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Hi, my names Melanie.
I'm fifteen years old.
I love fashion, hanging out with my friends,
and drawing and writing along with a bunch of other stuff.
I used to have an old account here that was quite known for awhile,
but I sort of just lost touch with it,
so I decided to make a new one.
I'll try and help you the best I can,
just hopefully I didn't lose touch with my good advice, haha.
And feel free to IM me with your problem too.
I also put my myspace in a link down below,
if you ever want to add me & talk.
But incase you don't see it or something, it's:
Website: my myspace!
Gender: Female
Location: Pittsburgh
Occupation: student.
Age: 15
AIM: mel le disko
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For my bday and christmas, since they're only 25 days apart, my friend bought me a pair of noise cancelling earphones along with a gift reciept in case i didnt want them. The thing is i dont know what i'd use them for.. i mean i know the obvious is 'block out noises' but thats what my mp3 player is for. I dont want to give it back but at the same time i dont see a use for it.. plus i'd feel bad if my friend asked me how it was and i had returned it. Any reasons why i should or shouldnt keep it? i cant make up my mind.. please help! (link)
If you find you have no use for it, return it. She DID give you the gift reciept incase you didn't want them ; this is normal whenever people exchange gifts. People understand if the other person may not want it, and might want to return it in exchange for something they might have more use for. It's the thought that counts, right?

If she asks, just let her know that you really did like the gift, and thank her for buying it for you and everything, but you tried figuring out a way to use it, and you really didn't have a use for it. And you know how much they cost and everything and didn't want it going to waste, so you returned it. ( Or something like that ).

She'll understand. I'm sure she's been in that kind of situation before whenever it comes to presents and not having a use for them and wanting to return them.

I hope I helped.

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i wonder why everyone automatically assumed my friend was a girl haha

happy chrismahanukwanzakah!! :)

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