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I have bff's and were super close and we don't like to even talk to people outside of our group (when u give advice I don't need "Grow up who does groups any more") but everyone's seat was changed in our one class and I sit next to one gurl:she okay to me were okay friends one other gurl:we HATE each other I tried being friends but she said no so now I act like a b**** to her one other other gurl: she's friends with the gurl who hates me so now she doesnt like me I just want some peace in my one class so I can just do my work.
With Love,

This is no question. What do you want?

Grow up who does groups any more


I'm the leader of a VERY important clique (its the best clique in the school) anyway one of the people in it walked away to join a dif. clique I dont want her back I need to find a new clique person to replace her how do I find a new person?


Take your pride down a peg or 10....

Dont be full of yourself.

Ditch "cliques" and get real friends....Social status in school gets you nowhere in the real world....Grow up.


Yes, I know, yet another Christmas-related question lol. But, I need advice on this. Okay, so I have a lot of close friends(nine, maybe?) that bought me Christmas presents and I bought them Christmas presents. The thing is, though, I have other friends who I'm not as close with but still good friends with and I feel like I should get them a small gift for Christmas. So, I don't really know what to get. I bought all of my best friends` presents already, and I was thinking about giving all of my other friends a mixed CD of really good songs/Christmas songs. Is that a good idea? Or should I just go with buying them all candy/candy canes? I don't really know whcih would be best; I'd have to burn like 15 CDs, but just giving them a candy cane seems a little impersonal. So, would a burned CD with mixed songs on it be a good idea? Or candy canes?

Id go with both, but thats just me.


i have this friend that i asked a question about before but shes really starting to bug teh shit out me now. i saw her at the store the other day and she was with this girl (she used to always say she hated and she wished he didnt have to hang out with her but her mom makes her) and everytime she would glace over at me she would start lauging like that girl she was with was soo much fucking fun (like i could care) but i realy dont want her taling about me which she does all the time and i dont want her to talk to me anymore which when no one is around she will do. how do i get her out of my life?! i need some help she pisses me off everytime i see her and i dont want to be.

If anyone can help its greatly apreciated!,


The best way to do it. Tell her straight up that you dont want her around. Ive gone though this before and did all the polite tricks and the she doesnt exist tricks, but what worked was telling them to go away in more or less words.


O.K. I have this friend... an unusual friend... he's a marker. We did all kinds of things together like going fishin' and riding bicycles. He was my BEST firend! HE WON'T WORK! I THINK HE DIED!
I WILL rate high for anyone who answers seriously... P.S. This is a true story, not a prank.

Pinky, when he says marker, he means a writing tool. Yeah dude. I know how to "fix" him. Its called "ask mommy for the pills." That or "ask mommy to get you OFF the pills...."


i have a friend and she is kind of stupid and I think she is only my because she wants to copy off my homework

Ok...good for you? I see no question. Later.


There's this girl named Maria. She's a good friend of mine, and today she got in deep trouble with our Health teacher because she gave answers to someone else, and hes failing her for the marking period with a 50. She said she's tried to commit suicide before, and she's going to do it again. Should I tell somebody? Thanks. =]

This is a very stupid question.

" She said she's tried to commit suicide before, and she's going to do it again. Should I tell somebody?"

Now what do you think?

"Hmmm I should tell someone she wants to commit suicide, but I am not to sure I should...Hmm..I could save a life, but I am not 100% too sure on this one....Lets wait it out, eh?"

What kind of friend are you.



how i keep running to having a new guy friend, Like zack,sTeven, well anywa everything was fine with zack, he knew we are freinds and he woulndt doupt me of thinking different way, steven other words, but anyway, Ben is in my drama class,I don't know if I told u about him or not, anywa he nice and sweet and were coming friends, like me and zak were like, beinging, hmm later when working on a play, he and talk tand goff around and smile lot, i start to tease him and pick on him fun of it like him, like friends do. wasn't flarting, then later chatted on aim, talk most of the time to me and stuff, later later now I talk him lot then start having thoughts that i like him but its all in my head, not my heart, I know he ilke me to, i can tell but I don't want take it wront way, i dont want him take wrong way, I htink he think i like him and he proble sard. now lalhty he been blowing me off, like he online for long time when i am on, i am on zack alway say hi, well I know can't expect all that, when i say hi to him were talk little, say hi how are u blah then he hase to go way, i be like ok, at school. in dama i be jsut standing, he walk around then he always walk back looking at me like hes hase say hi, its like he was my friend now he acting all werid. like somone say something to him, k ok i amit maybe i acting like i like him but maybe i sending wrong message, i dont want that agian,

then dont do it? I dont know. I dont get this. Try typing it correctly and understandable next time and well help.


Ok well Ive had this good friend for awhile (not too long) and before everything was fine... But she has been getting on my nerves like crazy for the past months. I'm having this party with only girls and it should be really fun.. but I dont want her to come.. I'm afriad she's going to find out and feel hurt. All i want is someway for her to get plans so she wont be able to come! But i know that I cant set that up! I need advice and not something like "tell her how you feel" BECAUSE THATS NOT AN OPTION

Tell her how you feel.


okay, i really need some help. One of my best friends is dating a 24 year old!!! and she is ONLY 16. They only talk on the phone though and see eachother maybe once a month at most. It's totally unhealthy.. I'm really scared for her because every time they do see eachother, theyve gone further and further, sexually. They've only made out, hes sucked her boobs, hes fingered her, and theyve had "dry sex" or w/e.. This has been goin on for about 4 monts now.. Ive tried several times talking to her about it, but I just dont know what to do anymore.. please help

From what I have gathered here, the dude just wants some action. Sadly, your friend has fallen for the "hes older and mature" type crap. You need to sit her down and force her to talk about it. Tell her its unheatly. She IS going to do something she will regret. It needs to end. You need to end it for her. This may seem harsh in a way but it must be said. If what it takes is to hurt her feelings then by all means do it. In the end she will understand and realize you were right. Dont let her make the wrong choices. Let her make the right ones.

I Hope I helped!


my best friends boy friend tells me who to be and tells me this and makes fun of my bffls friends..look> B-arri-g-o-80: okay ill just keep my trend going then grow a few inches and tell kelly to drop a fewpounds

my friend kelly is a little overweight.im really short.. what can i tell my bff to tell him to stop with out getting a into a big thing over it?

Dude, Do not let anyone push you around. Its your life not his. He has no right to say such things. I would tell them all straight up to shut the hell up. He needs to be put in his place. Even if it gets into a big thing, its gotta be done.

Hope I helped!


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