I use to be on this site all the time. Got sick of reading the same exact questions and basically copying and pasting my answers because no one cared to read questions asked before them. So I left and haven't really been on here.
Ps. I'm not perfect and my advice isn't always right. & sometimes I choose to make it sound like you will get hurt more than you actually will to prevent people from doing stupid things. Like if I get drunk what can happen? Well i might just say you can die.....stretching the truth but I think its better than having people go out and get drunk. Plus you can die but you would have to have alcohol poisoning.


okay well i was looking into buy an iriver (the small version) and i noticed there are so many of them out there! doesnt anyone have any recomenddations on a certain one? i know i want one of the little ones i think they are shuffles but still have a small display screen on them. i want it to hold atleast 100 songs, be brand new and under like $125. any suggestions on which one is the best? i want one that i can take to work out with me if that has any impact on your answer. if you have a dif iriver you want to tell me about go ahead even if it doesnt fit my standards as long as its not bigger than like an ipod (not nano) and holds at lest 100 songs

I know you asked about iriver however I just wanted you to take a look at iaudio

I have it and I love it. It's actually better than iriver. I hate ipods because everyone has them so I wanted something else. I believe the ones I was looking at were iaudio and iriver. Iaudio is actually better. Just wanted to let you know. It's more expencieve but it all depends on what you want. Good luck.


okay well i was looking at iriver and it says you can have up to like 34 hours of music but the largest copasity you can buy is 1gb so i asked on here how many songs is that and everyone said about 60 so how do i get 34 hours of music if it can only hold like 60 mp3 format songs? if this helps at all this is the one i was looking at


It has a star by that and if you looked at the bottom of the page it says
" *Up to 34 hours of music using Windows Media format at 64kbps. **1GB equals 1 billion bytes, not all memory space available for file storage. Product may differ from photos. "

Hope I helped


As you probably know their are many ways to self harm yourself other that cutting. Well since I don't like knifes I do other things. Such as bruising myself, banging my head against the wall, scratching myself until I bleed, picking scabs, and punching myself. Well I cannot stop. I am not in control of it its my emotions. I think I'm very ugly because I cannot get a boyfriend.
And alot of guys think I'm ugly, and I'm not fat I'm actually short and skinny. I just don't understand why guys don't like me ... so I have come to the fact that self- harm is better. It makes me feel better. I dont know why. I cant control it. Help?

Hurting your self isn’t going to solve your problems. It becomes an obsession and a very bad one at that. The problem starts when someone tells you you’re ugly, you start to believe it and it goes down from there. You take over for that person and start telling your self that you’re ugly or stupid or what ever the case may be. Don’t let those people win. If no one has told you this then I’ll be the first. “You are worth a lot more”. Tell your self on a daily bases that your beautiful, that you have a purpose in life and don’t need to hurt your self. Look into the mirror and say it as many times as you need until you start to believe it. I’m not a professional but I would try to do those things. Talk to people that love and care for you and see a councilor at school. Talk to people that make you feel good about your self and try to be positive. Sorry if I was repetitive.
I wish you the best of luck and I hope you get help
ps. you are only 13 and guys all always going to be idiots but at this age even more than usual.


does anyone know where you can go online to listen to music... (the whole songs not samples) without having to download anything...
easy 5's for help



heyy what your sn and how do you download thee script font...thanx soo much ur relly helpfull=)

ok go to this web site
download the font
then go to my computer
local Disk (c:)
then the folder in there called Windows
then find the folder called fonts and drag the file you downloaded into it.
Be very careful not to mess anything up while in the windows folder it operates your computer.
Hope I helped :)
anymore questions just ask


i have wonderd this for years. if for example your from france and you move to england, and you learn and talk in english, do you think in french or english. like if you were thinking about you shopping list or working something out in your head, what language do you talk in your head?

hahahahaha ok umm it all depends. At times I think in Russian and at other times English. It depends what I'm thinking of and which language you feel more comfortable talking in. Like for example if I like someone I will usually say stuff like "I like him" in English. However since they are always Russian at times I do say it in Russian. When it comes to shopping lists they are usually in English unless I need something that you can't buy in an American store. If I just read a book in Russian I will usually think about what happened in Russian, and the other way around for an English book. It’s very hard to explain. But if you ask me it all depends.
Hope I helped at least a little.


helpp i really want to make my aim profile relly good and i want to put part of it in script...does any1 no the font fot it cuz i tried everysingle font on my comp n none of it is what im looking for

i rate 5's

I'm not sure if you have this font on your computer but you can down load it if you want. It's called 'Vivaldi'. If you don't know how to download fonts I can tell you if you ask me. It's a really cute front, I have it in my profile now :) Hope I helped


Ok My cat has just had 3 kittens. They are 1 girl and 2 boys. I have named one of the boys Shaddow and I need to more names 4 the girl and boy cat! I don't want happy names I like darker names! Thanks! (no Smarts either please)

if you said what color they are that would help.
Hope I helped though


does anyone know any really good color code sites?




