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I first signed up because I saw really simple computer questions with no answers, and I just had to answer them. Today, my column still has more answers to questions about computers than anything else, but feel free to ask about anything. I can follow up on questions too.

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ok, well i have this friend actully i would like to think of her as a best friend, cause she really is!! shes so nice and were really good friends or we used to be, but ne we never hang out ne more, i still call her one of my best friends cause she is! but i saw this one thing and it said her best friend and i wasnt on there, and i know u can have more then one best friend, but how do i find out if she still thinks of me as a best friend or not??

signed:am i a lousy friend?:

Why don't you ask her? If you're best friends, you should be able to talk about everything, and if you aren't then you shouldn't be offended or anything if she says no...
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ok i have a name in xanga but i want to put music on it... and make it look nice any1 got any good answers???

This is such a frequently asked question... The URL of the music file goes in the "Music URL" box on the bottom of the Look and Feel page... (
For making your Xanga look good try for specific codes... Also try learning about HTML and CSS for more customization...
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Alright well this evening I did 20 toyota jumps, 20 front to back, 20 side to side, 20 scissors, 10 moutntain climbers, 15 curl ups, 30 crunches, 15 obliques on each side, jogged for a WHOLE 12 minutes and 15 seconds straight, and then I stretched my legs out since I jogged for a while. I got really sweaty doin all this and all that good stuff and I was just wondering how many calories did I burn by doing that short exercise session?!

We can't really give you an accurate answer without knowing how much you weigh and how fast you ran and stuff like that... Try searching about the exercises that you did... There should be information on the internet that allows you to work out about how many calories you've burned...
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well my friend Amanda finch cuts. she cant stop. plz help she wants to kill herslef and i hope she doesnt! help! how do i support her?! i need ideans and QUICK!

Talk to an adult that you trust... This isn't something you can help her with on your own...
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I am going to start fencing because our university has a fencing club and I have always been interested in sowrd play so it is a logical decision. At any rate, my question is this. Should I start with an epee, a foil, or a saber?

Most beginners start with the foil according to sites that I found on Google...

Look at this for more information:
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I'm new this year at a school and I thought it would be so easy to make friends, and it has been thanks to basketball. But during school, the most people ever say to me is like...Hi! and then when basketball practice comes around they're all crazy. I'm a VERY talkative person, but going to the same school for all my life (except this year) I know what it's like to have a new girl and instantly not like them because they're not as tight with your friends or whatever. I'm saying I need to sharpen my social skills, but asking questions like, "So...what do you like to do?" isn't a question I'd normally ask. It's odd asking questions like what's ur fav color and i need help...

Try to discuss what's going on at school, like what classes you like and dislike, who gets more homework for a subject, and other things like that...
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okay, well i have a friend that has known for a REALLY long time that i have liked this certain boy..i am CRAZY about him...well she is "talking" to a boy we'll call him "tzp" and this boy that i like asked her out...and NOW shes askin me who she should choose...even though she KNOWS and has KNOWN for 3 years that i like him! UGH it makes me so mad...WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

Tell her to choose who she likes, remember that if the boy that you like asked her out, he probably won't like you even if your friend doesn't go out with him...
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i take Communication Arts, and I didn't know how hard it would be? My latest assignment was to make a script with a partner, and we agreed that he would write the script while I brought the props and costumes. It's called a one word scene, which means one person can say only one word per line, and it has to be at least a minute and no longer than two minutes. See, I didn't have a problem with this until I read the's about him being hungry and wanting to eat lkions while I think it's gross. i don't want to sound rude, but almost half the grade is based on the script and how good it is, and most of it doesn't make sense. Plus, the script it only 48 seconds, and she's a REAL stickler for getting the times straight. I have 2 questions::

How do i tell him in a nice way that I want to re-write the script?

Do you have any good ideas that will work well for a minute with this kind of script?

You can give him your ideas as suggestions, and try to through the whole thing with him...
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heyy all.. i make icons and i was wondering if n e one new were i can get those reallii kute backgrounds for icons.. if u kno please let me kno!! thanx!!

