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I am no longer giving advice on Advicenators, and have requested that my account be deleted.

I am now giving advice on Askville as ->Peter

If you're looking for good advice here, I suggest you ask YoungGrandma. She's the best.

I don't expect to be checking in on this site again, so if you want to ask me something, see you on Askville!

Good luck!
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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to put Microsoft into a format where it looks like a newspaper. I already know how to get the colums, I just need to know how to get the header part with the lines and stuff. If anyone knows what I'm talking about please help me!
~Ank (link)
When you set a Word document to have multiple columns, there's a checkbox that allows you to have vertical lines automatically inserted between them. As for other types of formatting, it depends on which particular newspaper you want to copy; Times New Roman is probably the most popular newspaper font.

Horizontal lines can be created with Insert > Picture > AutoShapes > Lines. Text boxes (Insert > Text box) will also be useful, particularly if you format the borders of the boxes.

i tried out for a play for the first time. i was so suprised when i actually started reading the poem we were supposed to recite because i actually felt more comfortable with people watching me and i wasnt nervous at all and i think i did good... then the director said "thats exactly what i wanted" or something like that. then, the next person up he said "see how jackie did it? :)" in a good way. does that mean i'll get a part in the play?? or is he just being nice??? (link)
It sounds to me like you'll get a part.

It also sounds as if you're what they call a "natural". I am too, by the way. If you like acting, it may be an option for you - although it can be a hard life.

One thing I do recommend is not to just rely on your natural talent. Work to develop your skills - memory, voice, movement. It will definitely pay off.

Have fun!


my bestfriend sandra has a big problem and my friends and i dont nkow what to do well shes turning 14 she has small boobs she wants them to grow but she dosnt want plasctic surgery everyn 1 teases her tells her omg go get a breasty surgery she wanst them to grow really bad what can she do to grow them because i feel really upset whn she crys :(:( (link)
First: it's WAY too early for her to be getting upset about this. Because at 14, she's barely STARTED developing. It's like being upset that you don't have a dozen roses when the rose bush has only just sprouted. She needs to give it some time!

But of course that's hard, particularly with everyone teasing her.

At her age, it's very unlikely that she'll find any plastic surgeon who would be willing to operate.

And I'm sorry to say this, but there are NO treatments which will cause her breasts to grow, apart from birth control pills. All the creams, lotions, supplements and other body-part-enlarging products are outright scams. Period. I worked for a company that sold that sort of thing, and I know.

Her final development is most likely to resemble her mother and other female relatives; she can look at them to get an idea of how large her breasts will be by the time that she's fully mature (about age 20 or so). She can also ask her mother and relatives how quickly they developed, since her growth pattern is also likely to be like theirs (although there are exceptions; not everyone ends up looking like their parents).

In the meantime, I'm afraid there isn't much she can do. There are padded bras, of course, but in my experience kids can usually tell when a girl is wearing one. The best she can do is try to learn how to ignore the teasing, and be patient.

But if the stress is totally wrecking her life, perhaps she should talk to a counselor. Her regular doctor might be able to refer her to one; she'd need to talk to her parents about that, of course.

It would also be a good idea for her to talk to her OB/GYN about her concerns.

In the meantime, you and her other friends should continue to be as supportive as you can.

My fiancee (hes 21, im 23) has just left for Florida (hes in the marines) anyways he'll be there till the 29th and he left the 17th. So Since he's been gone, ive talked to him a total of 2 times and thats it. its like he dont even care if he talks to me or not. also his phone is "messed" up because the ac was leakin' and dripped water into it or so he says. we just got off the phone (convo like 5 minutes!) and he wouldnt tell me he loved me or missed me, i had to say it first and when hes here with me, he acts so different, tells me all the time how much he loves me, introduces me to all his friends, family so sweet and caring but when he goes away its like poof I dont matter any more and it breaks my heart. If I bring this up to him he will yell at me (because when he goes away like that hes drunk) even though he doesnt drink hardly any when hes with me (we live together) this makes me want to cry I dont know why hes acting like that. Its not because he's so busy as to why i get ignored, his work is non deployable so this is like a mini vacation 4 them. ill rate (link)
Could someone have been right there? I know that sometimes when my wife calls me and my boss is nearby, I can't say much.

And with him being a Marine, I suppose if other Marines were standing around they might laugh at him if he said "I love you" into the phone.

On the other hand...some guys just aren't good at talking on the phone.

Or maybe something else is going on; there's no way to know.

No way for ME to know, that is. But *you* have an option. You can ask him. Email him, or call him. Or even send him a letter.

