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I first signed up because I saw really simple computer questions with no answers, and I just had to answer them. Today, my column still has more answers to questions about computers than anything else, but feel free to ask about anything. I can follow up on questions too.

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I have acne not too much just a bit so its okay I tried clearasil (didnt help) (stridex)didnt help what can i use to make my skin be clear before school which is in 2 days doesnt have to be right before it but just something to clear them up help please!

You can try lemon juice (but don't leave it on for too long) or tooth paste (leave on overnight)
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OK i think this is really sick, but for some reason, ionno why, but my dog love to sleep in the bathroom. I mean its not hurting me or anybody else. Can anybody enlighten me on why he does this every night?

Does your bathroom have different flooring from the rest of your home? If you have carpet may be it's too hot during summer so your dog goes to sleep on the bathroom floor... Of course, it might just be a habit...
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Hi im a 15/f. i love my friend to pieces but i *cannot stand* her family. her mom is constantly putting food in front of me and i feel weird telling her i'm full cuz everyone else is eating still and sometimes they give me weird looks. and after being over her house a while i get a really bad stomach ache. and her little brother is really cute but he hangs all over me and it gets so annoying. she just thinks hes cute. this website is like my last resort lol im so fed up with going over her house. her parents are strict too so its not like she goes over my house a lot either :-/ please help me!!

Try to visit when her family isn't at home, or at least don't stay for meals... You can also try to eat really slowly when you're eating with her family so they don't give you more food...
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Its been almost 3 years since my father died. And its just not getting any easier. I still grieve and have resentment to god for taking him. I sometimes take my anger out on my friends because i have no where to direct it, after wards i feel horrible. If anyone else has lost a parent and knows htings that helps the pain lessen that'd be helpful if you coudl share it. I know the pain won't go away but i just wish i wasn't constantly sad, crying or taking my anger out on my friends.

Try not to think about it too much, remember that you need to move on, being sad won't bring your father back... Counselling from a professional might help you if you haven't already tried that...
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Hey, I have an Easy Designer webpage. I know all of the HTML's and everything, I just can't figure out how to get a fixed background! All of the HTML's that are for fixed backgrounds, you need a URL for the background, but how do i get the URL if its saved into my documents on my computer? I understand that you right click and push prefrences but that doesnt work when I insert it into the HTML code! Please help!

Put image file in same directory where the HTML file is, or upload it somewhere like Photobucket...
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okay.. i know this song.. but i dont know who sings it or what its called.. it goes.. cuz bak home.. we love to dance.. and we can be two steppin or ravin to trance.. and when the party is krunk.. the girls back it up.. we got sytems in the cars and 20's on the trucks.. and its a country/rap song.. thanks.. i will rate

It's Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich) by Big & Rich...

You can find that if you look on Google... Just type what you know into the search bar in double quotes...
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i have a picturetrail account, and i want to add music thats not a MIDI. once i had some type of code that worked for a wav music that i put onto the intro page, and it worked .. but then i took it off to change it, kept the same code & all but it didnt work! and i can never get it to work anymore =( but i did ONCE so there MUST be a way .. does anyone know how?? thanks .. i'll rate!!!!!

Does it give you a box for adding the music URL or the code? You need to have the mp3 file uploaded somewhere that allows direct linking and put its URL in the box given... If you need to put your own HTML the code is <embed src=URL> (you might also want to specify other elements such as autostart and loop, you can find that on any HTML help site)
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Hey! I wanna dye my hair before i go back to school my hair is brown with like blondish color in it but you can hardly tell! I dont know what color to dye it. If you have any colors that would look good please post back! I also have a picture if you wanna see lol. My aim sn is - Pinkispimpin029

What colour do you want to dye your hair? Choose a colour that you like...
Obviously don't choose one that's not allowed at your school unless there aren't rules about that...

Have you got Photoshop? Try editing a picture of yourself to see what you'll look like with a different hair colour...
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i'm trying to get onto but my computer keeps telling me that "the operation timed out"......why won't it work?

Quizilla's server is very busy and it experiences a lot of downtime... Just try again later... I checked and it's alright now...
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Hi. You answered my question about Netscape 7.1. The Export option is all well and good, but it seems to just be for browser settings like favourites. I don't usually use Netscape as a browser -- instead, I use it as a mail client. What I want to do here is transfer all my old messages, and my passwords and so on so that I can send and receive messages as normal on Netscape on this new desktop. Right now Netscape has no user identities in it, so basically what I want to do is transfer the old identity to the new desktop. Do you think you could help?


