter you. Now whether you will get pregnant from this is unlikely but it has happened.

It is a long swim for a sperm from the entrance of your vagina to meet and egg and impregnate you. Also all conditions have to right for this to happen.

If you think you are or could be pregnant. Wait a couple of weeks from the time you think conception may have occurred and take a pregnancy test. If this happened within the last 1 to 7 days a morning after pill (plan B pill) may stop any pregnancy from happening


13/f So I decided to ignore the texts like someone suggested but then things started getting more heated like late night calls and going over. I think she's still up to something. like I said before in my previous question that I snooped around even though I wasn't suppose to but I was worried. I know I may lose my mom's trust but I had to. I also left notes on her phone about it.... what do I do now?

Once again I'm going to tell you to ignore it as it is none of your business. If mom is cheating on your father you will only make things worse for yourself if you attempt to address this with her.

If she is cheating and knows you are spying on her she could and most likely will just be more careful. There is no reason she will stop cheating just because you tell her you know. Even threatening to tell you father does not guarantee anything.

She may not care if your father knows. What if she comes back with; your father has a girlfriend so why can't I have a boyfriend? Do you really want to know this?

If you really have to get this off your chest then talk to her sister or brother is she has one, or talk to her mother of she is still alive. Let them talk to your mother as it is better for something like this to be addressed by another adult not by one of her young children.


well, it used to be pretty OK with me and my mum. but lately, maybe in the past month we've been fighting like every 2 or so afternoons. and it gets really bad, like she calls me a b****, then i call her a b**** then she calls me nasty then so on...

i must seem horrible to her when were in the fight, but actually after, i think to myself that im wrong and that i am everything what my mum told me i am

its just in the moment, that i get so angry. its my biggest weakness being told what to do, and being in a big family im told what to do very often and then the fighting starts over and over and over. i know its a horrible weakness to have, and most of the time i try hard to stop it, but really i cant deal with someone constantly bombarding me with orders. to me its like not having my own space, which is probably weird to everyone else but its how i feel.

sometimes i try and say sorry and fix it all up, but usually people really dont want to talk about it after the arguing is done and they just brush me off. but i hate leaving things unfixed.
its the worst feeling promising yourself it wont happen again and then it happens again

so i just would like some advice, because really its getting me down a lot lately and wish it so much to stop

by the way, if it helps im 14 and 8 months

First let me say you are not alone in this problem. All teenagers between the age of say 13 to 17 go through this. It is hormonal to a degree caused by all the new hormones puberty brings and the new stresses of teenage life and what I call being a betweener.

A betweener is your to young to be called a child and not old enough to be seen as an adult. As parents we all make a big mistake of trying to keep our kids as children as long as we can. For the longer they are children the longer we can keep them safe. Once we acknowledge they are no longer children then we also must allow them greater freedom and this is when we can no loner keep them safe in are arms 24/7. It a parents thing and I said its wrong and I was guilty of it with my kid.

Because of the hormones, the stresses and everything else that is going on in a teenagers life they become short fused and easily triggered. We as parents know this and we are short fused as well from the stressed we have in our daily life. This is why you have your arguments with mom in the afternoon. Most likely after school when mom gets home from work. Your both stressed out and both need time to decompress.

You both need to acknowledge to each other that this is not the time for the two of you to make any demands on one another. Instead if the things you are arguing over are things like house hold chores they can be discussed at breakfast when you are both relaxed. If you want to go someplace with your friends then hopefully you know long enough in advance that you can discuss this with mom at a time and place that is not in the afternoon when she needs to relax and decompress.

Before I retired I had several different motto's I used to help me be successful. One of them was; "Poor Planning equal Poor Performance." In your case this means you and mom need to find away to communicate to each other at a time when the two of you are so not short tempered to begin with that at argument will insue just by looking cross eyed at one another.

If mom says something to you that trips your argument button try counting to ten before answering her. You can also say something like; "Mom I'm uptight right now can we discuss this later." That statement worked very well for me and my son. We would both back off that subject and come back to it when we both had time to decompress.

