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I'm a 38 year old psychologist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Until shortly over a year ago, I hosted a radio/tv talk show. At the moment, I'm amid plans to start a new one called, " One Man's Opinion". It's a radio show FOR women, ABOUT men, BY a man.
Seeing that alot of issues are age-related, please state your age when posing a question.
Gender: Male
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Occupation: Psychologist
Age: 38
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umm when u shave *down there* lol yah do u shave all of it or what..what r u suppose to do?? (link)
Shaving pubic hair is a truly personal thing. Some people feel the need to shave it all. And some I've met have shaved little designs in it. Whatever suits your fancy is up to you.

Could you get pregnant if you have unprotected sex in a hut tub? And wouldn't a condom slip off in the water? PlEaZe WrIte BaCK AuDREY! (link)
you can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex in the frozen hills of the tundra. It doesn't matter where you are, unprotected is unprotected. I dont think there is any formula for water making a condom slip, if it's slipping, it's probably too big for the person.

about a week ago i was talking to this guy on the internet and he was asking me who i liked and i was like idk who do you like and he gave me all these clues that lead up to me then told me that it was me and then i told him that i like him. he is cute and makes me laugh (which i like) but on monday he went on this trip and my best friends bf waS there to. so of course they talked on the phone everynight then one day she told me that while they were talking he asked for my phone # but he hasn't called me yet, should i call him or just forget about him??? im am really confused (14) (link)
Give him time. Guys are funny at that age, and he's probably just trying to get up the nerve to call. After he's finished rehearsing what he's going to say about a billion times, he'll call.

many thanks, one man! i appreciate the thoughtful advice from one who knows. good luck with the radio show. hope all works out well for you.

the bohemian med student.
you are so very welcome, and I know you'll do well. If I'm ever up your way and I get sick, you can pay me back with a little "professional courtesy" ;)

Dear ---,
This is with regards to Items listed by you on our site ------.---
We wish to inform you that we have closed your items listed on our site as we are currently involved in a system-wide initiative to remove all sellers selling pirated CD's on -----The procedure is that all sellers who cannot supply adequate proof of legitimacy or sign an indemnity letter to the effect that if any of their items are detected as being pirated in nature, they stand to face the appropriate penalty not only from -----, but also from any national-level authority (such as NASSCOM, etc) to whom their details will be forwarded.
One of the drawbacks in this system is that there is no longer any scope for non-organized sellers who are buying from the market legitimately (with bill) and re-selling on --------.If you are organized retailer / wholesaler / distributor / publisher / franchisee for CD Games, please have the enclosed indemnity letter duly signed by you , printed on a Rs.20 stamped paper and sent to the ------- Address mentioned below :
Kindly note that we await your document details in order to allow you to sell Gaming CD - Roms on our site , please note that without the receipt of the same we regret to inform you that we cannot allow to sell them on our site. In future if we come across you listing them on our site , we wish to inform you that we shall be forced to close them.
You would appreciate this is a step taken to protect the interest of users on the site.
Looking forward for your co-operation in this matter
Well Abv was the mail sent to me!!! I was (afraid to use "is") a seller at this online shop. I noticed many users getting away with selling pirated software Cds, so I also thought of earning some money. Damn, now I am in a fix!!#$%
Well I want to respond to their mail in a convincing manner stating I'm really sorry for what I did. Any help would be really appreciated.
And please help fast!!And I'm 18 yrs old and I feel like tearing out my hairs.!!!!!!H E L P Sorry 4 such a long Q. (link)
Ok, don't sweat it. All the letter states is that they will no longer allow you to use them as a liason for your material. i see th epart about the penalty, blah blah blah. Look, it's hard to prove it's you if they stand behind you on a corner and SEE you sell it, let alone on the net, unless you have given all of your correct inofrmation. If so, then, don't do it again. Claim it wasn't you. The burden of proof rests on them and I don't think they can produce based on what I've read. I will give you this tid-bit though. You made it out, they shut you down. Leave it that way. Peddle to your friends on the street. DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. I would suggest that if you feel the need, consult with a licensed business attorney in your state of residence. let me know what happens. If there is anythihng else you think I should know, feel free to contact me.

hi- i wanted to ask you my question as you are a psychologist, and i feel like i am going insane trying to make a decision. i know this really is not the typical type of question you get, but maybe, oh, maybe you will have some words of impartial wisdom for me? thanks!

