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Hi, my names Melanie.
I'm fifteen years old.
I love fashion, hanging out with my friends,
and drawing and writing along with a bunch of other stuff.
I used to have an old account here that was quite known for awhile,
but I sort of just lost touch with it,
so I decided to make a new one.
I'll try and help you the best I can,
just hopefully I didn't lose touch with my good advice, haha.
And feel free to IM me with your problem too.
I also put my myspace in a link down below,
if you ever want to add me & talk.
But incase you don't see it or something, it's:
Website: my myspace!
Gender: Female
Location: Pittsburgh
Occupation: student.
Age: 15
AIM: mel le disko
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over the weekend a girl lets call her B asked out my boyfriend. she knows that we have been together for over a year and she asked anyways and then she made up lies saying that i was calling her and IMing her when i dont have her number or screenname. what should i do (link)
[EDIT: Yeah, she probably is going to start doing that. All girls are catty like that and think by talking about people behind their backs, it'll gain more people on their side and try and win them over. As long as you know, your boyfriend knows, and all his friends know that you two aren't breaking up, and she's just being an immature idiot, that's all that matters. His friends should just ignore her or walk away from her whenever she starts talking about you or your boyfriend. ]

Just talk to your boyfriend about this situation.

Just make sure that he doesn't have any feelings for her or anything, just to get that out of the way and so you're not thinking he's cheating on you or anything.

Also, just let him know what you're feeling whenever she did that so if she's ever to do it again, he can be like,"You know I have a girlfriend, so stop, please." And try and get her to stop flirting and make her realize that he's taken and there's nothing she can do about it.

There's no need to worry, though. If she's going to be that desperate to try and get your man by asking him out whenever he's already taken, who wants her? You already know he likes you, and your his and nobody else's and vice versa.

I hope I helped.

Rating: 5
yehh you did help thank you. ive talked to him and he doesnt have feelings for her. but now she is talking about him to his friends and about me.

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