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does it really work? im treally considering buying it and doing it. i need to lose ten pounds.

there r so many choices for the hollywood diet. what should i do?

It's just another fad diet. Requiring fasting and living on only one specific product is an obvious red flag.

In the short term, you might lose weight, but quite a lot of it will be water weight. Also, this kind of diet is unsustainable, and you are very likely to gain the weight back afterwards.
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I am starting the maple syrup diet cleanse tomorrow.

is there anything i should know before starting it?

i want to lose atleast ten pounds.

You should know that it's bad for your liver, especially if you go for the full deal.

The human body have natural ability to remove toxins. There is no scientific basis for "detox" diets.

Eat your fresh fruit and veggies, and stay away from the junk food. There is no shortcut to losing weight.
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I just got two new dumbo rats yesterday for my birthday. i love animals, i love rats. i know they're active and normally friendly. but first thing's first, letting them trust you. i'd like for them to become close to me and trust me enough so i could just hold them and they could freely run around.

so, what are some things to do to win their trust quickly?

Food always helps. Offer them treats when you handle them.

Make sure not to give too many though. A good diet is very important to rats' health.
(For more information about rat food, read this:
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So I'm new to a town and theres absolutely nothing to do at my house. I can only watch tv, or go on the computer. I don't have any tv/computer games.. I don't have a pool, I don't have any crafts.. my computer doesn't have webcam, and I don't have any other cool things to be able to entertain someone else.

So in my life I've rarely ever invited people to my house cause I have no idea what to do! I feel awkward at the idea of being a host.. but I have great time at other people's houses. How can I learn to be better at just hanging out with people? I'm very sociable but I don't have a lot of experience like going to friends houses or anything.. which makes me socially inept. it sucks cause when I look back I dont have experiences of doing fun crazy things with friends really... but I want to change it now, so I don't miss out on this aspect of childhood

Can you give me ideas on things to do at my house please? I mean I have a bonfire pit but we've never used it.. when you have a bonfire party what happens? and I dont even know who to invite cause this summer I've only hung out with someone once. I invited her but she hasnt invited me for anything since.. like I dont get why people dont make an effort to invite the new girl into their world.. its harder to like just try and jump in like that. especially since its a small town. or am i supposed to do that? how do i get confidence to do that? who do I pick as friends?

Its really hot outside so nobody's really out during the day, too. So this summer I've pretty much been cooped up in my house all the time. And most summers in my life have been like that.. is that pathetic or its semi-normal?

Also can you give me ideas on things to do outside the house, aside from seeing movies? And with inviting people do I say they should invite one of their friends as well? Also when you say you're inviting someone does that mean you have to provide transport? Or I should just be like.. wanna hang out at ___. How do I ask someone to hang out? Even articles on this can help..

Thanks so much if you can help! I'm 16 btw

A lot of parties really just rely on people getting together and chatting. Make sure to provide snacks.

Inviting someone over shouldn't mean that you have to provide transport, but in practice, if you live far away from your friends and have no public transport in your area, you might just have to.

It is up to you whether you want to invite your friends' friends. If you want to meet them, go for it. Just make sure you have the capacity to entertain all the people you invite. Make sure that no one is left out.

When it comes to activities, improvise.

Browsing the internet with friends can be fun. There's bound to be something interesting that you always wanted to show your friends. Watch videos together, laugh together, start conversations and you're set.

Board games can be fun too. A pack of cards goes a long way. Twister tends to be popular too. If you can't get any of those, improvise by making your own.
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I love art! Thing is I totally suck at it. I wish I was better. But it's like all these kids I know who like art are also very good at drawing and stuff. Which kind of discourages me because I wasn't born with that talent. Is there hope for me? Because I want to join art classes but I don't want to be embarrassed because of my suck drawings. :/

Practice. That's the only way to improve.

Read books to learn more about it if you don't know where to start.

As for taking lessons, if you're in the right class, your classmates should be at roughly the same level, so you won't be alone in your lack of skill. The teacher should give you useful criticism that you'll need.
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so there is this guy i have a crush on and my friend wants to go the beach with this other guy and me and my crush. but im to scared to ask him if he wants to go. plus he is younger than me so idk if he will be allowed to and i started crushing on him during track and thats the only time i really talked to him and then he figured on his own that i like him. so he knows. im not sure if he would want to go with me. so i think it would be awkward to go with him. i could always ask someone else to go. but it would be fun to go with him but then it could be awkward. but what do u think?

Not sure if he would want to go? The only way to find out is to ask. Who knows, maybe he does!

If he says no, at least you can stop guessing.
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I have a professor who is disrespectful, rude, and downgrading. And, there are other students who think so and I ant to rite a complaint about her and get at last two other people to sign it. Do you think tht this will be effective? I just feel like even if nothing is done she will continue and one day someone else will come forward and at least it wont be a we never heard of this type of situation.

