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A quick note: If I answered a question and you have further questions for me, please include a URL link to your original question(s) so that I can be sure of what we're talking about. Questions that reference something we talked about a week ago that I can't quite remember are kinda hard to answer.

Welcome to my column.

I don't apologize for my answers. I speak to the audience, and in doing so I sometimes tell the audience things they don't want to hear or cant handle.

I believe in stands on principle. I believe that doing right for the sake of doing right is a good way to live. I believe in self awareness and encourage it in others. I offer the most unbiased viewpoint I have. And yes, I am only human.

Im going to tell you what I think you need to hear. You are not supposed to take what I say and follow it. You are supposed to take what I say and _think_about_it_

Oh, and feel free to ask me questions, but netspeak, ebonics, terrible grammar, and your teen angst about a crush will be ignored.
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this may actually come off as a rant but here it goes.

im almost 19 now and ive only had 1 real gf. but she was only concerned about sex so i had to break it off with her because of that. then one girl just wanted to come down and kiss me and try to fool around with me. so ive never really had a gf thats actually cared for me other than a way to get what they want. ive always been the out cast in school so ive had to form this hardened exterior appearance that shows that im not to be made fun of. due to this and the long history of being ostracized i have problems opening up[. the only thing that seems to happen is that i get hurt. due to all of the problems i have, such as being fat and never being able to find someone that is willing to be with me for me i have had many close calls with suicide, it is a cheap way out but it seemed at the time the only way that i could find to think of a clear way to end the pain i was feeling. my bother seems to be the only one of us to have no problems finding someone who wants him. due to societys stress on physical appearance i cant seem to find a way to be happy. i have long hair, fat, im very self expressive, and do nothing but play video games. im not to good with words when it comes to the point in which i need to use them. there was one girl that i feel in love with at first sight. i asked her out and was shut down. so now im holed up again inside, does anyone now how i could possibly get out of this rut and find some kind of companion that would actually like me for me? (link)
Pics or it didn't happen.

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i didnt have to change much but my openness. so that goes to show that have absolutely no idea what you are talkin about...and far as just puttin "a few measly paragraphs" and not actually tryin to help but try to make people more like you, show you dont need to give advice...offensive or not it had to be sayin im not worth anything was more than an offensive statement...therefore i am now back o my account here, WITHOUT changing ANYTHING about my appearance and i have a girl that ive been with for 6 months now and we are stronger than ever. reevaluate your so called "advice" before you try to give it.

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