Most importantly is for you and mom to find away to talk to each other. You also need to remember you are 14, still young and still needing to mature and learn the ways of the world before you gain the freedoms you may wish to ask for. The less you argue with mom the easier it may be to gain those freedoms.


im 12 and i have not yet started my period... im an elite level gymnast. ive been told that gymnastics stunts puberty, im starting to get really worried and idk what to do, i have been doing gymnastics for 8 years. im just really worried and i need your advice. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!☆★☆

If you train for your sport as do many Olympic Athletes. Then like many of the females Olympians you may find that your period will not start or it will stop and that your physical development is delayed. I don't know exactly why this is but if you look at some of our female Gold Medal winners in a before and after type picture you will see what I am talking about.

Many of the females do not have big breasts and are not fully developed as one might expect of someone of their ages. Many of these athletes after winning a Gold Medal relax their training schedule or stop training all together. Once this happens their breasts fully develop, their hips widen and they develop the curves one would expect of a female, especially one in top physical condition. If they have not had a period during training then their period starts shortly after they stop training.

I do not know why this is. I believe it has something to do with weight and diet as this problem if you call it that is seen more in sports where weight is a factor.

The body is designed to save itself. Meaning if you are burning more calories than you are taking in and do not have the body fat to make up the difference; the body goes into a self-preservation mode by shutting down those systems it feels it doesn't need to support. Puberty and the changes that come with puberty may be something the body feels it can delay if you are not fueling it enough. I am not saying you are anorexic. That is an entirely different problem.

I think what I am trying to say is that in all the years you have been training. The baby fat that most children have you no longer have. I believe this baby fat is what fuels us through puberty as this is when the baby fat disappears. Athletes in general have low body fat. When they stop training their body fat increases some and this allows puberty to continue or maximize.

This is all just conjecture on my part. The best people to ask about this is your coaches or your doctor. Most importantly is for you not to worry about this. As an athlete I believe you are normal.


hey jasmine
i'm 15 years old and I've been fingered by 2 guys
but strangely i somehow don't get any kind of pleasure in fingering
is there something wrong ?
like i mean i read on a lot of websites about the reason being the guy not handling the clitoris but even that didn't help
please help !

There is nothing wrong with you. The problem is more one of age in that the boys are to young and inexperienced. Or you do not get pleasure from vaginal fingering and are more clitoral in nature. Many women do not get a great deal of pleasure from vaginal stimulation but find clitoral stimulators really rocks the boat.

The best way to find out what gives you the most pleasure is to masturbate. Self pleasure is not only the best way to find out about your sensual pleasure it is also a safe way to relieve sexual tension. Contrary to what some may tell you masturbation is normal and is actually what is being done to you when a boy fingers you.

According to a national survey about 85% of us masturbate. This would include parents and children. Foreplay is all about mutual masturbation with oral sex, a form of mutual masturbation, as is handjobs. So what would or could be wrong with pleasing ones self. Most organized religions do not condemn masturbation and this includes the Catholic church.

I would suggest you go in your room, lock the door, so as not to be intruded on, turn on some music you find romantic and relax on your bed. Try stimulating your clitoris as well as your vagina. If I'm correct that you are more clitoral in nature you should bring yourself to orgasm by rubbing your clitoris. If you get yourself off through vaginal stimulation then you will have to teach your boyfriend how to please you and he you.

There is nothing wrong in learning how to please each other. No two people are alike in how they receive pleasure and that is part of the fun in giving pleasure to ones lover.


Okay, I am a girl in 8th grade, 14 years old. My friend heard this boy telling his friend that he liked me. I dont really like him that way but before i found out he told my friend to leave him alone because he already "had someone." he said this while staring at me. He was dating another good friend of mine and dumped her cause she had a flat chest. He is seated close to me in all of my classes and just today my friend found a picture of a girl without any clothes on and it said printed by; and his name. He also got my friend alone in a room and starting proposing gross stuff at her.(before all this) He is always staring at me and its creeping me out. And I can't tell the principal because they say "deal with your own problems."