He's your fiancee. You're planning to marry him and spend the rest of your life with him. If you can't find a way to talk to him, to communicate effectively, you're making a big mistake.

And if you really can't...I'd suggest talking to a couples counselor. You two aren't different from many other couples, but believe me: if you can work out good ways to communicate now, it will pay you back a thousand times over during the years that you spend together.

I noticed a couple of red flags in your question. You said he yells at you; that is NOT acceptable. That sort of behavior never gets better, and almost always gets worse. If he's losing his temper at you already, and losing that much self-control...well, I'd worry. It could be the first step towards abuse, and when someone is trained to kill, that's a dangerous combination.

The drinking is another big red flag. Again, it shows a lack of self-control that isn't appropriate in a Marine, or anyone. Both of these signs make me honestly wonder if this relationship is good for you. At the least, couples counseling is a good place to start.

I wish you the best of luck.

what does birth control mean? (link)
This Wikipedia entry will tell you more about birth control then you ever wanted to know:

all of a sudden i have been haveing trouble downloading. Like when i right like on the thinbg i want to download i normaly click save target as and then it works fine. But now when i right click save target as.. doesnt let me click on it it is like fadded, does anyone no how to fix this? (link)
If the "save target as" option is greyed out, it sounds as if your system administrator has blocked your ability to download.

If you don't have a system administrator, and you're sure that no one is deliberately blocking you, your Windows or Internet Explorer may be damaged. The first thing you might want to try would be installing some other browser - I recommend FireFox - and seeing if that lets you download. Otherwise, updating Windows and IE is worth trying. And if THAT doesn't work...back everything up and try reinstalling Windows, if you're comfortable with that.

If not, you may have to call technical support. Good luck!

Okay, so I'm on birth control pills and my periods are always evenly spaced apart, but this month I got my period like a week early. A day and a half before I got it though my boyfriend and I had sex a few times. Could that have made it come early or is there something wrong with me that I started so early? (link)
Every woman experiences some irregularity in her life; a week early is nothing to worry about.

Stress can cause alterations in your cycle, for one thing. But if you're really bothered, talk to your OB/GYN.

"Is it common to be irregular sometimes if you're on the pill too?"

Yes. The pill generally makes periods *more* regular, but some women do find that it makes their periods irregular.

From -

"Most women have no side effects when taking the oral contraceptive pill, but some women do experience irregular periods, nausea, headaches, or weight change. Each type of oral contraceptive pill can affect each woman differently."

And in any case, the pill doesn't turn you into clockwork; being off by a week isn't that surprising or unusual. Still, if you're stressed, a call to your OB/GYN will set your mind at rest. She'll almost certainly tell you that it isn't even worth coming in for an appointment.

Okay so i've got a BIGGG habit of biting my nails! what can i do to stop? and don't tell me to put my hand in dog poo or anything like that because thats gross lol!

thankyou sweeties xo (link)
There are products specifically designed to stop nail-biting that are sold in drugstores and online. You paint or rub them on your nails, and they apparently taste incredibly horrible.

only search

Personally, I stopped biting my nails when I realized that I'd worn a grove in one of my front teeth from biting them. I don't know if that would work for you, though.

heya i have this like rash thing on my cheek my mum says its prob clap cheek. what do you think?
its really hot to touch and feels hot!
its a pinky colour not like in your face that u have to notice it!
its a bit itchy sometimes but i cant scratch it if i can help it!
it started both sides nearer my ear and over the last 24 hours its come all over my cheek!
thank you for any suggestions! x (link)
We're not doctors, and even if any of us were, we can't see you to make a diagnosis. So no one here can tell you what the problem is.

What I CAN do is give you a link to more information about Slapped Cheek Syndrome (aka "Fifth Disease"), and urge you to call your doctor. The rash you're describing sounds like something that needs medical attention. And it's always better not to take a chance.

Good luck!

Help! I am in terrible need of advice! There's this guy I like and we're graduating soon. This is my last chance of letting him know my feelings for him. But i'm too chicken to admit it to him. What should I do? And if I get the nerve to tell him, how do I do it?! (link)
Write a note, and hand it to him. Make sure to include your email address and phone number, and write clearly.

Or just tell him that you'd like to see him again after graduation, and suggest a movie.


Because if you don't let him know, if you don't take that chance, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

You'll always wonder what would have happened.

And if worse comes to worst, and he's not interested in you, it will hurt - but believe me, that pain won't last anywhere NEAR as long as the pain of knowing that you missed out on a chance for love.

Good luck!

can a man drink his wife's milk? (link)
Chocolate, strawberry, or plain?

