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I am a 20 year urban planning student from New York. I go to school, and work, way too much.

I'm a level II mod on this site, so if you have questions regarding the site I could be of good help.

As for my crappy advice: it is crappy. If you listen to anything I suggest you will most probably find yourself running through town naked, or something equally hilarious, because I am a sadist.

And of course, I will hit you with my guitar, and then steal all of your intelligence for my own personal stash.

(My avatar, that is just above, was made by Draak, it is Thor's Hammer, or Mjolner.)

P.S.: Storageanddisposal is actually 12, and Fern sucks.

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Gender: Male
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Age: 20
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I don't mean to bash the religion, but I'm sick of it. I live in Utah, so I'm surrounded by it. And everyone is always bringing up that the religion should be more a part of the school. Well, I don't believe in any of it. Personally, I think their religion was just founded on Joseph Smith trying to steal other men's wives and get away with it. And they have a class here. How do they get away with having a religiously oriented class in a public school, isn't that infringing on the separation of church and state clause? My question is how do I deal with all of this religion when I don't want it, especially since all the guys that I could date are mormon?

Well, Mormanism is way too deeply rooted in Utah society, and I don't think it's leaving anytime soon.

They won't change, so either you'd have to learn to cope with it, or move the hell out of there.


you so don't deserve to be member of the day. I will protest! How will I do this? I'll have a sit in in the chat and play hanson songs allllllllllllll day.

Oh yeah? How many times have you been member of the day, at least eleventy or twelvety times. This is my first time in the spotlight, so let me have my 15 minutes of fame!


everytime i get out of the shower my knees are all red and parts of my legs. why is this and is this bad?

It is probably because the water is too hot. If it was some sort or allergic reaction to the soap you're using it wouldn't just happen on your legs/knees.


does anyone know anything about fashions in the 1920's? its a project i have to do! send me some websites if you can or just tell me facts i am
netsirk07 thanks!!!!
(ill rate 5's)

It was the roaring 20's... women starting showing more flesh unlike what they had been wearing in the Victorian era, they were called "flappers."


hey, does anybody know of some acoustic songs for guitar that sound really good with just one guitar? (i already have "Time of Your Life" by Greenday and "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd) thanks so much!! -*jeanine

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine (the song, not album), Here Comes the Sun, Her Majesty, Michelle.

Chicago - Beginnings

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.

Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away, Hey Hey What Can I Do.

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday, My Girl, Backstreet Girl, Angie, Wild Horses.

The Who - Pinball Wizard, Sparks.

There are like, a billion more. Go to a music store and ask for an acoustic guitar songbook.


how long does it take to have an abuse case acknowledged?

Until a level II or III mod checks to see if there are any new abuse reports. Usually within a day, max.

I just took care of your abuse report, by the way.


Okay, my period is coming every 2 weeks now, like it will end at 2 weeks later it will start that normal or should I be worried that I'm pregnant..b.c I read that pregnant people get 'spotting'. But my periods are like 5 days and heavy..please explain

How old are you? In the earlier years of your period your schedule can fluctuate.

You can't be pregnant if you're having heavy periods. The spots and the fluctuating cycle are probably both because of hormone spikes in your body.

It's nothing, don't worry over it.


on ym advice column where all the questions and advice is there in a big huge ugly blue box and i dont no how to get it off. plz help ill rate high

I don't see the box there, and I just checked your column.


Sew Uu Thnk uU iz sumfin speshol r sumfin. pfft, Uu ain nuthin I can kill uU wit mah thum

Holy shit my eyes are on fire.


Why do you pale in comparison to Fern's coolousity? I mean, she told me you are pretty cool, but you are no where near her level of coolousity.

Why is this? Why do you fail in coolness fundamentals?

ps. Guitar picks are hawtt.

Fern tends to inflate her coolousity level to nearly 5 mega-cools. But in reality she's only a 2 or 3 whereas I'm a 4.

Yeah, she sucks.


What kind of music sux?

I don't know, I can't give a simple answer. If I go on a song to song or artist to artist basis I can know by listening to them.


I really needed condoms, my boyfriend didn't have any. I didn't feel like going to the store to get some, so I took some from my brother's room. I think he noticed because he asked me about it, what do I do?

