My name is Matthew. I try my best to serve the Lord as best I can. I also try to serve my fellow brother and sisters as best I can. Salvation is my goal for you.


Hey i have to write a 8 page essay on someone in history how somehow affected world history. (It can't be an american) I was thinking maybe an Australian or African person, preferable Australian. Any ideas???? Thanks a bunch

Isaac Newton would be a good choice...

Ive got a site you can check out...




What is this a pic of? Is it like a Dove commercial ad or soemthing cuz I've been seeing a lot of similar ones

Its a womans body.


Selling a Brand New Sidekick3

Want it???


This is not a site to advertise on!!!


Im on a lacrosse team, and we need a name.
It is supposed to be SYC ______.
(SYC stands for Springfield Youth Club).
Any ideas?
Like SYC Fury? or dolphins? or SOMETHING.

i need to know by tomorrowwww!
please and thank you (:

Animal related: Tigers, Bears, Dragons, Coyotes, Rattlers,

Football team names like Packers, 49ers....

Natures Related: Tornados, Hurricanes, Typhoon, Tsunamis

Just to name a few.....


i'm 5'8
i weigh 145 lbs
is that overweight?

You're Just fine. No worries.


First off im 15 F. And I know alot of people aren't going to like this but whatever. All of my life i have never gone to church or anything, and I want to, like I want to have a church family and everything and I really would like a place to talk about my spirituality. But I cant find a church that I like. As for my religion, I basically have christian based values, but anyways here are my beleifs.

1. I beleive in god as a force and not a being.
(basically I believe in god as love in general.)
2. I dont believe in the devil. I think that was a
a story made up to scare people that if you sin
you will go to hell.
3. I don't believe in hell. I believe there is
heaven and thats all.
4. I know there was a man named Jesus and he taught great lessons, but I dont believe he rose from the dead and all that.
5. God is Love and Sin is Evil.
6. And last, people should be entitled to their own religion without anyone giving them a hard time.

Anyways, there is just a basis of whatI believe. So my question is, do you know of a church or religion that is basically all of those?

Also, I had this idea, maybe I could start a website forum where people could talk about this, sort of like starting my own religion,(hehe that sounds weird). Do you think many people would join me on that? Do you think anyone believes the way I do?

Any way, sorry its so long. I just really want to talk about what I believe and where I'm from, you would get beat up because everyone is very conservative baptist around here. Like I am the only democrat at my school. : ). soo, if you have any views on this, please tell me. Just keep them nice. Thanks in advance!!

Did a baptist scare you away before?

Why dont you believe Jesus rose from the dead?

Like the other guy said, How can you believe in a Heaven and not Hell? What happens after death? WHat happens to murderers, or all "bad people?"

Is there such a thing as salvation then?

A lot of Jesus's "great lessons" were about Hell, and salvation...

I just want to know where your comming from before I answer...

Feel free to e-mail me at any time....


I really do want to help you, so get back...


To be blunt, I always get hurt when I have feelings for someone. It never fails; If anything is there for me always, that's rejection. I like guys that seem nice, but aren't that great in the end, or "just want to be friends."
I know it may sound stupid, but when I like a guy, it's not superficial; I actually like who he is and care about him, which could be why it hurts so much sometimes.

Well, my question is, why is God putting me through the same thing over and over again? Why can't He just let me be happy? I'm a Christian, and I definitely love and believe in God.
I know that I'm going to grow from all of this, and I know that having a boyfriend can be hard sometimes, but why do the same situations keep repeating themselves? Thanks in advance.

Hes just making you go through some bad ones before He gives you THE ONE.

I went through the same thing, and in the end....its all worth it...Trust me. Im married now! Yay!

Persevere though...Look at the Israelites...Things were going to be good, and as soon as they blamed God for something, or put their faith into something else, they spent 40 years in the wilderness.

Keep your eyes on God, know he has a plan for you, and you will be blessed in the end.

God knows what you want...just when is the hardest part about everything....we want now, He says wait.

I do hope I helped!

God Bless


i have never kissed a guy. i've had boyfriends but only in 6th&7th grade. i'm a freshman in highschool and still no kiss. i mean guys have kissed me on the cheek but i don't think that counts.

i had this party and i was playing this game with all my friends[including guys] and someone asked if we have ever kissed someone. none of the guys said yes and only one girl did. so does that mean that i'm normal? i really want a boyfriend but i never really make it a point to always talk to boys, i have friends that i never stop talking to:p

thanks in advance[sorry its kinda long]

Yes its normal. There is no designated age to have your first kiss. Some people even wait till marriage, which I think is awesome. So your're not different, or out there. You're perfectly fine, and dont worry about it.


does anyone know what this is?


