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I need your opinion guys!!!It's very important for me,which one do you think is better?American English or British English?

They're basically the same. I worked for a newspaper in Europe for a few months recently that used British English, and there's no real difference beyond some phrasing and spelling differences.


the jews will remember this????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????what??????????????????????????Would you explain that to me??????sorry if I've hurt somebody's feelings,I don't think I have,though...

Haha, I was making a poor joke at your expense for not referencing Hanukkah. I'm not offended.


Hi everyone!!!I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!!!thank you for your words of advice and I'm very happy to belong to this website!!!!kisses!!!:)

The Jews will remember this.


Is it ok to hide things in vagina? I feel stupid asking this but I have something I want to put up there but i am afraid it will go up into my body where i can't reach it anymore so is it possible to hide things in (up) your vagina or not? No it is not drugs!


Rainbowcherrie is right, it's not a good idea -- it's a GREAT idea.

Just kidding, it's actually a horrible idea.


I have had sex with my boyfriend now for about a year. He recently started going away for university so I only get to see him about once a month, which means I have sex about once a month. Lately, my vagina has been very itchy. It is not a yeast infection because i've had one before. The skin around my vagina is sometimes itchy, but hurts when I scratch it, yet feels relief at the same time. My boyfriend is home again and we've tried having sex but it hurts me so much. I also don't feel as aroused by him, like I have to close my eyes and try not to picture his every flaw. I don't know, something just isn't right! Please help

Time to visit your OB/GYN and break up.


So I don't understand how can you say that weed makes complete idiots feel smart when I smoke everyday of my life and maintain a 3.9 grade average in college? I just don't understand why people like yourselves have to look down on someone for smoking a natural plant.

You do realize that what I said doesn't relate to you at all, right? Reread: "weed makes complete idiots feel smart." I wasn't making some sweeping statement saying only complete idiots smoke weed, I said when complete idiots are the people that happen to be smoking weed, they feel smart.

Also, I suspect your college GPA might be the absolute worst measure of intelligence out there. I don't run around pointing at my 3.6 -- a byproduct of as little effort possible -- as proof of my intelligence, because it's so completely arbitrary. A better way of gauging brains is whether or not someone freaks the fuck out after completely misinterpreting what's written clearly.

So no, I don't look down on someone for "smoking a natural plant," because that would mean looking down on myself, immediate family, a good portion of my friends, etc.


I am a 12 year old boy. Yesterday I went to a Christmas party, and there was a conga line. the girl up front came back to me and had her hands on my shoulders. thats okay. but then she moved her hands to my hips. I would be allright with this, but she is a year younger than me, and it was uncomfortable. PLEASE HELP:(

I'm pretty sure she's not into you bro, so you can chill out.



Is he adopted?


Ok so i'm a college student and I currently have a white MacBook (not macbook pro) and an iPad 1. I use the macbook the most to type up papers and such, and my iPad very little, mainly to watch tv shows on hulu and games. So what I'm thinking is maybe just selling my iPad 1 and my macbook, and using that money to buy an iPad 2..

what do you think? Would I be able to type up papers on the iPad 2? how would I be able to print them out? should I keep my macbook and instead sell my iPad 1 and use that money, plus some more money to buy an iPad 2?

any other opinions?

I vote for selling both and purchasing a laptop that doesn't cost several hundred dollars more for the shine factor. Future you will thank me. And you. But mostly me.


so me and m boyfriend have been together for about a year. we dont live together. I'm in college and was using his laptop to catch up on some homework while he was at work when i was typing something into the top and it came up with past history of him looking at hot sex nude videos among other things. im not sure how i should respond. i feel like i should be upset and angry or am i just over reacting?

Literally every boy you ever date will have the same thing. If being upset and angry over something likely to occur with every guy you date sounds like as much a drag to you as it does to me, then yeah, probably an overreaction.


