I'm single and my roommates all have boyfriends. It makes me feel worse about myself being single! Especially when they all have them over and i'm just the 5th wheel!
I always try to leave the house when I know they will be over, but I can't always do that.
What should I do? How can I cope without seeming rude? I really love my roommates and their boyfriends, I just feel so out of place.

First you being Christian has nothing to do with what you have written about. You have your values and while those values may be faith based you have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. They are your values and you should be proud of them for they a good values.

As to feeling out of place; I would need more information before I could truly be able to advise you. If I take a guess at the problem. I would guess your roommates spend a lot of time in the living room being shall we say overly intimate in front of you. If this is so then I would say you are not out of place; they are being rude.

When You have roommates it is okay to party together in one room as a group. When the time comes that a couple wants to be more intimate they should excuse themselves and go someplace private so as not to disturb or possibly offend the others.

If this is what you are talking about, then you are not the fifth wheel. You are practicing your values which you have the right to do in your own home. If they wish to be more intimate with their boyfriends they should do so in the privacy of their own room.

If my assumptions as to what is happening in your home to cause you to feel like a fifth wheel I apologize. As I said there is really not enough information to go on and I have made my best guess as to what might be bothering you.

Your values are good ones be they Christian or otherwise. Hold on to them and don't allow your values to make you feel out of place. When you get right down to it; all we can ever be judged by are our values and honesty. As I've said, you have good values and they will do you well as you go through life.


Hey if I give my boyfriend head and he has an std would it only be in my mouth?

First off If you know he has an STD you should not have any type of sexual relations with him and this would include giving him a BJ.

To answer your question it would really depend on the type of STD, how you handle his penis and where you touch yourself afterwards. I think it is pretty safe to say that if the STD transferred to your mouth it WILL migrate to other parts of your body in other ways. So once again if you know he has an STD don't touch him.


I'm about to turn 17 and i've been dealing with an extreme case of depression and several eating disorders I was prescribe medication but my siblings see it as ridiculous and think I'm attention seeking and have currently stopped treatment do to persistence from my family but I'm terrified of how I've been feeling and think I'm eating worse but no one will listen. How do i get them to believe me before it gets to late!

At 17 by Federal Law you are old enough to seek medical attention on your own; with or without parental permission. Medication alone is not going to cure your depression or eating disorder and I believe you know this.

What I suggest you do is get back into treatment for your depression and eating disorder. Part of your treatment should be with a good psychologist who can help you with theses problems. Having suffered with depression myself I can attest to the fact that my psychologist was a major help in pulling me out of my depression. I believe therapy is also helpful with your eating disorder.

Once you find a therapist you are comfortable with you can ask the therapist for help in convincing your family that you do have a serious illness. The may not want to or wish to ignore your illness hoping it will go away. It is hard to ignore a degreed professional who is working in your best interest.

For your part do not give up on yourself regardless of what is happening at home. You are the one suffering. Your parents and siblings can ignore your illness or you bit they are not the ones suffering, you are. Get back into treatment. This is what you need to do for yourself.

Not knowing where you live I'm not sure if the URL that follows will be of much help, though give them a try. It is a support group locator. IF you can find a support group near you I would suggest you go to a meeting and if possible try and get one or both of your parents to go with you.



ok after having my baby boy in august i noticed a month later a white slick substance comming out my vagina an o never had sex since having him.. but now the white fluid has a lil oder an it comes own on my panties.. if i wear the underwear for to long now it would start to burn .. the rawness is not on my vagina but on the outside like inner thigh but the back near my butt.. idk what it means can you help me by telling me what is happening?

None of us are doctors so we cannot make a diagnoses.

What I can say is this does not sound normal and you need to see your OB?GYN and let him/her examine you.


Ok so I'm 110 lbs right now. I was 100 about 1 month ago but then I started doing more and more core and upper body workouts. I play soccer and preseason starts in 2 weeks and we'll be doing A LOT of running. I'm so meticulous about my weight. I want to be back down to 100-104 lbs. How can I stayed toned with muscle but lose like 6 lbs? Should I do cardio then core workouts or vice versa? Your help is greatly appreciated!!

