Hey, it's Kristen. I'm 17. I'm here to give you advice honestly and straight forward so ask!


Hey sis, this is the only way I can email you because we are not supposed to use email and the web addresses come up as INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL, but this doesnt. So this is the only way I can have any contact with you. Also, my social worker from DSS did not put you all on my contact list so I am not allowed to call you all anymore.

The address is :

P.O. box 90
Pilot, VA 24138

Please make sure you let Allen know that I am doing good. Also, what happened with social services coming to the house? What did they say? Are they going to let you stay with your dad? Well, I have like tons of work to do. I'll talk with you later, I LOVE YOU SIS!

You can try to call but I dont know if they will letme talk to younmber is (540)745-3887!

Yes, staying with dad. It was just my mom being freaking retarded. Omg girl, this lil hoe IMs me yesterday and shes like yeah me n brandon are friends with benefits and all this gay crap. So I tell brandon and then she tells brandon that im ugly, a whore, and that guys only like me cause im easy, and that i sucked some dudes dick. It was wayyy messed up. So all of us started cussing her. :) Me n Brandon are still going out by the way. Doin' real good. Daniel got jealous one day cause he came down when Brandon was here. It was funny. Yeah, I'll let Dad know. Well I'll ttyl. Love ya.


You know that you are my sister and I will always remember you no matter where the path leads me. You are the only real sister that I have ever had. I just want you to do what is best for you and remember that you can do a lot of great things with your life. I love you so much kristen. Remember none of this was your fault. When I would call to just talk to you the phone would always be busy. I care about you and I want to know how you are doing. Take care of yourself and let me know how you are doing! I miss you sissy! Please, don't you ever forget about me!

Hey, I wont. Start E-mailing me. crazy_n_love_xox@yahoo.com. What is your new address where you are living now, so like I can write you letters ? E-mail it


Hey sissy! I miss you tons and I don't understand why you wouldnt see me before I left CCCA! Are you mad at me or something? Did I do something to you. I love you but if you don't want to have any contact with me, just say so! I am at Tekoa and today is my first day at school! Its pretty cool I guess. Most of the girls here smoke so there are cigs everywhere, I don't want to start up again so I try to refrain from that. So far I have done really well. There is a girl here that I had heard of when I lived in Mt. Jackson but I never got to meet her. Come to find out, we hung out with the same crowds just different times! Its pretty awesome! I have a nice room and a REALLY comfy bed! My roommate is pretty cool but there are TONS of bi girls here! Its crazy watching them make out and crap! Anyways, write me back, I am concerned about you and want to know how you are doing!

I'm not mad, it's just that every time you would call, you could want something and you wouldn't want to call back until you wanted something again. I still love you as my sis and all but I knew if I would have went and saw you that I would have been pissed and all of that good stuff so I just didn't. I'm glad you like it where you are and I only hope that you have the best in life. You have a lot about life to learn rather you realize it or not. If you remember me, I'll remember you.


my stepdad... well he 'touched' my sister alot. like every night. my sister ended up moving away to live with mu dad. he has done it to me once when he was drunk. but that was years ago... the thing is, i'm confused cause i find myself defending him. i told one oof my friends and i keep saying that he was drunk, didn't know what he was doing, etc. why am i doing this??? i am fairly close to my stepdad (in a non sexual way) and i hate my sister badmouthing him. i dont know why. Please help me!!!

I think this is mental related situation. You say you two are fairly close, right? That is probably why you find yourself defending him. Because you care. Sometimes, no matter what some people have done in life, you always care and can't help but side with them. What he did was wrong but it only happened once so you feel it's no big deal most likely. Don't worry about it. If it happens again, I'd tell though. You can't have that happening. Xo


for some odd reason.. i start to cry when i see people helping me, answering me questions. i dont even cry in the saddest movies.. or if a friend does something that hurts me. maybe its because seeing people who care who i dont even know are helping me more than any of my friends or anyone i know would. any more thoughts?

I think you're right in thinking that. I myself have done that. Asking people things on here just does that. They are usually honest and helpful, and show concern. Makes you feel better, right? Nothing wrong with that. I've done it. Made me smile. I think it's just the feeling you get to know people out there that don't even know you are willing to not judge you, but help. Xo


ok heres the thing: my best friend is kinda going out with this guy and im kinda jealous of the guy...heres the problem...my best friends a girl...so am i...am i jealous of the fact the she likes him (as in i like her too) or am i just jealous of the attention shes giving to him?