i am having a dilemma about spaces and places. i am a med student, so peace and quiet are nice things. pleasant surroundings also important for those few, precious moments at home. i moved into a GORGEOUS loft-style apt in a cool up-and-coming revitalizing-itself kinda neighborhood. my apt has a claw-foot tub, skylights that open to the fall new england air, stainless steel apps and the most gorgeous hardwoods you will ever see. problem is: my house was sold/bought during my lease, and the new owners are pushing a lot of construction through on the 1st fl. they claim it's nearly over, and i will be starting surgery soon (hence not at home as often to bothered by it, maybe..?). but i don't know whether to move or not. i found a new loft-style apt, and it has tons of charm, character, and the building is lovely and well-maintenanced. but it is not the same. the neighborhood is also not as cool, although, it is nice enough. i have to make a decision as i am trying to study for a major licensing exam, and i have allowed this to gnaw away at me. i am at the point of screaming or tearing my hair out with all the various stresses. any thoughts? much appreciated, sorry for the length. sincerest apologies.
Don't apologize for the length, I always prefer thorough over an empty, long-winded diatribe that speaks volumes to nothing.
It sounds to me as if your milieu is the most important priority right now. Sure, you can move, but at what cost? I know the construction can be, and IS, quite maddening, but to give up your nieghborhood and all of the creature comforts that you have come to expect, may actually do more harm than good in the long run. You may rid yourself of a little noise ( not to diminish it ), but you may move and find that your new surroundings don't jibe well with your style of living, studying, etc., and totally throw the proverbial monkey-wrench into more than you could have imagined.From one who knows, NOW is not the time to find that out at the onset of licensure. Have you considered finding an alternate place of respite? The library, a friend who can let you study there while they are away, anything. If you have, then accept my apologies, my intent was not to state the obvious. If faced with the same dilemma, I would probably find an acquaintance, familiar with my situation, to stay with for awhile. Didactics first. A place you can actually call HOME is few and far bewteen these days, and finding one that suits you as suitably as you have said this one does, is almost non-existent. See if you can part company with it until completion of the construction and I'm sure you'll appreciate it more in the long run. Oh by the way....bone up on pharmacology REALLY bone up on it. Good luck. I hope I have helped.

I'm a 17 yr old female, and I and my boyfriend of a year and 3 months just ended our relationship about a week ago. It was mutual because we both were fighting a lot over petty things and not acting quite like bf and gf, but more like good friends. Part of this is my fault... I guess maybe a couple month or so ago I started to get this crush on another guy about my age, and I didnt know what to do. Things between me and my boyfriend had been slipping a little bit even then but I still care a lot about him.

Although he said it was mutual hes said he misses me and I think given the chance I think hed want to get back together. I still care about him a lot and I don't want to hurt his feelings. but I and my crush are both interested in each other and I dont know whether we should hook up or even hang out together bc I dont want to hurt my ex. I I realize its too soon now to do anything but how long should I wait and how can I stay friends with him if I decide I want to be with my crush? And would me doing this block out any chances of my ex and I getting back together in the distant future? (link)
Hmmm, seems like you want to have the cake and eat it, too. I know, I've been there. You wonder if it will hurt your chances in the future of getting back with your ex. I can't answer that. I don't know him or how he will respond. Don't you see, that by wondering that, you have already determined that your feelings for your "crush" aren't real enough to last? You have already seen yourself with him, for instant gratification, and you also see yourself moving on. But that way, you can get the best of both worlds. You get to experience the "crush" because you're no longer with the ex, but, you'll still be able to go back to your "ex" after it's all over. You say you don't want to hook up with your crush because it would hurt your ex. Don't you think the fact that youre already interested in someone else is hurtful to him? So, ask yourself, whats the REAL reason. If you answer that, and still feel that it's a REAL attraction for the "crush", then I'd say go for it. Remember, there was a reason you and your ex are no longer together, and those don't just go away because the relationship no longer exists. If you realize that your attraction to your crush is not what you thought it was. Mainly because of the feelings for your ex, then that should tell you something. It's not an easy place to be in, and I feel for what you must be going through. But, with honesty to yourself, I know it will be alot clearer than you thought it could be.