Try opening the mail client window and click export from there... I never used the mail client so I'm really just telling you something general... I don't have Netscape installed any more and I can't install it now to check, because I'm using Firefox which cannot coexist with Netscape...
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Has anyone ever gone on a "water-diet"? nothing but then u eat something on the third day...?has anyone gone on this or know if it works??

Generally, not eating any food at all isn't good for you because it will slow down your metabolism... Drinking a lot of water is good for you, and drinking ice cold water actually uses up calories, so if you're trying to diet do drink a lot of cold water...
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I just created a new desktop on Windows XP. Is there any way for me to transfer my old Netscape Mail and Newsgroups info to this account?

In Netscape, look for an Export option that will allow you to export the mail information to a file that you can import in your new account... I don't have Netscape installed any more so I can't tell you where it is, but click on Help and search for 'export' if you can't find it...
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Ok, I need makeup tips. I'm 5'8, dirty blonde hair a lil past my shoulders, hazel eyes, fair skin, nd i guess an ovel shaped face. Do u have any color suggestions or makeup tips in general? thanks

Don't put too much makeup on, a natural look will always be the best...
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I have a Nokia 1220 Tracfone.. I need help with my ring tones.. I know how to use the tones that came with it.. but i want to download some off the internet.. but i dont have a browser on my phone. I also need to know how to make my own tones. i tried emailing tracfone.. but they didnt help me any. they just gave me a site to go to so i could download them...

Does anyone else have this phone and know how to download ring tones onto it..? And do u know how to make ur own tones for it?

AIM --xoxjeaninexox08


Does your phone support PC connection? Check on Nokia's website for a program called PC suite, it allows you to download ringtones and images from your PC, and you can also backup your phone numbers... If you use that you'll need a special cable that is really expensive, and your phone might not be supported, especially if it's an older one...
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hey does anyone have a customized column they did on there own with there own HTML? if so can i see it? i have mine customized (my user name is missmanda)

i need some more layout ideas.. etc! so anyone?

Your column looks good the way it is, don't change it...
My column is customized but it still looks really plain, what do you think?
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where can i get free ringtones..
i went to one and it says it charges 1.50 per minute would tat charge to my cell fone bill?.. but i would rather c if there is any possibility to get a free ringtone plez help asap!

What phone are you using? If you're using a Nokia phone you can download midi files on the internet and send it to your phone, but you need a special cable and that's really expensive... I'm not sure about other brands though, try looking at their sites...
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Ok..i started middle school and we break up in differant comuntities and we stay there for the whole three years! Anyway, there are four communties and say you got on one community (lets call it cy for short) you would NEVER see your friends in other cy's, ever!
Anyway, to sum it all up, my best bud iz on another cy and so i was going to change but;A.All my teachers like and are saying"Pleaze stay on Surfside(my cy)" and B. She doesn't seem to care that we are killing or friendship. So i waz just going to stay in my cy for the three years but now i'm having a really hard time making new friends. What should i do?P.S-Ask for explanation if you get confused

I think you should find new friends, but try to get in touch with your friends when you're not at school...
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ok here it goes: ok..i LOVE to write stories, poems, and song it's fun (the idea of doing it). I try but i just dont get anything good. Any tips?? thAnKs

Practice makes perfect! Keep on writing! Also make sure you pay attention in English class if you're a student...
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ok someone please please please answer this!! ok... i don't know where to get any pictures for my side panel of my column. where can i get them and how to i get the code??? someone please help asap!! i rate high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If there isn't what you want on the site I gave you, search for other sites on Google...
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well me and my boyfriend have been dating for some time now but it has been on and off..See I live with my dad during the school year and its about 45 mins away from where he lives. And I seen him only one weekends..And during the summer I go to my moms which is right around the corner from his grandmothers house.He only lives about 15 mins from my mothers house. And we see eachother just about everyday!! We have known eachother for close to 5 years now but only have been dating on and off for about a year. Now I am scared about us going back to school. Im afraid he will start to like someone else..and Break up with me..:-( That is what happened 2 times last year. But the 1st time after he broke up with me the grl decided she didnt wanna go out with him and he came back to me..and then the sencond time he swears to god he didnt break up with me for her..that it was because we couldnt see eachother for a few months although that was true I dont believe she wasnt apart of the reason! what should I do should I tell him I am feeling this way????

☼¥☼ CoNfUsEd 1 ☼¥☼

If you two should be together, you wouldn't have broken up before... Just be friends with him and don't be surprised if he starts liking someone else...
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