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Let me just say ive been through EVERYTHING.
NO joke!
To prove it, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My best friend turned into the love of my life, got locked up in jail for a year, finally got out, betrayed me and after i took him back, then tried to kill me.

Im an only child whos lived with a 'crazy' mother my whole life. My father was also always out of town on work while I was growing up.

Drama/High School/Popularity:
I ran my high school... and yes, I know drama.

Yes, I know about sex. I wouldnt say everything but im willing to share everything I know.


lastly, friendss. I have a lot. But I also have
plenty of people who HATE me.

Like I said im here, i've been through a lot, and im a wealth of knowledge.

Willing to answer anything && everything or at least try. Inbox Me.
Website: BaRBiiE
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Location: michigan
Occupation: school
Age: 18
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i HATE alcohol but i love being drunk

is there any way to hide the taste?

chasers like soda and orange juice dont help

besides jello shots is there ANY way to get drunk without the taste of alchol? (link)
I am the ExacT same wayy!
heres my secret... SHOTS! :)
not just any though... the higher the proof (percent) of alcohol the faster you get drunk.
noww... peep this:
I like tequila because i like the drunk it gives me, but ive heard Jack Daniels is supposibly 80 percent (do some research). Anyways when you've picked your drink of choice take a coupple shot (id start off with 2-4 just to be safe) and after, have your favorite non-alcoholic drink on the side that you can chug after every shot along with your favorite gum or something small and tasty like candy that might shock your taste buds back to reality.

to literally "hide" the taste, try frozen drinks!

I just started being vegan almost two months ago. My boyfriend isn't full vegan yet though but we are considering having sex soon. I am sort-of concerned about condoms not being vegan but feel strongly that we should use condoms. I haven't really taken the time to look for this information but figured some Advicenators might already know:

Are condoms vegan?

If not, where can I buy vegan condoms?

If there is no such place then how can I tell if a condom is cruelty-free? (link)
Well i'd like to start off saying as far as i know of, the definition of a vegan is "a strict vegetarian; someone who eats no animal or dairy products at all."
Now with that definition, i'd also like to say you don't eat condoms. (lol) And they're are plenty of brands that are NOT tested on animals.

My favorite && trusted brand of condoms are trojans. They have been around for a long time and spend a lot of time on their research.

Here is the FAQ for trojan condoms, hope this helps!

(question for females)

does it really hurt the first time you have sex or do people jsut over exaggerate???? (link)
i agree with everyone,
its totally different for everyone.

for me, it hurt, but i was not calm, i was kinda scared, like i thought i was calm, but in the back of my head i was freaking out.

but i also didnt have my boyfriend finger me at the time, ever.

hope this helped

do guys like sex better if the girl is 'tighter' down there? i mean i know they wont care as long as theyre getting some lol... but if they had to choose... would they prefer it? (link)
my boyfriend says he likes it tighter.
he says its better.
its more enjoyable.
he says guys perfer a tight girl to a loose girl

wat are the girls supposed to do during sex? besides just lying there like what else?? (link)
honistly, everything will come to you when you have sex.
but, if you ask my boyfriend and basicailly any guy, they like it when you mix it up a bit.

heres some websites to mix it up with.

if you take the morning after pill corectly is there still a chance that you will becom prgnant (link)
i agree with the person under me.
i had to take the pill and when i got the information, i read it 24/7.
but i took plan b and i dont know what you took. recomended by my boyfriend cousin who knows a lot about that stuff.

ususally its easier when you can read stuff for real not just listen to other people.
but to answer your question, yes, their is a chance you can get pregnant still. but its a very slim chance AS LONG as you use the pill right.

heres the website for the plan b i was talking about... its very resourceful if you just take a look around the website...

