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It's seriously ridiculous. It's a child's play thing! Little girls receiving them don't give a shit about body type, they just see it as a fun, bright colored doll! When I was young I was obsessed with barbies, every time my mom took me to a store with a Barbie, I'd be arguing with her and wouldn't leave without one. I still love playing with them. When I was 7, my mom took me to New York City, and we went into this huge you store and I made my own and ran a barbie fashion show, and I'm not subconscious about my body. And for people who are it's not your childhood doll's fault. It could be peer pressure, you might be obese and insecure about it, or in extreme cases anorexic. Barbie dolls can't put you down or tell you what's perfect (they never did it in the movies and their personality is a good role model for girls), and they certainly can't make you insecure, they're freaking objects, not conscious humans! And there is a model who transformed herself into a Barbie. I personally think it looks a little creepy and fake, but if she thinks it's pretty, that's her decision, not yours. And she works hard for it. And I met her in real life and she is really spirited and nice so you shouldn't judge someone unless you've met them. Like I thought Terissa from house wives was a bitch, but my mom dragged me to some wine store so she could get her cook book signed, and she was nice! Same with big ang (I've met a lot of famous people).

Next time please refer to Opinionators.com.


I feel they're both important, but my mom feels that medical research is more important and more in demand, though I'm trying to convince her that I wouldn't be committing career suicide by pursuing economic research, what I'm actually interested in. I'm currently a college student, majoring in economics and mathematics. Feel free to give your lengthy, true opinion, I'd really appreciate it. I support people wanting to do medical research, but the economy would not function if everybody was in the medical field! It's annoying when my mom tries to encourage me to switch fields when I've never once been interested in the medical field for me personally, and I don't want to choose a field I hate just for the money. A top economist could make as much as a top surgeon, anyways. And it's more than the money for me, as obviously I will take on debt for all the years of college I have ahead. It's a lifestyle choice I'm making. I just need a better way to prove to my mom that I'll be fine. Again, I'm still a student, not yet an economist, so obviously I still have a lot to learn on my own, and it's why I have trouble explaining the relevance of econ to my mom beyond general things.

Medical research can be monetized; the research leads pretty directly toward profit so there's a lot of forces pushing it along.

Economic research is stymied by the fact that governments are the ones that set policy, not economists. The amount of influence an economist has is dependent on how much the leadership buys into the data.

Medical research saves lives, economic research has the potential to do the same but that gets blocked by government the same way climate change research does.


im looking for into buying a new camera, and i really like the nikon d40 (http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10783765#)
if anybody has it, can you tell me what you think of it? is it worth the money (i do take a lot of pictures)? what are any speacial "features" about it, and are they really hard to figure out?
anything, really. thanks a ton!

Haha you asked this three years ago but I'll answer this anyway, since I legitimately owned this camera for a bit less than a year.

I sold my D40 on Amazon for around 350 bucks with the kit lens. Let me be clear: in my opinion this camera is not worth that much money. I didn't rip anyone off -- it was priced pretty comparably to other cameras -- but if I was going to buy that camera again, I would pay no more than 250 bucks for it. It's a legitimate SLR that will probably accomplish what an entry level person needs it to do, but nothing more than that. Its megapixel count is shit and pales in comparison even to iPhones.

A brief note: Nikon lenses generally are slightly less expensive than Canon lenses. But not so inexpensive that it should influence which camera you end up choosing. Honestly your best bet today (because I switched to Canon for practical reasons, unrelated to camera quality) is to go with a Canon T1i or T2i, and buy it used.


I hate this stupid website. I never get anyone to help me anymore. Thanks everyone...

I've been not helping people for eight years now, it's good to finally get some credit. Thanks!


What is your input on tipping at restaraunts? I tip when I eat out but I also feel 'why tip when they are paid by the hour?' I understand that waiters/waitress make little but when one pays for their meal I do get why it is expected.

Example: Why tip a pizza boy when they are paid minimum wage hourly? Why tip a barista?

I am looking for inputs on how people feel, I feel both ways. We shouldnt have to tip... We pay for our food and we pay for good services.

Tip or move to Europe.


Broooooooo. How'd you get so smart, bro?

P.S. Do you like Star Trek?

Born This Way



Is it ok to hide things in vagina? I feel stupid asking this but I have something I want to put up there but i am afraid it will go up into my body where i can't reach it anymore so is it possible to hide things in (up) your vagina or not? No it is not drugs!


Rainbowcherrie is right, it's not a good idea -- it's a GREAT idea.

Just kidding, it's actually a horrible idea.


Dont youg guys think that girls who do witchcraft on their boyfriend to keep them to their side are a litle bit imature?

One person's immature is another's youthful ignorance.


I have a question and that question is well im writing a poem and I'm kinda stuck. I have this line that reads
"You're nickname is tiger whic rhymes with liger"
An i need 1 more line please help if you can.


If you want a good time, just hand me a fiver.


The title asks it all. I don't get it; why does someone your age get so much enjoyment out of trolling up people's questions? Do you really have that pathetic of a life to where you have to make fun of people who have genuine questions and concerns they need answered? This is a website where ANYONE is free to join, so there are obviously going to be some crappy questions. But why can't you just bypass those?

I hadn't been on this site in two years, so I recently decided to look at all my past questions, and laugh at how stupid I was. I asked a question on this site about three years ago. I was a stupid freshman girl asking love advice or whatever, (Not cliche at all, right?). Anyhow, your answer to my question was, "You're overreacting.", and I had to laugh. I was curious, so I looked at your column. You have tons of questions you have answered, but most of which are you making fun of them. Which I have to say is quite strange. I mean I laughed at a few, like that "Nazi Joke" one, but some people really needed help, and you just made fun of them. You don't have to answer over 1,500 questions with answers like, "No.", or get over yourself, crap like that. So again, I'm just wondering, what's your problem?