There is this boy... lets call him Andy! I really like Andy... but how can I tell him again? I went out with him before because he liked me... but that was only for a day! He has a girlfriend that is like really nice to me and I dont want to break them up... And I dont want his girlfriend to get mad at me and not want to talk to me ever again! I know they love eachother because on their shirts his girlfriend wrote I love Andy and Andy wrote I love (his girlfriend) Just because i am afraid to talk to him does that mean i dont like him? Whenever i talk to him i talk all like flirty but i dont know if we have anything. I really dont want to break him and his girlfriend up but IIIIIII really like him.... I think.... :(....... AHH HELP!!!! (link)
Lol, yes, my do like him. But the problem is not how do you tell him. The problem is, how do you learn to live with not being able to tell him. You say that he's in a relationship at the moment. From your description,it also sounds as if it's going well. Further, you let on that you care a great deal about both parties, you don't want the friend to not like you, and you don't want to break them up. So, why again is it that you want to tell him that you still like him? I think you already knew the answer to this before you asked. I know it's hard, but the best thing you can do right now is be a good friend to them , and if something should happen outside of your control and they DO break up, then you can tell him, when the time is right. Your fear of talking to him doesn't mean you don't like him, in fact it means just the opposite.. you like him a lot. And you know what's going on in your mind and heart, and don't really trust yourself around him. You'll be ok. I'm sure of it.

Im a male and im 24,i need tips on how to achive stamina without pills ,creams,pumps or surgery? (link)
How excited do you still get at the prospect of having sex? The older you get and the more you become attuned to the needs of your partner, the more your mind will be focused on her and not so much the felling youre receiving causing sensory overload, which leads to ejaculation. If none of these are a factor for you, you might want to study the art of tantra. It works wonders for me and Im sure you will find a great deal of information that may be beneficial to you both.

I have recently noticed a number of small pimple like irritations on my penis head and shaft. (link)
In order to answer this effectively, I would really need to know more about them. What do they look like? What color are they? Are they clustered or does each one stand alone? There are a number of factors that could contribute to their appearance. In any regard, I would strongly suggest you see your doctor.

Liz is one of my best friends. I've been in love with her since before elementary, and I'm in college now. This was her senor year at highschool and my freshman year of college. We grew distant for a while, but a few years ago we rekindled our friendship. Shortly after this, all the feelings I felt for her rushed back along with a few new ones. I wanted to ask her out but she's against dating. All of her friends' dating history are terrible, and she doesn't want to go through the same thing. Also, she's afraid to get close to anyone.
Recently I decided to tell her how I feel. Mainly because now another guy wants to date her. Justin, the other guy, moved here a little while ago. I'm growing jealous and annoyed because I can see right through him. He gradually gets more touchy feely with her, hugging and kissing her good-bye, hanging out with her all the time, trying to manipulate her and get her to date him. He's doing so because of her inexperience in dating such situations. He beleives that by doing this, she'll eventually start to have different feelings for him, and I'm afraid that he's right. Along with this, he asked her to dance at their prom, and while they did he tried to make a move on her, but she wouldn't let him. He constantly has these friends that tell her to date him in front of me, she responds by blushing and jokingly saying no.
After I told her how I felt, she apologized for putting me through all of this. I asked her who she'd rather date, and she said she didn't know. I'm not sure if she would chose me and didn't tell me because she didn't want things to change, or the more like one, she would chose him, but didn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me. I then told her how jealous I was, and she said she was a tiny bit jealous of my touchy feely relationship with Shiloh ( One of my best friends who also happens to be a very attractive girl). I wasn't sure what to do with that. I want nothing more than to have an intimate friendship with her, but I'm afraid if I do anything like hug her, she'll think it's just because Justin hugs her. I'm also afraid of making her uncomfortable, I respect her too much to put her in any uncomfortable situation. Which is why I'm afraid to call her over the summer. I had a bad experience with another girl a few years ago, we were casual friends, but I then became depressed and in solitude for various reasons, at this time I called her too much and drove her away. I don't want to do the same to Liz.
I'm not sure what to do now. I can't get over her and stay close friends. Everytime I see her it's bittersweet. I adore talking to her, but I miss her the second we part. I can't get over her while seeing her, and I can't stop seeing her, friends like her are impossible to find around here. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. (link)
I SO know what it is you're going through. I too, met a young woman a little over two years ago. When first we met, I could do nothing but see myself with her,intimately, for the rest of my life. She was articulate, compassionate, caring and yes, she was hot ( still is )among all of the other things I look for in a future mate. I too, got jealous over a friendship she had with another guy. They took trips together, always went to dinner, etc. Nothing against him,I was sure he was a great guy, but he was often getting the time that I so desperately sought and couldn't get. She too,like Liz, was not looking for an intimate relationship. I became threatened by her relationship with him and in a moment of selfishness, made a move that I felt could have ended our interaction forever. All of the factors are mirror image here. Your feelings for her, mine for this young woman. As hard as it's going to be, you have to realize that this is not about you. As I had to do. What's most important is what she wants. I know that he may seem to be getting closer and getting more of the "perks" that you seek, but you can't resort to being selfish. You have already done the best thing possible. You have told her HONESTLY how you feel. That should be enough. If that hasn't already run her away, then you're probably safe. Give her time to digest that and then you'll see which way she wants to go. But let HER make the decision. Oh, what happened with me? I found one of the most loyal and best friends I have ever had.... a little over two years ago ;) Let me know how it turns out.

