Hey everyone!My name is Brina,I've been on this site for a few years, after not being on for a while, I figured I'd start up again, having more knowledge then before! I'm 19 years old and am going to be a sophomore in college this coming fall! Please feel free to ask me anything!



I know this isn't really asking for advice, but the last few days I was just thinking about this and wondering why the people here joined.

I guess it is just out of pure curiosity. I would have just posted this in the moderator forum or in the supporter discussion, but I'd rather see why everyone joined rather than just those who have been here for some time and such.

So, why did you join advicenators and why are you still here? What about the site made you want to stay?

I'll probably be one of the first people to answer this (I'm not going to answer it in the question).



I've been around for like 3 years. My friend introduced me to the site...and after like a month i decided to join advicenators...I really love helping people...it makes me feel like I've done something nice for the world...yeah...



I really am not trying to sound conceited and brag to everyone that i'm pretty, I have better things to do. But adults always say that i'm very pretty and that I have the body and face to be a model and everything. But boys just don't seem to notice me. Like if you looked like a model, wouldn't alot of guys like you? For example, [I DONT LIKE MY COUSIN BEFORE U READ THIS!], my aunt was like fixing my boy cousin's hair and was like "oh there now you look cute, i'd date you if I was your age" then she is like "jamie would date you, if she wasn't your cousin" [im jamie] He's like "HAHA yeah but I wouldn't date HER" Then another time at school this girl is like "you're really pretty" and a guy was sitting with her and he just laughed. Why don't guys think i'm hot? i'M confused! By the way, i'm going into 8th grade.

Guys your age are stupid and mature.Stop thinking about what others think of you, and take a look at yourself. Wow, that sounds really harsh, totally not meant to. lol. Just, dont focus on what other people tell you, and what people dont. Their will be guys out their that think your pretty, no worries. And your cousin? He was prob just being a jerk. lol. Hope I helped!



how come some people arent ticklish

I think its because they control their nerves, if they dont move, and dont think about being tickled...then they wont. I'm not ticklish...not at all! Hope I helped!



How do so many people get to go back stage at concerts and meet bands.

They could buy the tickets...or they know someone who knows the band ex. security...I went to a concert and got to go back stage because we knew a security guard...haha. Hope I helped!



i like them to be random
here are some i was thinking about:
ninja x TAYLOR
Zomgz x MOO
Zomgz x TAYLOR

if you think one of those are really good tell me.
but if you have something even
BETTER please tell me .


Those are some...I liked the Zomgz x TAYLOR one...haha. Hope I helped!



I was wondering what running shoes are best to run the track with.
I have Nike Shox, but they really hurt my legs when I run the track with them. However, they are good for running on concrete, like a bike trail. I also have other Nike shoes, but they offer no support. I've heard that asics are good to run in. Should I get them? Or should I get another brand?

Try getting Nike Air or Addidas Air. You can find them at Dicks or Finish Line! Hope I helped!



i have acne on my nose that NEVER goes away. i tried almost everything-- toothpaste, eyedrops, coverup, st. ives, & clean & clear. what should i do? dont say proactive or see a dermatoligist, and if you suggest products ****UNDER $10.**** i don't care how well they work, under 10 bucks please.

Find sort of like a loafa srubby face sponge thingy { picture url }. Their not that hard to find and their not exspensive. Put some warm water and soap on it and lightly scrub your face. Do this every night, each night scrubbing your face a little harder. After scrubbing, wash your face off with warm water, and PAT your face with a towel! dont wipe, pat. Then put some type of face lotion on your face. Hope I helped! Good LUck! The scrubby doesnt have to look lke that, just a sponge type thing you can wash your face with .

