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can women fall pregnant by a man who is 20years older then them

my friends parents are over 20years apart
40and 64

they had a child together(my best friend)

so it's possible


what does the word Vain mean? I hear ppl say this and I have not clue

it's like being concieted
or full of urself
like it's bad to say the lord's name in vain

hope i helped
if i didn't then go to Http://www.dictionary.com



I wish I could change I wish I could
I wish I were not the person I am today
I wish I never did the things that I did
I wish I could just be with you right now
I wish You could see how hard I am trying
To be the perfect person you want me to be...

wow, thats a GREAT poem


Hi dose anyone want to become friends with me???
my names Jenipher and Im 15 , Im feeling kinda lonely on here ????

if u have AIM or Yahoo u can IM me

AIM: Xo KrAzI KaTe oX
Yahoo: Xo SaHwEeT_LiL_MuNcHkIn_oX
E-Mail: Kate1107@msn.com

hope i helped, talk to me anytime :)
SoUtHeRn ChIcKeTy


As far back as I can remember I have seen things that weren't there(i.e. people, birds and dogs nothing inanimate). These things never talk, they don't scare me or interact with me. I have never told anyone about this before so I don't know if anyone else sees these. I know this is some sort of mental thing, but does anyone have any idea what this actually is? It doesn't bother me but I would like to know what it is. Does anyone know?

u mite have skitzophrania(idk if dats how u spell it)
or u could hallucinate these things
if ur on any medication then a side effect could be hallucinations
but mostly hallucinations consist of inatimate objects
now if u've seen the secret window, then u'd ralize that skitzophrania consists of visualizing living things

im not totaly sure
but just incase, when u 'see' a dog, ask sum1
if they say they don't see it, be like o it must have run away

then u should talk to ur parents, because hallucinating isn't a good thing, and skitzophrania woult need to be treated!

Hope I Helped
and hope i didn't confuse you
if ya need anything then check out my inbox!


You say you wanna be true with me
So you start confessing
Befor you start already a tear drops down
You confess everything
It feels like my heart broke
Tears are pouring down
I say how can you do this to me
He says Im sorry
I know Its over
I say Its over
Even though i know i did the right thing
I still love him
But i cant trust him
He lost y trust
So now its over
Maybe someday
My tears will go away.

thats good!


if anyone has yahoo that is on advicenators can u plz give me ur screen name i'm doing a survey.
can u also tell me ur age male or female.if u want to add my name it is SpOrTs_BaBe321.

thanx a bunch gogirl6830

i know u pasted this like 2 months ago
but my yahoo ID is...


i am a female


LOL, thought your comment about someone checking themselves into Cherry Hospital was funny, 'cause I used to work there. Lol, ha ha! HAHAHA!!! W00T, ain't that AWESOME?!?!?

was that supposed to be to one person?


i like guys but I think about gurls a lot.. does that make me gay?

maybe ur just bisexual
there's nuttin wrong wit day!!
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Hey. Does anyone know how to get music and a background from a site onto my advice column?

im not sure about music
but for a backround
u hafta go to a website like googl or yahoo, and search images
like dektops
or backround
or cute desktop
or sumthin like that
then u hafta copy the link and go to edit settings
then it will have sumthin where u paste the link

^that mite seem a lil cunfusin, so check out my inbox and ill try to explain it bette^

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hope i helped
that down there would be the site to my inbox


how do i see how ppl rated me ?

go to ur column
then go to view feedback
it will say ur rates and any comments that people wrote


how do u get people to ask you for advice? where can i put my advice column where its safe, no one can do any harm to me, and where i can get a lot of questions? where do u put your advice column?

if u have AIM or your own website, paste a link there
there's a link at the side that says... Link To Us

also i get people to ask me Q's in my inbox by answering lots of questions really good, then they ask me in my inbox!!
Hope I Helped
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i've missed two periods, there's no way i'm pregnant, i've never had sex. is something wrong? i started them about 11 months ago now.

your period probably just isn't regular yet
dont worry this happens to every1
plus u can't be pregnant unless ur vagina cumz in ANY contact wit sperm, which in ur case obviously hasn't happened

don't worry, unregular periods are common for the 1st year or 2, sumtimes longer

eventually they will get easier to handle!


Hey I'm Bryant! There is this girl I like and I think she likes me what do i do ?

tell her how u feel
and see if she wants to go out wit u to like a movie on a 'group' date, u and a bunch of ur friends
and her and a bunch of her friends
hope i helped
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ne one kno ne really cool but diff. sites i could go on? im wicked bored

well if u also give advice on this site
and u wanna get an awesome backround
then go to ... http://backgrounds2001.cjb.net/

it has the coolest backrounds to pick from

or u can go to www.funnyjunk.com

or www.bored.com

or dependin on ur age

those are all i can think of now

hope i helped
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where do you get your cool backrounds
i think they are SOOOO awesome!! :)


it's the best, actually i asked sum1 where they got their backrounds, and thats wut they gave me, i thought the backrounds were awesome so thats wut i use!!

Hope I Helped
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has neone tried the new veet thing..n if so does it work? cuz i wanna try it but i wanna make sure it works first.

it worked for me, but u hafta read the directions, b/c if ya dont do it the rite way, and u break sum of the rules, u could get a chemical burn...
but i hafta use it like once a week or so
thats only because i only keep it on for 4 minutes
u can use it anywhere between 3-8 minutes
the longer u do it the better it works, it all depends on if ur legs r super hairy or not!

but yeah it works wonders for me n my sista

Hope I Helped :) :P
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Ok well everytime i log into my column my rating keeps going down...like yesterday i had 25 ppl that had rated me and now i only have 17? are ppl unrating me or something? or is this happening to everyone?

once sum1 had rated u atleast 30 days ago, it doesn't say it anymore

Hope I Helped :) :P
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I'm about 5'0, and way 100 lbs.13/f/ny. am i over weight?

HECK NO!!!!!!!!
your perfect, i wish i weighed that low, but im 5'2 and i weigh like 115, i need to lose weight, but your PERFECT!!

Hope I Helped :) :P
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hAvE a hApPy fOurTh oF jULy!

You too!


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