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Welcome to my column.

I don't apologize for my answers. I speak to the audience, and in doing so I sometimes tell the audience things they don't want to hear or cant handle.

I believe in stands on principle. I believe that doing right for the sake of doing right is a good way to live. I believe in self awareness and encourage it in others. I offer the most unbiased viewpoint I have. And yes, I am only human.

Im going to tell you what I think you need to hear. You are not supposed to take what I say and follow it. You are supposed to take what I say and _think_about_it_

Oh, and feel free to ask me questions, but netspeak, ebonics, terrible grammar, and your teen angst about a crush will be ignored.
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I stopped smoking probably 3 days ago (May 22-2011) and I did usually smoke a lot. At least a bowl to three a day. I exercise quite frequently, as well as I drink plenty of fluids (water and green tea). My metabolism is I suppose ..average? I can lose 10 pounds a week if I wanted to. My body weight varies from 140-170. I was wondering, how long would it take if I continued exercising (mostly bike riding for the cardio) at least 1 hour a day for THC to leave my system? (link)
A month tops for urine, a good bit longer for blood.

The low weight helps, times vary some with individual biochemistry but since THC is stored in fat cells and you're an active person cycling fluids regularly that should speed it up. I'd say probably at least two and a half weeks. If you need to self test you can find self administered drug tests at some pharmacies. It'll take at least a few weeks though because you can only lose a certain percentage of your stored concentration per day. The more exercise and fluids the faster it'll out.

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Thank you! :)

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