15/f and i ended an emtionally abusive relationship with my dad, a narc of three years about a month ago. and i didnt even know that it actually was an abusive, mentally, verably, and emotionally relationship until it ended and i looked it up online. i used to be so popular, confident, sometimes overly confident, silly, hilarious, spontaneous, and unfiltered. now its really hard for me say what i think when i want, becasue i used to do that but now i feel like i have to watch what i say all the time. its all because my dad. this is just one example he would say things in front of me, bashing my mom always bad motuhing her, then he would say make sure you dont say that to your mom. and my dad would not email, text, call nothing to my mom make plans with me so i was always in the middle and it was so bad i would have panic attacks due to stress.because my dad is crazy and fucked up and all he wanted to do was create drama he was so needy that my life became about him and i lost so many friends, my grades went down alot, i got benched at the sport i love and now im still struggling. i feel insecure and out of place. i was condidering going on anxiety or depression medication but im not sure. i heard celexa is really good for majority of people like adults or teens. but if i go on it i dont want to have to depend on it and never come off it. i just want to be me so bad and its so hard and feel like it will never end. this tired, gloomy, depressive, insecure, unfolding feeling will never go away. i got the worst out of my life so and i feel so much releived about it and i actually told him how i felt and the truth so why am i still depressed? i just want my normal life back? i know you can say go excerise go do this and that, and i do i want to do all of that but i just give up becasue you know your still going to be depressed. what can i do? ps i go see a therapist every 2 weeks since about 2.5 years ago

Before I start my answer to you let me just say I know about depression and how it hurts having suffered from it myself.

To be in therapy for as long as you have and to still be feeling as you do tells me you may need medication to help you climb out of your depression. Depression has several different descriptions or diagnoses and types. The most common type is clinical depression which I am guessing you suffer from.

One of the major factors in clinical depression is stress and the lack of or the inability of the body to create enough of the two hormones that control mood swings. Not being a doctor I cannot say with any real certainty about this. In your case though generally speaking people put on antidepressants only need them for a year to eighteen months or so.

What I am going to suggest is you seek out a Board Certified Psychiatrist to be evaluated on just what type of depression you suffer from as well as to find out if an antidepressant will be helpful in your recovery.

Seeking a Board Certified Psychiatrist is important as in many states any MD who did a residency in psychiatry during their residency program may practice psychiatry. Where as a Board Certified Psychiatrist has completed a Fellowship program and other programs to pass certain criteria to be accredited and accepted into the College of Certified Psychiatrists. This is the doctor you want treating you.

Why a psychiatrist over your family doctor? Simple it is not that your crazy. It is that the hormones I spoke of earlier are secreted into the brain making the psychiatrist the better trained doctor to prescribe and treat this condition.

Since stress is a major factor in depression. Finding the triggers for your depression and ways of avoiding or at least limiting them is important. I went through three different therapist before I found one I was comfortable with; who I could talk openly with; confident that what I said staid between us. Comfort with your therapist and trust in your therapist is important.

Once you have been seen by a psychiatrist you may also want to seek out a new therapist. For being in therapy as long as you have with no marked improvement in how you feel means to me something between you isn't working.

I know how horrible it is to suffer from depression. Please trust me when I say there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will get better and feel better about yourself and the world with the right type of help.

Ask mom to make arrangements for you to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated for proper medication as well as a recommendation for a new therapist. Someone you are comfortable with.


i am male 21,can i ask hot photos from my gf she is 20 and i like her boobs and i want to see it,since we are from india we follow certain culture and i dont know hoe to tel but i always want to touch her boobs but she never let me to tht ,twice i have done it,can i ask photo of boobs of her,if so how can i get her boobs photo from her because i wna to see it ,sure i am going to marry her only

I would suggest you not ask her to send a photo of her in state of nakedness considering where your from and the culture of your people. It could be dangerous for her to do so. It would also be very dangerous for her to try and send a photo of that type to you as there is only one way to do so.

Given where you live she would have to take a digital photo of herself and then send it electronically to you over the web. I don't think she could take a standard photo of herself and have it developed as it would not be returned to her. It probably would be a violation not only of local customs but of obscenity laws as well.

