I am 48 years old (yes that's old compared to some of you).

I have worked in nursing and/or healthcare management positions for 24 years. Primarily OB, Neonatal, Mental Health, Occupational Health and Geriatrics. In Jan 2008 I started my own business to board horses and do equine/human education. I am also a certified dog trainer.

I've been around the block so to speak and seem to be always helping others. I've been told that the reason people seek me out for advice is that I am approachable and caring. But on the same token even though I consider the person's feelings. I tell it like I see it. I've dealt with people in trouble with the law, dysfunctional families such as those with abuse & marriage problems. Not to mention problems with employees and employers.

I don't ever claim to know it all, and always keep an open mind.


Ok, so 15/f...
I get along with pretty much everyone in my class. But, there's this one girl who just goes out of her way to bother me =( It's like effecting my self esteem. I don't understand why she acts this way. Like, I'll just be sitting there and she'll say something funny so I'll laugh and next thing I know she's all like "Did I tell you you could laugh?!" Ugh I hate her. But I can't just ignore her because I feel so totally stupid and self-conscious because of the way she calls me out in front of everyone =(
Any advice?

Ohhh I wrote a long answer to this and my connection went down, so let's try again and I will shorten it up.

A girl like this will only understand sarcasm..she is the type that can dish it out and not take it. But if you continue to take her abuse she will continue to dish it out.

Come up with some coy and cunning comebacks..make a list of them and that way you will be prepared to say something that insults her right back. I'd only say one thing at a time, and just simply smile and turn away if she challenges you. She will look like more the fool that she is.

For example, If she says "Did I tell you I could laugh?" say "Well, whenever I look at your face the laughter just takes over" Or "Since when do I ever listen to what YOU tell me to do"..then end it with silence. It will make her really uncomfortable...and that's your goal.


(Rating: 5) Haha it's like you know me! I always have to make a mental list of things to say or do before I do them. I plan out everything =P Thanks for the advice =)

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