Your threshold for trolling is laughably low; how exactly does giving extremely blunt answers that are stripped of the usual fat qualify as trolling?

You said it yourself. You were a stupid freshmen girl asking for love advice. Why are you so wounded that I told you what was obviously the truth? That you were legitimately overreacting and three years later you would look back on yourself and realize you were being silly. Is it because I didn't package it with a little pink bow and floral patterned gift wrapping? I give short answers because I don't want to waste anyone's time, least of all my own.

The problem here is not me, it's you. You're upset that I gave you blunt but accurate advice three years ago and continue to give it. How thin must your skin be that you felt so personally wounded that you launched into writing a nicely typed, but poorly thought out two paragraph message to me? Were you trying to be humorously ironic by criticizing me for being offensive while at the same time accusing me of having a "pathetic life," or is hypocrisy a character flaw you can't control?

My advice is only as long as the answer requires; that you're a sensitive person that feels a little vindictive is not my problem.


Whenever I come on here to give out advice, I see questions that are so ridiculous..

- where can i get a dress?... ummm the mall??????
- am i pregnant?.... get a pregnancy test and find out yourself???
- how do i tell him i love him?- ........ just say you love him????
- do i have a yeast infection??..... how should we know? google it.

honestly. Is it just me, or is anyone else kinda frustrated that people are posting the most obvious and ridiculous questions ever???

The key to a having a long tenure on Advicenators is to roll with the punches. Answer what you know, care as little as possible about questioners, throw in a snide remark from time to time to stay sane, and pick your battles.

Those questions have always existed on this site and they will always exist. It's not a testament to the quality of the site; it's a testament to the quality of this generation. While these questions are silly, someone legitimately does want to know whether they're pregnant or not. The great thing about Advicenators is that there will always be a few patient people that are willing to explain to someone how to do the most basic, rudimentary research for questions like that. These patient people are willing to walk questioners ever so slowly through the steps of finding an answer to their question.

You don't need to be one of these people. I am certainly not. But the reason those questions get asked and are accepted is because people genuinely do want answers, and there are people here that are willing to provide for these people.

When you see one of those questions, accept its existence and keep on scrolling downward. 50 percent of being an active user of the site consists of sifting through what you perceive as bullshit. The key to staying here for an extended period of time is not getting burnt out by questions you find ridiculous and pointless.


would 190mg valium 360 mg codiene, 200mg amitriptline, 200mg lyrica prove fatal with strong alcohol?

Lyrica does have an adverse reaction when combined with opiates. Codeine is an opiate. Combine all that with alcohol; you've got a pretty shitty idea on your hands.


whats the similarities/differences between heroin and cigarettes? i mean they both are addicting drugs.. they both can kill you.. what is the difference? why is one illegal and one is not? that pisses me off... :/


That's why.


i want an emo nickname, help?




When I was little me and my neighbors and my older sister would allways pretend and play games like house and like highschool kids and just word fun games.. My older neighbors and sister told me that we are going to stop playing those kid of games they said it's time to move on( but like allways on the side I had my own pretend games owing on by myself) anyways they were like freshman nd sophomores and I was in 7 th at that time when we all stopped but now I'm 15 and when I get bored or think of some fun plot I play pretend like highschool life only I pretend I'm dimwit different but better why do I do this still?? Because I'm thinking it might because I'm not happy with reality please help share opinions!

Do your homework.


Please don't answer "don't do it" because that won't be helpful at all.

So I AM going to be doing ecstasy this coming Saturday. I know it makes you so happy but does it just increase your happiness? Or is it like dreamy and shit like on weed because I don't like the 'high' feeling weed gives you. Also, I know it makes you really hot and to drink lots of water so would that mean going into a hot tub would be a bad idea? You talk a lot on it right? But is it really like annoying? Because I hate feeling annoying. Also, how long does it last for?

Thanks guys.

The first time you do it you'll be very energetic and light hearted. Unlike weed, you'll be coherent and won't have that "dreamy" feeling.

Happiness isn't the best word for it, it's more like being at peace with everything. At the same time, it's a very synthetic feeling and does not feel particularly genuine.

The second time is much more mellow and enjoyable, HOWEVER, it's to the point that it's too enjoyable. Doing it once or twice isn't that bad, but I would never, ever do it again after that. The come down is one where you wish you had the feeling again, and it is DEFINITELY a drug you can develop a habit for.


i want to know wat people think about people who start random fights for no reason

I think they probably win most of the time.


Everybody knows about the Miley Cyrus getting high thing I'm sure. I read she wasn't smoking pot but that it was something LEGAL in California called salvia and it does some of the same stuff weed does. I was wondering what it is exactly? is it grass too? and is it really legal like everybody says to smoke it?

I have a friend that has rolled on E and dropped acid multiple times, and it only took him one time to do salvia to realize it's not for him; too intense, and not a positive trip.


I saw this video that was CLAIMING it was Miley Cyrus getting high and smoking a bong on her 18th birthday party with her friends. Whoever it was, she was obviously stoned out of her mind. I know a lot of this celebrity media stuff is false though with Photoshop and look-a-like doubles. I use to watch Hannah Montana a lot when I was a little younger and I actually like Miley Cyrus as an actress and singer. I know it's none of my business, but I'm just curious if the video is for real or if it's been faked? Anybody know?

Real, although she's smoking salvia, which is legal in many states including California, which is where she was partaking.


When is the Ukraine Christmas? I'm Ukraine, but I've always just celebrated the one on dec 25. But I want to embrace my heritage :)

Embrace Wikipedia.


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