I use to be on this site all the time. Got sick of reading the same exact questions and basically copying and pasting my answers because no one cared to read questions asked before them. So I left and haven't really been on here.
Ps. I'm not perfect and my advice isn't always right. & sometimes I choose to make it sound like you will get hurt more than you actually will to prevent people from doing stupid things. Like if I get drunk what can happen? Well i might just say you can die.....stretching the truth but I think its better than having people go out and get drunk. Plus you can die but you would have to have alcohol poisoning.


Okay, I know how to add a song to my profile. But, I want to make a seperate page for specifically music. How do I upload music to make a new profile just for music?

Ok well unless you have copyrights to the songs you're not supposed to. Just saying it so it's out there. However


You have to just sign up there and make a page thats for music only.

Hope I helped :)


I'm making a bookmark and I need it to be about reading and have a short catch phrase. For example, it got be like Got books? or Reading a good book.. priceless. It can be anything catchy, and it can be from a tv commercial but it doesnt have to.

all ideas appreciated!!!!

reading my anti-drug

It's like reading, how can I stop?

Hmm if I think of more later I'll add to it.
Hope I helped :)


You have to fight for your right to READDDD!!! haha

These are so corny, sorry!


hey does anyone know if One Tree Hill's season is over? its not on on wednesday nights anymore and i'm wondering if it ended or what? maybe changed time?

Season premier is in two weeks. :)


ok well ima a girl and a couple days ago i went to my aunts house and she has a son and he's my cousin.were both 14. well we kinda like each other alot and i guess we just set aside that we were cousins. well we ended up sleeping next to each other and he was touching me, like my boobs and butt and all that stuff. and well the next day we ended up making out like the whole day..and the thing is i liked it alot and i know it's wrong to like your cousin but i can't help it. why does it have to be so wrong? we both love each other and we have ever since we were little kids, we practically grew up together. i just don't know what to do, he kept asking me things like are you a virgin, do you wanna live with me when you grow up? and im just so confused on what to do, i don't want to end up having sex with my cousin, but then again, what if i do?, and what if i like it??! please help me. i need all the advice i can get.

Although I agree with everyone. It also depends on what kind of cousins you both are. First, second or third? If first then I really won't recommend it. I have a friend however who's parents are married and have 4 beautiful and healthy kids and I was told they are second cousins if I'm not mistaken. So although it is frowned upon in society and you really shouldn't do it, it also depends how close of cousins you are and how close the blood line runs. But honestly sweetie, try not to. Try not to be around him, and tell him how wrong you feel it all to be and that you can only be friends.

I wish you the best of luck


Ok, for the last couple weeks, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate housewives havn't been on at all! Where are they and when are they comming back?! I've done searches on the web, asked around and watched a bunch of teli to find out but it doesn't say ANYWHERE! Where have they gone?

Yea they are on break. I believe Grey's Anatomy is coming back on 01/04/07 the episode is called Don't Stand So Close to Me...I don't watch the show so I'm hopping its not a repeat?


Sunday, Jan. 7th's all-new Desperate Housewives!


Just go to their official pages or abc because they broadcast them.


my friend lets say JENNY is turning 16.
now, her parents left her best friend CINDI in charge of inviting ten people. So CINDI wanted my help trying to decide who to invite.

the thing is we want 5 boys and 5 girls. but we don't know whos shes friends with besides us! and we can't study her and watch her interactions because we don't really see her all the time.

so whats a good way of asking her without asking her?

Tell her something like, you were thinking of having a party and inviting everyone and since you don't know to many of her close friends you would like to meet them and want them to come. So she should tell you there names and numbers just in case. Call one of them up and get them to help you get the rest of her friends. & the myspace thing will always work thats if she has one.

Happy New Year and Good Luck!


i know this sounds stupid, but what exacctly are friends with benefits, please i dont know, and if someone could help id be sooo greateful

It's just basically two people who are just friends who do other things together. While a lot of people say they only want to be friends when sex and emotions or even making out get to a certain level feelings get involved and it's not always the best thing. But hey if your single and just want someone to mess around with it's your choice.

Happy New Year :)


i just recently got trillian and i share it with my family and everytime i change my pofile, my familey's profile changes to the same thing. how can i change that?

any help is GREATLY appreciated
♥ flaggal

I'm pretty sure that there no way of doing changing it. Trillian has a lot of glitches. ( direct connect, file transfers, webcam....) That just happens to be something you can't control. You may try to go on there web site and see if they have any plug ins for it. But honestly I doubt it. I've been using it for some time now and if I change my away message on one thing then the rest have it (aim, icq, yahoo, msn...) Or it just lets you put a basic message with one of them. You can't customize a lot of things. However you weren't very specific on if they are merged accounts or how exactly it's all set up soo maybe I'm dead wrong. I just answered it on what I believed you meant.


Go to there forums and see if anyone posted anything on it. If not ask the question your self.


heyy...i have had my period for about 3 years now...and it is still irregular. Is that normal?

Yes! Some people never have a regular period.


Alright, I know most teenage boys have looked at/look at porn. I'm pretty positive, considering the fact he just got all these pay channels in his bedroom, that my boyfriend does. Will it ever get to the point where he is more attracted to the girls on the screen than he is me? And if that happens, is breaking up the only thing to do?