I guess specifically I need him to break up with her or something. I need some sort of satisfaction from it. Call it messed up, but this isn't "opinionators".
I've looked at articles with this title, and I know how to play hard to get. (if he didn't have a girlfriend this would be easy)
I wanted to ask for advice in the same way the articles did, but I wanna specify my situation for better help.
I'm 17, good looking, and I have confidence.
I'm not good with guys who have been in a relationship.
My situation is that we're coworkers.(don't judge)
I'm pretty interested, actually. He's really funny and I'm attracted to him. We are friends but not close. (in other words, we don't have eachother's numbers or socialize outside of work.)
ps, this is just a fast food job.
I don't like him or have a crush on him.
I want to know how to win this situation before I get involved in it.
Please give me some advice, but not if you're too opinionated in the moral of relationships.
Thanks. :)

It's not about being "too opinionated in the moral of relationships," it's about being a person that is respectful of other human beings. You don't have feelings for this guy and he's in a committed relationship. What exactly is your objective here? To create pain, discomfort, and chaos in the lives of people you don't even know?

Give me a 1, channel your energy into making Big Macs, and do a little self reflection.


Dont youg guys think that girls who do witchcraft on their boyfriend to keep them to their side are a litle bit imature?

One person's immature is another's youthful ignorance.


Hey Im 16 and a senior in highschool. I met this guy in an interschool competition. He's the same age but is a senior in some other school. We started talking after the competition and became good friends. We have gone out on three dates till now. And yeah, we have kissed each other and made out a little. We cannot resist each other at all. And hence the makeouts were a mutual desicion. I am falling for him. But the problem is that even though he says he is falling for me, he keeps on telling me he cannot date me cause he's a bad guy and he cares for me too too much to hurt me. He says he is not one of those dateable guys who will love their girl completely and he might find a new girl and dump me.That would hurt me and he doesnt want to do that! He hasnt had a past record of cheating or anything it's just that he tells me he wants to be sure before he asks a girl out that he will be completely loyal to her and not flirt around with other girls. He also liked this girl a year back and he says he feels guilty that he got over her and fell for me! But when we meet we actually act like we are dating, cause he gets me stuff, he tells me he loves me, we hold hands. we actually act like a couple in love. we also talk all the time. I dont know what to do. Because I really want to be with him. But cant figure out how to make him ask me out? and if he is really a bad guy? HELP.

I'm not the best person to seek relationship advice from because my negative and jaded point of view on the subject didn't just materialize out of nowhere. My perspective is extremely biased -- if not tainted -- but ye asked and ye shall receive;

I don't know if he's a bad guy on a personal level, but he's definitely a bad guy for you. Continuing on with the relationship in its current form will do nothing but destroy you. He's laid out his intentions and desires, and none of those include being in an actual romantic relationship with you. I know right now it feels like what you have is enough to survive on, but human beings are like a drug; you will need more than what you're getting, and he is unable or unwilling to supply it.

My advice is to stop things before they progress any further. It will be unpleasant, but its better to experience pain that is just slight discomfort when compared to the devastation you'll experience down the road if this progresses.


is it true when u sneeze it because someones thinking about you

No. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sneeze


My oldest sister is 19...I keep writing about her because if I don't have anyone to hear my story, then I might harm myself...again. To make a long story short...my oldest sis is a trainwreck,a bum, embarassing,slow, and very confused. She once ran a red light and claimed she was thinkin about something else. Not to mention she doesn't even have a license. She even walks around the house with her boxers talking to random girls and acting like she just...has it ALL figured out. If only they knew what she was really like. Ok so my other sis who is 17 made me and my mom some nachos with ground beef. I was eating and my 19 yr old comes down and picks one piece of ground beef out to eat it. She knew it wasnt hers and she wasnt suppose to have a piece. I leave to go tell my mom and five minutes later the ground beef is pretty much gone, their is only small pieces left....I HATE my sister. When I say I do I really do. There is sooo much that she has done that I choos not to mention. If you all knew and could relate. This is only minor but she has been this way FOREVER. She is an oppertunist and only gives a fly---u know what...about herself. A very greedy person and we are constantly having to restock on groceries or suffer during the week because all the food is gone. One day her time will come and all the karma will come back on her for what she has done over the years. It includes her greed situation...and also all of her other stuff she has done. Lets just say this...um who video tapes kids on a carousel to try and call it art? And who video tapes dolls doing "things" and the dolls are the same gender..." who does that at 19???? yeah....I'd say a real TWISTED person. I mean yes children and kids may do that during their "discovery" ages but not with cams and being 19.....I'm so sick of her I can barely keep up. What do I do....can someone speak to me? Calm me down. Tell me something I wanna hear but tell the truth...??? I'm sorry for this long blog, but it had to be written.