What should I do?! I would really appriceate any and all advice on this, and I am so sorry it's so long!


If you or your friend are being harassed by this boy that is the schools problem. Harassment of any type is a form of bullying which is very much on the radar of all school administrators. You may not be explaining yourself properly to your principal. You and your friend should talk with your parents and have them talk to the school administrators. I'm sure they will take your parents concerns more seriously.

As for the nude picture in his possession. If the person in the picture is under 18 then he is in possession of child pornography. If he has given this picture to anyone then he is a distributor of child pornography just as is the person who sent the picture to him and the person who took the picture. Regardless of his age these are illegal acts punishable in a court of law.

If he is showing this picture at school then the principal or the school Police resource officer, if you have one, should be made aware of this.

This boy should not possess this type of picture. He should not be showing it or flashing it at anyone who may not want to look at it as it is then sexual harassment. More importantly pornography in general is not acceptable school material. This is something the school principal is required to stop and take appropriate action.

If he or she is not. The here again make your parents aware and let then complain to the proper authorities.


Why won't my mom let me get my ears pierced? I am 17 YEARS OLD AND I DON'T HAVE MY EARS PIERCED! she said it will make me look older but i AM older! and she says she got them pierced at 13 but she regrets it. WHAT????? i see earrings every where and all my friends have at least one piercing. i have been asking since i was 6 but she still says "ask me later" Help!

The one thing you could try with mom is telling her she is only putting off the inevitable by refusing to allow you to have your ears pierced. That as soon as you turn 18 you will have it done. Think about it before you have this discussion with her for I'm sure you will end up in a heated debate/argument with her if you do say this to her.

I'm not going to say mom is right or wrong. The facts of the matter is that you live under moms roof and by law you are a minor until you turn 18. Until then you have to abide by what mom says when the law says you need moms permission to have something. You have waited 11 years another few months shouldn't be that big a deal. You can look forward to your 18th birthday as getting your ears pierced as your birthday present to yourself. You will not need moms permission any more just proof you are 18.

I can't justify why your mom has refused to allow you to get your ears pierced. Many moms have their daughters ears pierced as infants. Each parent has their own ideas as is what is right and what is wrong or what is best for their children. You will be no different in raising your children. You and your mom will have many a discussion/arguments over how you raise your children. Facts are when they are your children you raise them as you see fit. Facts are you at this time are the minor and have to put up with the decisions mom makes as long as they do you no harm.


Okay so im a 13yr Female and i have this guy friend that is almost my boyfriend. But he doesnt want a relationship this year wich im cool with. But he had called me up one day and he said "Hey you gotta stop sending me pics (we sext alot) and his mom goes or, and he says or we will have to go to your parents about this and he said that he loves me and all and that he had too go what should i do too get on their good side i mean his dad was realy mad an was about to cuss me out ut he held back what should I do I really love him and he loves me.

Of course his parents are going to be mad. If you are sending him sex pics, especially of you, you are causing both of you to be breaking the law. Is illegal to send sexually explicit pictures of underage children over the web. You may be under age but you can still be charged with breaking this law. Many kids your age have been charged when caught. Ignorance of the is a mitigating factor in court but it is no excuse.

It is illegal to take or possess sexually explicit pictures of under age children. This is called child pornography. Regardless of your ages you are breaking the law.

Then there is the fact that once you send these pictures to someone you are no longer in control of them. You mean them only for his viewing. He can if he wishes show them to his friends or send them on to others. It does not take long before your private pictures are no longer private but being viewed by millions of people. Did you give any thought to that? I am speaking in general terms here not specifically of this boy.

Never ever send pictures of yourself to anyone you would not show show to your father or brother. Regardless of the illegality of the pictures themselves; sending these types of pictures can cause you deep embarrassment as they can and will get out of the hands of the intended recipient.

As to getting back on his parents good side? That will take time and hard work on your part. You have shown very poor judgement in sending these pictures. First impressions or impressions of this nature are hard to live down, if they can be lived down.

