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About MaxwellsSilverHammer

I am a 20 year urban planning student from New York. I go to school, and work, way too much.

I'm a level II mod on this site, so if you have questions regarding the site I could be of good help.

As for my crappy advice: it is crappy. If you listen to anything I suggest you will most probably find yourself running through town naked, or something equally hilarious, because I am a sadist.

And of course, I will hit you with my guitar, and then steal all of your intelligence for my own personal stash.

(My avatar, that is just above, was made by Draak, it is Thor's Hammer, or Mjolner.)

P.S.: Storageanddisposal is actually 12, and Fern sucks.

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whats a six pack?

It could also be a 6 pack of beer -- 6 cans of beer.


ive just started doing pot this year and i feel that ive becoming addicted to it now. When i did it for the first time i told myself that i wouldn't get addicted, but now its so hard not to do it. Most of my friends do it and when im around it i just wanna smoke it up with them too. What should i do?

Well, if they're your friends they probably won't be angry if you say no to them. And no, you shouldn't ditch your friends unless they're like, forcing you to smoke it.



National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline (800) 662-4357

National Help Line for substance abuse (800)

Drug Abuse Informaiton & Referral Line (800) 662-HELP


my friend gave me a note to give to another friend...and i forgot to. Later that night i remember the note was in my pocket so i did a bad thing and read it. In the note she talked about how she wants to kill herself and about how she is thinking about slitting her wrisits! what should i do! if i tell my friend she`ll be furious that i invaded her privacy...but if i dont....who knows what could happen!

Privacy is less important a human life. You have to tell an adult about this. Her being furious at you will be forgotten.


One day, me and my best friend(a guy!) were just hanging out at my house, and somehow we started talking about what we liked in guys or girls, and we just kindda were like, "you know, were perfect for each other!" so we kind of hooked up right then. We were kising and cuddling at first, and then we started making out. And i dont just mean a lot of kissing and moving your head...this was very passionate and intimate. i was in HEAVEN. I thought he was going to be my knight in shining armor..but the next day it was like nothing happened. i called him to see what he was doing, and he told me he was getting ready to go out on a date with this really sleezy girl from another school. After about 3 days, he called me to tell me that they were dating. i was devestated. he truly broke my heart. It has been three months since they got together, and he just called me to tell me that they broke up. I have worked so hard to get over him, but now i have a chance to be with him. Is he even worth it? i mean...what if he hurts me again? i dont think i could handle that. Please tell me what to do! Take him back or Leave him in the dust?

He's just a guy who wants to get into all the girls' pants... and unfortunately, you got caught up in an illusion where it seemed magical, and in the end got hurt. I feel bad for you.

Don't get caught up in it again, let the oppurtunity pass to avoid getting hurt again. Eventually you'll stop thinking about this guy.


hey um at my school the teachers are all really formal and stuff so if u even say sex they like put u in detention. have any of you had it? can u tell me about what it feels like and stuff cause it would be really akward to ask my mom.

I'm guessing that you live in a small down or deep suburbs. That really sucks that they put you in detention, though.

That should be enough for you to look through to get a good idea.


hey~ i'm 13/f and i have lots of good friends. and recently four of them turned into b/f and g/f and both couples broke up on friday. i no they said they still wanted to be friends but i no it will never be the same, i don't want to chose sides so what should i say if they start asking me to? any help will be apreciated!

You need to try to stay as impartial as possible, don't try and be two-faced to satisfy both sides, because when they find out they will be pretty pissed at you.

You can support them if they are still in the crying 24/7 stage, but if they start saying things like:

"He's such a jackass! I can't believe he did this to me!"

You have to say as little as possible to avoid trouble, nothing opinionated.


does anyone know any good babysitting slogens that i can put on some handouts that i'm making?


Even though OpenHeart's are pretty good, how about something that will get their attention better than an ordinary slogan?

Like, "Baby Sitting Services: I promise I won't molest your kid."


well me and my boo have been together a year now..and all we do is kiss and makeout but i dont have a problem with that (savin myself 4 marriage)..i was juss wondering anyne have any fun kissin if ur bf/gf kissed a certain way that was juss beyond a perfect kiss..i juss wanna spice up our relationship withoutleading to gettin into each others pants!

I respect you for holding out until you're married. But there's not much more you can do to spice up the relationship. All you can really do is try and set a romantic mood before you kiss, going out to a restaurant or the classic strawberries and whipped cream thing, then make out; or go on some sort of mini-vacation.