I have been dating this guy for some time now and I have caught him lying to me several times already. Lying about stupid things like who he has talked to and just little things that build up. I love this guy with all of my heart but all the signs are there that he is cheating on me and that scares me to death. We were so close for so long and now we really just aren't. I don't want to loose him, but I can't have him lying to me all the time. No he has been doing things, hanging out wise, with all of these different girls and he doesn't tell me about it until one of them call or I find out by him telling a friend or something that retarded. Is he cheating on me? (link)
There's an old idea that many people of varied wisdom like to follow, including me. It goes, "If you have reason enough to believe that he/she may be cheating on you, then he/she probably is". Regardless of that, I think the lying alone is more than enough to step away from the relationship. It not only shows his disrespect for your intelligence, but it also stops any base of trust from being established, and without that, you have nothing, anyway.

Recently this guy said I have a lot of pubic hair. He said it was abnormal. I didn't think it was. He said it looked like a forest. Now I'm really embarrassed about this. He keeps making fun of me and these other guys were asking if I shave. I'm getting a new bathing suit for this field trip I'm going on and I'm going to get some wax so I can remove this embarrassing black hair from my stomach. I looked at the wax I am going to buy and noticed that you shouldn't remove hair from genital/vaginal areas.
Well I know I'm not going to use a razor sinse it can cause in-grown hairs and comes back thicker and makes skin irritated.
I can't use my depilatory creme at home because you shouldn't use it for pubic ahir.
I tried to look for some wax that removes pubic hair but I can't find any and the trip is coming up in 6 days.
Do I have to shave down there? I don't want to! This one girl said she got a mohawk. Okay? Will it look bad if I get a small swimsuit and don't remove the hair? I don't think I should listen to the guy. But if I use a razor wouldn't the hair poke out of the swimsuit? I'm still buying the regular wax for my stomach and bikini line.

I don't know what to do! If you now of any wax that can remove pubic hair please tell me. (I can't go to a salon to do it!) Thanks! 14 year old girl. (link)
Although there is no "right and wrong" for the presence of pubic hair, or the amount, it is considered social etiquette to at least trim that which extends beyond the bikini line. Of course, that's only here in the U.S., In France, it's quite UNcommon for women to remove or shave any body hair that they may have and it's quite normal.
There are several methods to help you rid yourself of unwanted hair. Instead of listing them all, seeing that you're short of time, I'll simply suggest a visit to this site:
Here, you will find a sundry of medically-based methods of acquiring your desired results. Good luck.

Im in 6th grade and i have already started my period and i am afraid that i might be pregnant because me and my boyfriend who is a sophmore in high school did it without protection. I come from a family of high class and i dont know what to do!! Pleez help!!
-6th grader* (link)
you're in the 6th grade, he's a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL??? No comment. Either get a home pregnancy test or schedule a Dr.'s appt and get a test. I am soooooooooo going to pray for you. Oh by the way, lose the pedophile.

Another question sparked my interest and I realized that even if I had a yeast infection I dont think I'd even know.

Can anyone give me an explanation as to a) what it is b)what the symptoms are c) when or why it occurs.

