I use to be on this site all the time. Got sick of reading the same exact questions and basically copying and pasting my answers because no one cared to read questions asked before them. So I left and haven't really been on here.
Ps. I'm not perfect and my advice isn't always right. & sometimes I choose to make it sound like you will get hurt more than you actually will to prevent people from doing stupid things. Like if I get drunk what can happen? Well i might just say you can die.....stretching the truth but I think its better than having people go out and get drunk. Plus you can die but you would have to have alcohol poisoning.


Does every girl eventually go on birth control?
I'm only fourteen, and I haven't disscussed it much. (I'm not sexually active, nor plan to be in the near future) But I read somewhere that since every girl gets birth control that they have many ways to take it (Pills, etc)

So is it true that every girl has to/does go on the pill?

No every girl does not go on birth control.
There are patches and pills and everything else you can think of however its not the best thing to do. It causes your period to be irregular and messes with the hormones in your body. Although you can now have sex wit out a condom they don't yet now all the long term effects of this. It can however in some people make it harder to become pregnant when they are ready and want to later on in life. Your best way to go is to just use a condom. Until you are ready to conceive a child. However if you do plan on using birth control talk to a doctor first to find out whats best for your life style and body.

Hope I helped :)


Okay, I know that if you google it or go to certain sites you can find lyrics for a band or whatever. But for t.A.T.u, I'm trying to find the lyrics in Russian. Not translated into English. Well pronounciation help would be nice. But I wanna know how to sing their songs in Russian. Anyone know a site that can help me with that? Thanks

Hmm well if you can understand Russian, I hope you can read it.


It's in Russian just click the songs you want. It's there official website so the lyrics should be right.

Hope I helped.


I'm really desprete here. I've just wasted an hour looking for the lyrics of the song A List Goes On by Starflyer 59 album name: Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice. and I can't find it anywhere. If anyone can link me to a site I will honestly love you forever. Because I need it for school and of course I waited until the last minute. Or the Song "What Belongs To You" I have no clue who it's by. I think they are both Christain songs just because of what came up in the searches I did.
If not does anyone know any songs about lists, and what belongs to us? That would also help. I have to compare a poem I choose to a song. And I can't find a good song. The poem is called "What Belongs To Us" by Marie Howe.

Thank You ALL
Sorry it's so long
I promise to rate!

The Second Song "What Belongs To Us" Is by Bill Gaither and the Album is called Harmony in Heartland


about a year and a half ago i did something so stupid. i cut a strand of hair in front of my head thinking it was no big deal because i just wanted it gone. then i realized it would grow back. so i shaved it but then i let it grow for awhile..then i couldnt take it and tweezed it.. that lasted for awhile but then recently i couldnt stand the random baby hairs i had in the front of my head from tweezing it so i shaved them off. you think i wouldve learned after one time..but no. so now im stuck shaving this area of stubble in the front of my head 2 times a day..which gives me razor burn and since its on my head it looks like acne. i just dont know what to do anymore. any suggestions of how to undo this mess?

I would try to let it grow out. The more you shave something the faster it grows back in my opinion at least. So if you let it grow and don't tough it for a while and were to shave it again it would take more time for it to grow back. Other than that you can have it laserly removed.


ok well um lately i have been feeling like i may not only like guys when i look at gurls i dont feel like there just freinds i am afraid to talk about it with my freinds to see if they are going through it to im 13 is this normal????

Yes. It's perfectly normal. A lot of people go through this. I think a way to tell if you are bi, straight or gay is by seeing if you would want to do anything with them. AKA go out, kiss.. etc. If you are willing to do it with both guys and girls you're bi. If only guys you're straight and if only girls you're gay. Just looking at girls and examing them isn't everything, nor is thinking they are pretty. But if you are willing to do something then I think you might be.


Ok, first of all I'm very self concious about the number of friend I have so I was wondering how many is a good amount? Or just any advice on that problem at all?

Next, I'm starting a new school next year and going to camp this year and all that jazz. Do you have any tips on making new friends?

It doesn't matter HOW MANY friends you have.
As you grow up; you realize that its less
important to have more friends && more
important to have real ones.
Quantity isn't important quality is.

Just do some things you like to do. AKA play a sport and meet people who like the same sport. Join a club with people. Get involved. If someone has a problem listen to them talk about it. You can usually make more friends by being intersted in them and not trying to make your self look good.


Whats better as just a laptop to use for personal use for me, a mac or pc?

I would say PC. Have you ever used a mac before? If not they are pretty hard to get use to. But most people that do get use to them can't seem to go back to a regular PC.
So if you have used a mac and like it then the choice is yours, but if you haven't I don't recommend getting one. I love PC's =)


ok when i got my song on there it wont let me add the song to my profile how can i change that?? i have tryed messing with the setting on it

You mean your regular myspace? If so you have to sign in on that account and go to your music page from that account. Then just press the add button by that song.


i know its more than one question - but its all the same topic so i just put it on one.. sorry.

1) if i reject a question - does it go to be public?
2) if i ask a public question [ like this ] - is their like a maximum number of answers?
3) is their a maximum number of favorite columnists you can have?

if you can answer all 3 - automatic 5.

1) Nope if you reject it, it even tells you that they asked only you and therefor no one else can answer if you reject it.
2) Nope
3) No


ok so i wanna upload music to myspace music how do i do that?? i made the account for new artest but how do i get my music on it??

Go to where it says edit profile.
There will be a category called manage songs
Then Upload a new song.
Hope that helped. Any more questions or need a better explanation send me a message.


helo. i need help with my myspace.
does anybody know how to hide your comments?
i cannot figure it out.