The best advice I can give you is to find another boyfriend and not make this same mistake with him. I would suggest you have a talk with your mom and see if she can help you out of this situation.



i am in deep trouble, i feel. i have been masturbating for the last couple of years since i was 11 and now i will be 17 in june 2013. i have masturbated almost everyday, twice a day . i have many problems now. such as mental problems. im losing my hair, my memory my concentration. i feel very week. ever bad symptom i have read about over do of masturbation . i have them all. ever single one . back pain and others as well. im trying to find all over the internet if all this is reversible. and if it means i have to stop masturbating and not have sex ever. then it fine by me. i cant study i cant do anything. please help. just reassure me that it is possible to get back on track . to become new as if i never masturbated before. plz plz help.

I'm old enough to be your grandfather and I have never heard of anything like what you written about masturbation. Masturbating twice a day is perfectly normalfor someone your age. Masturbating in general is normal for any male or female and is an excellent method to relieve sexual tension.

According to a recent study done by researchers published in a magazine I read. According to the research done 85% of the population masturbate. This would include your parents and other relatives. Masturbation is also part of foreplay during sex. Hand-jobs and fingering as well as oral sex are all forms of masturbation, though in this instance they would be called mutual masturbation.

What you are reading or have written about as being caused by masturbation are generally referred to as; "Old wives Tales." These tales came to be during a time when masturbation and sexual pleasure in general was looked at as being dirty. Sex was strictly for procreation.

Over the years since then for most of us, our attitude towards sex and masturbation has changed. Sex, intercourse, is something that is done both for pleasure and procreation between two consenting adults. Masturbation is for sexual relief and the pleasure that this relief brings even when done as a mutual pleasure.

So in closing, whoever told you that your health problems are a direct result of your masturbating is very, very wrong. Masturbating twice a day is well with in the norm for someone you age and you should look forward to having a normal sex life, health permitting, when you find the right person to share a sex life with.


Not feeling sorry for myself so don't say it. I'm just tired of my terrible life and I just want it done, sooner the better.I'm 44 and have been in 2 major relationships in my life. One was my x wife, we were married for 22 years, in the end she ran off with a married man. Must have been me why she did it. The 2nd was the love of my life and we did love each other, she lives in Tucson, same as myself.we each had problems as does everyone, working threw our issues together an our own we would work threw together. We liked being together and we did most everything togetherwe loved it . In the end she treated me like a nobody, and seemed to blame me for everything,ok I figured we could work threw this also as we loved each other so much. Nope it was easier to break it off with me and go with someone else. I'm dead inside and my mind needs shut off, I think about her everyday txt with her on occasion. Yes I know ur going to say no contact,but I can't, I want her so much and miss her bad. My family and friends all say screw her and they hate her for how she hurts me. I can't stop thinkingof her/us and want no one but her. It's been a yr now and its the same, for me atleast. I'm done and ready to die. My life is shit and iv given up.
Shut my heart, mind, pain off, I am truly ready.

Suicide is a solution and a bad one at that; it is not an answer to a problem. I cannot say I know exactly what you're going through but I do know someone very near and dear to me who is going through something very similar to what you described with this last women.

In a sense the closure that is needed when ending anything is missing as she probably just left and as you said blamed everything on you. As you said you both had problems to work through and all she did in leaving as she did is throw a ton more on you.

If you were not suffering some form of depression at that time; well you are now. Planning to end ones life is a symptom of a deep depressive problem. Depression is something I can speak to having suffered from clinical depression.

While your problems may seem insurmountable they are not. This is the depression talking. Depression effects how we perceive things mostly in a negative fashion. This is the first thing a person suffering depression needs to understand and take precautions against.

Clinical depression, which is the most common form of depression, is the easiest form to treat. Generally this form is caused by the lack of or insufficient amount of 1 or 2 chemicals that are secreted in the brain which control mood. THere are a variety of medications available to doctors to treat this.