Sending any naked pictures of women over the web is fraught with danger of the picture falling into the wrong hands. How would you feel if the picture meant for your eyes only were to fall into the wrong hands and end up on a commercial website for all the world to see.

My suggestions is if you intend to marry this girl that you wait until your wedding night. Then I am positive she will allow you the pleasure of viewing her in her entirety not just her breasts. This I believe would be within the customs of your culture and safer for her.

I know this is not the answer you wanted. It is the safe answer so that hopefully you two can marry and look forward to a long life together. One with out worry that other men are drooling over a picture of your wife.


My Fiance and I are thinking about getting Married this winter. We don't have much money but we are going to try to save up the most we can. We want to have a private ceremony. Him, I a priest and I would like a photographer there. To vow our love to each other so we can really embrace, feel our love. Then in a couple years we would like to have a bigger ceremony, renew our vows and have our family, friends there. My question is what can we do to make our private ceremony special. I want the priest to say words very true and beautiful. I would like the entire ceremony to be very nice and special. Ideas please?

My wife and I were married by a Circuit Court Judge in his Chambers. This was arranged for by my Uncle who was an Auxiliary Police Officer. The cost of the Ceremony was a donation to a charity of my choice. Being a firefighter myself I made a $150.00 donation to the welfare fund of the local fire department. Their is now a bell, and has been for 41 years, on one of their fire trucks with our names on it and the date of our wedding.

After the ceremony when we left the building, the fire station and court house were in the same building, the on duty fire fighters had an arch of crossed Pike Poles for us to walk under. My parents then took both families out to lunch.

We had even thought about flying out to Las Vegas to get married. Given that we both worked for an airline that flew to Las Vegas and that my wife worked in the tour department the Airline was going to arrange for a very nice Honeymoon for us there. They eventually did arrange a honeymoon for us when we flew to San Fransisco but that's another story.

We caved into my mothers wishes that we have a ceremony at home that all the immediate family members could attend. We gave in with the understanding that it had to meet with our approval or we would not be their.

Total cost for our wedding was $500. Even today you can have an inexpensive wedding. Friends of my son just married. They had a small reception and ceremony at a very nice place for family and friends. Total cost for the 50 guests under $2000. No band just dinner and a Garden Ceremony. After dinner they and their friends went bar hopping.

Moral of my story is you can have the wedding you desire without a lot of cost. Just stick to your guns and don't let family or friends badger you into having more than you can afford or want.

Congratulations and I wish you two a long and happy life together.


i want to have sex with my best friend but he doesn't know

Since I do not know your ages it makes answering this question a bit difficult. I will assume for the purpose of my answer you are both young teenagers.

When it comes to sex we all come in to our own, so to speak, at different times. A lot of this has to do with puberty and hormones. More of it has to do with teachings both at home and at Church or Temple.

Then there is the fact that you are best friends. There are to sure ways to ruin a friendship. The first is to loan your best friend money. The second is to have sex with them.

Having sex with someone is a very intimate act. What if the sex is not as you expected. Men/boys always have performance anxieties. He is going to want to make sure he pleases you. If he doesn't how will you feel about him afterward.

Another problem boys have as well as men is the size of their penis. What if his penis is smaller than you expect? Will you laugh at him and run away? What if his penis is so large that you get scared and run away?

With a so called stranger, someone who is not his best friend first and then becomes his lover; these problems are not as important. But when you think about having sex with your best friend they become very important because not only does it make the sex bad or impossible. It makes it possible that you will lose your best friend.

I would not, all though I have desired to do so, have sex with my best friend. I grew up with her. We went through puberty together telling each other everything, something quite unusual for two people of opposite sexes. We dated once it was a disaster. We remained and still are best friends. Giving each other advice and shoulders to cry on.

I would love to have sex with her as she is a beautiful person both inside and out. We learned in trying to date that our relationship worked best if we remained friends and not to take it any further.

