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I first signed up because I saw really simple computer questions with no answers, and I just had to answer them. Today, my column still has more answers to questions about computers than anything else, but feel free to ask about anything. I can follow up on questions too.

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Before Twitter changed the layout a few days ago, I had a personalized background image. It showed up on every page of my twitter account: my Home, Notifications, Discover and Me pages. I am talking about the background image for the full page... not the banner header image or avatar image. Anyway, I made the switch to the new layout, and now, my page background image is only showing up in my back office pages but not on my "Me" page, which is the page that everyone sees. That is the page I need it on the most. I have been asking support and they don't answer questions directly. I looked on a few other people's pages that have the new layout and they have their background images showing, so why isn't mine showing? I have tried to change it and it changes on every page except for my main profile page. Is there a new process or is it just going to take time for everyone's pages to catch up or what? Thank you.

Your profile's background picture is now separate from your site-wide theme.

Here is a guide to customising Twitter, and here is a guide to the new profiles
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What does this command do when you install firefox? I was trying to install an add-on for FF when it said to do this from the command box and I got scared? Any people here who are smarter than me about these things? :)

This command installs the add-on for all users on that computer, as opposed to only the account you're using at the time.

To do that, you download the .xpi file for the extension you want, and then type this command in the command prompt:

firefox -install-global-extension

where is the location to which you downloaded the file.
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Not sure if this is the right category...but, I designed this logo on paper and I was wondering what the best way would be to create a digital copy. I do have Photoshop (very old version) on my computer, however I honestly don't know how to use it. I tried looking at Photoshop tutorials and it's very intimidating and I'm not sure where to start. I don't need to be an expert, just want to know how i can create my logo on the computer. Any advice is welcome.

If you already have the logo on paper, one option is to digitise that. If you have access to a scanner, use that. Otherwise, use the CamScanner app on a smartphone.

Once you have a digitised copy, you'll probably have to clean it up. Start with this guide for how to address specific issues.

To be able to find your more specific information, it would help to know a bit more about the features of your logo. Does it have lots of details? How many colours? Is it more lines or large areas of solid colour? These can be the starting points for you to look up specific guides to things you want to learn to do.
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is there a way to see only music videos on youtube so you don't have to see people doing dumb things to hurt themselves and everything?

One thing you can do is use advanced search operators to narrow down the results that you find.
This page has a list of operators:

In particular, you can use the minus sign to filter out keywords that you don't want. For example, if you want music but not pop, type "music -pop" (without the quotation marks).
It does depend on videos having meaningful titles though.

YouTube also has a safe search mode, but that's more for filtering out adult content. Here's a link anyway:
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My husband and I (mostly me) want to get our first tablet and we had decided on the Nexus 7 but then a friend told us we should get the SG7 tablet instead. It took us a long time to decide, and now it is all up in the air again! Is it that much better? Should we wait and get it, or...? Do you have an general tablet buying advice you could share with us?


The most important question is, what do you plan to do with the tablet? These things have lots of functions, but you'll most likely be using some of them more often than others.

First of all, let me make sure you are comparing these two?

The Galaxy Tab has 8, 16, or 32GB options, while the Nexus has 16 or 32. If you want the cheapest option, the Galaxy Tab 8GB might be the way to go.

The Nexus has a faster processor, and runs native Android, so it will be faster than the Galaxy Tab overall.

Update: Samsung has its own branded interface (TouchWiz) that replaces some of the original features of Android and comes with a set of proprietary apps. It'll look different from the original Android interface and have some additional features, but will require more processing power. In contrast, the Nexus doesn't have that (hence running "native" Android). You may or may not find the additional features useful.

Whether one is better than the other is fairly subjective. I find that it's mostly a matter of getting used to one or the other.


The Galaxy Tab takes MicroSD cards up to 32 GB memory, which would make a big difference if you plan to keep lots of files on it. (This is especially important if you plan to download videos at home and take them out with you.)