*i rate.
xO sammi

put this code in the bottom of your who i'd like to meet section

tell me if that doesn't show up


how do you know if ur bi my friend thinks she might be

14/f (shes already gone through puberty)

Well a lot of people go through a time when they look at the same sex and may find them attract, but for the most part they are just curious. The question that might answer your question is "Would your friend be willing to do anything sexual with someone of the same sex" ie- kissing, sex...
If the answer is yes then she's probably bi if the answer is no then she is most likely just curious.
Give it some time and see if she still is attracted to females it might just be a phase.
Hope I helped =)


im 13/f about 5'2, 5'3 ish i think ?
anyways i weigh almost 100 lbs and i think thats too much. im not even big, so idk
is that normal for my height/age?

Nope you're not to big at all.
You're most likely less than/or a size 3 in jeans and trust me thats small hun. You're actually under weight so don't worry about it and eat normally =)


i need some contriversal (spelling?) topics that are school apropriate. 5's to anyone that can name a few. thanks so much (:

stem cell research
sea section births
should cell phones be allowed in school
what is the roll of a male and female in a family
gay marriage
all the one's young grandma said are good


i keep falling asleep in his class. i'm a junior and have the most dreadful class of american history. he's a great guy, don't get me wrong, but the class feels like it lasts 2 hours...and i keep falling asleep halfway into it. i try to stay awake and still take notes, but half a sentence into writing i suddenly wake up and find that i have only scribbled every other letter together into a giant mush.

he mostly talks, and his notes on the screen are just for reference (very little), so you have to pay attention if you want to know what something means. any advice? what would be the best way to take notes on his speech: outline, bullet, sentence, etc. thanks in advance.

Abbreviate words so you can write faster (short hand) and write with bullets just stating facts sentences take to much time. Don’t write everything down just what seems to be important. If you just can't seem to stay awake ask the teacher if you can record the lecture. Take a tape recorder and that way even if you fall asleep you have everything he says on tape.
Hope I helped.


i was wondering about codes, like codes to make text bigger, italicized, bold, and things like that. But the code that i reallyy would like to know is how to change the text color! SO, if anyone could give me that code or give me a site to get that code i would realy apreciate it :] Ill rate i promise!!

Text Here =size

Text =Bold

Text =Italic

Text Here =Color

Just take out all the starts
Not sure if it works on here but that's what I use on myspace.

Hope I helped!


Ohkay , my friend likes my friend. and I don't know what to do. and I don't know what to tell him or to help him, out, and All i can do is listen. But my friend she's engaged. and she loves her boyfriend dearly. But I want to give him an advice that will make him happy. WHAT CAN I DO ? OR WHAT CAN HE DO ?

There is no easy way of doing it but if she's in love and for goodness sacks engaged then he should stay away from her. Try to introduce him to someone new or find a way for him to get over her. If he tells her how he feels that will only make them distant and you don't want that. So just listen to him and try to help him get over her.


HI, I'm 15, female. Ohkay , theres this guy I like. and there is an age difference. BIG AGE DIFFERENCE. wells, he thinks that I'm to young, but he likes me, and he seems ashamed of my age, and he acts like I'm not old enough for him, and thats gets me kind of mad. and Like when were with his friends, he turns boyfriend on me when we don't go out. and He seems to care alot when I talk to my guys friends. when there is nothing going on. YAH KNOW ? so like, And we been talking for about two months now, and we haven;t seen eachother for about 3 weeks now ? wells yeahs. He haven't asked me to be his girlfriend either. I don't know what to do. I feel stupid for being with someone that cares about my age so much. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ? WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO ? HUH ?

It would be nice to know what the age difference was. Because he can be acting like an older brother who's looking out for you and making sure that his friends don't start hitting on someone so much younger then them. He may care for you but you have to find out what he's thinking and where he wants to take this. No point in trying to go forward if he's not going to have anything to do with it and just hurt you by not asking you out.


I have a boyfriend and he is really nice. He is always very sweet and considerate of me. He has made it clear that he really likes me alot and I like him too.

He sounds really outgoing on the phone, but then at school he is so nervous, he can barely talk to me. My friends and I get the feeling that he thinks I'm really popular and experienced which actually, I'm not. So on instant messenger he kept saying, "Were going to make on on Monday and school" and he always calls me "babe" on the phone or computer. But then at school, he is so nervous around me.

So, is he a jerk, or just one really nervous insecure kid?

I have no clue why you would think that he's a jerk.
He's just a regular guy that can't speak when he sees a pretty girl. It happens. Girls aren't the only one's to act scared and nervous. You should just try to loosen him up. Act stupid so that he sees its ok. Make him feel like you won't judge him and it's ok to mess up. And most guys seem to like when the girl makes the first move. So try to kiss him out of the blue when he least expects it. I'm sure he will be stunned and will feel better about him self.
Hope I helped
Any more questions? My mailbox is always there!


does anyone know if you can use backgrounds from other sites like coshed.com and paste them as backgrounds??
if you can how do you do that? 'cause i've been trying and it hasn't worked

Paste them as a background where? It gives you the code for your myspace. However if you are talking about your desktop background, then just right click on that image and click on "set as wallpaper". If it gives you just that one square; then right click on your desktop hit properties then desktop. Find that image and where there is a drop down section for position-hit tile.
I hope I helped if not sorry your question was very vague.


Ok then
save the image you like. Upload it to photobucket or another hosting site then go to Column Settings
and where it says
"Page background image (URL):" paste in that link that you get from photobucket or the other hosting site.


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