Her husband knows of our feelings for each other and is fine with it. He and I have become best friends too. Even though we now live thousands of miles apart we remain close thanks to the phone and the web.

My advice is if you want to remain best friends; keep having sex with him as a fantasy.


Is it normal for a 45 year old same sex female friend to want to share a bed and spoon? I am not sure if I am missing signals or reading more into the situation. Do friends climb into bed with you and then drape their legs over yours wearing just underwear and tell you if you were a man I would marry you? I don't know what to think here.

In today's world there has come to be a fine line line between acceptable and unacceptable; as opposed to normal vs abnormal. Being gay or bi is not or no longer considered abnormal. On the other hand it may be an unacceptable behavior or lifestyle for you.

Was you friend trying to send you a signal? Probably; if so by doing nothing or giving off any feeling of revulsion you sent back to her that what she was asking or offering was just not you.

My thoughts about what happened is not so much was this normal for her to do. In her world it might be, in your world it is not. The lines between the two possible worlds, if she is gay or bi or bicurious, have become very blurred.

The facts are she did it. By what you have written you were repulsed by it and that should be then end of it. Should she try again simply ask her to go back to her own bed as you are not comfortable sharing your bed with another women.


I know this will sound as if I am buying something shady, but I am not! My credit card is one, which my parents added to their account (as I am a student and do not qualify for a credit card) and the system we agreed to was that whenever I buy something, I just have to transfer the money to my parents from my normal account to theirs. (as they pay the bill). Simple enough.
However, I wish to order my mother a birthday present from Amazon, but I do not know if the name of the item shows up on the statement or just price and "Amazon UK" or whatever.
It would be a shame for me to order something and then it would be ruined as she would see it on the statement herself before she receives the gift.

Would anybody be so kind as to tell me whether the name of the product or the name of the seller shows up on the statement? :)

Amazon UK may work differently then how they work here in the USA. Which is to say what I see on my credit card statements may be different than what may be seen on your statements in your country as different laws may apply.

There is a simple way to answer your question though. Call or email the Amazon customer service center on the website and ask them this question. They are your best source to answer just what they are required to put on the statement.


I have been freaking out for the past 2 days, i even left school today because i was guna throw up becuase im scared shes pregnant, me and her where just messing around, i was masturbating her and then we wanted to know what if felt like, so i took my penis out and put it on her vagina, i did not put it in, not at all. just touched it. I may have had pre cum on my penis but not positive, we are both virgins, never had sex before nor have i ever put it in her. Shes on birth control for acne which im unsure if it prevents pregnancy, im pretty sure its the same stuff. Im only 16 and i cant handle a child in my life, nor can she. I think im just scaring my self and worrying about nothing but please tell me if im okay and that shes not pregnant, is she pregnant or not?! im really scared and have been feeling sick for the past few days. please help me ):
Please tell me if i should worry or not

First: Birth control medication is birth control regardless of why it is prescribed. Certain medications have other benefits than their primary benefit. In this case whatever the primary medication is in the birth control medication is to prevent pregnancy. It has an added benefit of controlling acne in women. Birth control medications are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

So stop worrying it is unlikely you made her pregnant for this reason and others. But let this be a lesson to you that your penis should never come near a girls vagina unless it has a condom on it. Regardless of whether or not she is on birth control. You do not want to be the unfortunate 1% that the birth control fails. wearing a condom reduces that 1% down to almost zero percent.

Besides this getting a girl pregnant is a lot more complicated then it seems. The sperm actually has to be inside her vagina, travel up through her reproductive system and meet with an egg that has been ejected from her ovaries and be fertilized.

This only happens for a very short time during her menstrual cycle. This time is called "Ovulation". Then the fertilized egg has to seat itself in her womb. All this has to happen in order for a women to become pregnant.

Seems simple enough that if two healthy people make love they can make a baby. Its not, if conditions are right 9 months later people are calling you mom and dad. So this is why we parents are always telling you to wait. Not to even fool around as you did. For if conditions are right and there are no birth control precautions taken you could be parents before your time.

Even if precautions are taken condoms alone are only 85% effective and as I said birth control pills are 99% effective. The two together are almost 100% effective.

