I am 48 years old (yes that's old compared to some of you).

I have worked in nursing and/or healthcare management positions for 24 years. Primarily OB, Neonatal, Mental Health, Occupational Health and Geriatrics. In Jan 2008 I started my own business to board horses and do equine/human education. I am also a certified dog trainer.

I've been around the block so to speak and seem to be always helping others. I've been told that the reason people seek me out for advice is that I am approachable and caring. But on the same token even though I consider the person's feelings. I tell it like I see it. I've dealt with people in trouble with the law, dysfunctional families such as those with abuse & marriage problems. Not to mention problems with employees and employers.

I don't ever claim to know it all, and always keep an open mind.


Does any one know of any other good websites similar to craigslist? I was looking for a horse for my moms land.

If you have a local equine Vet..call and ask about rescues near by. I for one hate to see horses go to slaughter, and adopting well help prevent that in some cases.


I have two lovebirds-- I feed them a seed mix and fruits/vegetables every day. I read that it's good for them to have variety in their diet...

Any ideas on other kinds of foods I can feed them like grains, pasta, etc.?

Also, does anyone know of a good treat recipe I can prepare for them?


Here's a link that might help you. I always fed store bought treats to my birds, but making them would be nicer! Grains are your seed mix, so it sounds like your bird already has a good diet.
They also need gravel or a cuddle bone to help digestion.



i've already talked to my neighbors and complained about their dogs but he does nothing, i am looking for something to stop those dogs from barking i'd like for it to go through the fence & have a remote if possible. where would i be able to find this?
sites or stores please & thank you

Maybe if you bought anti-bark collars your neighbor would put them on the dogs. I don't mean the shock kind, but the kind that emits a high pitch sound every time the dog barks. If he won't put them on the dog, rig them up to the fence or a post or a tree near by..especially if the dogs usually stand in one place and bark. I don't see how this is illegal if it's in your own yard. The collars are certainly not as annoying as the dogs, so don't worry about bothering people with them. However, some dogs get conditioned to the collars and bark anyway. But it might work for a while.

Additional Info: Here you can compare online prices and find one that is reasonable:


My dog : http://i35.tinypic.com/e0llc8.jpg

She's only 8 months, and i know you have to discipline/train a puppy so i was just wondering if there's an effective quick solution to her problems. She's very hyperactive and when we leave her alone she barks, cries, poops/pees on the carpet, and most importantly: she destroys anything in sight of her. At night we have to keep her in the cage, in the day we have to keep her outside. I hate it, especially since we're close to winter. Me and my dad are most likely going to fight about this. He's already yelled at me for what she did last time (She tore of some of the old couch from the basement). He told me next time it happens he's going to take the dog away:(

So, anybody know any nice effective training methods to stop my dog from biting and chewing things she shouldn't? She's already ruined a whole bunch of my teddy bears >.


You didn't say what breed the dog is. Training methods may vary between breeds and their "chew" or preditor instincts may differ. Also certain breeds take longer to outgrow this behavior.

I always recommend crate training. I know you said you kennel her at night, but I would recommend it during the day and in the house. Putting her outside all day will not help housebreak the dog...as every where is the toilet. They do not learn the rules too well that way.


To stop chewing. Yes you can get substitute chew bones, ask the pet store which is best as some are not actually good for the dog. In addition I found that the toys that one can put treats inside of work very well. Chewing is a sign of teething and boredom both. Exercise the dog first then bring her in the house and tempt her with objects she might like to chew on, then place them in one corner of the room and make her sit and stay away from the objects...in otherwords demonstrate that they are off limites.
For the couch and bigger objects, try bitter apple chew stop spray. It works for most dogs, but you have to reapply it.


I have had two goldfish for five months now... they seem to be doing just fine. One of them, however, developed what looked like a big white spot on his head (it was almost as big as his head). Today I noticed that it turned completely red and looks like a big spot of blood.

I am really concerned that he might end up dying from this..any information on what this might be, and how to possibly treat it?