Go for it. What if everyone else is waiting for someone else to come forward? Someone has to take the first step.

There's no guarantee that making a complaint will be effective, but keeping quiet definitely won't help.

Get the other students who agree with you to also make complaints. Chances are that your complaints will be taken more seriously if you're not the only one.
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I am 13 and a 7th grade girl. I have never gone out with a guy. There is this guy that I really like and I know that he likes me too because my friend asked him if he liked me and he said yes. He is always really sweet and I love to talk to him. I also like to talk to his friends. The only problem is that my friends think he is a nerd. He sort of is though but I'm ok with that because I'm pretty smart too.(straight A's) The only problem is my friends or other people will probably make fun of me for going out with someone in the "Nerd Herd". What should I do?

Go for it. You're the one going out with the guy, not your friends. If they're really your friends, they'll get over it.
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Hey! How do you change the "Comments" and "E-props" to something else on Xanga?

The code is available on this page:

It works on my Xanga. If it doesn't work on yours, post a link and I'll have a look.
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I seen you like to answer computer questions, so I decided to come to you for help. I am in desperate need of it =\

I will try to give you as much information as I possibly can. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. My advice column is "Melody" if by any chance you need additional information or to contact me for some reason.

I own a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, and have had it since January 2009.

I received an Ipod touch for my birthday last week, but my previously installed version of Itunes wouldn't let me sync any songs onto it until I upgraded my Itunes account. I did this, and everything went smoothly. I had the new version, and I got my songs synced.

My laptop was fine as far as I remember. It was slightly slower than usual, but nothing that was out of the ordinary. Yesterday my computer completely crashed. One time I tried to get on and it wouldn't even get off the "Welcome" screen. Another time it had be in Windows 98 format and sent me a popup saying my computer didn't support windows or something like that.

My stepdad called Dell's support center, and they charged us 60 dollars for inadequate service. The man we talked to was rude and unhelpful. He literally did nothing we hadn't already done, so that's 60 dollars of ours down the drain. He told us my Intunes caused a conflict, and that's what made my computer crash. He put us in to contact with another call center who wanted to charge us 120 dollars, and we just couldn't afford it. We told her no thanks, and hung up.

I still have a computer that isn't working though. I am so pissed off. I was under the mindset that Itunes was a reliable source, and I could download from Apple without hesitating. Obviously I was wrong? I need that computer for college. All of my notes, papers, study guides, everything is gone. I hate myself for not backing up my files, but I didn't think I needed to?

I guess my questions are these:
- Do you have any idea how I can fix my computer without paying a crapload of money?
- How am I supposed to get songs onto my 200 dollar ipod if I can't even trust the source that puts it on there?
- Can I sue Apple? lol.

You might be able to boot up the computer with a live CD.

Here are some instructions:

iTunes itself is overall reliable. If your laptop was fine after you upgraded iTunes and then only crashed afterwards, I'm not sure if it is iTunes that is directly causing the problem, because I wouldn't think that it is able to cause that much damage. (Personally, I dislike iTunes anyway. There are alternatives, and many of them work well. Whether you trust them is up to you.)

Always backup your files. Nothing is 100% reliable.

By the way, sorry for taking so long to reply.
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Okay so i'm a 15 year old girl who wants to gain weight or muscle to be exact. I am beyond skinny which everyone says i'm lucky because i have a models body but i have really thin arms and chicken legs so i can't wear dresses or shorts or anything for that matter. i recently joined a gym and i bought this protein shake called amplified wheybolic extreme 60. I would like to know if it works and how long it takes. I haven't started drinking it because i don't wanna get all gross with huge muscles i just want my arms to not be so skinny and to have good enough legs i still wanna keep my body just make it not so skinny. Thanks in advance!!

The most obvious way to build your arms would be to lift weights. For your legs, running or cycling will do. These you can probably work into your normal daily routine in addition to working out in the gym. Dancing really helps too.

Keep in mind that any kind of exercise will help you build muscle, so if the exercises that I've mentioned aren't what you like, you have plenty of other options.

Don't worry about having grossly huge muscles. Bodybuilders spend a lot of time working out to achieve that kind of look. It's not easy.
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i want to get in shape & get this cellulite off my legs. does any one know how to tone my legs & butt? & would it cause me to lose my butt? & also ... i HATE my boobs. they're a c-cup. i just want a b. is there any way to work them out . make them a little less fatty. & lose a little weight there WITHOUT making them saggy?

Cycling or walking are the best ways to tone your legs, especially if you do it for transport. The need to get to your destination on time is a great motivation to exercise.