Medication is generally 1 of 2 steps used to treat clinical depression. The 2nd step is talk therapy with a clinical psychologist. Since stress is also a major factor finding the stressor and learning deal with it is what happens in talk therapy. In your case we may know of the major stressor or you may find another while working in therapy.

For medication to treat depression the best doctor to seek out is a Board Certified psychiatrist. This is a doctor who has taken a Fellowship in psychiatry and past the certifications exams to receive state board certification. In many states any doctor who had a residency in psychiatry can practice psychiatry. Your not crazy, it is just that since the chemicals in question are secreted into the brain this is the doctor best qualified to prescribe medication.

You may also want to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. It operates 24/7; No matter what problems you are dealing with, the can and want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7. Please call them. or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

If you feel like you are going to hurt yourself then call 911. Help will be sent to you. Suicide only hurts you and those who love you.


Okay I'm 17 years old- 18 in 4 months. I've had period for about 3 or 4 years now and i know what it feels like and what i crave.

I just went to pee and i noticed that I have blood coming out of my private place. My last period was on the 15th November and ended on 20th or 21st. It's been 13,14 days. So I'm really worried, as to what happened to me? I had period at the beginning of the month and at the end leading onto next month a couples years ago maybe 2 times. That regulated to once a month, not on the day or couple days apart but more or less.

So now I'm freaked out as to what's happening? I've never had sex, so what could b the cause? I am currently ill, just a cough from the lungs and minor temperature jumping up and down.

Can someone please give me an answer ASAP!


solidadvice4teens has given you good advice.

When you are ill, especially taking medication, this can effect your entire body including your menstrual cycle. You period can be late, not come at all or as you are experiencing come early or cause spotting.

The best person to discuss this with is your mother. Your period is a normal bodily function, it is nothing sexual other than it relates to your reproductive system.

None of us are doctors and we do not know you, but your mother does know you. Mom is the best person to consult about things of this nature. I'm sure you went to her with cold symptoms didn't you. Well this is the same thing, really. Yes she may ask you if you have had sex. Tell her the truth. Knowing the truth mom can then decide if this is as I said just a symptom of your illness or if you should consult with a gynecologist.


My car has pulled hard to the right for at least a 2 months but since I'm planning a big trip soon I want to solve this problem if I can without spending over 2-3 hundred bucks since the car is a 91. I even noticed the wheel shakes when I take my hands off it. Thank you

There are any number of reasons for what is happening to happen. First is the fact that the car is 20 years old and has 230,00 mile on it. Many of the parts may have worn out. Parts such as the shocks, rack and pinon gear, this is the steering mechanism, ball joints and other front end items. These items are all replaceable after which you put new tires on the car and have a full care alignment done.

If the car has been in an accident and the body is out of alignment then fixing the front end will repair most of your problems. Although the car will still not track properly and may even be unsafe to drive.

The first thing I would do is get the serial number and get a car fax report, found on the web, to see what kind of damage has been done to this vehicle by any previous owners. Print out the report then go to a certified automotive mechanic, show them the report and let them look the car over and tell you if it is worth repairing and would be safe to drive after the repairs.

Replacing any or all of the front end of your car, given its age, would be something I would not recommend. The cost of the repair would be more than the car is worth. You would be far better off putting the money towards a newer car.

Should you decide to do so make sure to get a car fax report on the vehicle before you sign any documents and that you can take the car to a certified mechanic before purchase. Any reputable car dealer will allow this.

With all the storms damage we have had in the past several years there are many fine looking cars on used car lots that are unsafe to drive due to storm flooding and other damage. A car Fax report will tell you this. Also a certified mechanic will be able to see this damage.

CarMax has there own version of car fax. Even if I were to buy a car from them and they are a very reputable used car dealer. I would still run my own car fax report. CarMax has their own version as a cost savings measure for them. It is probably just as reliable as the car fax report but there is just that bit of doubt in my mind that would cause me to run my own report .


my guy friend wants to have sex with me but i do not bcause we are friends and i dont anything bad to happen what can i do oh and we have made out alot help please!!!!!!!!

solidadvice4teens is right in what she has said. I will put it another way.