Here's a link with some information:


I had a goldfish with something similar and it happened to be an embedded worm. Eventually the worm did break through the skin and a friend of mine removed it with tweezers. That fish lived a long time afterwards, but we did have to treat the tank. The pet store could give you info on that. Basically though, other than for fungus and certain inbalances of the tank, it is hard to treat fish for diseases, and such things as tumors.


ok i had read that you own dogs. my question is if you know how to get them not to sense your fear or like how to get it not to go near you because i am scared of them.

No, not a rude question. Dogs usually sense when people don't want to be near them, but if you are doing it out of fear that's a different story.

Something that you could try to do is appear very confident, hold your head high, body upright but most importantly relax--smile if you can. Also do not look at the dog, don't talk or touch them. Keep your head turned and or back towards them. Dogs can smell fear because our bodies let off a certain hormonal scent that we can't smell, but they also read body language very well.

Some people have a certain anxiety about dogs--some due to past experience, and some for no known reason, so you are not alone. Perhaps working with a counselor could help you overcome that. Not that you have to like dogs, but if you are not afraid, the dog will have a different reaction to you.


I would really like to get a cat, but the problem is my fiancé is allergic to cats (it's not TOO bad with hives or anything, but his eyes really water and he sneezes quite a lot around cats).

My mother says that she used to be allergic to cats, but got one and her allergies went away within a year-- but only to that one cat. She still had reactions while around cats other than the one she owned.

Can a person really become immune to a certain animal if they are around it enough? Or should I just make my fiancé get allergy shots?

I believe people do develop an immunity of sorts to certain allergens, but it doesn't happen with everyone. I have seen the same thing with people I know with specific cats, just like you mentioned. I think this is a similar reaction to what allergy shots would do (inject the allergen to build a tolerence to it). On the other hand, some people get worse with increased exposure (mild symptoms at first and a full blown anaphylactic shock at another exposure)

If you absoulutly cannot live without a cat, and he likes them too, there's steps to take to minimize his exposure and treat the symptoms. So it wouldn't hurt for him to see an allergist.

I haven't read much on it, but there is a product called Allerpet that can be applied to the cat to help prevent an onset of symptoms in the human.




Yesterday my two dogs got in a big fight in the backyard when I wasn't home. one is pit-bull cross with rhodesian ridgeback, the other pit and border collie cross. The neighbor told me that they fought for 30 minutes and my dog, (the ridgeback) had the other by the neck for a long time. the border collie cross is very injured today, and the other has minor injuries. There was another time about 4 months ago when it went the other way around and the border collie tore a chunk of ear off my other dog. Normally, they get along great, sleep together, play, swim together. they are very nice to humans, and obedient. My ridgeback did snap at my son once however (now both dogs are only allowed in the house at night and when my son naps). i just don't know if this type of behavior is normal. Really, both dogs are really sweet, even if it does not seem that way from what I write. so my questions are: is this behavior normal? and should i keep them away from the cats even though so far they have been getting along with them? (minus a few growls from the ridgeback, although that one seems to like the cats the most)

Well, even love for our pets is blind. There's been plenty of cases where dog owners minimize behavior and then something serious happens. Aggression is aggression, and has the potential to be life threatening to other animals or humans.
Normal? perhaps in the dog world the attack of one dog to another is normal. But by human standards it is not acceptable. Obviously one dog perceived the other was a threat, either to his power position (one will be the pack leader) or to territory, food..etc. No percieved threat, nice dogs.

My neighbor kept an agressive dog, who had snapped at her own children and other pets, and eventually this dog tore the ear off one child, and seriously wounded my daughter on the face--now at 19 she is left with a disfiguring scar, and has been traumatized for life.