There is no way to target weight loss to a specific part of the body. If you lose weight, some of it may come off your boobs, but you can't count on it. As long as you don't lose weight too quickly, it shouldn't make your boobs saggy.
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Hello, my boyfriend recently told me he loves black roses, and for a date, i wanted to get them for him, then i read that they symbolize the death or farewell of something so would that be giving a bad idea? i was thinking 12 roses-6 purple, 6 black. would that be okay or be sending a bad message? thank you!

Yes, black roses can symbolise death or farewell, but they can also mean rebirth and revitalisation. Apparently, they can also mean pure love because they're so hard to find. (Black roses do not grow naturally.)

At the end of the day, they mean what you want them to mean. If your boyfriend told you that he loves black roses, then giving him black roses means you're paying attention to what he's telling you. Go for it.
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How do I delete a myspace I dont want anymore?

The MySpace FAQ has instructions for this.
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i really want to buy the sims 2 castaway for the PC but i can't find it in stores or online. i don't have any friends who have the game.
so how else can i get it?

i would prefer digital download from a website but if you can only find it in a store, i'll be fine with that too :)


The PC version is called The Sims Castaway Stories.

Here it is:
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Where can I catch Abra in Pokémon silver?


Bulbapedia has the information you want. Here:
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I have a question. Would anyone try a 69er?

My bf of 11 months now brought it up (we're dating online of coruse) He never brought this up before till just a few minutes ago.
Am i being a prude for not wanting to try 69er?

If you don't want to try, it's your choice. You're entitled to your preferences and boundaries. Don't let anyone judge you on that.
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Okay I have had my ipod for about 3 years. I love it, I have about 500 songs on it! My old computer with my itunes that had all my songs on it crashed. So I got me a new one a little while ago. I have itunes downloaded but i don't know if i should use it? I bought some new songs i wanna download but when i plug in my ipod to sync, it doesn't give me the option to put all the songs on my ipod already in my current itunes library. I don't want to loose them they costs to much. What should I do?

First, make sure you have enabled disk use. (Here are the instructions for enabling disk use:

Now go to Windows Explorer (if you're using Windows) or Finder (if you're using a Mac), and look at the files in your iPod. All the music should be under iPod_Control/Music. Copy them to your computer.
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I am a freshman at my local community college, and in my second semester. Right now I am just taking my general education reqirements, so picking a major hasn't been that big of a deal. Now however, I have to pick a major before my next semester. I have no idea what I want to do or what I want to major in! It's driving me crazy, and the pressure is really starting to get to me. It's all so confusing; normally when I give advice I always tell confused students to see an advisor, but I don't even know who to see or what to ask. There are general ed. advisors, transfer advisors, course advisors, etc. I feel completely lost. I don't even know what school I am going to transfer to, or if I am even going to transfer.

I have been back and forth between going to law school, elementary teaching, counceling, ultrasound/radiology technician, journalism/writing, opening a business, and plenty more! I have no idea what I am going to do, and I am terrified I am going to make the wrong choice.

Some general information:

- I live in a small town, so I don't know if opening a business would be a good choice. I have no intentions on moving to far away.

- I am shy. It sucks as far as getting a job goes, but it is what it is.

- Making a good amount of money is important, but so is enjoying what I do. That's what makes the choice the most difficult.

- I have a boyfriend that I have been seeing for five years, so I want to start a family sooner rather than later. Going to school for ten years is not something I would particulary want to do.

- I love children

- I love giving advice and helping people.

I guess I am just looking for some guidance, options, advice? I don't know. HELP!!

Think about your strengths and weaknesses.

In practical terms, being good at science would help with being a technician. Good social skills would be important for just about anything, but especially so for counselling, teaching, and business.

In terms of making money, consider job stability and risks as well as the absolute amount of money you can make. You can make a lot of money being a lawyer, but do consider whether you can get into law school in the first place, and whether you really want to be a lawyer if you're shy.

Opening a business also has the potential of making a lot of money, but if you live in a small town and don't want to move away, that might not be the best option. Also, you will need money to start the business, and there will be risk.

Teaching doesn't get you as much money, but there is generally demand for teachers, so it would be a good choice in terms of job stability, and ditto for being a technician. Counselling would fall in this category too, but you might need to spend more time in training than with either teaching or being a technician. If you like helping people, these would be good choices.
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do helium balloons shrink or deflate quickly in cold weather (like 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit)
I want to get some helium balloons to leave outside for a friend's birthday and i was wondering if they would last overnight, or if i put them there in the morning would they last for up to 8 hours?
thanks! xo

Helium balloons deflate due to diffusion of the helium. Lower temperatures would slow down this process, but probably not very significantly.

They will probably last around 8 hours. When I got helium balloons, they lasted almost that long, and that was at higher temperatures.
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