Ok, no one can really tell you if you like her. You could. That is something you yourself are going to have to sit down and think about to know. Think long and hard to figure it out. Why do you like her? You could be jealous. I've found myself like that. And a lot of people do. Mostly girls. Sometimes, when you're best friend has a significant other and you don't have that you just get jealous. It's natural, and normal. You want what she has. Totally understandable. Think about if you like her or not and you'll figure out if you like her or if you are just jealous. No one can tell you. It's all in what you feel. Xo


what are some good fonts for aim?? i have book antiqua now, but its getting boring

Arial, Dolphin, Century Gothic, Times New Roman(Italsized)


I was reading seventeen or teen people or cosmogirl...i forget which one. anyway, they talk about not doucheing and i was wondering what that is! Thanks in advance and I'll totally rate ya high if you help me!

A douche is something women use to clean the vagina. Usually when they have a yeast infect, or after sex. It removes germs and such. Too much douching can be bad for it can rid of some of the important vagina bacterias that naturally clean your vagina. A douche has a possibly 4 inch long end, normally slender (like a tampon) and plastic bottle attached to the bottom. You insert it 3 inches in the vagina and clean it out (normally while taking a shower) with the stuff in the plastic bottle. You can find them in the area of a store where pads and tampons are found along with other hygene things of the sort, if you need more information about them. Hope I helped.


i have got brown patches on the bottom of my feets and my dotcor dont know what it is

You don't "have got" you "have." You don't have "feets" you have "feet." Your doctor "don't know what it is." Your doctor "doesn't know what it is." You might have athletes foot. Have your doctor run some test. It could turn out to be something even worse than a minor case of athletes foot. If your doctor can't figure out what is wrong with his own patient then he is a idiot anyways, and I'd suggest a new doctor. As a matter of fact, why not look around for a doctor that deals with issues involving the foot? Good luck with your brown patches.


can you get a disease or STD from fingering well from being fingered

This question has been asked before so I have a prior answer to this:

Yes and No. If the guy has some form of wound with blood and it gets into the girl, the girl could get an std that he has. And if he has an std and he had masturbated before he fingered the girl, his sperm or any ejaculation could get into her and cause her to have the std, etc. As long as you are both clean as in free of the jerms there shouldn't be any problems. But if the girl had an std, after the guy fingered her, I'd suggest he wash his hands afterwards just to be safe or else not do it at all. But I'm hoping niether have one.


The first time I had my period it was from the 19-22 then it became 25-29 then 3-7.Wat is wrong?Is this normal? I need advice and i rate very high.thanx

Every ones is like that when they first get it. It is really irregular in schedule. But remember, your period is on a 28 day cycle, not a whole month. It is not going to be on the same day of the month, every month. Especially right now when it's still getting on a normal schedule.


Do you think its wrong for a tenth grader to like a seventh grader even if the seventh grader is supposed to be in eighth grade? Im a female tenth grader and theres this male seventh grader thats hella kewl....what do you think?

Well, it's a bit abnormal for a tenth grade girl to be interested in a erm, eighth grade boy. But there's nothing wrong with it so go ahead. xo


hey! firstly, i loved your column!
secondly = my problem!
ok, so this is the deal..i met this wonderful guy this summer, but he has a GF. Anyway, we spent 6 weeks together and we made out, held hand and all that (IT WAS WONDERFUL!) please dont tell me what i did was wrong, i know it was but i dont care cuz i love him, i really do. And he's told me that he loves me too. We made a deal yesterday (he's been with his GF for about 2 years, and he says he loves her too) he said, he doesnt want to cheat on her anymore cuz he loves her but if the feeling is right-something could happen between us this summer. And i was like: what do you mean? and he asnwered: well, im gonna have my place all to my self this summer soo..who knows what could happen between us!? ;) anyway, i live in japan and he lives in america so we only see eachother during the summer. Hmm, id ont really know what my question is..im just so cofused..i love him so much, and i miss him..i really dont give a damn about his GF (i know i sound like an evil person, but i really really really love him, i cant help i.)Is there anything i can do to get over him? should i even try to get over him? should i sleep with him? (he's 18 and im 14) what's gonna happen between us? ( sorry, i know you cant answer that question) he's just so amazing i dont know what to do. Alot of guys like me here in japan, but i dont like anyone of them im just soo stuck on joshua.
Help! please?- mariana