I wouldn't worry about the extra weight you have put on. It is muscle weight form the exercise you have been doing. Muscle weighs more than fat so as you toned up you gained a few pounds.

You may want to modify you workouts some to stay at your current weight and maintain your present shape and body tone, TO do this if you are exercising 4 times a week go down to 3 times a week. If you gym has a professional trainer you might ask him/her how the best way is to maintain without losing what you have gained, not in weight but in toning.

I would not worry about the weight, as I said you just converted fat for muscle.


Im 20.. 4 years ago i lost my best friend to suicide. I know my dad has been cheating on my mom. for years. Ive kept it to myself. we barely have a relationship me and my dad. i lost another friend 2 years ago, another one last year, and 2 this year. Im in college, i work a lot. I am just beyond stressed. I am trying hard to cope and keep it all together. No one, not my boyfriend, or my best friends, understand how i feel. I am so discouraged. i suffered severe depression for 2 years after my friend committed suicide. i still have depression for sure but i am not suicidal at all. My life is full of anxiety. I can't make a decision to save my life. I do very well in school. Im forming a lot of anger hate and resentment for all that has happened to me and for all that has happened to my friends that lost their lives and for those who are not understanding of how i feel. Im constantly trying to schedule something to look forward to so i keep happy. It's hard to stay truly happy. I am always getting yelled at for being so negative. I've tried hard to change how negative i sound because i know people don't like to be around debby downers.

Basically, I'm at a loss of where i should go at this point. I went to counseling every single year for a period of 2-3 months then leave and not wanna go back because it reminds me of bad stuff and prefer to work it out on my own. I was put on medication for depression but it made my anxiety attacks worse. What else can I do?

Having suffered from severe depression myself I can relate to how you are feeling. I don't think you have ever fully recovered and may be why you are felling the way you feeling now.

I can also relate to how you feel about therapy as well. For therapy to work best you and the therapist really have to work well together and you must be really comfortable with your therapist. 2 to 3 months of therapy for severe depression is not enough time, in my mind, to truly get at the root cause of your depression.

In my case my depression was triggered by an auto accident that left me disabled. That and dealing with everything that goes with dealing with this type of accident, especially being the victim I fell into a deep depression. I went through several therapists until I found my current therapist. I have been with her for a number of years. I have to remain with her as part of my treatment program for the chronic pain caused by the accident.

My depression, as yours may very well be, was caused by several triggers. Pain was the over riding problem but their were others I had to uncover and learn to deal with before the fog of epression began to lift. I have to deal with my pain every day and this is where my therapist is the most helpful. I see her twice a month and if something happens that causes me to loose control of my pain she is always available by phone.

Depression is a horrible problem but one that can be controlled and concurred if you work at it. You need to find a new therapist. Interview them as if you were interviewing someone to work with you for that is what you are doing. Find someone you are comfortable with telling your deepest darkest secrets to. For whatever is said in therapy stays there, you know that.

Also find a psychiatrist to prescribe medication. Why a psychiatrist? Because most depression is caused by the loss of chemicals secreted in the brain. While an MD can prescribe for you a psychiatrist who is Board Certified is better trained to prescribe for this condition. Proper medicatiopn should avoid the problem you've had in the past with medication.

Hang in there I can attest to the fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's hard work but with the right help you will get there.


I am turning 18 in 2 days and i want to sleep over at my boyfriends house. I don't know how to tell my parents about this they are extremely strict. All we are going to do is watch a series on tv all night. What do i tell my parents?

The first two adviser pretty much said it all. You are 18 , legally an adult and no longer the responsibility of your parents. Which also means you have all the autonomy that any other adult might have. Then comes that little known rule that parents throw in when you reach this age. which goes like this, "As long as you live under our roof you live by our rules." Frankly their is no age limit on this rule.