Brass Knuckles. Used to hurt people.


what ride is this??? and where do you end up after falling down? and is it like super scary? do you need to know how to swim? can you go on when your 13? thanks :]

The ride is called "the Leap of Faith"

Its at a place called Atlantis Attractions in the Bahamas.

It goes down 6 stories (60 feet) almost vertical, then through a tube under water with real sharks around you, then ends in a little pool. Its an amazing ride!


I've been looking for a Playstation game all over the internet, "Suikoden II" -- but haven't had any luck... Does anyone know where I could get it from?


Thats one example. If you really want it, expect to pay within 50-200+ bucks for it. Ouch. It had better be the best Game ever.


Hello! I really like this guy. Today I saw him, it was the first time in a while. He is 15, and I am 13. I know, you can't be inlove at 13. Everyone probley thinks it's just a crush, well, I am convinced your wrong.

We evacuated once, and we went to the same place, and we hung out a little. I liked him then, and I was 11. When he left, I was CRUSHED! I felt horrible.

Today he was on my float. He smiles at me, but I don't know what he means. After the parade was over, I feel WORSE then I ever did. I want this guy so bad. I even prayed alot of times. I might sound a little dramatic, but please, try and understand.

What are some promises I can make with God? If he helps me get over this guy? I might not ever have him, or see him again [ I probley will see him again ]. I just don't want to feel like this again. I felt like this the day my father died! Could God help him like me, or even be my best friend, just be.. you know.. closer too him. This guy is just AMAZING!

So, does anyone know any promises I can make with God, to help him help me about this problem. I have had crush's, and MANY boyfriends, but I have never felt this feeling.

Thank you.

BTW- for lent I already gave up junk food. I thought it would help me loose weight, and come closer too God. Also, I promised to pray every night, and morning.

Hi there. Its cool you have lots of faith in God. Woo! However I must warn you....I wouldnt make any promises with God. He takes them very seriously, and if you break it, if even on accident, then hit hurts him. Thats why in Matthew 5:33 and onJesus says, "Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform your oaths to the Lord.'"But I say to you, do not swear at all: neither by heaven, for it is God's throne;"nor by the earth, for it is His footstool; nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King."Nor shall you swear by your head, because you cannot make one hair white or black."But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No.' For whatever is more than these is from the evil one."

People break promises, and God would rather avoid getting a promise broken.

My suggestion is to just keep praying until something happens. The Lord knows what you want and will provide.


Well I don't know. You see, i'm 13. This boy has been my best friend for about two years and we've been together for a year. It's nice and everything. We are real close and know almost everything about eachother and everything. He's different from the rest of the guys i've gone out with. Don't think I am a slut or anything but we are both comfortable being naked around eachother. He trusts me and I trust him. No, this is not my first relationship. Anyhow, he's always there when i need him. Well, he's actually a nice boy and won't take advantage of me or anything like that or trying to get me to have sex with him. I know i'm young and yes i am still a virgin. Most of you are probably thinking "teen love dont have sex with him" Of course i'll be on birth control and have a condem and everything but i'm not sure if i should give up my virginity so young. So what do you people out there think about the whole situation?

If there is any doubt whatsoever...dont do it. SOmething is trying to tell you something...


Ok so I know I have asked before but I am freaking so I am going to ask again. My boyfriend and I have dry humped but fully clothed. (Him: boxers, cacies(sp)Me:Pad,Underwear, jeans or korderoy pants.)Well my period hasn't come but it should be anyday now.(I think I am having light cramps but not sure) I am a bit late. I have never had intercourse. Is there anyway that I might be pregnant if he has gotten a quater sized wet spot on on his pants but he never like...ejaculated?

No. You are okay. Dont worry.


i have a 9mm smith & wesson replica and it has a bar blocking the barrel i need help some 1 tell me how to get rid or the bar and if you know if it will fire real live bullets

Replicas are not made to be fired. Even if you got the bar out of the way its still going to be impossible to fire it. Chances are the reciever is fake or cut. Its just cheaper to go buy a real one...


Okay, so my AVG Free already expired. I tried updating it but then this dialogue box appeared saying that the download cannot continue because some files were corrupt and everything.... Now I have a prob cuz my computer is infected with virus and I can't take it off!
I really, really need some advice on what antivirus to get as soon as possible. And please, I need a FREE one....

Hey Man...

Spybot search and destroy



ok so if you think a guy is like really cute, does it mean you fancy them?? bcoz i asked my mate do you think _____ is cute but then she said i didnt know you liked him!!


It could mean it but I would have to say no.

When you say a little baby is cute, does that mean you want to date it? Nah I hope not...

