Hello. My name Is Solemnstar.
I'm a fifteen year old (assumed) male-to-female Transexual.
I want to help, plain and simple.
I like plain and simple, I like to catergorize people, ptu them into nice little boxes in my head.
and I LOVE figuring out the ones that don't fit.

Chatspeak annoys me, It takes an extra two seconds to type the real words.

I don't anwser advice as often as I should. Mainly because of School.


Went out earlier tonight and stole as many flowers out of gardens as I posibly could, ended up with quite a lot of differant flowers.
Went to this girls house, who I have been out with at least 6 times, climbed over her apartment fence (questioning my sanity at being there in the middle of the night) scatered the flowers on her lawn and left.
I'm kinda scared that she will think I'm a weirdo stalker or something, but I really hope it makes her happy and special...
I have a idea that she likes me...kinda saw her being jeolous at another woman i was talking to one night (the woman was sweet, but happely married to someone else, and I REALLY like this girl)
anyway the real question for the modern age...would you consider this Romantic or Creepy?

boy 14 wiccan

umm.. a little of both
creepy in the sense that you took the flowers from gardens.
(tho from a graveyard would be worse)
and lovly and that of what you do for love.
love is and aleays will be confusing.
it maes people qeustion all that they stand for.
if you can lose love and remain the same
i commend you.
i think you are sweet for doing this for her
but creepy stalker types would always do this.
i apologize for how long this may be but.....

you are to be rewarded for doing what you can for love

good luck with your sweetheart,


I'm never happy. Right now I feel like going psycho on my parents and just cussing them out! Im so freakin angry right now. I CANT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT THEM ASKING ME 5465718 BILLION QUESTIONS. I'm 16 years old and they treat me like Im 10. Why are all my friends aloud to do something after school and Im not? " BECAUSE YOU DONT DO **** around the HOUSE Ashley! You have no responsibility. You're just this selfish little girl who doesn't respect anything. " Ok. So I come home from school today. Clean the pantry out. Clean the kitchen. Clean my room. Know what they say? Wow this spot on the floor here has been there forever. I FEEL GUILTY ASKING TO GO TO A CHURCH WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS. Once I get my own job, THAT IS if Im aloud to PICK WHERE I'D LIKE TO WORK, I'm going to be making my OWN money so I won't have to use any of HIS. Omg, someone, I'm going insane. I can't take it here. I want out. My mom is flippin bipolar. She's always giving me some kind of dirty look and has some reason to be mean. All they do is make me feel ugly inside. I just want to be left alone.....yet I want someone so bad

was there a question there?

but i get it.
my parents are simaler.
i guess they are preparing you for life when you need to do everything for your self.
or they want to do the oppasite and make you stay with them for as long as they can.

eather way.
yelling at them or getting mad wont help
continuie with what youve been doing for them
ask them honestly for friends to come over.if they say yes youve earned thier trust
if no.
ask why
dont yell or whine
ask calmly
and if they yell just respond with "why do you need to yell" "im not yelling so you dont need to"

p.s it will take time.


Has anyone here read "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson? Did people really draw names and throw rocks at the person who wins the lottery, historically? Or did that come out of the imagination of Shirley Jackson?

aome cultures really did.
and in some 3ed world countries they still do.
its not considered murder because it what they belive


Can you guys like write a romantic story like making out under stars or something because it`s cute lol.

yeah we can.
it just ussaly unless we try rremain A ROMANCE
if you know what i mean


Let me ask you all reading my post right now: What is it called when you take a piece of a living being to create another living being? 'Playing GOD' right? We all know it better as Cloning! So lets speculate that a higher life form manipulates the DNA of a primate by adding their own DNA, or "creating them in their own image". Then they take a piece of their creation, lets just say "a rib" for example and make another one just like it only the opposite gender, (so they can reproduce naturally). That's creation, and with creation comes a natural side effect, evolution. Evolution is adaptation to survive in your surroundings. Please do not comment on my question if you are going to tell me that this is absurd. I have read the bible many times and have been a Christian, a Catholic, a Protestant and a Mormon. I have studied many other religions and they all confirm that God created Adam in his own image, God took a rib from Adam to make Eve. Thousands of years of history prove that we are evolving with every generation. So what religion am I if I believe in creation and evolution?

wicca belives in all life being of "the one" but to simpify it for the human mind its said to be a god and goddess

it focuses on nature and its power how all life needs other life to exist. and its good if you dont even want to use magick cause its not a neccacary part of the religion.cause its very open endend religion.i personally study magick more then use it.


I used to energetically enjoy academic pursuits such as writing poetry, writing essays about subjects that interested me, reading literature and philosophy, and participating in philosophical discussions in and outside of the class room. I was not the most well-adjusted college student. I had only a few friends, but at least I cared about what I was studying.

Now, I am a junior at college and I just feel bored to death... I really feel like Estragon from the Beckett play "Waiting for Godot." I'm not excited about anything in my life and I just look for ways to "pass the time."