I know you asked a simple question and I gave you more of an answer then you were looking for. I felt the information I provided was needed both to calm you down and to educate you as well. You have given yourself a good scare learn from it.


i used to masrubate daily,and it becomes habits for me pls help me ,i want to stop it,even i feel always to touch and see my gf boobs,i jerked by seeing her photo,one of my testis become lower is that bad :(,i fear that i wil get STD like that or AIDS ,more over i want to control asking hot photos from my gal,please help me

Whoever told you that you can get an STD or AIDS from Masturbation; either lied to you or does not know better themselves.

STD stands for; Sexually Transmitted Disease. Which means you must be having sex with someone to transmit an illness or disease. You really need to read up on this yourself to find out how STDS and AIDS are transmitted and what precautions to take before you have sex with anyone. You will find plenty of this type information on the web.

Masturbation on the other hand is safe as it is something you do alone to yourself that is perfectly normal. So normal that according to a recent survey 85% of us masturbate. This survey included adults and teenagers.

So stop fretting. You cannot give yourself an STD or AIDS, at least not that we currently are aware of and there are no known cases of this happening to someone who only masturbates. So if you enjoy doing so there is no reason to stop.


Hey guys. 17 f. I'm young enough for being such neurotic as I am by now. My usual angriness with something ends up with broken fists. The problem is I can't take anything in stride- everything could get me lost of self- control. Actually before today it didn't worried me, but I've just found myself crying because of things I can't explaing as there aren't simpy any of them. What should I do? Hope you could give me some help.

From what you have written it would appear you have a problem with anger management and possibly a form of depression. Are these two problems linked? Possibly I really don't no and can't say for sure as I am not a doctor.

What I do know having suffered from depression myself, is that depression causes you to see things, or not accept things as they are presented to you. They are in a sense sort of out of focus to you. This could be why you fly of the handle so easily.

To find out is you are suffering from some form of depression starts with a trip to your family doctor. You asked to be screened for depression. The doctor will ask you a number of questions. Based on your answers the doctor will be able to make a diagnose. At that point your doctor will most likely want to do a complete physical to rule out any organic causes he or she can treat.

Then your doctor will either prescribe medicine and or send you to a psychologist for talk therapy. Your doctor may want you to see a psychiatrist, no you are not crazy. Psychiatrists are better able to prescribe for this than a family doctor as they are better trained to handle clinical depression. Clinical depression is caused by the lack or missing chemicals in the brain that control mood swings. This is generally caused by stress.

Proper medication and talk therapy are needed to help you. The talk therapy will help you identify and deal with the stress. The proper medication will deal with the missing chemicals.

Given your age it would not be out of the question that clinical or teenage depression is what you may be suffering. Not to long ago what doctors are now calling teenage depression we parents called a phase children went through. We now better know.

We know that teenagers have a lot of stress put on them, especially female teenagers. The stressors come at them at school, at home and socially. At your age their is the added stress of waiting to hear on college acceptance.

So take heart your not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. See your doctor and asked to be screened for depression. You may even be able to be screened at school in the health office.


There is a boy I went to school with that I have had a crush on for awhile now so we finally started texting about 4 months ago, and we Finally hungout one day. We went to this beach and smoked and had a really good time, it seemed like we had lots of chemistry. We kissed at the end of the night. The problem is that he is always busy. He goes to college and has a job and puts his friends before everything so he never has time to hangout or even talk. I text him first probably 90% of the time. So we hungout again about a month ago and we ended up having sex. That was a month ago and we haven't talked since. I haven't texted him and he hasn't texted me.
So basically i'm thinking he used me? He just wanted to have sex? When we hungout it really seemed like we had a connection and he liked me but am I wrong, should I just give up?
I really liked him though.

I believe your feelings are correct. If he had any feelings for you than a convenient sex object when he needed you he would make the effort to contact you. It does not take but a minute to send a few lines of text saying he is busy but he misses you.