If you're still dependant on your parents for things like college expenses, food, clothing and everything else. Then you pretty much have to live by their rules. Now that doesn't mean they should still be treating you like a 12 year old. You are legally an adult and they need to allow you certain privileges that go along with being that age. Just what those privileges are can be negotiated. I don't think you will win sleep over rights with your boyfriend so aim a bit lower.


Thanks for your advice, however I have an extreme deformity and it's not just the pain I can't handle. I was injured by an osteopath who has caused my spine to collapse and muscle spasms so severe they have twisted my head away from my neck. It is an ijury beyond belief. My jaw is left severely twisted and my whole body is extremely warped now. My family are helpless to do anything and the medical profession have just left me to live with it as it is an unknown condition. I have to get out of this one way or another, my option of living has been taken away from me by this stupid man. If no one can tell me how to od successfully with this combo then I'm just going to have to chance it. No amount of counselling has helped, how could it? I feel so trapped, please help me if you have the knowledge. Thanks again.

I'm glad you wrote back to me it tells me you are looking to live and not to die. I know you didn't say that but you also know I would not tell you how to die.

While I can literally feel your pain, I cannot begin to understand the feelings you must have for the disfigurement of your injuries. Still living beats dying. Dying is a permenat solution to a problem that can be rectified.

Hopefully you have a good lawyer and the doctors malpractice insurance will cover whatever it takes to take the pain away and get you back to normal. I truly believe there are doctors out there that can help you. I found a doctor after seeing almost a half dozen who finally figured out my problem. I can't be fixed but my pain can be kept at tolerable levels.

Keep seeking the best doctors in the country if needed till you find the one to help you. Until the seek the help of a Pain Management Center.


Im 13, I'm a girl , The story starts in year 9 (8th grade) when i first gave a hj , i was dating this guy for a week, 1 week later , when i was still dating this guy, i gave another guy a hand job during a R.S lesson.then me and this guy broke up.
a month ago i was peer pressured/begged/forced into giving a guy i had spoken to once a blow job , he hasn't spoken to me since.
today a guy friend came round and we were watching a movie and we started making out , he then put his hands down my pants and fingered me, i let him and he did it 9 times , i also gave him 3 hand jobs. I'm still 13 , I'm turning 14 soon . does this make me a slut?

Frankly I don't like the word slut. I never use it and never have used it. What I think is you have gained a reputation of being easy which is a reputation you do not want or need.

You should not be using sex to get a date with a boy. Doing so shows the boys have a total lack of respect for you. Being pressured, begged and forced to give a someone a BJ is RAPE,sexual harassment and assault. All are a crimes and punishable under the law.

Never, never, never allow anyone to pressure you or force you to do anything sexually you don't want to do. NO mans NO and STOP means STOP. Once you say those two words, either one or both, and a boy continues to pressure or force you to give them some form of sex. Then in the loudest voice you have you scream RAPE.

You are way to young to be engaging in this type of sex play. The boys who are using you this way may be satisfied for now. But someday, and that day will come, a boy will want sexual intercourse. He will be bigger than you and he will forcibly get what he wants. If your real lucky he will only rape you. Most girls are not that lucky for once these boys realize what they have done they hurt the girl far worse.

You already have the reputation of being easy so getting the boys to respect you and to stop trying to get you to give them BJs or HJS or to allow them to finger you won't be easy. But you must stop. If they try to force you, you must yell rape. If a teacher or another adult intervenes you tell them what has happened.

Your probably thinking I don't know what I'm talking about. Well I wasn't born a father and grandfather. I was once your age and I was one of the boys who ran after the girls who had the reputations of being easy. So yes I talk from experience.

Now it is up to you. Slut is not a word I use or ever used even at your age. I do believe you have earned a reputation of being easy.


if my teen daughter sends a picture of herself to a guy she knows in her underwear and bra, should i allow her a new cell phone or no?

I agree with fortylove. You may have to buy her a new phone. That does not mean you get her the phone she wants.

