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I'm worried about my height. I'm not really WORRIED...im just confused.

ok, so both my mom AND dad are 5'8..ok? but i'm only 5'2. I dont know if this helps but I'm 14 & I got my first period two weeks ago. My foot size is a 9..and thats about it.

haha, so do you think there's a chance of me growing?


For sure. I did a good deal of growing when I was 14 and 15.


does anyone know a cute site for background for your advicenators page

The cool kids go here;



I have pondered this for a while: does the name Thew have a meaning? I have been trying to figure it out, but I can't put my finger on it. Since you were the creator of Thew, I figured you would be the right person to ask =)

~ xoxo2girlinlove2xoxo



Hi guys

Uhmm i have this assignment at skool about prostheses and i cant find some information! If you guys can (hoping that you will), please help me out!!

I need to find some websites that answer these questions:
"Why it is needed to be fitted into/onto the body.
What is the prosthesis made from?
HOw long does it last before the need of a replacement?
How is the prosthesis fixed into/unto the body?"
about three prostheses for an assignment.

THREE, preferebly one should be "artificial limbs"






my name is ashlee and my middle name is marie, most people call me ash or ashlee. im sick of ash and i want a new nickname.i can be totally different then my real name and nothing stupid like ashlee marie or ashbo i want something cute and creative

Lee, Mash, Lash.


You suggested I fix my question. I did.

What do you look for in a girl? Are there any physical features you'd recommend? Are there any personality traits you'd like her to have?

Yes, and thank you. :D

Nothing really specific physically. Personality wise, the usual junk. Not to sound redundant... funny, smart, passionate about something, down to Earth, and that's probably everything.


whats good stuff to put in a beach bag?

A frisbee, lunch, a towel. I wouldn't bring electronics though unless you plan on not leaving your stuff alone ever.


what kind of things do you put on a ice cream sundae?

im just drawing a blank

Bananas, cherries, chocolate syrup or whatever that stuff is called, sprinkles, caramel, strawberry sauce or whatever that is called as well, and M and Ms or candies like that.


what kind of girls do you go for? are there any physical features you look for? any type of personality things you want in a girl?

I can't think of anything right now that's not related to capitalization and grammar.



my boyfriend and i have only had sex twice.. but he can only last literally like 5 seconds.. how can he last longer?

Tell him to beat off before hand.


my gf like to pleasure herself when im not able to be there to do it for her. so, i was wondering what are the effects of masturbation with girls? what are the pros and cons?
thanx for the help and support!

The pros are obvious. The only cons are that there are none.


my cousin wants to know if having sex ok for a twelve year old, well she isn't doing it with a boy, just an object. Because her Vagina is hurting. She doesn't want anyone to know , so do you think it is bad?

You mean is it normal for her to masturbate? Well yes, as long as her object isn't a knife or cactus or something like that.


what are some easy to do role playing, like you don't need to go buy stuff. i want to do some roleplaying with my boyfriend, but lack money to buy costumes or anything.

role playing realy turns me on but i'm not very creative.

You can be the teenage advicenator girl in distress, with him being a columnist named Matt that lends a helping hand...


I have two really great friends. Rachel and Megan. Rachel is like EXACTLY like me(we like the same stuff,same everything) and have the same "moral standings". But Megan is exact oppisite of me. She has pretty much no morals at all.
Well one day in Volley ball we had to choose partners and i automaticaly go for Rachel. And in Science, and History and Math i do the same thing. Idk why but i really don't ever pick Megan, and i feel horrible about it. I just don't like the way she goes about things. She is a bad student(gets C's and D's and sometimes F's) and Rachel and I are straight A's.
I don't know how to envolve Megan and idk if she is even like a friend to me.
How can i envolve her. And in your opion am i being a bad friend? I don't want to be that way anymore. HELP

Just to add input of my own to what everyone else said;



I've done lyrics searches for this one song I've heard, but can't identify. There's a harmonizing chorus in the background that goes "doot da doot doot doot doot". And it's about how someone's mom is a junkie, and if she could do everything all over again she wouldn't change it for the world. Alternative song, might be by Bad Religion although I honestly have no idea.


I've heard it before, and you're right. I thought it was the Offspring when I first heard it.


what does a diffuser do and how do i use it?

Just to be different..

A diffuser is something a CT can buy in Counter Strike for I believe 500 dollars, and it lets you defuse a bomb something like 3 times as fast. Also known as a diffuser kit.


what are some GOOD christian rock bands? like, relient k, thousand foot krutch, superchick, and such.

thanks in advance

Tool. They may not be Christian, but oh well.


15/f. A couple months ago, this guy and I went to the movies and we had a nice time. He didn't talk to me much afterwards, cause he's kind of shy. So, I left him alone and decided to let him come to me when he wanted to. So, about a month ago, he asked me to the movies again. I was at the beach, so I said that we definately could when I got back. I got back a few days later, so surely he couldn't have forgotten? But he hasn't talked to me at all since he asked me. I poked him on facebook but he didnt respond at all. Maybe he had second thoughts? Maybe it was a joke? I don't want to message him or IM him in case he thinks I'm annoying...I'm really starting to really like him and this silent treatment is getting frustrating.

When you said you could when you got back from the beach, that was when you were supposed to call him and tell him you were actually back from the beach.


Okay first off, you're hilarious. I love the sarcastic answers you give. How do you come up with your witty remarks?

I channel my typical teen angst of course.


can u get pregant if u are on birth control and using a condomn and he ejacuateing in me and
i am from va and im 18 and a female

Yes, you can get pregnant if you are on birth control and you used a condom and he ejaculated in you. Although you are 18 and from Virgina, so you never know.


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