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About MaxwellsSilverHammer

I am a 20 year urban planning student from New York. I go to school, and work, way too much.

I'm a level II mod on this site, so if you have questions regarding the site I could be of good help.

As for my crappy advice: it is crappy. If you listen to anything I suggest you will most probably find yourself running through town naked, or something equally hilarious, because I am a sadist.

And of course, I will hit you with my guitar, and then steal all of your intelligence for my own personal stash.

(My avatar, that is just above, was made by Draak, it is Thor's Hammer, or Mjolner.)

P.S.: Storageanddisposal is actually 12, and Fern sucks.

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Gender: Male
Location: New York
Occupation: Student
Age: 20
Member Since: September 17, 2004
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Last Update: September 6, 2009
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i just got this virus cuz im an idiot. someone else who had it sent me the link (cuz the virus does that) and it said "is this you?" with a myspace link. and me, being an idiot, i clicked it. i downloaded the "picture" and now i have the virus too. i dont know why, but i'm not sending the links like my friends. but it still messes up AIM and my computer. any advice on how to get rid of it? (i did McAfee Scan.. nothing came up.)
all fives. thanks


(Rating: 5)
i think thats another virus.. i dont really trust it

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