It depends on whether or not she minds. If she minds, it depends on whether or not he can sneak it out of the refrigerator without her catching him.

Seriously, it won't hurt him unless he's lactose intolerant. Some people apparently even get off on it.

is masturbation harmfull? (link)
Not unless you do it to the point where you give yourself friction burns.

My b/f and i had sex on March 10 & on March 17. i was supposed to get my period on March 16. i still haven't gotten it. my b/f used condoms both times and there were no rips in them when he 'pulled out.' i have some of the symptoms of being pregnant. AM I????? please help. i will rate high for great responses.

thank you (link)
There's no way for us to know. If the condoms were used correctly, probably not. You could be having a late period because of stress; and the other systems could easily be psychosomatic.

But the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. They're cheap, accurate, and easy to use.

If you tell a guy your friends with on MSN messanger that you want to soak in the bath tub; and he responds with GO FOR IT with a huge grin next to it; does it sound like he's turned on?
Also he signed of by saying caio bello; which means bye beautiful in italian. He talked to me for about an hour. He also said I'm a great person to know and talk to and that I made him laugh. He also admitted he dreamt about me.
Do you think he likes me as more than a friend? (link)

I'm 24 years old, going on 25 and I've never had a boyfriend, I've been on dates, if you want to call taking me to McDonald's as a date...anyway, everytime I see my friends or even relatives smooching or cuddling with their significant other it puts me down, it's like a slap in the face. I've never even experienced my first kiss yet. Everyone knows how I feel and everytime they say again and again "Don't worry, you're turn will come", I am so fed up with hearing that! Any advice you can give me?
Believe me, I know how you feel; I didn't start dating until I was 33! And yes, until that point every PDA I saw was like a knife in my heart. Our society is totally focussed on love, love, love, and those of us who are on the outside looking in suffer endlessly.

Will your time come? Probably...but it would be a good idea to improve the odds and speed things up.

Because to be very honest, I myself really regret that I let my 20s pass without love. Don't make my mistake!

Online dating services are a good place to meet people. That way you can get to really know someone before actually meeting them. Generally I recommend trying two different services simultaneously; one that's focused on your favorite hobby or area of interest (there are services for almost any category you can imagine, from Star Trek fans to spelunkers), and a more general one in order to cast a wider net.

I found my wife through, so I can recommend them. Just don't spend too much money. And make sure to go in with your eyes open; unfortunately some people do lie online, just like in the real world.

Never put yourself in a position where you don't have an out. The first few real-world dates should always be in a very public place, and stay there. Resist the urge to have sex early in the relationship; there's nothing wrong with premarital sex (as least, I don't think so), but if you get physical too early it tends to reduce the chance for a successful relationship.

I wish you the best of luck!

i am a girl. 1 am 26 yrs. I allready have sex with somebody. but not very deep. but i am not sure i am still vergin. now i am going to married with differen person. now i am very up sad because if the person know that i already sex with somebody else mean sure this person dont want me. my questions is the person can find out that i already have sex with somebody else? please advise me? (link)
It sounds as if your culture places a high premium on female virginity (I'm guessing that you're not from the United States).

Since I don't know your culture, I cannot say whether or not your husband-to-be would care. I know that in some cultures, questions of virginity in a bride can be very serious indeed.

Virginity is defined in two ways:

1. Having never had sexual intercourse. In this regard, you are no longer a virgin. This does not mean that you are in any way a bad person, of course!

2. In women, the presence of a hymen is taken as a sign of virginity. We don't know, from what you've said, whether or not your hymen is still intact. However, sex is not the only way that a hymen can be ruptured. Many kinds of physical activity can eliminate the hymen; horseback riding, for example. And in some women, the hymen naturally atrophies and disappears.

In some cultures there are "virginity testers" who examine women to see if their hymens are intact. These tests are completely subjective; testers have admitted that they base their judgments as much on a woman's aspect and behavior as on the presence or lack of a hymen.

So unless your husband inspects you closely, or has you inspected by a virginity tester, he has no way of knowing whether or not you are a virgin - other than what you tell him, of course.

And even if he DOES have you inspected (a prospect that I as an American find disturbing; it indicates a troubling lack of respect and love), the odds are that he or the tester (if any) won't really have any way of knowing.

Men generally expect a virgin to be tight, her first time. They may or may not expect a virgin to bleed. I think that your best course of action is to simply not say anything about the whole subject; the odds are that your new husband won't care.

It would be ideal if your husband-to-be was someone that you could talk to about this issue without fear, but this is not an ideal world. I wish you the best of luck.

In order to preserve my friendship like you said, should i just ask her as to why she did those acts of intimacy? or would this very question bend her the other way?....and should i just go ahead tell her how i feel?


