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Im 13/f,and my parents disapprove of who I am.
I'm a HUGE lover of music,it's my life.
I LOVE bands/artist like :Escape the Fate,Falling in Reverse,D.R.U.G.S.,Black Veil Brides,Get Scared,My chemical romance,Asking alexandria,Bring me the horizon,Vampire's Everywhere,and bands of the metal,screamo,rock,and alternative music.
I love "dark things".My favorite color is black.
I'm always learning about cults,love vampire's,and things like that.
But,my parents disapprove of my "emo" lifestyle.
They say it's "demonic".
But that's just who I am.
They've tried taking that music away from me,and "making me normal".
I've told them this is who I am,but they don't wanna hear it.

Fuck your parents, but fuck your pseudo-dark taste!


Real darkness that will give your parents reason to worry.


What are some Social Issues that can be found on Native reserves across Ontario, more specifically Walpole Island, if anyone is familiar.?

Alcoholism, I assume.


what is a cute nicknames for a boy named matt

Matthew, unless his parents thought they were trendy and that's not his actual name.


I am sixteen but my mom says I'm too young for a vibrator. How can I prove to I'm not to young

Ask her to buy you condoms.



Why can't I get hard after I cum?

You're human.


what does it called when having sex whith 5 people



I need a Nick name for my tall blond hair beautiful green eyes boyfriend who is amazing and keeps a smile on my face and he is really sweet also he is 15 I need a good cute onee are something u think he would like!

Not sure why you'd inbox me, since I routinely make fun of questions like these. Ask someone else!


When is the worse time to have sex

While you're being born.


Broooooooo. How'd you get so smart, bro?

P.S. Do you like Star Trek?

Born This Way



I started dating this guy for a month and a half, things were going great the first month..
recently i met his friend Jason, who suppousivly had been his friend for six yeas and just stated talking to him again. I only talked to him a few mins bc my boyfriend spent time with me, wanted to spend time with his friend afterwards. Im cool with that just.. I think his friend might be gay.. Im not sure but just by the way he sounds, dresses really nice like.. in a colorful way.. but anyway, He hung out with him that night, the next night on new years, and when I thought I was maybe going to see him today, he said he'll ask his dad. that was at three, its now seven. I dont think Its going to happen.. so spending time with his friend is cool, but hes not texting me much when hes with him at all. And his friend seems gay.. But i might be wrong. They were talking about his friends ex but. maybe hes bi? maybe hes straight. idk, just spending a lot of time with him. and hasent texted me.. Girls what would you think if it was your guy.. or guys am I just being paranoid? Another weird thing is my bf has talked about this kid alot. said his name in a funny way. not if its important, kinda weird though :/

Uh, based on the limited information that you have and that you have given, this is pretty stupid.

He hasn't spoken to this dude in six years, and now they've reconnected and they're spending some time catching up. The other guy's sexual orientation -- which is a total guess that you have no evidence of -- shouldn't be cause for concern; one of my closest friends is gay and I see him very frequently. That doesn't mean every time I go over to his place I'm blowing him.


Do you guys have any advice for a newcomer on the site? Like how to rate, how to give good advice. I've already answered a few on here but I'm worried that my advice might be bad.


(PS. I added my username for a reason so that you guys can give me a nice feedback and fully informed advice)

Emulate my column.


you are such a kidder aren't you haha!!!bye!!

I'm 100 percent serious 20 percent of the time.


well,you forgive ME!!!!I misunderstood what you had written:)

Only God can forgive you.


Hi, I'm 14 and recently started dating one of my really good male friends. I really like him, and want to stay with him for a while. But I have had a crush on another guy who I've talked to like four times the whole year, and it didn't subside when this guy asked me out...but I had a crush on him too. What I'm saying is, is it ok for me to have a crush on someone else while I'm dating someone I like as well, as long as I don't make a move on this crush? I barely talk to this crush and there is no action between us, but I can't help liking him as well as my boyfriend. Is this okay?

That's pretty much inevitable. Just don't ever, ever, EVER tell your boyfriend.


I need your opinion guys!!!It's very important for me,which one do you think is better?American English or British English?

They're basically the same. I worked for a newspaper in Europe for a few months recently that used British English, and there's no real difference beyond some phrasing and spelling differences.


the jews will remember this????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????what??????????????????????????Would you explain that to me??????sorry if I've hurt somebody's feelings,I don't think I have,though...

Haha, I was making a poor joke at your expense for not referencing Hanukkah. I'm not offended.


Hi everyone!!!I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!!!thank you for your words of advice and I'm very happy to belong to this website!!!!kisses!!!:)

The Jews will remember this.


Is it ok to hide things in vagina? I feel stupid asking this but I have something I want to put up there but i am afraid it will go up into my body where i can't reach it anymore so is it possible to hide things in (up) your vagina or not? No it is not drugs!


Rainbowcherrie is right, it's not a good idea -- it's a GREAT idea.

Just kidding, it's actually a horrible idea.


I have had sex with my boyfriend now for about a year. He recently started going away for university so I only get to see him about once a month, which means I have sex about once a month. Lately, my vagina has been very itchy. It is not a yeast infection because i've had one before. The skin around my vagina is sometimes itchy, but hurts when I scratch it, yet feels relief at the same time. My boyfriend is home again and we've tried having sex but it hurts me so much. I also don't feel as aroused by him, like I have to close my eyes and try not to picture his every flaw. I don't know, something just isn't right! Please help

Time to visit your OB/GYN and break up.


So I don't understand how can you say that weed makes complete idiots feel smart when I smoke everyday of my life and maintain a 3.9 grade average in college? I just don't understand why people like yourselves have to look down on someone for smoking a natural plant.

You do realize that what I said doesn't relate to you at all, right? Reread: "weed makes complete idiots feel smart." I wasn't making some sweeping statement saying only complete idiots smoke weed, I said when complete idiots are the people that happen to be smoking weed, they feel smart.

Also, I suspect your college GPA might be the absolute worst measure of intelligence out there. I don't run around pointing at my 3.6 -- a byproduct of as little effort possible -- as proof of my intelligence, because it's so completely arbitrary. A better way of gauging brains is whether or not someone freaks the fuck out after completely misinterpreting what's written clearly.

So no, I don't look down on someone for "smoking a natural plant," because that would mean looking down on myself, immediate family, a good portion of my friends, etc.


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