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Well today my friend said it was un-believable that a kid in my class weighed 110 pounds. I started to feel bad because I way 120 pounds. I know its my muscles but it makes me feel bad. She made feel so bad because she ways 55 pounds! I really don't know what to do because she keeps sorta bragging and I feel bad I way 120 pounds.

Well you must take into account any hieght difference O_O If she is 55 lbs she must be reaally short :P If you are taller you should weigh more! Just becuase she is freakishly short doesnt mean you should feel bad. Shes only making you feel bad to make herself feel better ( Probably becuase shes insacure about being short ) She will eventually catch up to you. maybe even surpass you weight wise O_O just shrug it off and tell her to go eat a sandwich.


i'm 5'1 and i'm really short compared to my friends, its kinda embaressing since i use to be taller than most of them.. what can i do to grow taller? no pills or w/e

Well your genes pretty much determine you height, you cant change that. Just make sure you get enough calcium and vitamins so your bones can grow. Maybe you just havent had your big growth spurt yet.


Do diet pills really work? I know there not healthy or anything. But i was thinking that if I went to my doctor they could perscribe me some healthy diet pills. Has anyone ever took them or a family/friend? And did it actually work. And yes I DO need to lose weight. Not a little about 100 pounds or so by next september or december. --And im also talking about the diet pills you can by in the stores. Thanks!

I dont believe doctors prescribe diet pills O_o becuase they havent come up with a "miracle pill" yet. The best way to loose weight is the hard way =/ diet and exercise. Its tough but its better than dieing from taking a crazy pill >_


ok im 15 years old, and im bout 5'3 i weigh 100 pounds even, and im a size 0. but sumhow i always think im fat! my friends r like "your not fat, stop saying that" i mean yea im not the most self-confident person.. but i dont see why my weight bothers me so much. i dont have like rolls or ne thing. but im constantly talking about how i want to lose weight. yet i know im not fat... but at the same time i convince myself i am. i think it has to do with my x boyfriend, b/c he called me fat as a joke once, but since then.. ive been really concious about it. i dont know wut to do. or how i can stop being so obsessive about my weight and just my personality towards it in general....ne suggestions? thankx

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You sound like you might have a slight bit of an eating disorder =/ your at a skinny yet healthy weight now and its a good weight to stay at. Anyone who wears 0 size pants is skinny ;) Dont concentrate on your weight so much. You might try exercising just to relieve stress. If you still feel fat see a therapist.


ok why does every 1 say drink water to lose weight? wat does it do? and why do they say cold water is better? how does it make u lose weight??

The only reason you loose weight is becuase you arnt drinking calorie filled sodas and juices. Its not the water itself


Has anyone ever gone on a "water-diet"? nothing but water...ice/water...and then u eat something on the third day...?has anyone gone on this or know if it works??

Well it definatly doesnt sound very healthy! plus I would think you would end up retaining water and gaining weight. Well, water weight. I wouldnt try it if I were you.


hey well...im skinny im 14 and i weigh 85 pounds..and its so wierd...lyk my stomach its skinny but then lyk right undermy belly button i have this lyk little "pooch" thing.it s not lyk that big where people would think im fat but sitll it wierd...what is it? and no, its not something lyk medically wrong with me...its just the way my stomach is. but lyk i dunno its so wierd cuz im real skinny and then theres lyk this little pooch thing under my belly button..does anyone else whos skinny have this..?

I have that too o.o Its just where the fat collects I guess. Theres not to much you can do about it but its perfectly normal. And if no one notices, who cares?


hey. i have REALLY short legs. &its really annoying. i know this sounds weird, but is there anyway to make them longer? i just hate having such short legs because i can't find pants! if you help me i'll rate you!

I dont think thats possible. You cant lengthen your bones without just growing. Just make sure you eat healthy and get plenty of calcium so your bones can grow.


ok im 16 and i am pretty in shape. i am not extremely ripped but i have a nice figure. ive done a million sit ups and i know that i have a 6 pac just EGGING to pop out, but i need to lose a little bit of fat on my stomach for it to show a lot. whats a good, fast way to lose just a little bit of weight so that my abs will show a lot more?

Just keep doing situps! Try doing them while holding weights on your chest, it helps to make them harder and more effective.


I wanna lose weight, on my stomach and my bum. But I wanna lose weight before I go back to school in 5 weeks, anyone got any good ways?

Crunches! you arnt going to get any major results in 5 weeks though. As long as your burning calories your going to loose weight all over your body.


how do i get my mom to let me wear a padded bra? like a push up one?

If i were you i wouldnt, padded bras look really fakey. Its better to just wear a normal one then have the fakey look.


How much should a normal teenager weigh and how tall because I know my friend eats n all I see her eating but doesnt gain weight n her parents say theirs something wrong w her but shes onli 14 n I dont think their is she eats normally n eats n doesnt strave herself but neways how tall n how much is she suppose to weigh for a 14 yr old girl? Most 14 yr olds I guess?

You cant say how tall she should be. It varies ALOT from person to person. I would have to know her height and weight to say if she was underweight. If shes eating healthy and not gaining weight it shouldnt be a problem


HeY ! well im 14 and i weigh 86pOunDz or sumfin liek that .. buh i know its around 80 is that good enuff? im scared that if its not .. then something mite happen . buh u know i eat ALOT !! i just dont gain weight .. and im reeely skinny ;) hehe .. soo yehhh heLp?

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It all depends on your height, age has nothing to do with it. If you eat alot of food and dont gain weight ( unless you have a medical problem preventing you from gaining weight) then i would say you are fine. Just make sure you are eating a healthy diet.


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