Picture of Scrubby thing :



think of your DREAM house.
and tell me something about it.
something special.
dont tell me "it has a living room"
tell me something different about it.
like how the hall, is a hall of mirrors.
or how the fifth floor is a paintball range or something.
or even somthing about the outside.
how all the windows are shaped like bongs.
or your secret garden right before the bar on the beach.
things like that.
thankk yoouuu

My dream house would have a music room, with every old jazz and rock records/CDs/cassetes, and a stage andddd a giganto back yard for 4 wheeling and a pool!



lately right after i told you about that party i went to and met that brother of my sisters room mate you sound jealous. and you don’t know why you were but to ask you this, what is going on between us? is something on your mind? what is bothering you? i did tell you how i felt and it is not right to play with my mind. you seem like you are not respecting how i feel and i don’t like it. just tell me what is going on! its time for me to move on and now it seems like you don’t want me to and why is that? you have no idea what i am going through, if you want to know then ask!
if u does care about our friendship then please don’t ignore this.
friends share!

ok well my reply is this... to me i don’t think its right to force someone into a relationship (even if you to did not talk much.) i don’t no if that’s how you saw it or not, but that is what i saw when you told me about it. and i did feel jealousy yes, i felt the same when you were going out with aaron and anthony.

i felt (for that split second) that if you did happen to get a boyfriend then we would not be as close of friends as we are now any more. i felt like i was falling behind in life. everyone seemed to be moving forward but me. and it’s not just you either.

i know you hate hearing about my family drama. but they have a part in it as well. you see my cousins are getting married... and there younger than we are!!!!! their ages range from 17 to 20. and when they talk about it i again feel stranded. it may sound stupid but that’s how i felt. i never meant for you to think i’m trying to play with your emotions.

if that’s not what you were looking for in a reply the e-mail me back ok?

talk to you later

chat room with me and jane

me: why do you think i am going to leave you behind?

lara: i don’t no really. it’s just a feeling i get some times, icy cold feeling

me: but i am not i mean i do sound like i want to move on but there were reasons why

me: but i not sure if i want to tell you why

lara: i guess i’m just afraid of what may happen when you move away

lara: we won’t get to hang out any more

me: this might shock you but i have to say this

me: okay the reason why i went out with anthony and aaron is because to get over u. i
hated myself and i wanted to die. i became depressed because of my stupid likings to you and i thought it will be the best to move away so you wont get in to my depression. i never wanted to tell you about it but i had to. i hid away from my problems and worry about everybody else but me. i don’t want to let go of you and the others and the only way to keep it strong is to always try to stay together
alee: i don’t have a choice i have to go but if i did have a choice i would stay. i don’t trust myself and i don’t care about myself. but people say you have to love yourself to have love share (something like that)

me: umm yeah that’s why sorry

lara: i guess i can sort of understand that

lara: i don’t want you 2 b depressed though

me: i can’t stop it

me: it won’t stop

lara: if you don’t mind me asking why do u like me?

lara: i’m nothing special

me: let’s see i ask myself that every day

me: the answer is i don’t know, i don’t know how it happened but it did. but i am attracted by smarts, mysterious and adventures personality and that’s what you are.
but i really can’t explain it, its hard to put into words.

me: that’s why i want to leave

lara: clear your head type of thing?

me: yeah that’s why i think

me: i got mad at you when you said you were mad when i told you about that guy i met. because i
don’t know if you liked me too and i didn’t want you to. i rather see you with someone else. but you said the reason why you got mad is because you didn’t want me to leave our friendship and focus on some guy

me: but i wont do that, hell i hardly pay attention to my last boyfriends i like to spend time with friends and family

me: r you still there? we can talk about something else if you want

lara: yea i’m getting ready 4 beds. i got work 2 marrow

me:can i ask you something?


me:did you wanted a boyfriend? because it souned like you did on your reply.

lara:no not really

the rest of the chat was about work, and thats was it.

i send this just to show you our chat about the situation
do you think she likes me or cares for our friendship?
or both?

Just to clear this up, the first part was emails and the second part was a chat room?I thought you were speaking to me in the first part, i was like, WHAT?! haha. Ok, sorry, so anyways. It seems like when it comes down for her time to tell you how shes feeling, she doesnt, like she said she had to go, and she did before she told you how she felt. So, their could be two different things going on, 1. she likes you, but doesnt want to tell you, or 2. she doesnt like you like that...anddd feels bad. She most likely deffinitly cares about your friendship...its hard to tell about if she has relationship feelings for you. If you need to talk more, feel free to IM me...MusicChick42891 i'm on right now 2:07 p.m....will be on for maybe an hour, or email me.



I just got snakebites and like them,but now would like some feedback as to what type of object should i use and which would look nicer?

1)silver rings

2)silver studs

3)black studs

now i'm having black studs,but i'm open to any suggestions,is black or silver better?

