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Can you get pregnant from pre-cum?

Its possible but not likely........

To all the dumbass answers below (and probably soon to be above) Your all losers. LAME. STFU.

AnywayS. So its possible.....but chances are slim.


People always ask me what my name is... what should i tell them?

Why wouldnt you tell your name? I dont get this question.


QUICK!! does anyone know what the two little theater masks are called?

Yeah. Comedy and Tragedy.


Where can i buy a du rag??

YEah...a beauty salon...Ive seen them at Sally's before.


okay.. i went out with this guy.. and he is really hot.. but.. okay.. we broke up because it was like nobuddy wanted us together.. but we are still friends.. but anyways.. the other day.. i was in the hall.. and i kissed him.. and then the next day my friend said she was going out with him.. and i was like.. "omg.. since when?" and she was like.. since two days ago.. so.. he cheated on her with me.. and i dont know if i should tell her or not.. should i?

Sounds like YOU kissed him...So I dont see what he did wrong. He didnt cheat on anyone. I think you should tell her you kissed him. Hiding things from friends can be a bad bad thing. SO I would just say it and make sure to include you didnt know he was taken. Hope I helped.


I'm trying very hard to learn the drums. (I'm trying to teach myself) if anyone out there can tell me what all the drums on the set are called , or knows any site that can help me, id be very happy. Thanks!!

A basic drumset consists of 1 Snare drum, 1 Bass drum, 2 toms, 1 floor tom, 1 hi hat (cymbals touching each other thats gives you a 'sizzling' sound) 1 ride cymbal, and 1 crash cymbal.

I would go to www.vicfirth.com to learn basic drumming techniques. Its best you learn rudiments and stick control to make yourself a better drummer. I too taught myself how to drum and ive come a long way. I wish you the best of luck and if you ever have any drum questions send one to my inbox. I know much about drumming since I am studying Percussion in college right now...heh.


I know most answers are going to be to talk to the person.. but how am I supposed to know whether or not the guy I want to confront is gay or not? If you are gay.. please IM me lol Striker6909 I'll rate you a 3-5 if you answer this question well thanks!

If I were gay I would actually try a gay bar or something of that sort. Itll make you feel more comfortable being people in your situation. Plus they might come talk to you so you wouldnt have to break the ice.


me and my bor friend did anal and now my butt hurt really bad and it hurts to sit down... this is way painfull let me tell ya! any thing on what i can do to make this go away

*painfull bottem*

LMAO. Sorry. Theres nothing you really can do to make it go away.....You just have to deal with it, and make sure he doesnt just stick it right in next time. Hes gotta loosen up a bit otherwise itll keep hurting.....I read this somewhere......


Well, I have a friend who visits an advice site (the name slips my mind) where most everyone posts idiotic relationship questions riddled with bad spelling, punctuation, and grammer, pretty much in that order. My question is this, how do I tell my friend that he is a moron? And how can I make him stop asking stupid questions? And how can I get him to stop using things like "u" for you, or "r" for are?

Thanks for the help.

Ha. This is my kind of question. I tend to agree with you. However, I would just tell him right to his face to grab a dictionary or just not be so damned lazy. Everytime you see one of his stupid questions....Hit him. I would.

Hope I helped!


This question is for the guys..
Hows the best way for a girl to break up with you? i know all the normal cliches, we should still be friends, im not ready for commitment, blah blah blah... but what will guys take the best?

Do it in person. Dont be to chicken to do it on the phone or in person. These people dont know what they are talking about. "Give him dignity." WTF.....That just shows you dont have the guts to confront him in person or make him think he never meant that much.

Anyways...to answer your question. I would just say you dont have the time for a boyfriend, or You just arent ready, or I would personally just like to hear the truth. A man can take what he gets and move on. I think you should show him respect and tell it straight up and to his face. No lies and NOT on the phone or text messages.

Hope I helped.


I lost my virginity in Feb after my 15 birthday. Since then my boyfriend and I have had sex atleast twice a week. He pulls out so we have never completely finished, and we have never had a pregnancy scare. Recently our sex has felt diffrent though. Like it has lost the unique, wild touch it once had. Could I be bored with sex? I get the same pleasure, but instead of feeling fulfilled afterwards I just feel-there. Can someone explain this to me? I'm so confused...