Why are people so quickly to state that something is RACIST?? COME ON in a time of distruction we shouldnt be blaming other people but helping each other. NOT stealing guns, loitering places, shooting each other and raping girls. USE YOUR BRAINS if you shoot the rescue choppers down cause they want to take sickly, elders,and childern before they take you away then there not going to want to come back. Its pretty said when cops commit sucide so they dont have deal with people and are afraid of dying.
grrrr.. im sorry for the miss spelling and grammer errors but this erks me very much

How can people use their brains if they don't have any? Come on now a logical person with come up with what you said but after being through what they have they have no more logic. It's pretty sad and all but nothing can be done to change it.


Thats sort of what i am doing now i guess you say. Cause about a month or so ago one person who was our friend for quite a few years we told off cause he was lying and coping off with an attitude. And both of us are just alike when it comes to liars we hate them and dont buy B.S. And i was going over to her house for the weekend there for a while and her mom loves me to death, she said i was like another son to her. And her sister me and her became real good friends over the last year. Her sister is like somebody i can talk to about anything. I used to be able to talk to this girl that i really want to go out with until like 3 weeks ago or so. Cause that old friend of ours tj somehow came back in the picture with one his other friends jason that we both knew. And as of now her and jason who are going out. But get this her mom, her sister, and me dont like him. We got a bad feeling about him. One like he might be flat out trouble. But she wont listen to nobody. This girl that she is real close friend with didnt even know that her and jason was going out. And her close friend said the same thing we did and that is that every since her and jason went out she has been acting different as in weird. Me and her use to talk once evryday but now its like its once a week. I am afraid to call her for some reason, So i mean what am i suppose to do? Her mom and her sister really want to see us go out and are going to try to think of a way to get them broke up, And i am trying to help them think of ideas myself but cant think of much. But at the same time they got to be careful cause of the fact she can pretty much get up and leave move in with this boy she is going out with who is fixing to be 18 by the way. So my next question is do you know of a good way for her mom and sister to break them up? If you have yahoo messenger i do to and my screen name and email address is dtdement85@yahoo.com feel free to email me or IM me.

hmm thats hard. I will think about this and get back to you. I do have yahoo. {xoloveintheairox@yahoo.com}


alright, i have a boyfriend. but theres this guy that i'm really good friends with that i talk to a lot. i'm not sure if he knows i have a boyfriend or not, so i don't know if i could really get mad at him for this...but everytime i talk to him he always says baby or sexy. like when he talks to me he'll be like "hey baby hows it goin" and stuff like that. he tells me he likes me all the time so i know he's not kidding around when he says those things, but i just don't know how to get him to stop without coming off as an idiot. should it really be a big deal that he says it or should i really try to get him to stop?

Well it's up to you if you want to make it a big deal or not. If it makes you uncomfortable then you should get him to stop. You can come right out and tell him "Hey I'm not sure if you know this, but I have a boy friend now and I kind of feel weird with you calling me 'baby' and 'sexy'" If you want another way to tell him just ask.
Hope I helped :)


Ok well the only reason I am writing this is because Im hoping that if I write everything on mind down it will make me feel better...so If you dont want to read it don't...Ok well I feel like I am the NICE girl! Has anyone read the Ode to the nice girl I read it on a website but I dont remember which but if you have u know what I am talking about... I feel I can never be more than just afriend with the guy I like... We are serioulsy becomming like best friends in my oppion like i can tell him anything! I mean anything except that I like him... Its just way to weird for me to be like you know what I like you! So yes I am so mad I mean ok He told me one time that he doesnt talk to his exs cause its way to awkward for him and i dont want to end up like that... he also told me today that he found out that so many girls like him and there proabably hecka pretty... But really i am so confused I found out taht he went through depression for like a year...And liek we talked cause he was saying that he was feeling down and stuff so I was trying to cheer him up but i mean see how good of friends we are! He tells me so much and im really starting to like him but I am like really being the nice girl! I dont want to be just nice! I want to be more! I dont know why i am feeling down at the moment I just want to be here for him, I wanna be happy for him, I want to be happy for us... I am like ugh! anyways i dunno I just want to be happy... anyone wanna make me laugh or something... well anyways thanks for reading this... Bye...

Yea I have read what you are talking about. (I have the site it if want it). I have been in your shoes myself and it’s always a hard thing to deal with. Trying to drop hints is good but most guys don't get hints you have to come out and say it. I mean you can try putting things into hypostatical situations and stuff and asking him if he would ever consider you in that way. You can have a friend ask him like who he likes and stuff. But really just be friends with him. If you stay close enough to him and share enough with him eventually he will start to wonder about you. I've had that happen as well unfortunately it was to late I didn't like him anymore. But finding great guys is hard so when you find one don't let go. And if being friends is all that you can be for now take it. I know that you wouldn't want to mess up your friend ship of you did go out and it didn't work. But how do you know it won't work if you do go out with him? You have to take some chances in life. This might as well be one of them.
I hope I helped you think about this. If you have any questions or want to talk through an instant message I'll be more than happy to talk to you. :)