I am 18 years old almost 19(female) and my ex-boyfriend is 20. My ex-boyfriend and I were dating for six months, and he recently broke up with me because he wanted to focus more on his fraternity. I know that he definitely still has feelings for me and still loves and cares about me. My question is, what can I do on my end to try to make things work? It has been especially hard because we were extremely close and he was my best friend. Now that we have been broken up, we barely talk or see each other. I just want to know how I could increase the chances of us getting back together, without being pitiful.

I'm pretty biased because the only thing I'm more jaded and negative about other than relationships are fraternities. I hate them.

Maybe deep down he does have feelings for you and still loves you, but right now he would prefer to spend his time being a frat douche bag. That's his choice and his right. Don't wait for him. If he cares about you and loves you ask much as you think he does, eventually you guys will work out anyway. But barely talking or seeing each other is not a good indication of how much strength your relationship has/had in the short term.

My advice would be to move on. He's not interested in a relationship, so you should no longer be interested in a relationship with him.


I want to break up with my girlfriend but she is still very much in love with me. We have had a conversation and are currently on a no contact break for a few days. She thinks i'll regret it and don't fully appreciate what we have (She's my first girlfriend but she's had a couple before). I do really care about her and hate hurting her. When she tells me how much she loves me, and how she doesn't want to lose me, I really struggle as it makes me love her (how many people are we going to have love us in such a way in our lives?!) and so I really doubt whether I am doing the right thing.

Our relationship isn't helped by me being away at university and when we're together, it is great. However, I really struggle when we keep going for weeks without seeing each other. I find I forget why I love her and find it frustrating.

I'm pretty sure I want to break up due to the way I have these doubts and how when we're apart, I start to become distant from her and not that interested. I just really don't want to hurt her or regret what i'm doing. Advice would be hugely appreciated.

I feel like I'm reading something I could have written about nine months ago.

I literally was in the exact same situation as you (great when together but away at college) and decided to end it.

And I don't regret it.


I'm Male/16, I've had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks. I would usually cough like a demon until I threw up. The vomit looked and felt normal. BUT today, I got up, had as short coughing spell until I gagged and gagged, dry empty gagging, until what seemed to be foamy saliva came out. It had no taste and no burn. During the process I teared and felt a head squeezing headache. It felt like a tiny relief, but I'm still not better. What was that foamy saliva? Is it bad? I usually get a 3-5 day cold once a year, but this is just hell, nobody should go through it.

How do you know you have bronchitis? Have you seen a doctor? Do you have antibiotics?

More details needed bro.


Whoa, misplaced frustration 101. I realize you're 16 and sick as fuck, but save your angst up for something more deserving. I wasn't "criticizing" your question, I was simply requesting really basic information to aid me in my advice so that I didn't give you something redundant or unhelpful.



I'm supposed to do a research paper for my Death and Dying class (I'm in college). I'm allowed to choose whatever I want, as long as it's about death and it's something remotely interesting that I can present to my class.

I know that I'm really interested in death in the arts (music, poetry, film, photography, etc) but I'm not sure what kinds of questions I could pose about all of these things to write a research paper?

I'm also sort of interested in the dynamics of suicide, as well as the mindset of people who are terminally ill (whether it is possible or not for them to reach some point of "acceptance" or "peace")

I'm open to lots of different ideas because honestly, I feel kind of lost and I really want to write a good paper that I'm really interested in..

Thank you!

I personally would write a paper about the historical development of the idea of an afterlife on a faith by faith basis.


My boyfriend is turning 19 next week and I am 17. I'm trying to write this really romantic note for him and I found this certain quote that I want to put in it but I don't know if it would make sense because of our ages! It's:
"If you live to be one hundred, I hope I live to be one hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."

does that make sense if I were to put that? lol please let me know haha

It makes sense but... coming from a guy's perspective, stock quotes like that aren't going to make even a minor impact on his carefully cultivated rock hard emotions.

What will be much more effective is to keep it 100% original. It's more genuine and will be appreciated more than a quote you found online.


I would break up with you if you said what ExtraordinaryGurl recommended.


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