The I am thinking of may not be available, you will have to ask you cellular carrier, if they have a simple cell phone only available. One that does not take pictures or send text message. These phones are usually available as phones to the indigent as 911 phones but may be available to you as a child phone. This phone allows you and she to communicate and nothing else.

You need to stop her from having the ability to send the kind of pictures she is ending for they are illegal regardless of her age. In fact even though they are pictures of herself it is child pornography the sending of which is illegal.

She and you as owner of the phone in many states can be charged with distribution. The receiver and his parents, if they own the phone, can be charged with possession and distribution if he passes them on. Social websites such as facebook and google are cooperating with Police and the FBI to crack down on this type of crime.

They are not just doing so to criminalize what children are doing as they think of as fun. But to protect them from sexual predators that lurk on social websites just looking for this type of child porn and then friending your child.

So by all means take away her phone and do all possible to replace it with a phone that only makes phone calls.


Okay, 19/f 19/m
Been together for almost 2 years.
Beginning of relationship, I told him how against porn I was- it made my parents relationship end in divorce, so I've been highly against it.

He told me he would do it, blah blah blah.
I've caught him doing it 4 times a week, for a whole month. When I found out, he lied. Than I showed him my proof, and he admitted to it.

Well, about 6 months later, he did it again- lied about it, of course, and swore to me he would never do it again.

Everytime I've caught him, I begin to shake like I'm cold, my finger tips get froze, and I can barely breathe.
I feel so ungood enough. We have sex, not as often as he'd like but we are LIVING under my parents roof, and they say NO sex, so we try as often as we can.

He told me he never wants to make me feel not good enough, and he would really stop.

I gave him another chance.

Well, tonight, I found porn on my computer. He visted three different websites, 6 times a piece, not sure when it started, but I'm sure it was just the past couple of days.

I'm shaking, I'm heartbroken.

What should I do?
Porn is one thing I will NOT being able to compromise on. A real man would respect his woman and not do things that hurt her.

I even tried have sex with him atleast four times this past weekend, and he didn't want to, and let me tell you, my boyfriend is ALWAYS in the mood.

Btw. He proposed to me in Feb, 2012- Idk what I should do.

I feel sick to my stomach, and I feel so betrayed.


I can't and I won't tell you what to do as far as your relationship goes with your boyfriend/fiance. That is not what I do here. What I try to do is help you see the different sides of the problem you write about and what can be done to rectify it. That is if I see a way to correct what it is you are writing about.

The first thing I see in what you have written is that you have in away been traumatized by pornography in that as you say, it caused your parents to divorce. This is the first problem that you need to analyze and resolve. Yes resolve for you have not had the chance to make up your own mind concerning where and if pornography has a place in your life. Your parents, your mother, has passed her own values on pornography on to you. This is not wrong, this is in part what parents do. The trauma, your parents divorce orver this, has locked in what mom passed on.

Lets face facts, pornography in its many forms is all around us. We are bombarded by it all day everyday. From sexy advertising to soft porn love scenes on made for TV movies. The magazines we read and some of the advertisements we see border on pornography. Did you know at one time the ads we now don't think twice about for women's bra's and panties could not be run as they are today on models as that was considered pornography.

Fact is that it is not much of a leap from what we see every day to what your boyfriend/fiance is viewing on the computer. There are no statistics to back this up, but I would say today most healthy males do view pornography on a computer more than once or twice a week. Some couples even use it to spice up their sex lives.

As I said in the beginning I believe you have been traumatized by your mothers feelings on porno and its relationship in breaking up your parents marriage. Before you go throwing away a 2 year relationship that you seem to enjoy in all other aspects; that you speak with a a therapist to get a professional view point.

Their is nothing wrong in disliking porn and you have every right not to view it yourself. What I see as wrong and harmful to what is other wise a good relationship is your unwillingness to compromise on this point. I believe single and when your therapist thinks it is advisable, joint counseling will help you save this relationship. That is if you want to?