Does he know you're sexually active? If so, then there shouldn't be much problem in just telling him, he'd probably not care, maybe he'll ask you to rebuy them for him.


Oh Em Gee uu lvl 2s thnk uur sooooo kewl don uu.


dat bc we r

btw u ded


My computer was being really weird, I lost all the icons on the desktop and couldent shut down properly. So I shut it down the wrong way, waited a few seconds..and turned it back on. Now the start menu wont show up and the icons are gone. I got onto internet explorer in a weird way and yeah. I messed up the computer so what do I do now? How can I get the start menu to show up and stuff? Thanks!! Please help!! I rate 5's!

Press alt-ctrl-delete. Then in the window that pops up click the "new process" or "new application" button, whatever it's called. type in "explorer.exe" and hit enter. If that doesn't work you probably need to do a system restore.


Finals are coming up and im in 9th grade.. Is it really hard? And how much is it worth like points like. How much does it count on your grade? What happans if you have a D and C for both semesters.. and you get a F on your final. would you get it averaged out between the 3 grades?

It depends what school you go to, in what city. I know that my 9th grade finals were hard as hell. Most teachers have different ways of doing their grades...

Some may make the final count as three tests in the last marking period/term/whatever. Others may average both terms and the final together, others may make your final like 40% final, the other 60% split up amongst the class grades. If your teacher didn't tell you when the year began how s/he was grading it then you should ask.


My friend and I experimented with each other. Were both 13 and are both girls also. We kissed, french kissed, nibbled and felt on each other, but nothing "below the belt." I would just like to know does that mean were lovers if we don't have boyfriends? We never had sex before and we experimented, but not "below the belt." Does that mean were not virgins anymore? Help!!

If nothing below the belt happened, you're still a virgin.


i like my boyfriend alot but every time we talk he never seems to wanna talk and he always gets frustrated with me.. so i try not to call him anymore but i really wanan talk to him and then he says that he can never see me.. what should i do??

Move on, he doesn't like you anymore unfortunately.


I would like to ask something. My best friend and I experimented and were both girls and were both 13. We kissed each other, felt on each other and kissed each other's neck. As the days go on after we experimented I haven't had any thoughts about other guys. My friend and I act like were a couple or something. When she goes to her dad's house we miss each other more, I want to hug her and never let her go and we talk about experimenting again like it's just a regular thing to do now. Does that mean we like each other or that were lesbians?

I personally define sexuality by how you see yourself best completed.

If you think you can feel like a more complete, better, happier person if you are with a person of the same gender, then you are homosexual.

I don't think it has to do with the physical attraction involved. For example, when my friend first realized he was gay, he was not at all ready for the male body aspect of it, he simply felt he would be more "complete" with a man and not a woman.

If you do feel this way about her and no longer about other boys, then there is a good chance you are homosexual, or possibly bisexual. But you're a teenager, and many teenagers go through a lot of experimentation and searching for their sexuality, so what you feel now, you may not feel in a year, or two years, or whenever.

Just do what feels best.


I would 1st like to say that I have never drank through my pregnancy, I know that is very bad. But my question is If you are 40 weeks pregnant and have a small amount of wine like 2 oz. Will it harm the baby or make you go into labor?

Yes, it is safe to have a small drink of wine when you are 40 weeks pregnant, just do it once though, don't make it an everyday occurance.

When doctors do an amniocentesis (taking a sample of the amniotic fluid) they need to do so by sticking a needle into your abdomen, into your uterus.

By doing so, there is a small risk that the uterus will start contractions premature, so they need to give you a very mild painkiller. Most doctors, will actually have you drink a glass of wine.

But it is important to repeat, don't do it often, and keep it at a small amount, it won't do any damage that way.


I have alot of guy friends that are juniors and seniors and i have been asked to prom a few times....but see, im only a sophmore...Do you think its ok to go that young or should i wait and let it be more special?

I think if you go to this one, but not one the next year or two it may be better. That is, if you are better friends with the juniors and seniors, why not?
Go to whichever one you think will be with the people you like more, an extra year doesn't really make it more special, the people do.


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