First and foremost for sex to happen both parties must be consenting. If one party says no, that's it end of conversation. For the other party to continue to pressure or cajole the dissenting party into having sex with them. It is sexual harassment. If the dissenting party gives in to the pressure it is not consent it is rape.

Tell this to your guy friend for this is what he needs to learn. NO means NO and that is the end of the conversation. Continuing to pressure someone further can and could cause him a great deal of legal problems even as an underage teenager.

Sexual harassment has no age barriers within the law. Teenagers and adult are subject to the same laws when it comes to crimes of a sexual nature. The sooner young men learn of this the better.

An infamous line for young teenage boys to their girlfriends is; "If you love me you'll have sex with me." Wrong, sex is not in this instance the right way to show your love for someone. If ever a boy says something like that to you, he does not love you, he lusts for you. Teenage boys confuse lust and love. They believe lust and love are the same thing. It a hormonal reaction for them.

One other thing. Not knowing your age I will just add that you are correct in what you said about sex between friends. Sex between friends is a very good way to ruin a friendship. Something to remember as you go through life. It is not always the rule but generally speaking once you cross that line you can never go back.


i m from india
i m the same person who had posted a query yesterday that
( i had suffered from typhoid last month it take a whole month for recovery and i was on total high medication
at arnd the ending of last month me nd my partner r playing with each other he doesnot ejaculate into vagina we are just playing
bt i hadnt had my periods this month i m 3days delayed so is it due to typhoid or due to foreplay between us
i had done a preganancy test today and it is negative means that i m not pregnant so is there no fear should left about being preganat?

Foreplay won't delay you period. The medicine for being I'll might. Wait a few days, a week or so and test again. If still negative you are probably not pregnant


I keep getting judged by my weight. I'm 12, F, and today this REALLLLLLY skinny girl compared me and my best friend.. "She's so skinny.. But like you're so big" I don't think I'm like obese or overweight, but I just hate how I look and I'm starting to think of getting anorexia.

I shouldn't loose weight just because other people want me to or other people compare me, but I want to do this for myself. I'm hopeing I get the new Wii U for Christmas so I can play Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. I know that'll help me lose weight!

Speaking of that, my brother has a Wii and I've been playing Wii Sports Resort but then yesterday he said I couldn't play it anymore.. I can bribe him, but I don't know what to do if that doesn't work.

Anyways, how do I lose weight? I want to lose like 20 pounds or maybe even 30. Well I'm sorry this is long but I'm new and yeah.. Anyways, thanks!

While exercise is always good and is recommended for everyone. Dieting at your age without your parents permission and knowledge is not good and should also be under your doctors advice.

You are 12 years old, just starting into puberty. If you do have some fat on you but not overweight this is the fat we parents call baby fat. It will disappear as your body morphs into womanhood. Your body needs this stored fat to feed the hormones that ore going to redefine your body and wake up the hormones that allow you to enter the world of being a women.

Exercising and eating properly during this time will greatly help you define your body by helping you tone and shape the women you will become. Eating properly means 3 proper meals a day with 3 proper snacks. Snacks that are healthy such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. The occasional candy bar or slice of pizza after school is okay just increase you exercises that day to account for the extra calories.

The worst thing you can do is to diet without your parents knowledge or your doctors supervision. Just because your friends are skinnier than you is not a good reason. Different bone structures determine how much weight you need to be. That is why you need to consult your doctor before and dieting starts. Only your doctor can determine what you proper weight should be.

It is for worse to 10 pounds under weight than it is to be 1q0 pounds overweight. so talk to mom and dad, eat properly and exercise. Your body will fill out over the next year or so, then you and your doctor can succeed if you need to diet. If your doctor is not telling your parent you need to diet then don't.


I do and dont want to have oral sex with my boyfriend but im scared! the reasons i dont want to is because im afraid he wont like it or think i smell or something. But then again hes the one encouraging it and asking me if im comfortable doing it. Is it okay to do that with him? what can i do to calm my nerves? will i like it? will he like it?
Oh and im 15 and my boyfriend is 16

First and foremost when it comes to sex: BOTH PARTNERS MUST BE CONSENTING OR IT IS NOT DONE. This means if one of you wants to try something, such as oral sex and one of you is reluctant for any reason, you don't do it.