Maybe you should put on a condom and finish up.....doing it everytime and not finishing can be straining on the body and mind....


Does anybody have any pet care tips for a rat?? I just got one. Like, what are their favorite foods and what activities do they like??? Anyone who has a rat, gimmie some tips!!! Thanx!! I rate high

Rates like being up in high places for fun. They like looking around. They love grapes and rasins and all kinds of fruit...and lettuce and such. They like being pet and running around outside and all that fun stuff.


my mother is very unhappy about her figure and she wishes to hide it. Are there any specific colors she can wear to make her look thinner? If So Please HELP!! Shes always so unhappy. Thanks!!

Yes. Black is the single most slimming color out there. But instead of her hiding it....Get her to lose those extra lbs....Work out with her...


hey gurlz,
how can i make time to change my tampon at school? i never have time in between classes, and i dont like to leave the class w/ my purse b/c everbody would know. i usually don't put stuff in mypurse b/c all my friends go through it. i usually ut stuff in my lunch box, and change during lunch. can any of u give me advice on how to manage it?
i will rate high

During class....Just have one in your pocket and ask to go to the bathroom. No one will know and such.


ok my grandma is coming 2morrow and she wants my xmas list i have no clue what i want she spend like 80 bucks on me,im 13/f, i dont want like makeup or bath & body works stuff. i need ideas thanks
i give 5s to everyone

I would get some CD's or something like that. Maybe some gift cirtificates.


How should i ask a guy 2 go 2 the prom?

Yes. Just ask him straight up...and be smooth about it. "So prom is soon and I dont really have a date...Would you like to go with me?" Thats how I would do it.


i like this guy stevie. a few days ago, i found out from lots of people that he likes me too! i was really happy but he knows i like him too so i dont understand why he wont ask me out. lol i never really asked out a guy before cause i think its more right for him to ask me hes really sweet around me and hints all the time but like i dont want to ask him. should i or wait?

You could wait to see if he does. What I would do is wait maybe a week and a half or a week. If he hasnt by then I would just ask him out.


I had a boy very close to me,but I moved
now I miss him ,I'm really sad,
nothing is wrong with me, I think
in my high school almost all the girls have
boyfriend,I feel really lonely.
every time I watch them do their boyfriend-
girlfriend things I cry.sometimes I just want to
kill myself .being alone is killing me please
I really need to know what I should do,because
I think guy are scare of me but I'm pretty,smart
and I have a medium body why is this happening
what can I do?
I'm desperate

First of all a guy isnt going to be interested if you keep acting sad and look sad. You need to become happy. There are many gret things about life to be happy about. Once you get in that state of mind guys are going to go "Hey...shes pretty cool." You need to just get out there and talk. Even if you get rejected, dont let that get to you. Just keep going. Be outgoing, talkative, happy, anything that isnt what your acting right now. Step up and take charge of your relationshipless life. Get out there and get one. Dont wait for them to come to you. Go out there and get your groove on.


im 16 in high school this year we had a new history teacher.im dislexic and he always picks on me about it and sends me out of every lesson since september.for reasons that are pathetic like asking questions too loudly.on friday he sent me out of the lesson within 3 minutes.i dont know what to do,i like the subject its interesting but im thinking of dropping it because of the teacher.what shall i do?shall i drop it?pleese reply asap

What you need to do is have a talk with the principal or something and tell him wtf is going on. That teacher sending you out everyday is really messed. Something needs to be done with this guy and your just the person to do it. Good luck but dont go down without a fight.


Ok, well, I got my period on Thursday, Its not the 1st time I got it cuz I have had it since I was 10. The question I have is how long do they usually last? Before, mine were about 7-9 days and this one has only been 3 and it isn’t heavy at all, like im done with it and I usually get really bad cramps and have really heavy flows ad ahad neither. Why is it so light and short this time???

No, im not pregnant and cuz Im still a virgin, im only 13… lol…

Yeah. Periods change. Some come with pain and last forever lol while others are like...Meh im too lazy to do period stuff.... DOnt sweat it. Its normal.


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