The Galaxy Tab has a better front camera, while the Nexus has a better rear camera. (Which will you do more often, taking photos, or video chatting?)
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21/f my Instagram account was hacked, and disconnected from my Facebook and email. Now I can't access my site at all it's so frustrating does anyone have any insight? I've done extensive research and Instagram unfortunately has no help center beyond their useless "help" page. Id like to at least delete my account!

Report the account for impersonating you.

This should get the account closed down.
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Can anyone give me a suggestion for another place to host my family homepage? Prodigy was bought out by AT&T I guess, so they are shutting down everybody's prodigy pages and closing down the free web hosting service for good.

First geocities closed down and now prodigy? Can anyone suggest something that might stay open when things nobody thought would ever die and shutting down? Thanks for your helpful ideas!

What do you need your web host to do?

Since you haven't specified any functions that you need, I'll just recommend two basic ones.

Freewebs ( offers quite a lot of functionality.

Google Sites ( is easy to use.
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I noticed when I was viewing my Facebook profile through "friends of friends" that my photo albums were not visible to them. I went in my photo album privacy and my photo albums were already selected for "everyone" I went to the facebook help page and it said this.

then I tried doing that, but the photos application doesn't show up. (Sorry I wanted to blur out some apps due to privacy reasons)

So I'm really confused as to what I do because I type in photos in the search bar and it directs me to the page of friends who have uploaded recent photo albums there is no "setting" in that page. I hope this all makes sense :/ but I would really appreciate it if someone helped me
Also, I noticed through my friends of friends profile that the box where you can put a quote or something your passionate about "peace, love, happiness" etc is also not visible to friends of friends. How do I make that visible also??

Facebook allows you to have different privacy settings for each album. You can do so on this page:

As for quotations, go to , click "Customise settings", and change the setting for "Bio and favorite quotations" to "Friends of friends".
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I just started a website called "Teensy Triumphs".

Users basically just drop by to share an accomplishment and to support that of others.

here is the link:

do you think it's a good concept?
how can I improve?
Also, feel free to post on the forum :)

I like the idea. It's just like Gives Me Hope, FML, and some others. Your site might just becaome as famous as one of those. Why don't you start off by posting some of your own triumphs?
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Can you fix your facebook wall so that only certain people can write on it? One of my friends... or acquaintances, had a birthday today and it showed on the news feed that people had written on his wall, and what they wrote.

But when I clicked the link that said "write on his wall" it took me to his profile, but his wall wasn't there... but others had written on it. However, the tab doesn't show up when i'm on his profile.

Is he just blocking me? Or can you fix it where you choose what people can write on your wall?

Yes, it is possible to block people from seeing specific parts of one's profile, including the wall.

The setting is "Posts by me" under "Things I share" in Privacy Settings.

Note that you can change the privacy settings for individual posts by clicking the lock icon next to the "Share" button.
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Hi, well i have been trying to spice up my myspace profile for a VERY long time. I just cant seem to get the hang of it. I dont know how to make that section visible, and that code didnt seem to work when i tried to put a pic on there. Im half tempted to give you my user name and password and you can do it for me. lol i just dont understand what the issue is? well my myspace is and my yahoo is but i get soo many spam messages on my yahoo it would be useless to message me on there. please help me..

I see BBCode for an image there. That's for forums.

The corresponding HTML code is what you need.
<img src="">

There's also black text on a black background. Which one do you want to change? (The text colour, or the background colour?)

For white text:
<style type="text/css">

For white background:
<style type="text/css">

You can change either to other colours too. Use a colour chart for the codes.
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Hey! How do you change the "Comments" and "E-props" to something else on Xanga?

The code is available on this page:

It works on my Xanga. If it doesn't work on yours, post a link and I'll have a look.
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I really can't figure it out! haha help me out? I need it to be private. thanks

Click "My Account" (it's on the top right corner next to "Log Out"), then "Privacy", and choose the privacy setting for each individual aspect of your profile.