Now more to the point of your question. At your ages I would suggest you wait. You are both a little to young for this type of sex act. One of the reasons for my saying this is that I think you will both enjoy it and that could lead to intercourse which is something you two are way to young to be having.

Making out, fingering and hand-jobs should remain the extent of your sexual experiences for now. It is safe and will not lead to pregnancy. Once you undress it is very easy to move on to the next stage of sex. Fingering and hand-jobs can be done fully clothed. Clothing is your protection against unwanted pregnancy.

As for the other things you wrote about. They are really non issues. As I said I believe when the time is right you will both like it, that I am very sure of. As for your smell or scent. All women have a natural scent. As long as you bath regularly no man will be offended by this scent or taste. I'm just suggesting, strongly that you wait until you are older, more mature and capable of controlling a situation from going further than it should.


which is the best way of doing suicide withot a pain plz help me. if you have guts ans me

I'm sure we have the guts to answer your question. Though that's not what we do here. We are here to help solve the problems that are causing you to feel so much pain as to want to end your life.

There is no problem so large that we can't and have not helped someone find ways to resolve the problem. Suicide is a solution not an answer.

Just for the record and to answer your question straightforwardly: after 30 years on a Fire Department Rescue Squad I can tell you for certain their is no painless way to kill yourself. Life is not a movie.

If you are feeling suicidal I urge you to call 911 and ask for help.


We're both seventeen and have a son together. But, he's kind of rude to me. He loves me, but he abuses me, not physically, but just verbally. Sure, we hit each other, but not hard enough to harm each other. And, it's only jokingly. But, also, every time I ask about money and things like his plans, he starts acting all weird. Is he up to something that he doesn't want me to know?

Not knowing him it is hard to say for sure. My educated guess is if he is being evasive then he is up to something he does not want you knowing about. Just what that may be is hard to speculate about.

Verbal abuse is as bad or worse than physical abuse. No one has the right to hit anyone even in jest. Hitting even in jest can easily escalate to something far worse.

The two of you are very young and you have had a child together. He has certain legal responsibilities to that child until, he or she turns 18, regardless of whether you two end up making a life together. You need to make sure that your boyfriend is legally bound to these responsibilities through the courts by seeing a lawyer and having the proper legal papers drawn up and submitted to the courts for service to him; especially considering the way he is acting.

Your ages are working against the two of you having a life long commitment to each other. I don't have the exact statistic for this but it is less then 10% of couples in your situation end up with a successful marriage.

My recommendation to you is. Make sure your boyfriend is legally committed to supporting your child. You need to get the best education you can so that you can support and provide for you and your child as well.


i had a 3 days menstruation period every month..anf after 6 days my period ends, i got unprotected sex w/ my bf..could i get pregnant??

Any time you have unprotected sex the possibility of pregnancy is very high if there is no other form of birth control in place. IF all other factors needed for pregnancy are right you will become pregnant.


My step-dad is in Mexico, and my mom met this guy at the bar. They have been texting, and I saw some pictures that I would rather not have seen. He's been coming to our house while we've been sleeping. What should I do?

You should do nothing. It is not your place to police your mothers morals or sex life. You do not say how long your father will be in Mexico. This leaves open some questions that you do not need to know about.

If your father is going to be away for a long period of time they may have made an agreement concerning sex and their needs. There are couples that do this. I'm not saying your parents do or do not have such an agreement. If they do the only thing your mother is doing wrong is bringing this man into your home where you could see this happening.

If no such agreement exist then your confronting your mother on this can only lead to problems you don't need to face. Whatever your mothers reason for having an affair they are hers not yours. She is still your mother and she still loves you and still deserves your respect and love.

Nothing good can come out of telling mom or dad that you know mom is cheating. My advice to you, for now, is to forget about what you have seen and go one with your life.


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