The question know becomes do you want to save this relationship?


when I was 15 I noticed that my penis was below the average size it should be so I hoped it would grow as I got older now im 18 and its still the same size will that make women laugh or walk away when im about to have sex pr do something with them?

You are not the first young man to write with this question. The first time I saw this question I did some research and found some results i think you will find interesting. Below is the answer I gave the first time and have used since.

According to the latest Ansel Research Survey; the average male penis when erect is between 5.1 & 5.9 inches long.

Keep in mind that this is the average, the middle between the largest and the smallest, above the micro-penis (below 2 inches in length). The survey states that size varies based on age, time of day, level of excitement and ambient temperature.

What you are born with is what you have. There is no way to enhance, or enlarge a penis even with surgery. Penile surgery is usually done to assist those with erectile dysfunction when there is no other medical solution that will help.

Average Vagina Size

Length 3 1/2 to 4 inches
Diameter 1 Inch

Length ("tented) 5 to 6 inches
Diameter 1 1/2 to 2 inches

As you can see by the size chart of the average female vagina. Any penis over 6 inches in length and 2 inches in girth is larger than the average vagina can easily accommodate. A larger penis will cause a woman with an average sized vagina pain during intercourse, especially if the male is not a thoughtful and considerate lover.


I'm starting to really hate, and despise my best friend's mother. She's too strict, and cultured. They're from Pakistan/Afghanistan. I've known her for like 5-6 years.

Anyways, I live in an apartment building. She lives 2 floors down. Her mom won't let her come over to my house because it's my step dad's day off from work.

Honestly, that is so insulting because my step dad is not a fucking rapist or a sex offender. I told my friend that him and my mom are out shopping anyways, and her mom is like "It doesn't matter, because he's going to come home anyways."

That is so insulting. Not just to my stepdad, but to ME and to my MOTHER. What kind of people does she think we are?

Xenolan is correct in what she has written. I would have written almost exactly what she has written. This has all to do with culture and nothing to do with you, your step-dad or you mother.

They may be recent immigrants to this country but their culture stays with them. There is nothing you can do about this and please do not take offense. IF her mother were to allow her to come to your home her father would most like demand she wear a Burka which covers her from head to toe. I doubt you want to cause her to wear this.

If she attends public school and does not were a Burka it is because they are bending to the law it does not mean they condone it.


Inalways black out when I stand up from mostly laying down but sometimes sitting down too. I normally black out for like seven seconds and get really lIgutheaded and have to sit down. Once a month I will fall down and start shaking back and forth for about a minute. I eat a lot and do track and cross country. I am 15 F thats about 115 lbs.I hate soda and only drink water. What could it be? What should I do? Thanks.

Xenolan is right in the fact that you need to see a doctor. Blackouts such as you describe are usually caused by a drop in blood pressure when going from a resting position to a standing position.

This should not be happening to anyone least of all someone your age. Not being a doctor and not having the ability to examine you if I were I cannot say what the cause is. There are several tests the doctors need to run to determine the cause. None of these tests are painful or scary.

You need to tell you parents what is happening and see your doctor as soon as possible. If this happens again before you see your doctor call 911 and have them take you to a hospital Emergency Room. Yes it is that serious.



So I nanny for a family who I feel is always taking advantage of me. They asked me to bring the kids to the beach which is 18 miles, one way. Im fed up and that's really far and it will be an expensive day. How do I go about asking her for gas money?

thanks! Also gas is not included in my salary.

I would start by sitting down with your employer and asking them to commit to paper just what is expected of you as a nanny. If outings for the children are expected then you should at that point ask for reimbursement of expenses and just what expenses are allowable.

Among the expenses would be mileage reimbursement at the current federal rate of $0.55 a mile, parking, entrance fees for you and the children and food you may be expected to purchase while on an outing with the children.

Once your duties as a nanny are on paper both you and your employer should sign the paper and make copies for both of you. When asked to do something not agreed to in advance, say watch the children on an unscheduled day or evening that is cause for extra pay at a pre-agreed upon hourly fee which should be agreed upon and on your list.