You can also change the visibility of individual modules by going to the "Customise Profile" page and clicking the "Visibility" icon in each module.
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I have three hotmail accounts, and they're all linked, but i'm attempting to delete one account and I would like to unlink it. How would I do that?

And also deleting one linked account won't delete the other two will it?

Go to, sign in with your primary account, and you will be able to unlink them under "Linked IDs".
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is there a way to make a survey online that depending how you answer the question, it directs you to different questions. What i mean is like i want to do a survey that has different questions for males and females so like i'd ask if they were males or females and then if they were males it would direct them to the male survey and same for females. Oh and it has to be free too. Or very inexpensive. Please give me a website! thanks.

The function you described is called "skip logic" on survey-providing sites.

Kwik Surveys offers surveys with this function for free.

If you want other options, click the search button.

only search

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do you know how to make your myspace private? if not can you find out because i cant and i have to!


On the top right corner of any MySpace page, click "My Account", then "Privacy". (Or just click this link: ) That should give you the option to make your profile only visible to you and your friends.
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how come sometimes my friends count gets lower than back to normal again? do people deactivate their account then reactivate them? i keep noticing this.

If your friend count actually goes back up after a while, it's the most likely possibility. Some people deactivate their accounts when they need time away from Facebook. (For example, exam time, where people really don't need the extra distraction.)

Another possibility would be that someone has deleted you as a friend, in which case your friend count will obviously not go back up by itself.

Facebook also occasionally has technical issues that causes things to return to an earlier state. If that happens, other things will be missing too and it'll be obvious.

Next time you see the count go down, look through your friends to see who's missing, and ask them through any other means of communication.

If you can't figure out who's missing, face it, you probably won't miss the person too much anyway. Also, you must have a lot of friends.

(I'm guilty of doing this myself. At the time of typing this, I have 540 friends. I'm sure I should have at least one more, but I don't know who's missing.)

Make use of friend lists to sort your friends, so that next time your friend count goes down it'll be easier to figure out who's missing.

More importantly, if Facebook is actually your only way of communicating with someone who matters a lot (such as recently rediscovered friends or friends who moved away), now is the time to get their email address or phone number just in case they deactivate their account for any reason.
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How do I get pop up email alets on my computer for yahoo(not to my phone, on my computer)?

The official options are Yahoo Messenger ( and Yahoo Toolbar ( Which one you use depends on whether you keep your browser open all the time or not. If you have the browser open anyway and you don't use Yahoo Messenger, then you might as well just get the toolbar.

If you use Firefox, you also have the option of extensions such as Yahoo Mail Notifier ( This is not officially made by Yahoo (so use at your own risk), but it works. The advantage is that it takes up less space on the screen than the toolbar, and if you don't want the other features of the toolbar this might be what you want.
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You know the truth box thing on myspace? Well i'm always scared to leave things in peoples', cause I think they'll find out. I know that it's like supposed to be a secret, and on some you can get a hint what gender / age, but is there like another way hackers figured out or something? :/ Only answer if you really know.

You know, we actually get this question quite frequently.

No, people can't find out who said what in a truth box. Think about it. If someone managed to figure out a way to find out who wrote what in truth boxes, it'd be big news amongst MySpace users.

More importantly, if you don't want the other person to know you said something, don't say it. That's the only way to guarantee they never find out.
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I just tried to tag one of my photos on myspace and now it says "Stack overflow at line: 0"

The message keeps coming up (I use internet explorer) and I can't tag the photo on firefox either. What do I do?

This sounds like a problem with a site itself.

Report the problem to the Myspace staff to make sure they know about it.

Click the "Contact" link at the bottom of any Myspace page (or if you can't find that, here's the URL: and choose "Site Error" in the drop-down box.

That should give you some FAQ links and ask you if they answer your question. Click "No, Email Customer Service". This should take you to a page where you can type your email. Tell them about the problem and wait. (Chances are that someone else will have notice the problem and notified Myspace, so it shouldn't take long.)
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