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Gender: Male
Location: Maryland
Occupation: Porno
Age: 16
AIM: Nyctophobia87
Member Since: August 16, 2004
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ok so i dont like my friend Alexis but i told her i liked her so she wouldnt get mad what should i do

maybe you shouldnt be so judgemental and not hate people, whats so wrong with her anyways


I've been friends with this girl heather for about a year or so now...she's a good friend, dont get me wrong, but all summer she has been ditching me and my other friends for her family..i know she's busy with diving and everything but whenever we ask her to hang out she usually says sure and then blows us off to go hang out with her family. she was rude to her boyfriend and drug him out to visit her relatives whenever they were supposed to have alone time and it interfered with their relationship and they are now just "friends" I really don't know how to tell her she needs to come out with us instead of the family without hurting her feelings... what should i do?

tell her you want some alone time, or maybe just plan a surprise date on a day u know she doesnt have plans


i need to know how to tone up my body, manly just the tops of my legs and my stomache, but the thing is i only have 2.5 weeks! please help me and tell me wht i can do, with only that amount of time! ill rate high!! thnx! let me know ASAP!!

ok well do some six inches... 200 crunches a day, 50 - 100 push ups and.... eat healthy, try granola and only drink water


i have this grl in my class n i really hate her but i dnt kno wut i should do about it plz help me

Stop hating so much, hate sucks... Just hug her.


no i dont have a dog, and what does that have to do with anything? it really hurts!!!!

Do you have any teething babies in the house?


see, i accidently shoved an apple...up uh, the hole down there. and, it wont come out. i dont know what to do. please help im being serious

Well, do you have a dog?


are you sure you can help? i mean i dont want to get shitty advice!



During your first year of h.s. do u hang out with new friends or friends from ur grammar school cause idont have many friends from my grammar school and im worried that i wont have nayone to hang out with if i dont make friends ritee away?

Take time to focus on school and meeting people will come naturally.


ok...well i kind of have this you think you could help me?

Sure thing kiddo


What iif yur best friend likes the sayme kid as yu do!?! whta do yu do0? im so0 confused riight now! i made out with this kid last night nd so0- did she!!!!...uhh ii dont no but she went to his house 2day nd who nos wuht! i new him for such a long time 2!! - he wanted to get wiht me so0 mii other friend who was there hooked us up! but i was getin tired nd didnt feel to good so0 mii bess friend went nd made out with him right after me! :( ... i dont no wut to doO! uhhh sum1 plz help me i rate good!!!! thanx

I can not read 1/3 of the words in your question!


How do I get more people to ask my column for advice? I have answered a couple random questions, but how do I get people to ask me directly or more or at all? Any Advice welcome!

Who cares lol


my parents only gave me 100 dollars to spend for school clothes. and i really need both pants and shirts any ideas on how to get alot of the stuff i want for that price. thx. much appreciated!!

Go to the goodwill my brotha from anotha motha!


i really like this guy, chris, and i have for the whole summer, but the thing is, my dad doesnt like him, he says things about him that really make me mad, i know that my dad just cares and doesnt want me to get hurt or anything, but there really isnt anything wrong with chris, like the things that my dad says are completely ridiculous! just this morning i asked my dad if I could have my phone back because chris might call me from out of town, but as soon as I mentioned his name, my dad said no, its really beginning to annoy me that my dad can't trust my good judgement, I'm a smart girl and I know what I'm doing, someone please help me here! i rate (btw 14f)

Just pimp slap your daddy and give him a lil of what he deserves, u know the deal... some wrestling moves... chokeholds, elbowdrops, the whole nine yards! You go girl.


OK, so I have a boyfriend and we've been going out for about 7 months. The thing is.. Ive never met him b4. He lives in the same state and everything. But we live like an hour away from each other :(. I mean we could probably meet some how but i dunno. we hardly ever talk too. I havent talked to him in 2 weeks, partially because i was away but he still hasn't called either. He knows im home. I jus wanna kno if I should stick with the relationship or just be friends. I love him with all my heart. I am just really confused right now :(. Please Help!

Do you honestly think its a working relationship if you don't talk or see each other much? Meet someone in your area!


okay, this is a weird ? but here goes, i shave um..down low now but i have to wait at least 5 days before i can shave it again cuz if you dont it hurts, razor burn, lil bumps from infected hair folicles, grows back faster, you can see the hair under skin, etc. anyways i want to wax or something so it will stay smooth for a good while, but i dont have the $$ to do it professionally and thats kinda embarrassing so what should i do? i was gonna try veet but it says dont use down there so..and i could get wax and do it myself but will that work and how much will it hurt and stuff like that?? thanx!

Weirdo you should stop... It grows back thicker and fuller! Haven't you ever seen Seinfeld?


How do u stop thinkin about a guy u really like and u know u have to stop ?!! help please!

You can't... So... Talk to him, now!


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