You could call this list an employee contract or performance requirement contract; which is what it is. There is nothing wrong in having your duties spelled out for you as you are an at will employee.

Your employer also needs to let know when they are going to be unexpectedly detained at work an unable to be home to relieve you on time. You may charge them an overtime rate for staying late but more importantly you need to know in advance so you can adjust your plans for the evening an make notification if you need to. This is also just common courtesy.


Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost two years now and he is a great guy. I have nothing to complain about him. He treats me very well and I really do love him. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. There's only one catch though. I'm sexually bored. I never am in the mood with him anymore and I never feel like doing things or having sex. I feel bad because I love him to death and I know I should but I'm never in the mood. He took my virginity and for awhile after that I loved being "with" him. But now, it's different. Im not sure why I am like this. I really don't understand. I love him but I never want to have sex anymore or mess around. Why am I like this? And what can I do to get out of this funk?

This may be caused by your birth control pill if you are on birth control. The hormones in the pill may be overriding your libido. Talk to your GYN about this you may require a different medication or a different type of birth control.


K so im 16. My boyfriend is 17 and his brother is 16. My boyfriends brother wasn't really in his life until this year. Seth was so excited to have drew back in his life. Drew had been into some bad things but he was doing so good and moved into an apartment by where we live and getting a job. Seth, drew and I were always hanging out. So since me and drew were pretty good friends when seth went to new york with his step dad, I helped seth move things into his apartment. We were watching movies later and drinking beers and we both got drunk but he was really drunk. I was really feeling good so I suggested we take a walk on the beach. When we were walking, he started saying things like thanks for giving me a chane and being my friend and noones every been so nice to me, I feel so alive when I'm with you. Then he was like, we have connection and he grabbed my waist and was like, seth doesn't have to know. And I said no drew stop . But he kept trying to grab me and then fell on top off me. He kept kissing my neck and lips and rubbing my waist while holding me down. I was yelling asking him to please stop. Then I punched him in the back of the head and almost got away but he pulled me back by my shirt and scraped my chest with his nails really bad. He was taking off my shirt when I kneed him in the balls and ran away. I know I should tell my boyfriend . But he has andger issues . He was really trusting drew to change . If he found out he'd get really mad at drew and I honestly think if they got into a fight he might kill him . And seth and drew weere becoming so close. Drew keeps calling me and apologizing, saying he's so sorry and didn't know what he was doing and I never had to worry about it again but I get really scared when anyone even seth surprises me and grabs my waist or something now. And I don't fell comfortable making out with seth or something sexual because all I can think about is drew on top of me and I push him off and feel like I wanna cry ! What do I do ?? Don't talk to me about pressing charges, id never do that and I genuinely don't think drew will do anything like that again . But what do I do about seth???

You were sexually assaulted this is a crime punishable under the law.

What I believe you need to do is several things. First you were sexually assaulted. This by itself is traumatizing enough and you need professional help to put it behind you.

I would like you to call an organization that can help you. It is called RAINN which stands for: Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network. They operate a 24/7 hotline of professional volunteers who will talk with you and then help you find professionals in your own town to help you through this. The hot line number is 1-800-656-HOPE.

Next you really need to tell your parents what happened and let them tell the police. Sexual assault is a crime, a violent crime that even though you where not physically hurt has scared you in many ways. Part of putting this properly behind you and allowing yourself to be intimate again with a boy/man is having proper closure.

Proper closure in instances like this usually involves a punishment for the person who has hurt you. The proper punishment here is to allow the police to handle this. If he has texted you about this save those texts for the police.

As to what to tell Seth? At the moment tell him nothing. Wait until you have spoken with your parents and the police and see what action the police take. After the police take their action Seth should come to you . That would be the proper time to tell him what happened.


I am currently on a low dose birth control pill. I have a light period every month, I am happy however, I need to use an alarm to remember to take it.