I don't think this is a good thing. I enjoyed the idea that I was learning and developing my own world view. It's been this way for at least two months now, perhaps consequential to finding out my parent has a terminal illness. My question is...
What should I do to get un-depressed and interested again?

he who kills time should re-evalutae his life.

if you dont have enough friends then it may be good.you dont want a bunch of bad friends and a few good ones. make just good friends. invite then for a party some time.
as for deppresion.mayhap you should see a counsler see what for sure causaing it


I am a British nanny. I've always wanted to go to America, but I can't afford it. However, I have just thought - how about I worked over there as a nanny?! (I would live-in)
It may sound crazy, but I am looking for a bit of help now. Does anyone know of any kind of nanny or job agencies that would make it safe and reassure both me and the parents that both parties are reliable?
If you are American (and had (a) child/ren), would you hire a British nanny? (Assuming, of course, you were assured of her reliability et cetera)
Also, I would have no clue where to go in America. I want somewhere alive, but not excessively BUSY - not like New York! I live in the middle of three fields of sheep, I don't want too much of a culture shock :P So can anyone recommend a quieter city? Or if not, at least a nice area where I'm not likely to get shot for stepping up the wrong street? Oh, and sorry to sound greedy, but a richer area where I'd be more likely to get a better salary? My pay at the moment is awful and I am trying to save up for a house, laptop and all sorts! :)
Thank you!

i think a place in winnipeg,MB,Canada would be good.
i live there and despite all the stistacs on how bad we are its a nice place with friendly people and good jobs.

i know it may seem biased just cause i live here but im tell the full truth. just stay out of downtown and youll be fine.(its easy to get lost in down town)


Does anyone have any quotes about life or inspirational or optimism that they wouldn't mind giving? Thanks ahead of time!

love is worth everything you must surrender for it.

lfie is like music.its stupis if you cant hear the music before the songs over


Damn I have nothing funny to read on this site anymore. Why do you guys have to ban all the funny people? Do you have to take them so seriously? Or just ignore them?

because they are people making thier kicks out of other peeps problems so they desrve to be banned


ok i really need someone's help! I asked this question before already but i didnt really get good answers. I need to do a science fair experiment for school. I've searhced on a billion websites but found nothing. My teacher says it has to have some physical science involved but i hate physical science!!!! anywayz jus give me some ideas. thx

maybe the science of the velocity of a pie thats been thrown.

i think try some sort of velocity or aerodynamics project.

desing a basketball


i know the old saying where every "era" lasted 2012 years. it's 2005, thats seven years away. what are your personal views upon this.
a) do you think it'll end?
b) if so, from polar ice-caps melting
c) how many eras have had 2012 years

yes i think all but the second one will happen and we will enter the Magick age


how do you know when your in love or what is love?

i feel that obessening over them is infacuation not love so its hard to tell.
sorry i cant awnser yor question with a better awnser than this.
i feel anyone you love is a person you trust you life to



I am so scared right now. So many things have happened to me over the past few months of this year. I began cutting myself in the beginning of may over bouts of depression. all the sudden out of no where this depression hit me. I have a great life too, but I get so depressed. Throughout the summer I would have strange mood swings, one hour I would be hyper and happy and love everyone, the next hateful, depressed, and angry at the world. I would hide in my room, and lately I have been having fear of light. I literally scream in anguish if a blind is open or I see sunlight. My mom doesn't know what is wrong with me, lately I have been scaring my sisters and boyfriend. All the sudden I found myself obsessing over demons and possessions. I have already been diagnosed with OCD, so maybe this could be another factor of it. But this is way worse than a typical OCD episode. When I have these thoughts I have thoughts of demons faces, angels bleeding, it's haunting me so much. I then hear things in a distance in my mind, telling me to do different things, telling me to look up satanist things. I dont want to, but somehow or another I feel forced. Lately, suicide has come into my mind. My cutting is worse, I have no apetite at all, Im starting to look emaciated, I feel down alot, could I be unconsiously possessed(well i wouldnt call it possessed but..I dont know how else to say it)or is this something medical as in disorder? Im so confused, and sometimes what scares me is Ill be in my room and get into fights with myself, I feel my head spin and Im going crazy. I cut and slash my arm while I fight myself, saying good things then negative things about myself. I also, when I feel tension and angered, it is really bad, it builds up so much inside me ill sit in a corner of my room and rock back and forth pulling my hair and shaking my head crying..and sometimes banging my head against the wall, but in front of my family I try to act normal, they know about my obsession, but dont know all the details. Im scared, and right now I feel fine, my crazy episode has passed, but there is always one lurking around the corner. What is this? Also to let you know, I have faith in God, but lately have pulled away from him, as in I have not said a prayer since this stuff has happened, I just can't..because when I try to say one I get thoughts of how silly it is and then I feel myself not meaning what I say in the prayer, though I want to mean it so badly.

