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I downloaded a free trial of adobe photoshop cs3, and it ended, so I uninstalled it off my computer, and I downloaded another trial, except it says that "My trial has ended" is there anyway I can download ANOTHER free trial of adobe photoshop cs3 and actually have it work? I REALLLLLY NEED HELP PLEASE HELP!

If it's expired, that's it for your photoshop. You now need to buy it or pirate it.


I'm a fifteen year old girl.

I have met this guy on an online forum. Let's call him Tommy. Tommy is a sweet guy and he's 4 years older than me. I know it might be illegal. But that's not the whole point of my story. [Keep in mind that I have chatted with him online for a course of 1 year. Almost everyday.] Here are some things that seem somewhat odd about Tommy ;
1. he never offers to send me pictures. And the only pictures I have of him are about 3 or 4 of very blurry and crappy quality (seemingly taken on a camera phone with very low quality)
2. I know that it won't work out. It's not my intention to make this guy my boyfriend. Yet he gets more intimate with me everyday. Asking me things that I wouldn't even tell my own mother.
3. Almost everytime we chat, he requests pictures from me. I send Tommy lot of pictures. He can make an album with the amount of pictures he has of me.
4. It annoys me that most of our conversations are based solely on music. Sometimes Tommy won't talk about anything else, and when I offer to, he shuns me.
5. He can be very sweet, yet sometimes very bitter and mean.
6. He has an online girlfriend. And when she isn't online, I feel like a last resort to him. As if he's bored and has no one else to talk to.

I feel the need to stop talking now because this is getting too long. He constantly sweet talks me, tells me that he knows me and loves me. I know this isn't true. I hate to say it, but this guy has got me hooked.

I'm just getting really suspicious. I just don't want him to be a pedophile or anything.

What can I do?

I aplogize for the length of this.

Oooo, smart girl.

Let's just say his behavior doesn't exactly fight your suspicions.

Limit or stop contact with him.


is masterbating a sin?

The Bible thinks so, but the Bible thinks practically everything is a sin, so I wouldn't take it seriously. If anything happened to the people the masturbated, the majority of humanity would be in Hell.


My boyfriend and I were fooling around last Thursday.
I gave him oral sex and so consequently got some semen in my mouth.
We kissed after that, so maybe some sperm got in his mouth?
Then I received oral sex from him when he licked me around my vagina.

My question is, is it possible that I got pregnant if the sperm traveled from my mouth to his to my vagina?

The only way you could become pregnant is if the sperm carried a reincarnation of Jesus.



There's this girl in my church, she absolutely drives me insane, but maybe it's because I'm jealous (because every guy i'll ever like, will think she's so hot). Anyways, she's a two-faced attention... seeker. She's not-so-2-faced infront of the other girls but the things she tells me is really irksome. At one point, I asked her why she kept telling this girl she loathed "I love you" and she replied to me with "because I don't want her to know how much I dislike you". I didn't even expect that, I don't even think I heard it right.
She repeatedly clings onto me, copies me, which causes her parents to think I'm like a bad influence or something.

Is she someone worth keeping around?




I recently took several career, value, aptitude and personality tests at university. One of the questions included how much you value making a significant amount of money. Of course I want to be rich, but why do people always say that money can`t buy happiness?

I think that if I could buy a boat, a nice car, a nice house and go on vacations without stressing too much over money that I would be happy. Should I choose a career (which I hopefully like) just because I can make a lot of money?

Summary: Who says money can`t buy happiness?

Thanks so much for your opinion! =)

That's BS. Everyone knows money CAN buy happiness, for precisely the reasons you mentioned.


well i saw this kid sitting alone and he looked like he was about to fall asleep so i went over and started talking to him and asked him if he wanted to sit with me and my friend destiny. he went over and we started talking then too. i found out he was my age. And we became friends and then the next day i was over at the restraunt
again ( public bar and grill for a private lake and i know everyone up there very well) and Jess is one of the waitresses and she hangout with me and my sister and she walks over and i told her to tell my sister to stop calling wyatt chicken. They were calling that cuz thats what his dad called him and they didnt know what his real name was and i said wyatt and then jess said ill get him up to come up here. when she left my sister about fell out of her chair laughing but i acually wanted him to come up but i didnt want him over phone. I just need to know why they made such a big deal about it and then before i left jess gave me his phone #. I dont know if i should call him or what? wouldnt that be weird since he didnt acually give it to me.

That didn't really make any sense, but I guess run-on sentences will do that for you.

If you don't want it to seem weird, ask him for his number personally.


What are some good tips for making my boyfriend go crazy when i give him a blow job? also, what are some good sex tricks too, because i dont think im that good at it.





wait so why? I mean I thought guys like girls that are young. I never thought they liked older girls their age???

Well, I guess it depends on the guy, but I think I can speak for all of my friends when I say it'd be weird to be with someone your little brother's age.


what is an example of a tourist trap?

I don't really think remyy557 has the right idea here, or I could be wrong.