I want to switch methods but I'm nervous since I haven't had any kids yet, and I know most methods are for women with children already. I also need to find an affordable method. Suggestions please with good and bad.

There are alternatives to the pill that are just as effective. We are not doctors and it would be wrong for us to recommend or try to prescribe a different medication over this website if we were doctors.

The proper way to make a change in the type of birth control you are using is in consultation with your GYN. He or she is the person most familiar with your medical history and can offer you the best choices based on your medical history.

I suggest you contact your GYN for a consultation.


I don't enjoy sex cause my husband is always tired, what should I do?
And I am 23 years, should I give up? Cause its been a lot time.

Not being a doctor I can't say if something is medically wrong her. Though if you and your husband are of the same ages and your husband works a normal work week I believe medical intervention is required.

I believe there is something physically wrong with him, possibly low "T" (Testosterone) or he may be depressed. Being constantly tired is a form of depression and could be related to stress at work.

Again I am not a doctor and these are the two most common factors that came to mind. Both are serious conditions that need to be addressed by his doctor. There are other conditions I'm sure which could account for his constant tiredness. Just how serious they may be I don't know.

You are both two young to be giving up on an important part of married life. Especially if what I am thing could be the problem. Both conditions I'm thinking of are easily correctable with medication.


Okay so, I have a brother named joseph who is 16 and I'm 15. His best friends names are slaid and ryan and they're over all the time! I've known them since I was like 4. So this all started about a month ago. They were over and me, slaid ryan and joseph were all watching a movie. Joseph went upstairs to make popcorn and slaid and ryan were just staring at me. Then ryan said, "woah kennedy, you've grown up nice." And I was confused so slaid was like "yeah, you got super hot! And your tits are so....big!" And ryan said, "yeah I never get tired of staring at those !" And I was like. "Guys, stop..." and ryan was like "oh hahaha are we embaressing you?....well you look super cute when your blushing." Then he leaned over and started kissing me while his hand was going under my shirt. When I tried to pull away, I tripped and landed on the couch where they were sittingand he grabbed my waist and started kissing me again . Then we heard joseph coming down the stairs so ryan got off of me really fast and acted like nothing happened. After a while slaid was like, "hey ry, I think its my turn. Joseph can you go get some drinks." So when joseph went upstairs again, slaid pulled me on his lap and started kiss me and rubbing my boobs. And I punched him and told him to get off but he wouldn't . And then he started to take my shirt off so I screamed . Then jo rushed downstairs and I ran up to my room before he could ask what happened. Now the boys always look down my shirt or grab my boobs. And whenever josephs not around they grab me and start kissing me or grouping me . And they always text me things when were all togehter like, "I'm staring at you boobs" or "let's fuck" to embaress me. I want them to stop because its weird but it actually doesn't bother me that much . I think I should tell me brother though....how should I tell him???

What was happening to you was a sexual assault. It is a form of rape. You said STOP. Stop means STOP especially when it comes to matters of sex.

What I would suggest you do is tell your parents what has happened. Your brother could back up only part of what you will say happened. The two boys will probably deny everything. The fact that they will makes no difference to me as a parent or as your father if I were your father.

The first thing I would do is ban those two boys from the house unless you mother or I were home or maybe ban them from the house all together. The next thing would be to have a serious talk with their parents. I might even talk with the police.

The one place you should feel absolutely secure is in your own home. They violated you and the security you should feel in your own home. They need to be held accountable for this.

At the moment I am getting more and more incensed as I write this. Enough to say I now feel the police should be called as they have committed a crime by attacking you. Yes they attacked you. They may have thought they were teasing you but they crossed that line when they first laid hands on you.

You need to tell your parents. From what you have written your brother did nothing wrong here. He came to your aid when you screamed. His friends probably told him they were teasing you. As I said the teasing stopped and the violation of law started when they touched you and you said STOP.

So tell your parents and I suggest it be made a police matter, by calling the police and letting them handle it.


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