My suggestion is you find someone else. You deserve better. If he does contact you again; tell him to go find a knothole some place for that is all he really needs or his fist.


my name is Rachel and i am 23 year old female and on Saturday there was a shooting in front of my house and ever since i have not been able to sleep and when I do go to sleep I have night mares about the shooting because they still have not found the killer and he looked at me before he ran off and my 2 niece's and my nephew was outside on the porch with me when it happened they saw it to. I also wake up in the middle of the night screaming. I am afraid that he is going to come back and kill me and my niece's and nephew because we saw him shoot the guy and my nieces are only 11 years old and my nephew is only 9 years old we are all scared to even go outside during the die every where i turn i am paranoid because i am scared and afraid for my life. I am never home anymore because i am scared to go home especially at night when i am home i sleep with my mom because i am scared if i am by myself i will next even writing about it scares me. Is this PTSD? how do I get over my fears? please help me. I want to be able to live a normal life.

I am not so sure this is PTSD as much as I am sure it is a real fear of what reality is today. Have you spoken with the Police? Did you tell them what you saw? Did you give them a description of the killer? If you did you can ask them for protection which they should supply as you would be a material witness. If you haven't told the Police what you know then they cannot protect you even though your fears are real.

PTSD is; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is part of what you may be suffering. In reality though you are suffering the real fear that the killer will want to eliminate any witnesses to his crime. There are to my mind only two ways to handle this problem; A)You either move with no forwarding address and have no contact, ever again, with those you leave behind; or B) you go to the Police and tell them what you know in exchange for protection for you and your nieces and nephew.

If you are suffering from PTSD you first have to put and end to the cause of the suffering. In your case that cause is a real fear of harm that could befall you. You can't fix one without taking care of the other.

If you have told the police what you know and they have refused you protection, call the prosecutors office and ask for witness protection. As I said as a witness to the crime I believe you are a material witness and the prosecutor will want you protected and available for trial. You tell the prosecutor without protection for you and the children you have little choice but to move and go where no one, including them, can find you.


Pagan and wicca penpals, they must be 13-30, may send e-mail then snail mail. Must be from the USA

Try the following website: http://www.paganspace.net/group/paganpenpals. I found it by putting "Pagan Pen pals in a search engine. It returned a number of suggestions. This one is free and looked like what you are looking for.


I'm 25, and a girl - woman? Something. Because this may matter, I'm also 5'3" and about 117lbs. I'm a runner. I have essentially zero experience with dogs, as I've been afraid of them my whole life. A couple of years ago, I found something scarier, and my fear of dogs just... disappeared.
So, I know this dog. He belongs to my boyfriend, and I've taken him on walks and stuff. He listens to me, for the most part, but he's 2 years old, and VERY high energy for such a big dog.

Being in the field of psychology, I'm very aware at all times of what kind of energy I'm giving off. This dog picks up on vibes like crazy. If I calm down, so does the dog. If I get riled up, he does, too. If I'm upset, he noses my arm until I smile and pet him. What the heck is he gonna do when I'm giving off running energy?

Does anyone have any tips as far as getting him to keep pace next to me and not run after things like squirrels? He's just so spazzy, it worries me a little. I don't want to lose my hold on him and have him get hurt, or worse, someone else! He's a sweet dog, he's just... big and bouncy.


Flare had some good advice. I will suggest that you also visit a good pet store and ask their advice about a good training collar to use while running with the dog or a good harness. I prefer the harness as it is more comfortable for the dog and gives you better control.

Start of by walking with the dog on the route you plan on running. This is to get the dog familiar with the routine. Use the suggested harness and training techniques to keep the dog by your side. You can increase your pace to a jog and then to a run as the dog gets into the routine.

From what you have written it appears the dog loves you and will be a good running partner. Not only will the running be good exercise for the dog but the dog will be an excellent protector for you while you are running. Nothing like a big German Shepherd to keep people with bad intentions at bay. I don't care how friendly the dog may be.

We have a mixed breed dog who is one of the most docile dogs I have ever met. But don't make a wrong move towards me or my wife, especially my wife. She will tear you apart. She is 60 pounds and went up against a neighbors dog twice her size to protect my wife when that dog got out and came after my wife. Surprisingly the bigger dog backed down that is how mean she can get if she needs to be.

