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Ok so i'm a college student and I currently have a white MacBook (not macbook pro) and an iPad 1. I use the macbook the most to type up papers and such, and my iPad very little, mainly to watch tv shows on hulu and games. So what I'm thinking is maybe just selling my iPad 1 and my macbook, and using that money to buy an iPad 2..

what do you think? Would I be able to type up papers on the iPad 2? how would I be able to print them out? should I keep my macbook and instead sell my iPad 1 and use that money, plus some more money to buy an iPad 2?

any other opinions?

I vote for selling both and purchasing a laptop that doesn't cost several hundred dollars more for the shine factor. Future you will thank me. And you. But mostly me.


I'm getting a laptop soon for college. Im probably going to buy a refurbished one. That's ok right...? Like from overstock.com? I'm just going to use it for homework and maybe playing a few games on it.

So what is the best brands? How much memory or whatever it's called do I need? What is ghz? How much of that?

I'm really bad with technology ha

My primary piece of advice to you is designed to undercut the sub-par advice you will likely receive after this;

Do not buy a Mac.


While on my laptop at school, I was typing up an English essay that is due at the end of the semester. The essay has to be over 100 pages, as we have 6 months to do it. I had around 30 of those pages typed, and my laptop just shut down right then and there.

Since my father gave me the laptop a year ago, he says he had to have an account on there, because that was a default account. So when the computer shut down, the file went over to his account, and I've tried looking for it everywhere, and it says it's on his. I just can't access it. I need to get to the file before the end of the week, so I can keep on schedule to finish. Help?

PS: I have Windows Vista, no administrator's password, do not want to use Ophcrack or any rainbow tables, and I have looked on youtube for ways to do this, and I am still unsucessful.

Go into safe mode, change the administrator password, log in and get your file.


How much this application of antivirus software rates?




what does this smiley mean? "_" ?
cause i only know ^_^and *_*

Actually those types of smilies are a confirmation of Darwin's theory of evolution. They tell us which people we should avoid and not breed with.


I'm starting school in august and just want something easy to use with good battery life that is durable. All computers seem the same to me!! Just have to write papers and use the internet basically... And store music and pictures

If all your doing is writing papers and going on the Internet and storing music and pictures, you should go with a PC. You can't afford a Mac if you're a college student. It's paying thousands extra for something slightly more shiny. If you're a smart PC user and actually download anti virus and anti spyware and anti malware software, you'll be fine.


What's a good, free program to convert FLAC files to mp3s that won't screw up my computer or give me viruses?



could facebook actually tell you who views your profile? or is it just a scam?

It's a scam.

Also, there is no such thing as death and life is only a dream.


okay, i'm getting a 80G Zune for xmas i know this because my brother told me. but my only problem is that i have no idea how to use a Zune? i'm so use to iPod's already and iTunes, and i've downloaded Zune to try and get use to it but i have no idea how to use it and if i can still use frostwire to get music, or if it even changes wma files into what ever format it uses? or if i can put videos on it and so on. and i don't think i could just tell them that i would like to have a new iPod and not a Zune because then they would know. so any help here?? thanks :)

Listen my man. Or woman. You are getting a fine mp3 player. And video player. Yes.

The Zune software is much, much better than iTunes. Things are organized better, and it's much more visually stimulating. AKA, it's much more pretty. You don't need to convert any files, and you can still use your Frostwire to download music. You can also play videos, and yes, the quality is lovely.

In conclusion, the Zune is a good investment because it's easy to get the hang of, is of better quality, and is cheaper.

In further conclusion, we are awesome.


Who really is AXXO?



Today I burned some CDs off of a playlist on iTunes. Just as the instructions said (as well as common sense), I went to File --> Burn Disk, and the diskes were burned onto the CDs.

When I put them in my car though, it wouldn't read. As if there was nothing on the CD. And when I put that same CD back into my computer to REBURN, the music WAS THERE. So it went onto the CD but won't play in a normal CD player or radio?

What did I do wrong?

Might have accidentally burned a data CD instead of an audio CD.


I used to have one that worked..
But it doesn't work for Microsoft Service Pack 3 :(

Does anyone know where I could download one for free..I'm in desperate need for it.

Thanks in advance!


There you go. I assume you know how to work it.


That guy makes the best that I've come across. And I guess it's a plus if you're into Asians?


stop giving obnoxious answers.

Not a bad technique. Odd that no one's tried it.


okay so i REALLY know nothing about viruses and stuff.
but i do know not to download something right away.

this thing called ANTIVIRUS2009 popped up and said im infected with trogan and something else [i forgot]

so like please can someone tell me if this is real and if it is its safe to download?

please answer because that stupid thing keeps popping up and i DO NOT want my brother to see it because its his computer >.<

Don't download that. Download this;



ok so i want a new screen name.
and i want it with the word:

..yes,with two n's.

please help x)



i just got a new laptop. i had a TON of pictures on my old laptop. i can't even tell you how many folders there were. i don't want to transfer them all to this computer, but i'd like to keep them somehow, without leaving them on my old laptop for the rest of eternity. and i don't want to have to print them all out. that would be time comsuming and expensive. i've been told cd's would be good, since they have a high capacity. should i go with this idea?

Buy a flash drive. Basically a CD, only the size of a stick of gum. Cheap too.


I have a PC and my dad just reset the hardrive. Now the fonts all seem very large and the whole screen looks very zoomed in. How do I get it back to normal?

Your resolution is probably off. Right click the desktop, properties, settings tab, and drag the resolution to the size of your monitor.



teh sux.


What is the shortcut on the keyboard for making a new tab in Firefox?

Ctrl, T.


How do I delete my history with Firefox?

Tools, Clear Private Data.


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