No, it might, and probably not.

You can kill a mood by shining a bright light on it. She trusts you and likes you enough to put her head in your lap. If you start asking her about it, she may feel embarrassed...and there's a good chance she'll feel self-conscious, and stop.

In other words, I think there's a pretty good chance that asking her why she did it would indeed bend her the other way.

As for telling her how you feel, I'm not sure how you feel; you didn't say in your original question. I can guess that you're interested in her, maybe even in love with her. That would be natural.

But I tend to recommend against surprising a girl with a declaration of love, even in a case like yours where there seems to be a good chance she'd reciprocate. If she says she loves *you*, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, my guess is that you should leave a door open to preserve your friendship with her, just in case.

But I may be wrong. I always took the coward's way, and ended up not dating until I was 33. So keep that in mind; I could be wrong.

Still, I'd think that just asking her at some casual moment if she'd ever date someone like you would be a good move. Or ask her "do you think we'll ever date?". Just make it casual enough that if she says "probably not", you can both laugh it off.

And don't wait too long; one thing I can tell you for sure is that if you lose touch with her without exploring the possibility of romance, you'll regret it forever.

Another reason not to wait too long: if you're with her for too much time without letting her know that you're interested, you run the risk that she'll pigeonhole you permanently as a friend.

I really do wish you the best of luck!

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for about a month and a half. One time, he just kept telling me how he wanted to kill my friend Dan because he flirts with me and always asks about hooking up.He's also really mad because I'm sleeping over my friends house and Dan's sleeping over too, but not in the same room or anything.I'll tell my boyfriend to STOP and all he does is keep on talking about killing him like I didn't even say anything in the first place. Then, I told my boyfriend some things and I told him I only wanted this to be between us. So he just goes to school (we dont go to the same school) and he goes and complains to two of his friends about it. Then one of them calls me and starts interrogating me about the situation. What can I do? He barely even listens to me. (link)
Talking about killing people is pretty disturbing behavior. And betraying your confidence by telling his friends your secrets is REALLY bad - it means he doesn't respect you, and that you can't trust him.

He's not treating you right, and he doesn't seem to be a stable or trustworthy guy. He also seems to be very controlling, and potentially abusive, although I hope I'm wrong about that.

I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think that your relationship with him is going to work out well. If I were you, I'd look for ways to cool things off with him, or even start thinking about ways to end the relationship.

But if you do, be careful. Anyone who talks about killing people sounds at least a little nuts. The odds are that he's harmless, but careful. Good luck!

I gave myself a fake tattoo with a safety pin and pen ink...that was about a month ago. Does anyone know how long it takes for it to fade out, or does anyone know how to get rid of it? it is a small tattoo, just a name written really small. (link)
That's not a fake tattoo, it's a real one. Depending on the exact type of ink, and precisely how you used the pin, it might take quite a while to fade...or forever.

You might want to talk to a dermatologist. And by the way, it's not a good idea to give yourself a tattoo like that; sorry to sound like a parent, but A) you don't know if that ink was toxic, and B) if you didn't sterilize the needle, you could have gotten a serious infection. It sounds like you were lucky, except for the permanent tattoo.

Good luck!

How can you tell if a girl has a potential interest in you and does resting her head on your shoulder signify anything? Also, what if she lays with you on the grass with her head resting on your stomach without a care in the world of what a group of friends think?

Rick- Age: 18 / Gender: Male

Another thing to bring in to consideration is that she is a little older than me; I am 18 years of age and she 20 years of age. The kind of person she is would have to be ambitious, inteligent, mature yet she maintains a good sense of humor, generally speaking she knows what she is doing. We have talked alot on AIM (Aol Instant Messenger),sometimes til 2 or 3 in the morning. That has been going on for the longest. We have gone out, but in groups and most of the time when we go out to eat we just happen to sit next to each or across from each other and end up talking regardless of our friends around us, meaning we pay attention more to each other...
She likes you. That's really obvious.

Is she interested in you romantically? Signs point to yes, but that's always a tricky question. Women are odd that way; sometimes they like to have male friends that they will be emotionally intimate with, but would never, ever date.

I think it's a sort of sadistic impulse in the female of the species. :)

But if I had to bet, I'd guess that she'd be open to the possibility of dating you. If you raise the issue, try to do it delicately; you could ask her something like "Would you ever date someone like me?"

Because it sounds like you two have a really good friendship, and it would be good to preserve that even if she's not interested in you romantically.

By the way, a two-year age difference at your ages is usually not a big deal, as long as both people are relatively mature.

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