Make sure that whatever you put in the holes, its real. Like, real gold, or real/sterling silver. Because sometimes peoples new piercings dont heal so well with fake stuff. Dont wear like gigantic rings in them is my opinion, small rings or small studs would look nice.But, thats only my opinion. Do whatever you like! But,make sure about the type of stud/rings. I vote silver studs over black.

Hope I heled!


P.S - Dont forget to clean them! :)


for the past few weeks I have been eating great, exercising a TON and losing weight! But whenever I hang out at my friend's house, I eat a crazy amount of food! How can I control myself when I'm around all of that sugary junkfood?

Bring your own healthy snacks! Thats what I used to do when I was watching what I ate. Set your mind on something else.Chew a piece of gum instead. Hope I helped!



so... my birthday is in 3 days.
Everyone keeps asking me what i want, and honestly.... i have no clue
It makes them mad that they don't know what to get, and i don't want to frustrate them
I'm into elctronics and tech stuff
do you guys have any things along those lines that might interest me?
I'm not very picky

Just say to them, I'm not too picky, if you want to get me a gift card to best buy, or some other electronics store that would be fine. Ask for gift cards, that way you can spend the money on what you want. Hope I helped! Happy almost birthday!



Okay, I'm turning 16 in about a week. I've had my period since I was about 11.
I'm developed in the sense that I have breasts, my hips widened and I have pubic hair.

I was just thinking about it earlier, randomly, and I want to know how normal is it for a girl to be developed and years after getting her period for her to continue to develop? As in, her breasts grow more (not due to weight gain) or her hips widen more, etc.

Also, at what age do women completely stop developing?

Its normal for girls to still "develop" after getting their period....women stop developing when their in there early 20's i'd say. You can have growth spurts,and can be fully developed before their 20...this question was a little confusing, if you need more advice...let me know.

Hope I helped!



alright ive known this guy for about a year. and it is like we were made for each other right. but one problem, he has a gf. but the other night he told me he wasnt in love with her, and that hes in love with someone else. what i wanna do is play hard to get, because if i am the one hes talking about, i dont want to sound to desperate. i want him to want me, more than i want him. can anyone help?

Just be like, oh yeah? Whos this wonderful girl your talking about. And say to him, I really like this guy too. But when he asks you, dont tell him. Dont forget, try to um, wait to play hard to get...when hes done with this chick. You dont want a little cheating thing going on, ya know what i mean? Good Luck.Hope I helped



Yeah! So the title means what is going on in your life. Often times it makes me feel better when I read that other people have problems and that I'm not the only one who is going through a dark and lonely stage. Okay so what are you going through? I would really love to know how life's been treating you even if you're happy. I really want to know. Please don't get offened by my question.

What am I going through? I've had those dark and lonely times only a few times, because I really rather laugh then cry. My life is going alright at the moment. I'm done with my summer job, and I cant wait for school to start. Hope I helped...your need to know how others are? lol.



I became depressed and never liked myself because of who I am I want to run away from every one to keep them away from my depression. But I couldn’t hold it in, I told them what was wrong and they said I should tell Lara how I feel. I deny it for 7 years to not tell her but it got to the point that I was about to blow! So I told Lara that I am bi sexual and I am in love with her. Lara was in shocked but stayed there by my side to listen to me. She respected me and will try to help me as much as she can.

After I told Lara how I felt 10 months ago I went to a party and met this guy, nothing happen but I told Lara about it. She then got mad, she said she was not sure to be happy for me or pissed. I didn’t understand what she meant.

I told her that I am moving on and you are not making it easy on me. And she said she was jealous because she didn’t want to drift apart from our friendship and was afraid that we won’t be close anymore. She told me that she was jealous of my last two boyfriends in the year of high school. I told Lara that the reason why I went out with them is because I want to get over her and move on. And that’s why I want to move away to rethink my thoughts. She ask me why I liked her and I said i don’t know how it happened but it did. but i am attracted by smarts, mysterious and adventures personality and that’s what you are.
but i really can’t explain it, its hard to put into words.
I even ask her if she wanted a boyfriend and she said “no not really”.
I got mad at Lara because it sounded like she like me back and I didn’t want her to (even thou I do wish it)
Because I don’t think I can be good in a relationship because of me not believing in myself.
I told Lara that but she didn’t respond to it.