can i hear your story? do you regret it? thoughts/feeling now? still in a relationship with that guy? or was it a one night stand? I'm just curiouss pleasee && thank you for readingg and respondingg =] (link)
well, im 15 and i lost my virginity at 15. actually i lost my virginity last april.
i dont regret it, for the most part.
i was in love with this one guy zach,
and then he got locked up.
their was another guy named jordan.
i really liked him too, but my parents would never aprove becuase hes black.
well jordan and i have been going out since january. We have known eachother for a few years and hes amazing. I know he loves me, a lot. and i love him too. he would never hurt me or pressure me into doing anything.
the best part is when we had sex he said he wanted me to have it at my house in my bed because it would be more special. and he was right. when we had sex, he made sure he wasnt hurting me. and it was awesome.
hes been such a good boyfriend.
hes so sweet.
i dont regret anything except for the fact that i always thought i would loose it to that guy zach. ever since i met zach, i thought it was going to be him. and i regret the fact that my parents dont like my boyfriend.
but no matter what, i love him, and he loves me. and we do everything together. it brought us closer together, but i was really scared to have sex. i was shaking like a dog when they get scared. he kept re-assuring me that he loved me and made sure i wasnt hurting too bad. i dont regret having sex with him though.
my advice,
not that you want it but,
just make sure you really like the guy.
dont let your first time be a one night stand.
thats it, i wont give any more advice.
if you have any more questions, you can comment my page.

my boyfriend wants to finger me, but im nervous because i don't completely shave down there, i think its uncomfortable. do guys really find it that repulsive if a girl isnt shaved? guy responses appreciated! (link)
well im not a guy,
but my boyfriend says that he would rather me shave. but he also says that he dosent care and it was up to me. i shave.

i think that its like touching your leg when its hairy or touching your leg when its super smooth right after you shave.

your most likley going to say when you have just shaved. and your boy would probally too.

you know, my first time i was a little uncomfortable because i didnt shave but after i shaved i was okay.
thats just me but...
i hope this helps.
if you have any questions feel free to message my page.

to get to the point i wanna have sex with this dude, itll be my first time im ready and all. i've thought it through but the only thing thats holding me back is i got these ugly stretch marks on my stomach and i guess im embarrassed by them i dont want him to see them. what can i do to get over this? (link)
while all of these answers are great! i have input too.

i will tell you,
i have ugly streach marks on my inner thighs. i was certin that my boyfriend would see them, and to this day, i have no clue if he has because hes never said anything about it.

Coco butter *Original formula* is cheap, it smells delis. and is used especially for stretch marks and to keep the body soft.

you can buy it just about anywhere.
i but mine at Kroger and CVS.

CVS has a wider variety if you ask me.
coco butter is defentally the best way to go though. it wont get rid of them but it will make them look better.
i promice.

any other questions you can message me on my page.

Okayy Okayy,

So i have this boyfriend.

We are thinking about sex.

I want to && everything but I herd that you bleed during it ..

I dont want to bc i think thats embarssing !!

What shuld i do ? Do you always bleed? (link)
okay well...
sex is a big dicision. i know everyone tells you this but im for real. im not saying dont do it but dont jump into it without knowing what your doing.

Enough lecturing,
its time for me to tell you all i know.
im still a kid and ill tell you what scared me.

Does it hurt? -it depends on how he is, but i thought it hurt like hell. Just tell him that your scared, and if you are embarrassed about telling him that then he may not be the right guy. He will most likley understand, and will try and be easy on you to make it more enjoyable.

Will i bleed? -most likley yes. but the best part is you wont feel it. You think that when you bleed its like getting stabbed but you dont feel it. i thought i didnt bleed untill i looked.

What will he say about me bleeding? -most likley nothing. he should know that most girls bleed so it wont come as a shock to him.

Should we use protection? -heack yes! please dont let him "pull out." thats so stupid. tell him you would feel so much better if he has a condom on. Dont give in.

websites also help. i found this one from my friend when i was super scared...

its great!
if you have any other questions or would like a person who has been through it, im your gal. just message my page!

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