You have made a good choice in a running partner. You just need to take a little time to train the dog. German Shepherds are very smart so it won't take long.


me & my boyfriend been togather for almost a year , i realy love him . im suppr compfortable with him . he wants to hae sex. and im nervous about it .
idk why . maybe i feel to young(im not 13 or anything) ? or my parents will find out . or it will hurt . and im super scared of getting pregnate . but forsure we will use protection and hes not presuuring me ? i make the descison that i will do it , but thenwhen we r alone i chicken out . what should i do ?

When we have a fear of doing something this is our internal alarm system kicking in telling us this may be harmful or is wrong.

Your internal warning system is telling you that you are just not ready yet and this is fine. Each of us mature at different rates and when we reach the point in our maturity that we are ready for sex then our alarm system stays silent. This point could come when your 18 or when your 21 it depends on a lot of different factors. When your ready for sex you will know it. Until then listen to your body. Their is nothing wrong with waiting.

I am going to supply a link to a website that will answer a lot of questions for you about are you ready for your first sex. I suggest you read it along with your boyfriend so he too will know what he needs to do to help you when you are ready.

Sex for a male is mostly a mechanical function once he has an erection, which for teenage males takes little to no stimulation. For a female it is a lot more complicated then that and it needs to be for she is the one that can be come pregnant.

Other than not being 13 you do not say how old you are. Whatever your age there is nothing wrong in waiting until you are truly ready. Their are other ways to show your boyfriend you love him and other ways for the two of you to relieve your sexual tension.



How do I get this one girl to let me touch her butt at school out side and we are both eleven she has a good butt

A gentleman never touches a woman's private parts without permission and never, ever in public. This is something you need to know now and remember if you ever wish to have a girlfriend.

I know some boys in school may walk up to girls in school or out of school and grab their butts or even their breasts. This is very wrong and is considered sexual harassment. If done in school or on the way home from school you could be in big trouble with the school and punished severely as there is a zero tolerance for this in most schools today.

A persons butt is part of their private parts, girl or boy. To pinch, grab or slap in fun or out of meanness is very wrong and can lead to big trouble for you.

If you want to get to know this girl better then talk to her and walk with her. When she is comfortable with you being close to her you can put your arm around her waist and walk with her. This show her that you respect her as a girl/women and you will find she will be much more fun Tobe with then if you walk up to her and touch her butt, especially if you do so in public.


is it okay to masturbate at age 11?

Short answer is yes. There is nothing wrong with masturbation. Fact is you have probably been doing so since you were an infant. Most babies rock themselves,especially boys. Why because it feels good. The rocking rubs their penis or causes the diaper to rub their vagina and it feels good. This is a form of masturbation.At this age parents think it is cute.

When you get older the need to masturbate comes back as your hormones kick in at puberty. I cannot tell you why parents tell their children it is wrong to masturbate. Especially when you consider that according to a recent survey 85% of us masturbate.

That is rights right one or both of your parents masturbate, although they won't admitted to you if you were to ask. Most adults masturbate as part of foreplay to sexual intercourse. Yes your parents still have sex. Masturbation prior to sexual intercourse is usually called mutual masturbation were one partner masturbates the other.

This survey also pointed out that none of the organized religions, including the Catholic church condemns masturbation. Remember there is a difference be condemning and condoning.

None of the religious organizations came right out and condoned masturbation but none of them condemned it as a sin. This leads me to conclude that the biggest problem parents have with masturbation is. That the Churches and Temples as well as parents; see masturbation as a prelude to entering the world of sexual activity.

I have probably given you more information then you asked for. Since you did ask if it was okay to masturbate I felt it was incumbent to go a little further. As a parent I would prefer my children masturbate to relieve and explore the world of sex. So as to put off having sex before they are truly mature enough for sex. The biggest problem with this is your bodies mature before you do. Masturbation helps you put off having sex until you and your body are at the same point of maturity.