Well first off this a really tough situation for you and I'm going to have to be a little blunt truth about it. I want you to think about something. In America it is illegal for people over 18 to date or be sexually active with people under the age of 16 because that is age of consent. Seeings you are still a teenager and this boy has entered his adult years, don't you find it a little odd that he wants to sleep with you? He is much older and says he loves his girlfriend. Does he say he loves you? If not, he probably just wants to sleep with you but we don't know this for sure. I honestly think you should try and get over him. You only see him over the summer, he's in a different country, and he has a girlfriend who he claims to love very much so that shows he's not going to give her up. Perhaps you could try dating some guys that like you where you live for a while. Try it out and see what happens. It's really the best for you to prevent any danger. Try to get over him. Focus your mind on your school work, friends, write poems, write in a journal. Anything to help you get over him. If you really aren't interested in getting over him although that is a good idea, I wouldn't sleep with him. Think about it, you're 14. Are you a virgin? Well anywho, do you really want to have sex with a guy who has a girlfriend that he doesn't want to give up? And personally in my opinion. If he loves his girlfriend so much he wouldn't be wanting to do things with you. That just shows he is a scumbag anyways and he doesn't deserve you. Think about it, if you dated, he might mess with some other girl like he's doing to his girlfriend. I hope I've been of some help, think about all of that for me. :)


I have dark hair on my arms and I wanna bleach it. Do I sue regualr bleach like the stuff for clothes or what?

No you do not use that kind of bleach for that. It isn't a good idea to bleach them anyways so I would honestly embrace your dark hair. It's not good to bleach it.


what do girls look for in guys. It doesnt really help me because im a guy looking for what qulities like only girls answer please

Most girls including myself want a guy who will be there for them when it times of need, someone considerate. A tough yet sentimintal guy. A guy who is willing to set aside time for her, but still have his friends. Never try to control a girl. That's the worst thing a guy can do. Someone who won't raise their voice or hand to her face, etc. A guy whose nice, and she has lots of things in commmon with. Someone she could share her dreams and thoughts with. A guy who doesn't care about how rich her family is. Someone who can except her for her, and not tell her all the things that are WRONG with her. That's just mean. Someone who can take things at a slow pace instead of jumping into sexual things unless she wants to. A guy who can be honest and trustworthy. Someone who can admit his faults if any. And a good personailty. Well I hope I helped out a little bit.


For v - day... if i got my boyfriend two little teddy bears... (ones a girl and ones a boy)... that have magnetic noses so its like they are kissing... would that be too girly like giving him teddy bears and stuff?

I think that's a cute little idea. You can make the noses connect, it'd be sweet. It'd bring out his more sensitive and be a sweet moment. And if you're going to buy him something else then it should be quite fine! Very sweet v-day.


This site sucks. The moderators do a crappy job of filtering stupid questions, people reply with asshole answers with no reprecussions, and most of these people give crappy advice. Why cant the mods or anyone make this site worth comming to? Why do most of your guys's answers suck, and why do some of you have to be assholes?

It makes the world go round. But for starters, this site isn't somewhere you can submit questions that just blast your opinion. People on this site are here to help people. And if the site bugs you so much, give good advice, get good ratings and become a monderator or just quit coming to the site, then you won't have to bitch about it. :)


people think itz wrong for a 9th grader and an 8th grader to be together,tell me how is that?

Everyone has their own opinion. And that's just how it is. No one can really tell you why people think it's wrong. Maybe it is the factor that you are moving from middle school to high school to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. That sometimes isn't well expected. And, is the girl older than the guy? People think that's odd sometimes. Also, it's a common misconception that just because you're in 9th grade you have to be way more mature than the 8th grader. Think about it and I hope I helped.


girls say they love you, but they dont show it why is that?

She could love you or she could not. I as a girl tell my friends I love them but I only mean in it in a friendship way cause that's just how girls are. If a girl tells you they love you, consider some of this. Are you dating? Are you close friends? Does she like you? She may just be saying it as a friend way. Or if she really does love you, she could be too shy to show it. Girls can be pretty shy so that could be it. If a girl has told you she loves you. I would suggest asking her in what way she meant this so you can know why she doesn't show it.


Okay.. well i went out with this one guy for a month and maybee a couple weeks... well i broke up with him becaz 5 months later i would be moving..i still like him alot at times but i also feel that i am friends with him, and thats about it. and he's getting ready to ask me out agian and i dont know if i should go out with him becaz im moving and everything. should i?

How far away are you moving? Do you think you two could make it through the pressures of a long distance relationship seeings you are moving? If you think you two can make it through these things, then sure, why not? It's up to you and how you feel about him and if you could make it. Maybe you should talk to him about it so that there are no worries in it. Good luck


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