I am 48 years old (yes that's old compared to some of you).

I have worked in nursing and/or healthcare management positions for 24 years. Primarily OB, Neonatal, Mental Health, Occupational Health and Geriatrics. In Jan 2008 I started my own business to board horses and do equine/human education. I am also a certified dog trainer.

I've been around the block so to speak and seem to be always helping others. I've been told that the reason people seek me out for advice is that I am approachable and caring. But on the same token even though I consider the person's feelings. I tell it like I see it. I've dealt with people in trouble with the law, dysfunctional families such as those with abuse & marriage problems. Not to mention problems with employees and employers.

I don't ever claim to know it all, and always keep an open mind.


I really like fruits. I make LIME-enade (like lemonade but with lime)every day and drink it.

For the first time this month my dad noticed and yelled at me because he said drinking one glass using a whole lime a day is bad and that it's just like drinking vinegar, it'll like shrink your organisms and then you'll have trouble eating and digesting food, something like that.

I thought it was good for you though because of the "you should have atleast 3-4 servings of fruit a day".

Sometimes my friends have those drinking contests and who and drinks the most wins. I like to make it healthy by making them drink PURE LIME juice without any sugar or water at all.

But after what my dad told me, I'm not sure no more: is it good for you or bad? By the way, this is what and how much I use for my one glass of LIMEenade a day: One whole lime, SQUEEZED, water filled to the top, and sugar.

The only thing that will be harmful about the limeade that you are making is the sugar. Of course it depends on how much sugar you use. If you have good dental hygiene habits I certainly wouldn't worry about it. Limes are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. One per day will not hurt you. However, it's important to eat a variety of fruits because when you eat just one type daily you may be missing out on other vitamins that you need. I don't know where your Dad came up with the idea that lime juice will shrink your "organisms" although it does have antimicrobial properties due to the citric acid. Which is a good thing.
He is probably meaning "organs"...but he'd have to show me proof before I'd believe that. I've never heard of such a thing. Besides you are mixing the lime juice with water and the PH will change...it's doubtful that there is anything harmful about what you are doing.


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