Isolate the dogs and it might make them more aggressive, but if you plan on keeping them, it sounds as if you must separate them when you are not supervising, and at all times keep the dogs away from children. Dogs do perceive kids as a threat--they move fast--talk loud and squeel with delight. Even if you take the dogs to the vet or a behavorist for evaluation, I would say that it will be difficult to trust them. Since you say they are "sweet" they sound unpredictable.


ok so my little 4 month old puppy has worms i dont have enough money to take her to a vet...im 16 i told my rents but there not doing anything about it.. and everynight like she sleeps with me and i wake up and on my bed were like.. little things that looked like red rice??? what are those they wernt moving and they dont look like worms but i know there coming from her what are they?

When pets have tapeworm, the segments are passed and they do look like rice, but are usually white. However once dry they could be darker. I so not think hookworm larva can be seen with the human eye, but hookworms do suck blood from the intestines, so they might be red. If it is a parasite and it's not moving, that is because it didn't locate a new host and died off.

Humans can be infected from animals though. As a rule all puppies have worms. You can buy over the counter dewormer which is better than nothing, but I have never had much luck with it. The vet could tell by a stool sample what this is exactly. Hopefully your parents will change their minds.


My uncle got 200 hundred ducklings, and 30 died in like 3 days!
We have heat, insulation, food, water, and other crap.
Does anyone have advice on having the ducklings live????
we have five things to hold the ducks, they are organized by type of duck and age of duck.

I have ducklings now too, so I have researched this a bit.


I am wondering if any were ill before your uncle got them? If you are doing everything right, that could be a possiblity. It seems with every clutch that hatches a few will die. I guess it's survival of the fittest. Are the ducks in big containers? Maybe they trample each other, chicks do that, not sure if ducks will, but they might.



Hay and feed prices vary throughout the US so it would depend on where you live. Are you keeping the horse on your own property? I just read somewhere that the average cost per year, per horse is about $4,000. However, horses seem to crop up with emergencies frequently..one colic surgery could cost that much easily, so it would be best to have savings for those types of things.


Pros and Cons?
Is it any good?
How long does it take to see results?


The how long it takes to see positive results would depend on the horse handler, and the horse. However his plan of building a good relationship with the horse is a good one, and with most horses I have found I notice results almost immediatly with any of the natural horsemanship methods. (especially on a long line or at liberty in a round pen) Most trainers are accomplishing the same thing there, just coin it a bit differently.

Pros: Parelli takes each horse into consideration--if you do the horsinality test on his site you will know where your horse is and how they learn best. Then he gives methods to train a horse with that specific horsinality--or personality. I don't see many other trainers that do that. So that is a plus. His method of "play-to-learn" is also good and the horses like it.

Cons: could be that he talks to much and does little demonstration, and that his program is way too expensive.


My dog has a trouble with biting,he is just a puppy, and he is only play biting but i dont want him to get used to biting, so what do i do?

Yes, it's play biting, but it can hurt the same.
This really works, trust me. When the pups mouth touches you even if the teeth haven't hit your skin yet...make a shrill or sharp loud sound such as "YIPE" or "EEEK" and pull your hand or whatever away. The pup will look at you like "What did I do?" Just do this way every time and soon the pup will learn that he gets dissaproval (in dog language) from you and the biting will stop.


My 3 year old labrador retriever always gets awful ear infections. They smell terrible and she's constantly itching and shaking her head. I've taken her to the vet many times and recieved medication, but the infection keeps coming back. How can I clear them up without having to go to a vet every time she gets one and how can I prevent them?

If the eardrum is not ruptured and basically it's an outer ear condition (would have to ask the vet if it is "inner" meaning after the eardrum or "outer" ear meaning the canal). If it is outer ear you can buy a cleaning solution OTC for the ears. You just put a few drops in, rub the ears and then let the dog shake her head. Then you need to wipe the excess away with cotton.

I had a basset hound that got yucky smelly ears and the breeder told me to make a mix of vinegar, peroxide and water and dampen a clean rag with the solution and wipe the ears out. It worked! She never got an ear infection and her ears stayed nice and clean and din't smell anymore. Much cheaper than the OTC solution..but I have used both.

Perhaps you can also add daily vitamins with anti-oxidents to her diet (special dog vitamins) to help her fight off inefction.


