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My boyfriend is on the varsity football team and he asked me to make him a sign for his game. he is number 6. I can't think of anything that rhymes with the number 6. I really want it to be creative and cute. PLEASE HELP!

Just make a sign saying 666.


I have to write a paper on baseball controversies and it cannot be about steroid use or the mitchell report what is a major controversy now days that i could write about

Do you need a current/modern controversy?

If so, there's really a variety of stuff you can write about. The lack of salary cap is a big issue in baseball as large market teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies are consistently able to outperform small market teams like the Indians and Royals simply because of money.

You can write about people that have been banned from the game, particularly all time hits leader Pete Rose, who was banned for gambling on baseball. He's an all time great that will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of this.

Safety has been an issue, resulting in third base coaches (and I think first base as well, but I could be wrong) being required to wear helmets for safety. This happened a few years ago after a coach for a Rockies minor league affiliate was killed by a line drive. Some say the netting behind the plate should be extended all the way down the first and third base lines all the way to the foul poles to protect fans.

That runs the gamut as far as current controversy, but if you're looking for history you can't go wrong with the Black Sox scandal.


i want to do really good in the 100 hurdles so i was wondering if tehreis anyting special i can do to maybe improve my chances. is there something i can eat maybe or what should i be eating? let me know

Listen to something br00tal.

Future Breed Machine by Meshuggah

Prison Born by The Faceless

Hadean by The Ocean

Where Strides the Behemoth by Mastodon

Congratulations on first place.


Can someone who knows baseball tell me why it is such a big deal that Dallas Braden pitched a perfect game? Sorry, I am a girl and I don't understand baseball very well. Not even sure what a perfect game would entail.

any help?

To add on to wisemen's answer, it also came against the Tampa Bay Rays, who happen to be one of the best/hottest teams in baseball right now.


does any one know any good songs for player introductions? i have a couple but i need some ideas. thanks

Ride the Lightning by Metallica.

Take no Prisoners by Megadeth.


Okay, I am a band geek, forever and always, and a lot of controversy stirs up whenever I talk about how hard it is. People always say band isn't a sport but in a lot of ways we are more advanced than a sport, we practice everyday for 5 hours starting at 8 am going to 1.. in the SUMMER! We practice Tuesdays and Thursday's after school for 2 and a half hours, the beginning of that practice consists of yoga to get your muscles ready to march and some running to pump up your adrenaline AND NO water breaks! We have performances Fridays at football games and Saturdays for Cavalcades, cavalcade mornings, man oh man, we must arrive at 8 am, practice three hours then we go home until report time when we go back for more practice before we actually perform. At after school practices we must memorize music which are 2 pages long usually each band plays three songs, so that's 6 pages of music to memorize. We also must learn our sets, which is where we stand in the show and that's usually 20 sets a song so that's 60 different spots on the field we need to learn, and believe me each set isn't "okay you stand on the 50 yard line" it's "2.5 steps inside the front sideline hash and 3.75 steps outside side 2 35 yard line." It's confusing, plus you need to learn different routes to take so you don't run into other band members. We also need to learn the exact beat our horn goes up to the box and how long it needs to stay up or how long or short we need to halt. It gets hard at cavalcades because there is a judge in your face saying things into a recorder but you can't look him/her in the eyes then they will deduct points for not watching your drum major. If anyone thinks band isn't a sport or matter of factly, more than a sport than you're ridiculous. What's your take?

By your standards, walking around with heavy objects and memorizing plans is all that's required for a sport. So apparently working construction is now a sport. I'll be sure to alert the media.

Band is a not a sport. To continue proclaiming it is is to continue looking ridiculous.


Way to miss the point. Physical strain does not mean what you're doing is a sport. Nice try. Golf is a sport; there is little to no physical strain. Just suck it up and embrace the word hobby.


Boo hoo, did the mean columnist answer your question honestly with an answer you didn't like? Poor baby. Where's your bottle?


Yes, I will keep editing my answer, because I see how eaten up you are by simple logic crushing your ideas. I never said band wasn't difficult to do. Playing an instrument takes talent. Hooray. What you do is tiresome. Hooray. That doesn't make it a sport. Like I said before, why isn't working construction a sport?


Thanks for the two sweetheart, however these aren't your games. Your input has literally no impact on how a game will conclude (unless you're an idiot and running out on the field like during The Play...).


what is this wildcat thing with football i hear all the time anymore?

It's an offensive formation that is used a lot in college but has now made the transition to pro football. Whether it will stick depends on what defenses cook up to deal with it. Basically, it involves directly snapping the ball to a player other than the quarterback.



I have to do a paper on a current sports controversy but I can't think of any and I can't find any on google. So what's a current controversy in sports?



I like to pole vault so i want somtin cute with polevault in it but with any thing else



i dont understand post-season games in sports. championship games are in season, right? whoever wins, might not win because once a season ends, why are there more games?
post-season = playoffs? i get if there is a tie you compete again? does that always happen? im not really familiar

Postseason = playoffs.

Championship games are considered part of the postseason. What happens is teams play in the regular season, and depending on win/loss record or division standings (depends on the sport), certain teams will move on to the playoffs, which is done with brackets. The two remaining teams play in the championship game, which, because it's not during the regular season, is considered part of the postseason. Get it?


what are some good songs to run to?


Jump Man by Buckethead
Straight Out of Line by Godsmack
The Grudge by Tool
Zero by Smashing Pumpkins


When do the baseball playoffs start?

They start in October. There is one week left of the regular season.

The Indians are going all-the-way!


HI ok well last summer i was sprtiting and i went in a hole and i fractured my thigh and then this past basketball season doing sucides i fractured repetedley.
So my Question is when i get sugery which is on Spetember 12 how long will it take to heal and how many months, days , weeks ,years what ever give me an estimate how long it will take ? If something simalar has happend to you
P.S i am 14 female

Next to no one here is qualified to answer that for you. Contact your doctor doing the surgery if it interests you so much.


I'm going to Yankee Stadium again for the second time. I wore all Red Sox clothes the first time (they are huge rivalry teams) and it wasn't TOO bad. I can take the food being chucked at me and the nasty comments. This time I wanna take a sign to Yankee Stadium. I wanna diss the Yankees somehow but I don't know what to put. Right now the Yankees are in second place and the Red Sox are in first if that helps.. any ideas would be great. =]

"Go Indians!"


like in the movie Bring It On, there was this thing called a spirit stick. and no i dont mean the deoderant, i mean like.. it was this stick that i guess was really important to the cheerleaders? whats so great about it? and what is it made out of? and how do they get it and stuff? im not a cheerleader so i dunno.

This is what you're looking for.



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