I always understood it as a place where a lot of tourists go because it is *the* place to be. Like... Niagara Falls or the Space Needle as listed below.


so i dont wanna have sex with a person cause i cant but i do want the pleasure. i also want it to hurt and i mean realy bad. what can i do?? and again i dont want a person there. all help is appricated.

Masturbate while pinching yourself?


Let's say I met this guy. Through mutual friends. But I only ever talked to him online. Let's call him Bob. From the first picture that I saw of him, I noticed that Bob was repulsive (to me, at least. in my opinion) but he was extremely nice. he always gives the best advice...always listens, shows that he genuinely does care. And even though I know I will NEVER want to be with him (through meeting somewhere other than MSN) I still fell in love with his personality. Not his face. And now I'm attached. Whenever he mentions his girlfriend, I get jealous. But then I tell myself "why are you jealous? he's not your bf and he'll never be. so what's the point?" But I just love him for his personality. And it bugs me. Because I know he's not my type. Yet I still react with jealousy and other close and emotional feelings toward him. Is this okay? What should I do? How can I move on? I've been talking to him for one year now. I know that the best advice would be "Just stop talking to him before you get yourself in trouble" BUT ITS SO HARD! It's so hard to let go of someone you've gotten so close with. Advice? :( am I being shallow?!

I'm not saying you should cut off all contact with him, but you should at least limit yourself. Don't allow yourself to grow any more attached than you already are, and work to meet someone with the same characteristics in your own life.



okay so like, im rlly skinny and my boobs arent HUGE but theyre not small either
and like,
for some reason, im rlly self conscience about them
like, guys ask me for pictures and i dont wanna send them mainly because im scared of what theyll think ?

like, omg im gonna sound like a moronic idiot buttt how big should your nipple be ?

also, when i shave down there, i get like, razor burns no matter what .. is there any cream or anything to help that?

please .. any advice is perfect :D

If a guy asks for pictures of your boobs, wouldn't the obvious solution be not to do it?


my friends tell me by stimulating your clit, or using a vibrator will give u an orgasm...
I tried.. several times.
It just doesnt seem to work!
It doesnt even feel good.. its as if its like hurting:s?
is this normal?!
and how can I get an orgasm?!

thankssssssss, xo

Most women can't orgasm. If you can't now (I'm assuming you're a teenager), you might be able to when you're closer to middle aged.


how do i tell a guy i dont like him when i already told him i did like him...but now i realize i dont...i hope that made sense

"I don't want to give you any ideas, but I've realized that I don't like you in that way anymore and my feelings for you are more so on the friendship level."

I sort of feel like throwing up now. :/


old is jackson from hannah montanna.



okay well my friend introduced me to her guy friend
he didnt really know who i was or anything but we started talking and all and i think i might like him.
and he told me he liked me.
for my personality.
the thing is he hasn't seen me yet nor has he met me.
im not pretty.
and im definetly not skinny.
and he knows that now.
what do i do? :(
and also how do i lose about 20 pounds asap? whats the "healthy" amount of months/days/whatever to lose that much?

By introduced, do you mean online? Otherwise, how has he not met you?


Okay so I have a cousin that's really pretty. And all these guys like her and she has a boyfriend that calls her beautiful all the time. I dont have any of that and I think I'm ugly. i used to feel beautiful and sexxie and hott but now its not the same. i mean people tell me all the time I'm soo beautiful and they can't see why I'm sad. But its because guys dont like me, They'll talk to me but thats all. i mean a lot of guys talk to me all the time. They seem to like me but they are like 17 18 and i'm just 14. Maybe its my age but I'm ugly to myself. any suggestions?

Why are you even going after 17 and 18 year old guys? Go for guys your own age that aren't seniors in high school and are just freshman.


ok so i just had sex with this guy. he didn't use a condom, bad i know!! he pulled out and everything but now my best friend has me worried about pre-cum. is there anyway to tell if he came in me at all?

If he entered you without a condom, you can be pregnant. The pull out method is the result of teenage wishful thinking, and doesn't work AT ALL. Depending on how long he was in you, he had pre-cum for sure.

Depending on the guy, pre-cum can have less sperm than semen or in some cases, more.

Wait for your period and if you miss it, buy a pregnancy test.


Why when teenage boys are driving, they always have to speed and open their windows and BLAST their music so a car 100 feet away can hear it? I think they are trying to show off, but it's not cool. I was just standing in the McDonald's parking lot yesterday and a car like wizzes by me and blasts their music and I can see that it's a teenage guy and his friends and then they turn around and go by me again and then look at me, make a stupid comment like "sexy thing" and then honk at me 3 times. Do they think it's cool? I mean I'm NOT impressed when they do it. They look like idiots. Another thing guys do is when you're in a car and they're in the lane right next to you and they won't even look at the road as they are driving, they just stare at me the whole time, it's like turn around before you get in a freakin car crash! Ugh, why do guys do that? Is it cause they like me?!?!

They're just psychotic. Change lanes.


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