Thanks! (link)
feels like an intense itching, burning sensation, localized in your vagina and vulva. this itching is not always present, but can get really bad, so bad you can hardly walk, let alone ride your bike to the pharmacy or doctor to get it treated.
looks like clumpy nasty white stuff. most medical descriptions compare the discharge to ricotta cheese, but it can range from thick and not clumpy to faintly yellow to thin and clear.

smells like bread or beer. in fact, it smells pretty much exactly like yeast, although the yeast used in brewing and baking is an entirely different species (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).
And I would strongly reccomend a visit to the dirctor in lieu of letting it "go away on it's own".

Hello - I am a 43 yr. old female and my husband is a 33 year old male. Here we go: I have never had an orgasm with my husband of over three years. This man treats me like a queen and has truly tried pretty much everything to help me reach an orgasm to no avail. I truly do understand that "sex" in not all that there is to a marriage but it does seem to me like it is a very important part of marriage. I have had two other serious relationships where I lived with my partner even though we weren't married and have always enjoyed a very active, satisfying sex life so I am very puzzled as to why I cannot seem to have an orgasm with this man. Obviously I am very sexually frustrated at this point to say the least! Since I do not have an orgasm I find that we have gotten to the point where we do not even make love at all anymore, yet this wonderful man chooses to stay with me and love me. I do have panic/anxiety attacks and had thought at one time that the medication that I was taking was maybe interfering with my ability to have an orgasm, however, I was taking this same medication when I was with my ex-fiance and never had this problem. By the way I have talked to my physician and she assures me that the medication that I am taking causes the "least" amount of sexual side effects and offers me no other advice. I honestly do not even "feel" anything sexually awakening in my entire body even when we are totally naked laying with each other. I don't even like the thought of having intercourse with him. As the old saying goes I really do think that I do love this man but am not "in love" with him. He and I are wonderful friends and work well together in this relationship as far as with the finances, home, taking care of one another both emotionally and physically, but I just feel like this is almost more of a "friendship thing" and not a "marriage thing". I also feel very guilty because I think that he should be sexually satisfied - he is still a young man with needs and I am just not fulfilling them. But in all honesty, I am just not into him sexually. I wonder if I should just let this marriage go and let him be free to find happiness elsewhere as he deserves thus freeing myself to pursue possible happiness also. I feel secure in my relationship, but that's about it, I do not feel fulfilled as a woman, nor do I even look forward to him coming home, you know that little feeling you get when you are really into someone and you just can't wait to see them again? - Like I said before: I am just not "feeling" him if you know what I mean. I realized this was a problem a long time ago and I guess I just kept hoping that the sexual part would somehow just magically remedy itself one day, but now I am realizing that it is just not going to happen. I am 43 years old and maybe I am a little scared also of what might come next. Yes maybe the next man may satisfy me sexually, but he might not have all of the positive qualities that the man I am married to does. Besides treating me like a queen in every way, he a very hard worker, does not have a drug problem (and believe me I have had to put up with that in past relationships that caused nothing but major problems not to mention way too many sleepless nights of wondering if that person was ok and not even worrying about my own safety when it came to going out driving around looking for them and ultimately when finding them kicking in the door to many "crack houses" that I now know I could have been killed doing - and eventually a mental/physical breakdown that I refuse to go through again with any man!)and my husband does not ever do the "dissapearing act", where I don't know where he is. He honestly causes me no worried whatsoever. I do believe that is why I keep trying to hang in there - he does bring peace to my life - but yet still I always feel that something is missing - and it is!I have rambled on and on - just alot going through my mind and coming out through my fingers onto this keyboard. It's just that I feel in my soul that this is not a healthy life I am living and I often just sit and cry wondering if this is how I am going to live out my life - and then I just pull myself together thinking how much worse things could be. I thank the Lord everyday for my life in general and have prayed alot about this situation and I don't think that He would mind me getting someone elses opinion/advice - smile. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to "vent". Any suggestions/comments/advice would be much appreciated. Thank You. Signed ~Sexually Frustrated! (link)
You know, I sympathize with you but I'm REALLY wondering if you think he's "too good" for you. Judging by your description of your past relationships, you may feel that he's too good. Now how does that bleed over into the sexual arena? Well, it very well could be that the "bad nature" of the guys you have been accustomed to dating is what really turned you on about them, without your present husband possessing that "quality", you may feel less connected to him in that manner and HIS bad nature is what may be "missing". You feel the need to do the "right" thing, live the right life, etc etc, and actually, that's leaving you resentful. It also sounds to me like you really want out of the marriage and know it's going to make you look like the villian, so you're trying to find autruistic means of doing it, " He deserves better, he desereves a good sex life, etc, etc ". You're going to have to admit that you miss the "action" and "drama" that was present in your past relationships. Sit down and talk to your husband about it. Tell him what the real problem is, how it's leaving you, and how it's affecting your relationship with him. Tell him above all, what you REALLY want. If it's your marriage with him, tell him, if you think it's not, you need to tell him that, too. I would really like to know if you still masturbate. If so, are you capable of having an orgasm in that manner. If oyu can, what are you doing THEN that you're not doing with the husband? What's going through your head? Talk it over with him, and try to implement some of the things that you do while ou masturbate. If you don't masturbate, maybe you should start. Get your body accustomed to reaching a climax again and simply knowing that you're capable will relieve alot of the tension you feel when you're with him. I'm sure you are probably at the point now where you start a love-making session with the thought that you AREN'T going to orgasm, already in your head. That only adds to the tension and anxiety. If you're that tense, you'll never orgasm. I'd love to discuss this more but I only have so much info availed to me.Don't thank me for allowing you to vent, thats why I'm here, you're no bother. If you and your husband like, feel free to use the address on here to write me personally, so you don't have to post it in the forum. In either regard, please send me a follow up and let me know how things are going....or.... "coming". Sorry, I had to :) Good luck to you both.