I know I'm nowheres near looking like any of those girls you'd see online.

I've watched talk shows and psychologists talk about this and this is what I took out of it all.

They actually said its healthy for him to look at porn. As long as its done in modernization there is nothing bad with it. It might even put him in the mood more to be with you and can be educational, this way they don't cheat on you but watch what other things they can do. Now I know this makes me sound like a guy answering the question but trust me I'm now.

Hope I was at least some what helpful :)


how much is it

Photoshop CS 2


Thats the newest version though. If you want to Just get Photoshp CS its the version made right before this one and its actually not much worse.


You can try to find it somewhere yourself for cheaper or second hand. If maybe someone has it on ebay or something.


what are some side effects of birth control? i know it probably changes from person to person, but what are some.. thanks

You can be perfectly fine but you can develop cancer with some and a lot of other things.

Just take a look at the site and make sure you do research before you decide what is right for you. Talking to a doctor is always the best way to go though.


Hope I helped :)


I was just wondering if anyone could find out where i can get this purse and how much, and also if it can be done online. thanks alot.



Thats the only one I was able to find. Sorry


I have some questions about channel handbags-

--» How do you tell if it is real or fake?
--» why does it matter if it is real or fake?.. i mean like whats the difference is it a bad thing?
--» If you get it in NYC does that mean its fake?
Or they could've stole it from a someone selling real purses?
--» sorry if that is too much to ask but i got i purse and i dont no if it is real or fake?

I'm going to guess they don't use the same material to make it and the tag in side doesn't say channel unless its a really good fake.

Well if you don't care if it's real or fake then it doesn't really matter. You can just tell people its real. I just know I would be pissed if I payed the money for a real one but it was a fake. Yea I mean if its fake its the black market and they can go to jail for it if caught for selling them.

It doesn't mean its fake if you got it in NYC. But if you got it from a guy standing outside, chances are its fake. Gotta love NYC heh

Honestly I can't tell you 100% with out looking at it.


E'very time I sign into myspace, i put the correct email&password and i click "Log in" but it takes me back to the log in page. THen i put my emial&password in again and it takes me to the same log in page again. What am i doing wrong? i know its myspace and not a virus because at the top it says login.myspace.com etcetc

Make sure your computer doesn't have caps lock on. It's key sensitive. However it might just be acting up. Click the button that says you forgot your password or e-mail and have them send you it. If they do and you still can't log in contact Myspace them selves and tell them what happened. & they will probably try to help but it will all take a while.


does anyone know of anything free or non-free that you can download/buy to edt your pictures? ex. teeth whiter, tannner, delete certain things on your face, change eye color, & so on.

dont care if it doesnt have it all

I love photoshop for basically everything. However it is very expensive.


You can do everything you listed and a lot more with it!


Alright, so I have over a hundred CDs of programs for the computer, such as games, art, informational, etc. Most of the games are for younger players though (younger than 15) and they're also sort of old. Also, most of them are from before there was Windows XP, but I assume some will work on XP.

Anyway, I have no use for them since I don't play them, but maybe someone else will. What should I do with them?

Try to sell them on e-bay.
i would say a garage sale but its a bit cold for that. Ask around if anyone wants them. Or just donate them to charity. Like the Salvation Army.

Hope I helped :)


Ok this might sound like a very ODD question but when me and my boyfriend are like making out or something, not even getting hot and heavy, i tend to get REALLY wet really fast, then by the time we do start getting hot and heavy and he wants to do something, its kinda embarassing because im so wet down there already. I soak through jeans sometimes. And It's highly embarassing. Anything i can do?!

You just get horny. Nothing wrong with it. & he won't mind it either. So don't be ashamed of it. Its a natural process. Try to maybe use a lite days pad so it won't soak through your jeans. & Keep an extra pair of underwear in your purse just in case.


My family is far from rich. My mom and dad are both on social security. I only have one pair of jeans and it's emarrasing. I have to wear the same pair of jeans every other school day and everybody notices. I've had these pair of jeans for over a year now and they are so worn out. The insides of them are so holy. And they are so washed out. I have no money to go out to buy any jeans. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?

You can try to make holes in them your self. Its the trend now a days anyway. But you can try to go to second hand stores and buy jeans. I've seen jeans on sale for like $5 in regular stores. Or you can try to go to a church or Synagogue and ask for help. There are places that will help you get clothes and food.
Try to find a people to people location near you.


Thats where I live. Try to maybe contact them and see if they can help you or if there is a location by you.

Good Luck I wish you the best in this coming year.


my friend is 2 months late on her period and has taken 2 pregnancy tests from the store and both came out negative but she is worried she hasnt started yet. her breasts are sore and she says she notices her stomich looking a little bit bigger. i am the only person that knows and i have to find a way to help her!!!

I don't think your stomach even grows by two months. It's most likely in her head. But anyway.. how old is she? Has her period always been on time? Just to be safe I would go to the doctor. If she doesn't want anyone to know. Then go to a Planned Parenthood near you.


It's confidential and they have doctors.

I hope everything turns out well.


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