I dont know where your friend got that from, but eh, I would just blow it off....


Does anyone know what Napoleon's bureaucracy was based on? Also, the three parts of Napoleon's Grand Empire and Russia's strategy to defeat Napoleon. I've looked in my textbook along with many history sites and google. Help please?

Russia's strategy to help defeat Napoleon were a few minor things against Napoleon. The first was the scorched earth tactic. As Russia would retreat they would destroy everything. Buildings crops trees I mean everything. The french troops could not find any food or shelter. They starved to death.

Second Russia used the cold against France. Russia knew the french would not be prepared so they would run and let the french troops freeze. Withot any shelter they could not get warm.

Eventually France had to retreat due to massive loss of men. Disease spread, they starved, and froze to death. As France marched back Russian soldiers and calvarymen would pick off more of the army. Napolean lost 400,000 men trying to invade Russia.

I dont know what you mean by "What was his bureaucracy was based on?"so Ill give you this

Napoleons Bureaucracy was based on this:

"I wished to found a European system, a European Code of Laws, a European judiciary: there would be but one people in Europe,"

He wanted to be "The United States of Europe" Where everyone co-existed peacefully and equally.

Being An admirer of Alexander the Great, Napoleon created a new system in Europe that in some ways mimicked the ancient Macedonian Empire. Just as Alexander was king of Macedon, hegemon of the Corinthian League, great king of Persia, and pharaoh of Egypt, Napoleon was emperor of France, king of Italy, mediator of the Swiss Confederation, and protector of the Confederation of the Rhine.

Like the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian the Great, Napoleon wished to give to his empire a unified code of law which is known as the Napoleonic Code, something which has influenced European law and even the law in Quebec and Louisiana to this day.

Also what do you mean by "3 parts of Napoleons Grand Empire?"

Clarify this for me and Ill see if I can answer it for ya, but hopefully what I gave you there will help some.



I'm a teenage girl (raised catholic) who has been atheist/agnostic/unsure since the summer. I have encountered several recent events in my life that have lead me to believe that there really is a God after all. All of my friends are really strong christians- but I just don't think that God is real.

I don't know if Christianity is right- or even real... but I'm feeling compelled to recommit my life to Christ. What does that mean anyway? How can you "commit your life" to someone who isn't even real? Who IS Jesus? I mean this whole thing makes no sense. How can there be a God when there are so many other religions like islam and such? My prayers never came true as a Christian.

Oh, by the way- I hate going to church and i don't see the point in doing it. It never even brought me closer to this so-called God. To be a true Christian (not a poser) do you HAVE to attend mass? What if I just want to have my OWN faith? I also don't believe in Bible verses and stuff- like I don't think that the people in it were real. Why can't we just have faith in GOD and not all the crap that goes along with it?

I was also raised catholic, so I see where you are comming from in the mass department. No you dont have to attend mass to be a true christian. When it comes to catholic mass I tend to avoid that. I left the catholic church a long time ago because they are way out there.

You dont have to go to church to be a christian. I would go, but just know that not all churches are sit and be quiet or go to hell churches. Thats not how the original churches were. They had good upbeat music and good church service.

My question for you is, can you really have faith in God if you dont believe what the bible says, and not believe the people in the bible (God being one of them)?

"How can there be a God when there are so many other religions like islam and such?"

Its easy. God exists and the world is filled with many false religions.

Jesus is very real. What the bible says about Him is 100% true. He died on the cross for you, took all your sin on that cross with him, then rose on the 3rd day to show there is life after death.

WHat is compelling you to recommit your life to Christ is the Holy Spirit.

I look at it this way.

its not a religion, its a relationship.

Im a non denominational christian.

I do go to church, but you dont need it.

All you need is the Holy Bible. I recommend the New King James version.

Now a lot of people will give you crap about that book being from the devil but I say what about all the people before 1611, or people who dont speak English...are they not saved because they dont read that sacred version of the bible. I am talking about the people who say that only the authorized 1611 King James version of the bible is the only correct bible.


I say give your life over to Jesus. Give your sin to Jesus. Accept Jesus into your heart. He is the only way to life everlasting. Dont lose heart when prayers dont get answered. They will in due time. Ive got a waiting list of prayers ready to be answered. God knows what you need and he will provide. Maybe he is just waiting for you to really give your life to Him...I dont know.

If you need anything else you can E-Mail me at



Normally I hate questions like these, but its driving me crazy. I see a lot of people with "Nmw" in their AIM profile. Ex: "bfflnmw" I know the "bffl" means "best friend for life" but whats the nmw? Ha.

I guess it means no matter what.

Start getting ready to see things like


(I really hate these stupid lets put lots of letters here to mean something things) ;)


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