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Well i have blonde hair and blue eyes((which blondes have more fun)) iam 5'0. i am datig the best guy in the world and he is the WoRLD to me. and i guess that is it...if you want to kow anymore than ask me!
Gender: Female
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Age: 15
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People are always saying not to do anything until you're totally and fully ready. Well, my boyfriend is ready to finger me and I want him to and i want to be ready but can i become ready? (link)
okabout the h/j i dont really ever give those BUT if you dont want it on you then get a paper towel and tell him that you are going to celan up after wards...if you do then just go with can normaly tell cause they move alot and you will feel it before it cums.ok abot the fingering ..... i was only going out ith my boyfriend for 1 1/2 monts before we really got into that..i have to ay is that i mae him wait soo i can see how he was. you just need to know if you want it then do it but if not then dont. its black and white. ut i you want to ak anythiing else jut ak me ten
*love britty*

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