Try searching for pictures in Google image search and resize them to fit on your icons...
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I need help. I need to look for an article about something that's going on in the world (the war in iraq, etc) So I can write a summary and present it to my class. Thing is I just dont know what article to use. I was going to do Iraq, but I already know thats what everyone's gonna do. Do you guys know any good online articles maybe from or something else that are intresting and have to do with a country besides the U.S.? Thanks! (oo and articles can be up to 3 months old) I rate:)

Check the news for interesting topics and search for it on Google...
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Well I'm "going out" with this guy from school..But when we talk we have like no conversation and I was talking to him about his ex-girlfriend and he said he didnt want her knwoing about me cuz they might be together in the future...well idk i didnt say anything...i think he wants me just for stuff...and when hes sick of me he'll leave...well i dont really like the guy i mean im just going out with him to see if i start liking him and so far our "relationship" is going nowhere. hes a pretty cool guy but i think we'd be better off as friends.. Hes a druggie, he drinks (im not into that) and he likes to rush into things with his gf's...ok so heres my problem. i wanna tell him i dont think going out is a good idea and im gonna tell him why i think that but i dont wanna seem..well mean i guess..the guy has been wanting to go out with me for over a year now! he was all excited cuz i told him i would do stuff (if i was comforable enough) to him but i wouldent go all the way...sooo idk its like hes using me for a while until he goes out with his x again...i wanna break up but i dont want him mad at me..any advice?? Thanks and sorry its so long!

[I. R a t e. e v e r y o n e] :)

You don't really like him? Then don't go out with him... Just tell him, it sounds like that he doesn't like you that much either...
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ok ive just answer like 10 questions and all of them have been deleted! like they wernt all innapropriate nether were mi answers! but its not fair that they got deleted...y did they tho

Are they really frequently asked questions? Questions can get deleted if they've been asked too many times...
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I tried to make a website at and i made my username and stuff already but I don't know how to actually make the website. I got to this page and now I don't know what to do! I want a quotes site but I don't know how to make it. Can anybody help me? I rate! Thanks

Make an HTML file with the content you want and upload it... If you need HTML help go to or
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Hey, I was just wondering if you have ever used lemon juice to get rid of pimples, and does it work?

I never tried using lemon juice, I just remember someone telling me that it works... I can tell you that I've tried using tooth paste to get rid of pimples and it works quite well though...
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I have acne not too much just a bit so its okay I tried clearasil (didnt help) (stridex)didnt help what can i use to make my skin be clear before school which is in 2 days doesnt have to be right before it but just something to clear them up help please!

You can try lemon juice (but don't leave it on for too long) or tooth paste (leave on overnight)
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OK i think this is really sick, but for some reason, ionno why, but my dog love to sleep in the bathroom. I mean its not hurting me or anybody else. Can anybody enlighten me on why he does this every night?

Does your bathroom have different flooring from the rest of your home? If you have carpet may be it's too hot during summer so your dog goes to sleep on the bathroom floor... Of course, it might just be a habit...
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Hi im a 15/f. i love my friend to pieces but i *cannot stand* her family. her mom is constantly putting food in front of me and i feel weird telling her i'm full cuz everyone else is eating still and sometimes they give me weird looks. and after being over her house a while i get a really bad stomach ache. and her little brother is really cute but he hangs all over me and it gets so annoying. she just thinks hes cute. this website is like my last resort lol im so fed up with going over her house. her parents are strict too so its not like she goes over my house a lot either :-/ please help me!!

Try to visit when her family isn't at home, or at least don't stay for meals... You can also try to eat really slowly when you're eating with her family so they don't give you more food...
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Its been almost 3 years since my father died. And its just not getting any easier. I still grieve and have resentment to god for taking him. I sometimes take my anger out on my friends because i have no where to direct it, after wards i feel horrible. If anyone else has lost a parent and knows htings that helps the pain lessen that'd be helpful if you coudl share it. I know the pain won't go away but i just wish i wasn't constantly sad, crying or taking my anger out on my friends.

Try not to think about it too much, remember that you need to move on, being sad won't bring your father back... Counselling from a professional might help you if you haven't already tried that...
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Hey, I have an Easy Designer webpage. I know all of the HTML's and everything, I just can't figure out how to get a fixed background! All of the HTML's that are for fixed backgrounds, you need a URL for the background, but how do i get the URL if its saved into my documents on my computer? I understand that you right click and push prefrences but that doesnt work when I insert it into the HTML code! Please help!

Put image file in same directory where the HTML file is, or upload it somewhere like Photobucket...
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okay.. i know this song.. but i dont know who sings it or what its called.. it goes.. cuz bak home.. we love to dance.. and we can be two steppin or ravin to trance.. and when the party is krunk.. the girls back it up.. we got sytems in the cars and 20's on the trucks.. and its a country/rap song.. thanks.. i will rate

It's Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich) by Big & Rich...

You can find that if you look on Google... Just type what you know into the search bar in double quotes...
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