Hey Everyone :) I'm Kate and a level 2 mod on here. I've had this account since July 2004, so I've been on here since I was 13! Wow ... crazy for me to think how long ago that was. I will admit I don't check in as often as I once did, but being away at college, being in a sorority, and having a job when I'm not at school is very time consuming. I still try to help out as much as possible, and if you send me a question I WILL answer it. This site helped me a LOT when I was in high school and had a lot of questions, and I'm here to help anyone who needs it :) Feel free to write in my forum or send me a question any time!


Im a 29 yr old guy and I found my dogs stuck butt ot butt one day. i called up tha vet and he said they she gona have puppies.. and that i need to take rectal temp. so its kinda hard to do that without the dog running away. so i decided tha easiest way was to hold her and strap the thermometer to my penis. well in amids of this my wife walks in. I tried to explain but she didnt buy it. She either wants counceling or a divorce. Im too embarrased to go to counceling.. can someone please helpp me?

hehe, funny
Get a Divorce
take the dog
and the house
and the money
leave her wit nuttin
well im assumin this is all made up
if it ain't the u have sum SERIOUS probs, go to councilin wit a fake name or sumthin


Do you think diet pills really work? If so what kind is the best to take? Thanks

usually they dont work

and if u wanna watch a paid programming commercial on diet pills, u would realize that in SMALL WHITE print, it says only works if u excersise and eat healthy.. what would be the point in taking the pills??

i say ur best off excersising or sumthin

Hope I Helped
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i think ur backround is really cool
where did u get it?

im pretty sure the site is


Hope I Helped

im glad ya like the backround!!


hey, i like the advice u give, so im askin u

if ur 13 and haven't had ur period does that make u weird?
it's almost as if outta all my friends, im the only person that doesn't have it

nah, i got mine just a week or so before my 13th birthday

just think, i have a friend wh didn't get it until she turned 15, wait about 2 years, then consult a doctor

Hope I Helped :)


okay so i was in a chat room and out of no where this guy asked me to cyber. i said no cuz i didn't even know him. well he started saying shit anyway and i was just about to say shut up to him and block him when my mom walked up behind me. well she read what he said and now i'm grounded for two weeks! but i didn't even do anything and i tried to explain that to her! what should i do!!

i kno, parents are so UNFAIR, once my brother was on the comp cyberin to this gurl, she was sayin realy nasty stuff, and my dad was cummin upstairs, and i tried to warn my bro, and i made him get off so i could quickly X outta everything 4 him, and i got caught and even when my bro admitted it was him, my parents were like o dont stick up for ur sis, it was her mistake

but if she read wut it said, wouldn't she have read that u said NO, shouldn't she be happy that u said NO... weird the way our parents minds work, it's almost as if she's disappointed u didn't cyber(jk, not makin ur mom out as a bad person or anything..ONLY a JOKE)

Parents just don't understand!!...thats a good song by will smith hehe sry random

well that doesn't seem like it was much help, but i hope it was, it's just parents dont understand, they are old weirdos lol


But the people they don't understand

No, girlfriends, they can't understand

Your grandsons, they won't understand

On top of this I ain't ever gonna understand

i kno u posted this a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG tyme ago, but i lyk that song!!


how do you put one in!

there should be instructions and/or pix on the box, those should help u out
if ur still havin troubly ask ur mom or a sis, or a REAL close girlfriend or sumthin (thats how my sis learned, from a friend)

Hope I Helped


me n my gf always have nothing to do any ideas where we could go together we r gettin bored of movies, bowlin, n playin pool wut else can we do together?

a walk thru the park, SOOOO romantic, do it in the afternoon and bring a picnic basket, that would be really romantic, and then if ya wanna have fun, bring a frisbee, or other stuff u could use in a park

sry it's not that good, but im REALLY tired, just woke up after goin to bed REAL late *yawn*

Hope I Helped atleast a lil bit



HELP ! I've got chosen for the school MUSICAL , and my voice isn't that great . Not only that , but my crush is in there too ! do you have any idea how i should practice singing ?

ok, i was in chorus, so i hope i can help
1st sing the notes higher in a count from 1-8
like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 then 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
so.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, so eight being the highest note, or u can just do that wit do re mi fa so la ti do

or, sing Mamma Made Me Mash My M&M's and get higher each time, then do it again but start out high and end low

or, idk how to spell this, but to bring out r 'Diaphram' we sang..idk how to spell this either, but ill try..Chik a papa chick a papa chik a papa chik chik a pop chik a pop u sing that kinda slowly

those are the only music excersises i remeber, we also did stretches n stuff to help, like we'd bend over, and as we came up we'd sing a note, that would also help r diaphram

Hope I Helped
need anything else check my inbox!!


Is anyone here psychic? I think psychic people are fascinating. I would love to be Psychic! If anyone here isn't Psychic but has read a helpful book about being psychic please tell me. Thanks ;) I know I'm weird but so what?:)

idk if im psychic, but i have dreams one nite, but i dont remember them when i wake up, then like a week later it happens, and i suddenly remeber the dream..i kno this ain't how u spell it, but Day ZHAA Voo..the pronunciation of it

hehe, i think it'd be cool to be psychic or sumthin, im weird, so it don't matta lol ;)


hi, my friend really needs a babysitting job. we live in walpole, ma. any suggestions? i need advice asap. thx guys!

well, you could make a bunch of 'flyer's on the computer, print them out, and put them in mailboxe's of ppl u kno have kids, or people that u think have kids

like wut ppl do when they wanna let u kno about cleanin services, or atleast thats wut they do down here...NC

or if you have a local hangout around ur house, u can put up sum notices ther if it's allright wit the owner

o, and if u've dun red cros, it will be better, u'll get more jobs, since u've been trained n stuff, but even w/o it, u'll do fine!!