I've been suffering from clinical depression for a few years, and recently started having panic attacks and mild hallucinations. The hallucinations are morbid (pools of blood, reaching hands, ect.) but clearly recognizable as they're so out of place. I don't want to see a psychologist or take medication. Is there a way to make your mind stay away from depressing thoughts or just clear it if things start getting hazy/weird?

No, there isn't. Your mind is too powerful to just drown out.

You need help, and you accept that. And if you need help and don't get it your problems will only get worse.


k i told one of my friends i liked this guy..lets call him Nate. Nate n i were friends but i wanted it more and we werent like best pals and like every day hed give me a hug and stuff so today the girl i told lets call her Taylor goes up to him and hugs him, she goes "u wanna go out" n gives me this awful look then later i find out theyre goin out but he doesnt like her he just said yes cuz shes easy so should i be mad at her, or what or what do i do to not feel so crummy and get the guy i like to b mine?


If you want to get laid quickly, then go out with this guy.

Because that's seriouly all he cares about.


This is a good question. Answer it.



if somebody twisted your wrist very hard can it break??

Yes. It's an armed forces technique used taught often in other countries, such as Israel.


i think i am being stalked. i get weird emails from somone named "zoner" and when i walk home from skool theres someone close behind me but after i turn around a few times they go away. what should i do?

There's a statue of limitation. You need to report it quickly. Going straight to the police may seem like too much at first. First I would go to your school guidence counselor, THEN have him/her take care of/set you up with all the police stuff.


ok this might sound really weird but...

What is the difference between acne, pimples, and zits?

thanx if u answer me i will rate you a 5!

These guys know more about it than I do, being "" and all.


hi. im one of those girls who get all the attention from all the guys. yeah they literally follow me around and fight over me. i like the attention, sure, who wouldnt... but it gets realllllly annoying. like im trying to hang with my girls and they just keep talking to me and fighting over me and other girls think im a slut cuz all these guys are always FLIRTING with ME. its not like i come on to them.. what should i do?
thanx alot
-sick of being ms popular

Tell them to fuck off. Nothing more.


hey umm when i get my period its like only 3 days it that normal? should i see a doctor?

It takes some time to get into a normal cycle... savor your 3 day schedule, soon it will evolve into a longer one.


does anyone know how to get music on your xanga? if you can tell me ill give you a 5


I have a boyfriend that ive had for awhile now, like a year and then some. But lately ive been wanting to hang out with some other guys just for the fun of it. But i really love my boyfriend and i dont want to do anything to hurt him and i dont want to cheat. There is this one senior that i really like and hes in a couple of my classes. (im a sophmore btw) I want to get to know him better. He asked me if i wanted to come hang out with a couple of his friends a few times and i said i didnt know if my boyfriends gonna b ok with it. Then a few days ago before a football game he asked me to wear his jersey, he dosent have a girlfriend and his friends who are girls get to wear it. I wanted to but i didnt cuz my boyfriend doesnt want me 2 and i think i shouldnt have either. But i catch this guy looking at me alot, and i have to admit, if i were single id prolly date him. But i want to know if theres anyway i could try to b friends with ths very hot guy and not get my man jealous (he knows i love him and i dont wanna leave him)..and if this is like an obvious sign that he likes me.

You need to lay down the law with this "very hot guy." Tell him that you are flattered, that if you were single, you would go out with him, but right now you have a boyfriend, and it just isn't gonna happen.


okay..i alwauys try to mastrubate and i dont exactly know how im saposed to feel. I start by rubbing my clit..then i feel like ihave to tighten my muscles ya know.. and then i try to get my finger in to my vagina..but i cant so then i grab a sheet and begin to rub my clit..again. And i start to like tighten up and squeeze muscles 'down there'. Im only 13..and a female (obviously) How are you saposed to feel, should you like..go all out and moan and stuff..?I know dildos/vibrators are good..but i just cant seem to find them..and shoving thiings like..ends of brushes up in me doesnt do it for me..*sigh*

There are plenty of sites you can go to that can give you this information... I don't know if this is the best one.

And saying "do not delete" usually gets things deleted...


Hey, i'm 13 years old. When i wake breasts this normal for me? i read somewhere that maybe it's cuz i'm gettin ready to start my period, which i am.....but still...i need advice or whatever...from a girl plez tho......ASAP

Good, because when a man has his period, it's very different.

When you reach a certain stage of puberty and your breasts are growing, they can hurt from time to time.

It may not be because they are growing, rather that it is your first period soon, some women's breasts hurt before their period.


Hope you feel better!


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