Okay before i start. I would just like to say up front that I've never really been introduced to him or anything formally but we have messaged each other before.
So I'm 20F and I just moved to a new town and I've gotten to know some of the people who live here (people my age) i knew of the people here because we have mutual friends and so far everyone seems cool. I'm not close with any because I just got here. But there's this one guy whom I saw who actually visited my hometown for a little musical show him and his friends came to perform him. Ever since that night for some reason I managed to have a little crush on him. Knowing I would be moving to his area soon made me a little hopeful that we would eventually become friends. When I was at the show my friends were there with me. One in particular is 14 yrs old and she's pretty close to me. She doesn't have much friends her age but she lives back in my hometown. Anyway so I told her I thought the guy was cute and maybe I'll get to know him when I move. We added him on fb together and out
Of nowhere he messages her! Liked her pic! And idk he just started taking to her. Not flirting but talking in general and he even offered to give him her #. She doesn't have a phone though. Anyway he doesn't send me anything. Keep in mind he's my age, maybe a few months older.

I know he was in a previous relationship which ended pretty badly according to our mutual friend. But anyway so my friend and I were at this function at a church (btw hes a musician.)where we saw him and though none of us talked to him, he still managed to message her again on fb. I decided to message him. Now keep in mind I'm never bold about anything so this was kinda huge for me. I congratulated him on his performance and we talked a bit and I honestly thought we were off to a good start. I was just thinking that it needed a push and considering how he maybe felt about his past and girls, I would break the ice.

Well eventually he never replied. Time went on and I never saw him again. He's still active on fb. Just the other day my little friend liked some of his pictures and he liked one of hers back that I tagged her in so I got the notification. I was so happy to see that i got a notification from him saying he liked one of my pics. Well it turned out not to even be of me! It kinda hurt. Then he left her a wallpost. I don't see him actively use his fb so i again was a little jealous and she replied accordingly and nicely , Like she would to anyone. He didn't reply but then she posted a status and he commented on it like back and forth.

Do you see why I'm a little jealous. He doesn't even talk to me. And it's not like he doesn't see me enough because both me and my friend have seen him the same amount of times.
I'm starting to get the vibe that I'm way in over my head and I'm over thinking but part of me is worried that he doesn't find me attractive at all. I mean he's 21 and she's 14! And they message each other from time to time.

My mutual friend with him is also close to his brother and I've heard that he's only interested in slutty girls. And that his brother agrees to. My friend isn't slutty but she's at that age where she wants to look cute and grown. I'm not sure if that's what he likes but I don't know. I'm also aware he could be talking to other girls now. And he is aware there are girls out there that like him.

I would really like a 3rd person view on what you think.

My first question is does he know her true age. for if he does the 7 year difference in age brings on a host of problems for him. Yes it may be a FB relationship for now but FB and other social websites are being monitored by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for just these types of relationships.

They are looking for sexual predators who may be using FB and other social websites to find young people having inappropriate sexual meetings.

While you may be jealous of the relationship; your real concern should be is he a sexual predator trying to earn her trust. The only way to do this is to find out if he knows her true age.

If he does you need to do one or all of the following. A) advise her of how inappropriate this relationship may be. Is she just a fan of his or has the relationship grown beyond that? B) Inform her parents of the relationship and allow them to handle it. I'm almost positive they are not aware of her relationship with him. C)Inform local law enforcement that this relationship may not be what this young lady thinks it is and allow them to do what is they do best, investigate and find out if he is actually a sexual predator.

I would opt for "C" as this is in the best interest of the young lady. She may end up hating me if she finds out was the one to notify the police. But if it is found he has other relationships such as this one, then he would be looked at as a sexual predator and I may have saved her life. To me this is a trade off I can live with and hope it is long, long hate she has for me.


I've ordered a vibrator online before without issue and I just ordered another a few days ago. Then it hit me, will the post office know I ordered a vibrator? I was checking the tracking number and it was on my towns post office under "arrival scan" and that scared me because I know two people who work at my towns post office and the box will obviously have my name on it. But I don't want anyone to know what I bought.