My 4 pet birds 2 cockatiels and two budgies on opposite side of the rooms all died within half an hour of each other they were breathing hard and fell of their perches any ideas why this happened help!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have investigated this by now. The most likely cause would be carbon monoxide or some type of chemical that has been used in the house.


My dog Bear is a mix bread of a German-Shepered and Black Lab, and ever sence Christmas she's been slipping, sliding, falling on our hard wood floor and she can't get up by herself.She's 12 years old which is old for a dog but she's mine!She has to protect us!She can't leave.....I've seen this happen before to a friends dog and she ended up putting him down but I don't want to put Bear through pain.She's always been here...I was like 2 when we got her and she's apart of the family.I'm crying just asking this but if she doesn't get better I-- I always wanted her to be here to slink around rooms and check on us, Im afraid im ganna come home and she'll be gone(past away).How do I help her?Both of her back legs give out and slide right out from under her....

It's kinda not a question but
Ill miss her

I agree with the other posts. Take the dog to the vet. Sometimes it's the hips and often it is the back that is the problem. There may be some help for the dog if she is still walking normally on other surfaces. It will also help to give her a soft bed to sleep on, maybe with a dog warming pad and put carpet runners on the hardwood floor so she doesn't slip. In addition make sure the vet trims the dogs toenails which when long, tends to make them slip more.


my dog, [westie] is acting weird.. like she has this stuff animal, that she like loves [she doesnt do anything like gross with it, she just like watches it, & sits with it.] & she'll stay there all day. & then she ALWAYS sleeps with me at night.. & she hasnt for 2 days. I don't get whats up with her.. what do i do? has your dog ever done this?

Is your dog spayed? We had a dog that had pseudopregnancies (false pregnancy) and did this with a teddy bear. She also ended up having a uterine infection and I regretted not getting her spayed sooner. I was planning to have her bred, but to safe her life she had the surgery instead.


My dog has been super depressed lately, she just lays under the bed. & she hardly comes out all day, & when she does.. I try to play with her, & she growls at me. Shes never done this to me before. So, I'm thinking about getting one of those dog pyschics..

so, i'm just wondering, do you think they work? I mean I don't believe it that much, but I'm to the point where I'll accept help from anyone.

Has your dog ever done this?

If so, how long does it last?

No a pet psychic cannot really communicate with the dog the way the portray it on TV. You can read your dogs signals however---by knowing your dog and knowing the general canine body language A dog who is in pain will hide. This is natural instict because in the wild they are very vulnerable when they are sick or injured, often other pack members will attack them, and certainly any preditors will. The sick dog is also protecting the pack this way too, it's like saying "move on, don't let me hold you back" Survival of the fittest.

A lot of dogs will not even show symptoms of pain because they have to remain stoic for survival. So by the time the dog does show outward symptoms they are not feeling well at all.

Spend the money on the vet ASAP and forget about the psychic.


my dog, she keeps shaking! im so worrieddd

I hope the problem has been solved with your dog. You are right to be worried though. If your dog is not cold or frightened, shaking or shivering in a dog is a sign of pain or illness. The dog would need to be seen by a vet to determine what is causing the problem.

You didn't say what breed of dog and the age, but that would have been helpful information. For example Chihuahuas and some other small dogs have such a high metabolism they "shake" a lot and it's
usually nothing to worry about.


I have a male Dachshund. 3 yrs old , He still pees in the house I cant hit him every more. He knows im cleaning it up and he runs.He knows hes doing bad. I had my female fixed 7 days ago I was hoping this would stop him. If i get him fixed will it stop? I want to keep him But i cant handle the pee much longer. Do you reccomend crate training or getting him fixed? Thank You N Wade

I recommend getting him fixed and crate training. Don't allow him loose in the house without supervision. The minute he sniffs and circles or lifts his leg grab him and run with him outside! When he does go outside reward him. He doesn't know he is "doing bad", he doesn't know any better because he hasn't been trained properly. Hitting a dog has never solved any training problem.


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