I have this freind who we just talk and hang out and dance have fun. whenever some of her friends come she treat me little different. Like when we dance sometimes I can't dance way she dose she like she can't do it. anytime they want do something fun. and something like at store one those cart little kids riding in u know. well my freind want get in one. one of her friend ask me. then she like she wront do it. Ilike I would but i have little disbittle she know bout it. we at movies she know for 4 months I gotten Id and I watch rated r I am 18. we in car she like asking me I see rated r and dont think ur mom improve. I like OGM she knew I allow and we try go rated r movie before but we didnt go.. someitmes i try talk to her bout stuff doing on me. she dont pay much atthen she change subject all she talk bout is her ex bf whoes her friend now.. but things is all she tlak bout and brag bout her friends she act like I dont have any I do.. and saying i have meet her freinds it like she dont want me be who I am. she like want me be her or something. I try explain to her but she turn it around her way..
Girl who love her bestfreind to death but she cant get on my nerve but i hide it couse dont want make nobody feel bad

i havnt seen my boyfriend in two monthes. he just ask me out about 3 weeks ago. im planning on seeing him this weekend. i'm not excatly sure how he is though. like, what kind of girl he likes, i met him at a birthday party. he likes being chased around and stuff so thats a good way to flirt. but i dont know weather to wear like, a lowcut shirt or look all goody 2 shoes. im not asking him cuz that might be a wierd question. i got the pants picked out. they are a navy green color so grass stains wont look as bad. and he hasnt had his first kiss yet. i want that to be me but i dont wanna like just kiss him cuz it might be important to him who his first kiss is and all that stuff. i dont really know what the main question of this is but whatever you can give advice on will help. please and thank you! bye!

lovin-him (link)
Call him and tell him that you're not really sure what the two of you will be doing and you want to make sure that you dress appropriately. Then ask him what HE thinks would be best to wear. That way, the question's not weird, and believe me, he will put a little of his own like in the answer, as well. Good luck. Enjoy the date.

My father molested me when I was 9. (link)
I thought that maybe the case. Although there is still something very wrong with what you are doing with family members and your big sex drive, it's understandable clinically. I don't think you meant for this to be be aired publicly on my site, but it is. If you want to talk privately, then copy my e mail address and go to your e mail and write me from there. If you ever need to talk about anything, I'll be there for you.

how do you make out with someone if you have braces???????? this boys wants to make out with me but i have braces so i donno how?? and its my first time!! help now! (link)
No offense, but if 1. you have braces, you're probably too young to be thinking of sex. 2. If you happen to be a post-pubescent with braces and you STILL don't know, you're probably not ready for sex, and if you're an ADULT who happens to have braces and you're even asking this question, then guess what?......yeah, you probably shouldn't be having sex. I think waiting, until the braces come off or until youhave a clearer understanding of how things work, would be the best answer all the way around. Good luck.

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