Will these people know exactly what you purchased; no. If the company you purchased from sends a lot of items to your town the may recognize the shipping address but these companies rarely use a name to identify themselves on the shipping address.

Unless they have personal knowledge of the shippers return address. They should have no reason to question what is in the package.


I'm currently a junior in high school. I plan on majoring in dentistry when I graduate, but I'm not exactly sure how I should go about it.

Right now I'm enrolled in AP classes, and I'm taking classes like Biomedical Careers that will give me my CNA by the end of the school year. The type of high school that I'm enrolled in will let me take college classes for credit my senior year as well.

So the next thing that I'm sure of is what classes I'm to take during college. Is there a such thing as per-dentistry classes? What are they?

I also can't decide what college I'm trying to attend. I've narrowed it down to several colleges in state (NC). One option is to go to UNC Chapel Hill since they have a graduate program in dentistry, but I'm not sure if I can afford the tuition. I'm wondering if I could attend a local community college for a year or two and then transfer to UNC Chapel Hill. Another option is that my high school band is potentially offering me a full ride scholarship to a HBCU as long as I stay and join the marching band there. But would I be able to leave and then finish my degree? I live relatively close to several HBCUs and that could work IF I could transfer the appropriate credits.

Please help!

Most of the answers you are looking for are best answered by your guidance counselor and the schools admissions office at the schools you wish to attend.

As a general rule all in State schools will accept credits earned at in state community colleges. As to whether or not those credits can be used against the final degree you are looking for will depend on the degree you are trying to earn. It is best to look at the school you wish to finish at and take the prerequisite courses at the community college and the requisite course at the college of your choice to finish your degree.

Most colleges do not offer a pre-med course or courses. That is actually a misnomer. Here again is in your undergraduate school you take classes that will be needed in med school. These classes will be outlined for you either by the med schools you wish to attend or by a course counselor at the college you are attending.

As to what School of Dentistry to attend I would suggest talking to your own Dentist. Who best to ask for advice on this but the person you have been trusting to take care of your dental needs. Who knows your dentist may just allow you to intern with him or her for a time to make sure this is the career you want. You will never know unless you ask. Worst that can happen is he or she will say no to the internship but will tell you all about the school of dentistry they attended.



Hello! My Name Is Amira And I'm 12 Years Old. 

So I've ALWAYS Counted Calories. And I'm Just So Fat That I've Been Excersizing Lately. But, I Don't Know How Many Calories I Burn When I Excersize! 

I Would Really Like To Know How Many Calories I Lose During These Routines (Not All Together, But Seperately):
-Jumping For 10 Minutes Straight
-Running A Mile In 15 Minutes
-100 Situps
-100 Pushups

I Really Need To Know These! Thanks!!

Hi Amira,

I can not tell you how many calories you are burning with your exercise routine, I'm not qualified to do so. What I can tell you is that based on your routine you may be exchanging fat weight for muscle weight.

Muscle weight weighs more than fat and can make you look heavy which is actually good as it is a healthy type of heavy. What I can't tell from your writing to us is if you are over weight and just what your BMI is. There are two people that can do that for you. The first of course is your family doctor or pediatrician. The other is your PE teacher at school.

At 12 years old you should not be this concerned about your weight as you have not yet entered your teens and are probably in the early stages of puberty if you have even entered puberty at all. Some of what you are calling fat is what we parents call your baby fat which will redistribute itself as you adult hormones kick in turning your body from that of a girl child into that of a young lady and eventually a young women.

Your hips will form, your breast will grow, your legs, thighs and butt will define themselves. The belly fat you may now be seeing will in large part slim down as you and your body grows and defines itself.

My advice is that before you end up with a hard body, unless that is what you want. You either ask your PE teacher for help with an exercise routine to help you shape and tone your body and ask just what your total BMI and weight should be. The second option is to ask mom to arrange to visit the doctor and ask your doctor what your weight and BMI should be as well as have a complete physical should you need to diet as well as exercise.

No one should start any exercise program or diet without first visiting their doctor and getting their doctors okay and guidance while doing so. Even someone your age.


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