Everything is slowly getting together and right now I am letting things settle.
But I am wondering…

Did she like me back more than a friend or was she afraid of losing our friendship?
What does she mean “we won’t be close anymore”?
(The only thing of close I can think of is that she leans on me and holds me sometimes for no reason)
When she said she was jealous of my last two boyfriends did that mean she like me then in our high school year or she wanted a boyfriend?

Ok, sooo hopefully your the person that asked the other two questions! It seems to me like she might have feelings for you. Honestly, I can't tell you if she likes you or not, because i'm not her. Its good that you dont want to be in a relationship right now because you dont believe in yourself, except for the not believing in yourself. Why dont you? Everyone is special in their own way, you just need to find what makes you happy before you start a relationship. So, from what you've put in your question, you told her how you feel? Thats the best thing to do for the moment, wait it out, and see if she feels the same way. Talk to her, ask her if she does. But dont get into a relationship if your not comfortable with yourself. Hope I helped! Good luck.



I was dating my boyfriend for about a year and half when he cheated on me. He didn't just kiss another girl or hang out with her but he had sex with her at a party after we had had a fight. He didn't even tell me and i had to find out from the girl herself. She didn't even know i was hius girlfriend and she asked me to give him his ring back.( the ring was a promise ring we gave to eachother awhile ago) up until this happened i thought i could spend the rest of my life with him. I haven't talked to him since but he is always with my brothers. I just don't know if he went so far that i should throw away everything we had. Where is the line of going to far to be forgiven? Do i just give up and say let's be friends?

Its not you giving up. If he promised his love for you,which means that he loves you a lot, he wouldn't have done that. If i were you, i would deffinitly set him straight, and tell him how much it hurt you that he did that. Just because you guys had a fight, doesnt make it right to off and have sex with someone. I know you love him, but what if he does this again? what will your reason be next time to keep him around? If I were you, i'd take a break, or break up with him, let him know what he's missing. As for him hanging out with your brothers, and not even talking to you about it...thats just stupid, he's being immature by not talking to you about it, when you clearly know. Hope I helped! I'm online most of the time if you need more advice. MusicChick42891 or email me.



What else can you find out u r in love?
Instead of doing stuff for them, I am attracted to her personality and I like her company and I think about her all the time and I care for her, I just can’t think of why I do like her so much. (I just had this feeling inside that I can’t describe)

Theres a difference between liking someone,loving someone, and being IN LOVE with someone. Do you have any physical feelings for her, like, you want to hold her hand, kiss her, etc. I'll have more answers to your other question you sent me...

um, was that you that sent the question about lara...and the boyfriend thing...because if it is...i have more input...and i was going ot give that to you...but i dunno if that was yourquestion also...if it wasnt, i'll be happy to share the rest of my answer....


I know her for 7 years, I help her with her dramatic issues, I make her laugh when I don’t mean to, I give her a gift for no reason, when she wants the last piece of pie I give it to her, when she is cold I give her my jacket, and I wish for her to be happy.

I never had a crush before and she is my first one, I been in two relationships (guys) in my high school year but I never loved them (because I used them to get over her) and I only had one kiss. I think about her every day and it drives me crazy. I just found out I am bisexual and I don’t know....am I in love with her?

Your in love with her not because of what you do for her, but how you feel about her. No one can tell you if your love with her...those things that you do for her just could be because your such good friends with her. Figure out if you actually love her, and not just doing stuff for her. Let me know about that, if you actually love her in another question, i'd love to give you more advice about it.



i currently work at a seasonal amusement park and when i applied there, lots of my friends had done it and they higher anyone who applies, so you just go and tell them that you want to work and you basically have a job. well, after summer ends, i will need another job, but i'm not sure how to go about getting one. how do i know if someone is hiring if there isn't a sign, and then what do i do to actually get an application?

no guesses, please, i could do that,
but if anyone could explain what to do, i would be v. thankful.

Their doesnt necissarily have to be a sign up that says help wanted. Newspapers have ads in the them for jobs too. If you have a local grocery store, thats a great little job to have, just go in, and ask if their hiring, if they are, then ask for an application. Any other places just do the same thing. Hope I helped! Happy Summer!



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