these are the signs of possesion. all of them. i would not reccommed trying to communicate other then every night telling it to go away.
if worse things happen its for SURE demomic possesion.
i dont want you to worry but you need to perform a banishing spell or see a priest

blessed be your soul


Okay my question is long. This is something I am so confused on. Some people say demons do not exsist, but how can they not? We have reports of actual exorcisms and demon possession. Some people have their doubts and still say it's some sort of mental illness and an exocism drives thaty out of them. I believe demons are real, and if I believe demonic possession is real could a possession happen to myself? Now, I am trying to be rational in all and I know there hasn't been a possession/exorcism reported since the late 1940s. But the cases I have read throughly, they sound like real demonic possession and not just a mental illness. In the cases there was supernatural things going on such as levatation, sexual obsenities, foreign languages going on, self-mutilation, vomitting, moving of furniture, etc etc...now how can that be catagorized as a mental illness? But initially some people still believe it is. As for myself, Im really intrested in this sort of thing, I am also wondering if learning too much and sort of becomming obsessed with this sort of thing could open me up to possession? Sometime possession can occur differently for other people, people say the devil is always with you, and filling your mind with thoughts you can't control. Lately I have been having many of those thoughts, evil thoughts. Contemplating suicide, self-mutilation, alot of anger, could I be getting into this too far or could it be something else like depression etc, I know none of you can give me a straight answer but I would like input on what your beliefs are about this whole thing, it's very very hard to understand and complicated.

im wiccan but before i chose it i studied other religions and found some disturbing thoughts on demons

it is MY belif (note:this may not be correct)
that a deamon has never lived never died and thus has no emotion. the do not take plesur in your suffering but it is a form of communication to complex to understand.


ps.according to the cristian religion
sinning opens you up for possesion not contemplating the existance of demons.
i think angering them in some wat may also do just as well tho


My Best Friend Likes Me... i dont know what to do i mean hes a cutie and i love his personality and everything i guess im just afrid to like him because hes like my best friend and i mean i guess we flirt like he will tickle me and carry my books some times. Im Just scared if i say no im afrid he will be upset and if i say yes and we break up our friendship will be ruined. Please Give Me Some Advice

ive said it before and ill say it again

"sometimes you lose sight of the risk in the glamor of the reward but when you succed the reward is so much sweeter"


ps. HAHA, ill lol


God says that he refuses to prove himself, because that would deny faith, and without faith he is nothing, so if someone were to find proof, then by gods own reasoning he couldnt exist-is this plausible

it is so that he cannot be put into smaller terms for man to comprehend


i had this dream..it was that i was in a bus and a girl named Imani was in the bus say "oh please god dont have us crash".Devon,my other friend was talking to other people in the backround. the bus was crossing two rail roads with out a space in between. as we cross it i look up at the window and i see the train comeing towards us Imani says "No God!" and we crash..it smashes right into the middle seats,and im one seat up (im in the 3rd or 4th seat) i see the glass on my window break,and i try to get out of the bus,its all smashed up..and my last thought was "what can i do?" I was at the door in the front of the bus,but thats where i left off.It was as though i could actually FEEL it.i woke up breathing hard..and my legs couldnt move for about 30 seconds...the thing is..i dont think i was actually "me" in my dream..but im not sure..i was kind of freaked out.And when i woke up..(3:30 AM) i heard this scratching noise against the wood floor..like a chair moveing across the room..but know one was there,my mom and brother were sleeping and the cat and dog were right next to me.I was really scared..i know this is dumb but i think something/someone showed me how they died..
anyways..what could this dream mean?

you could be destined to help a spirt setle unfinished buisness or you could be astral projecting or seeing the future


that or you should not mix pizza with jellybeans


I really want to die. Really badly. I tried to kill myself but i chickend out. I'm not afraid of death.. I'm looking forward to it. I just can't handle life. My body is breaking up. I feel depressed and find the urge just to die. I don't understand why ssomeone can just take my life away. I'm alive and I want to die and there's dieing people that want to live. I don't understand why god just cant give those people a life and take mine away.. I hate myself so much.. I'm having a lot of problems now.. I'm 13, F.

im not sure they was a question there but you need to think of good not bad.


My Friend and i live in aucland new zealand and had 24 hous of being freaked out due to us going to "Eweleme" house which is haunted. How ever we parked 50 metres away from the house hand break on foot break on and yet we were still moving in slow motion. we had crystals with us an my friend is Learning wicca but is it me or my imagination was some thing trying to get us? the craystals all changed like um someone had clawed at them and we both almost were in tears. we drove away only to be drawn back. we cleaned the crystals befor we left and the car and our selves but i have never read any thing to do with wicca and yet i knew everything we were ment to do!!!! including spells and stuff!!!! am i possibly a natural witch as well as having some thing after me?

its possibel that you are a natural born wicth ive read and heard of this.
it is also possible your crystals are attracting whatever is following you.
i reccomend a banishing spell after contaction it with a board.

if it doesnt work i hope you can make peace with this spirt.

If i didnt awnser your question please ask agian specifically what you want to know

blessed be



I am often called evil for being an atheist. Why is it that christians who supposedly want to spread good will have no problem calling me an immoral godless person?

athiest are better in thier eyes then wiccans tho you are right the religion is too strong on its belifs


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