Hope I Helped
lemme kno how it turns out 4 u


Hii. i was reading what uve been writeing to everyone and u seem like u have helped soo many people so i had a question i have been really confused. i have been dateing this guy for about a year now. he is my 1st bf. we have been in and out of fights and we break up with each other and usually hook back up the next day but this time we broke up and it has been about a week. he tells me he loves me and he misses me everyday and other time of the days hes all pissed and he doesnt say shit. what should i do? my friend say he relly loves me and wants to work things out and he wants to ask me out again what should i do should i just get over him or keep loving him? hehas taken a big part of my life. i know confuseing but i dunno what to do anymore.

i was wondering, was that to a certain person, cuz if it was, then i wont answer, but if it wasn't then i will edit this and answer you


What is with the topics? Every time I go to the "Advice Topics" page it takes me there and I choose a topic and all the questions are all mixed. I can't tell which is new or not. I know that they are being mixed because some are REALLY old. I don't like it because I'm going to that topic because it has new questions and I want to answer the new questions not the old ones. It's even the same on the "View Questions" page. I really would rather to have it back the normal way. Am I the only one that this happening too? please tell me if I'm not because then I will go to the admin.

Please answer.

that sumtimes happens to me
sumtimes it's the oldest, or scrambled wit tha date, like the 6th then the 7th then the 4th and all weird like that, but then sumtimes it's the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
in a row like that
then sumtimes it the 9th, the 8th,7th,6th,5th like that

it's always mixed up for me, so maybe we should tell the admin, and see wuts up wit that


me and my brother are always arguing and i hate it. he always calls me names and im older wot can i do

i kno, my sis is like that
sumtimes i just wanna EXPLODE, your best bet, is to ignore him, or if u can, get sum dirt on him, i have a younger brother, except he has ADHD, so it's kind of not his fault, but then it kind of is, my older sis is just naturally that way GRR

being the middle sux!

but anyways, either try to catch them doin sumthin, and get proof to tell ur parents, u mite be older, but ur also WISER.. it's a nice thing when u get siblings in trouble

well i kno that wasn't much help, but siblings are like that, i guess sumtimes we just hafta deal wit it!

Sry that i wasn't much help
But hope all is well 4 ya :)


How did you get your backround like that?

im not totally sure, but i think this is the site i went to

then i find an image, copy the hyperlink, and go to edit settings, then it will have backround, and it will have a spot where u put the URL, and i paste the code there

then i submit, and see how it looks!
Hope I Helped!!


Im sorry this is gross but I really dont get how to put a tampon in...i keep trying but i cant do it....what is wrong with me?
*pulls paper bag over head*

it should say on tha box


this aint a love life question...but here it goes ~~~>everytime i try to burn a cd....it melts...i tryed couple of times but it dont work...keeps on melting...wtf am i doing wrong??!?! also...in another ocasion my computer told me to press "any key" to continue...but i cant find the "any key" to press so acidently i pressed something n KABOOM...i dunno wut happend but i'm scared my computer is gonna blow...oh n one more question b4 my computer blows on my face...i watched southpark and theres this episode where they said its healthy to stick food in yr ass and shit it outta yr mouth.. so u tried it and it didnt work so then...i tried hangin upside down and it still didnt work...wut can i do?

LMAO, good but obvious joke, i can't belive sum ppl actually belived u LOL

cool, i like the type of stuff u type, it's fun to read sumthin thats not serious every once n a while!! :):)

and if WHICH I TOTALLY DOUBT that was tru, then dude u have sum serious problems!

hehe i kno it aint tru, who u tryin to fool?


I am 80 years old and have a credit card with a balance of over $7,000. I have been unable to keep up the payments. My total monthly income is $640 a month. I do not own a home, a car, or have life insurance. They have turned my account over to a collection agency who is threatenin to throw me in jail or garnish my social security check. What do I do? I have offered to pay them $25 a month, but they will not accept anything but a settlement of one payment of 50% of the balance.

talk to a family member, i doubt they can throw u in jail if u offer to make monthly payments
and i don't think it's so legal to HARASS and elderly woman

And I AM TRULY SORRY about your late husband :(:(


One of my very good friends is 14 and she is having sex with her boy friend. I don't think it's right, but who am I to judge. I highly doubt that they'll stay together and she say she likes it a lot... Do you think it's a little slutty of her? And should I tell her I think they should stop? Help me... please! Thanks! much

first of all, she's 14
then it's illegal
but it's mostly her choice, but since ur the 'FRIEND' involved, u should atleast talk to her
she mite get mad, and u would risk that, but not talkin to her could be riskful as in her gettin STD's or pregnant, i'd talk to my friend if that was happenin
and no unless she's sleepin wit more den 1 guy, she's not really being slutty

u should make sure she knows it's illegal, that could be a GREAT reason for her to stop
and tell her all the BAD things about having sex at a yooung age
if she got pregnant, she could die from child birth a 16yr old can die from child birth

make sure she knows the risks, and she knows that she has a good friend (you) that REALLY cares about her

Hope I Helped


It would be really nice if after you rated a question that you would be sent back to the page of questions where you came from instead of the beginning. Can that happen? Thanks

it would be nice

that really bugs me when it happens, cuz sumtimes i 4get where i left off, and i have to scroll down a lot, if i get lotz of answers




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