Ok i have liked this girl for a quite some time now. I have asked her out quite a few times. Two times i asked her she said not yet cause she was afraid that our friendship would fall apart. But recently she sent me an email and said she was thinking about considering my offer. So i waited to see if she would tell me a for sure answer. Never got one so i emailed her back and asked her basically is it a yes or no. She said she dont think so now but when she is ready to get in a serious relationship I would be the first to know. And every since the first time i asked her out or sort of hinted to her she has been in my dreams. There has been those where is just like a normal friendship thing on some but then again i have had quite a few bout me her and her little boy she has, being out on our own with a decent house, cars and what not. But the really weird thing was in a couple of my dreams there was another kid in the picture and evidentally i was the dad of it. And then i have even had a dream with me and her getting married. So please tell me with all these dreams i am having bout her what does that mean. I have told her exactly how i feel bout her i mean every little thing and showed and told her how much i care and really love her and her little boy. I will go was going over to their house on the weekend and helping her do whatever wheather it was work on their house, take the trash out for them or even feeding her baby while she slept. I dont know whether this mattered or not but i told her sex wasnt important to me. It was us getting together that was important to me. And as far as how i do feel toward her i have never felt like this at all towards anybody. So my question is, Is even though she aint going to go out with me now, Could the way i feel bout her maybe being the one be true?

You can never say never so it can very well be true. It's not a positive yes but yet it's not a no. Just stay friends with her for now and see where it takes you. If you care for her as much as you say you do then in the end she might care for you as much as you do for her. She might just be scared to get into a serious relationship in fear of getting hurt again by someone she cares for. I'm guessing that’s how she got her child. So wait it out and see what happens. She might be the one and you will never know unless you wait to find out.
Good luck, if you need anything else just ask :)


i need a website with layouts for myspace! please help! (good ones) I WILL RATE FIVES FOR ANYWEBSITE WTH GOOD LAYOUTS!!!!!!!!!! please please help me

Enjoy, hope I helped


What's the best kinds of women's deordorant that smells good? And don't say Lady Speed Stick, because I hateee that. Thanks.

Secret Platinum, get clear gel as well so that you don't have that annoying white all over you.
Hope I helped


this girl like made out with her sister like 3 times! shes going into 7th grade! and when she was doing it shes like "i got horny and i wanted to like hump the wall!" i was like WOAH TMI!!! but is this normal for her? she said she wanted to practice and she had to do it on real lips otherwise its not the same! and she doesnt have any other siblings. also, her sister is 8 years old!

It is NOT normal. It's disturbing and she can scare her sister by doing this. Think of it this way, if she had sex with her would that torment this 8 year old? The answer is yes, same goes for this. If she wants to practice on real lips go find a guy or a girl if that’s what she goes her own age. And to get horny by your own sister is sick.


i have big boobs for my age.all the guys stare at them, especially when i lean over to get something off the floor.
one of my friends that i've known for like, 8 years is starting to like, pay attention to me, alot. he plays with my hair, lets me copy his work, and is always like, hanging all over me. at first i thought it was him just being cute, but then he and i were playing around in the hall after school and he (i think accidentally)tripped me, and i grabbed his arm, accidentally pulling him down on top of me on the floor, when he said "um.. sorry", looked me in the eyes, and got up and helped me up.
what makes matters worse, i have a boyfriend that lives a couple states away. i love him with all my heart and i think he may just be the one,but hey i'm still under 18..
anyway, my boyfriend thinks this guy is a creap and wants me,for my protection, to stay away from him. my boyfriend(let's call him jonathan)thinks that this guy is perverted, at least a little, and either wants me for my personality, or for my boobs.
but jonathan is positive that the dude wants me... like.. sexually, i dont know what to do..
i am not interested in anybody but jonathan at all whatsoever.
i have no idea what to do. i want jonathan, like.. bad. and jonathan wants me just as bad back. but the other guy, just keeps popping up.
how can i stop being so friendly with this guy,without being mean, so he'll go away???
i rate high for good answers

sorry this was so long.

If you don't want to take the direct approach of just telling him to back off. Then you can try mentioning your boyfriend a lot. For example if he plays with your hair say "I miss my boyfriend he would always smell my hair and pretend he didn't but he would always play with it" Even if that’s not true just so that he gets the idea. Say thing while around this kid that would make him think that you are devoted to 'Jonathan' and would never mess that up.
Hope I helped. If you need anymore help or what me to clear something up just ask.


what would i have to do each day to get a six pack?? aww i really want a six pack but idk what to do to get it?? please please help me! ill rate high!

Just do some crunches everyday or sit-ups and you will have an amazing six pack.


hey guys!! i'm the pickiest shopper and my fav stores are hollister and abercrombie but i need to find more shirts but i can't find any. do you know any besides macy's, sears, jc penney's, forever 21, pac sun, tj maxx, and ross??

Other than what you have said you can try these web sites, you can find these stories near you
Enjoy, hope I helped


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