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I've just started breeding my male and female zebra finches -she layed 4 eggs a few days ago, one hatched but it's now been 3 days why haven't the other 3 eggs hatched? are they okay?

They may not be fertilized :/ Try holding them up to the light, if you cant see anything in them then they probably will never hatch.


i've had my dog Milo for nearly 2 years and no matter what we do HE ALWAYS PEES ON THE GOD DAMNED CARPET! how on earth do i get him to stop!???? we punish him and scold him when he does it when he goes outside like he's supposed to we praise him for it... but he STILL does it on the carpet!!

You should take your dog to the vet and make sure he doesnt have a medical problem. Then if theres nothing medicaly wrong you should make sure you let him out to go to the bathroom regulary and praise him when he goes outside.


My horse started limping yesterday and I dont know whats wrong with her. She is 23 years old but acts like a young horse. I cant afford to take her to the vet because Im only 13 and I already babysit to get her food. i even got her for free! I would really like to know what is wrong with her.

Check her foot for rocks or other debris. If your horse has been eating alot of grass lately she may have foundered. Foundering is when the pad of the foot becomes to soft.


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