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If a person was that was close to you, really evil to you would you care if they died?

My aunt died 3 years ago and I didn't get upset when she died. Am I wrong? She died from some heart problems. My aunt was very evil to the people in our family. She stole money from a lot of them and did drugs with her boyfriend. They had a daughter together and continued to do drugs, just not around her. My grandmother was always in denial about them doing drugs until their daughter got taken away and they admitted it. My aunt also stole money from my grandmothers account somehow forging checks for over a year and she admitted. They used the money for drugs. They also begged for money from my grandma and she'd give them money for food, but they were most likely using it for drugs. My grandmother had to pay their rent every month and feed them, the only reason why my grandmother and most of my family dealt with her is because she had a daughter. My cousin who is my aunt's daughter didn't know that her parents were smoking crack and she Still doesn't know. My aunt used to say very evil things and do evil things. She cared about nothing but drugs and her boyfriend. She used her own daughter to beg for money from family members for food, they even came over our house begging for dinner because they spent all their money on drugs.My aunt was turning my cousin into an evil person just like her and her bad habits was rubbing off on my cousin. She used her own daughter to beg for money from family. My aunt left my grandmother broke every month from stealing and begging for money. Ever since my cousin got taken away and her bigger sister got custody she has had a better life, she goes to a better school and she's a very smart and good girl. My aunt is dead now and my cousin's father has cancer. I just didn't feel bad when my aunt died, but I feel bad for my cousin because she loved her mom and sometimes she still cries about her mom being dead. I also feel bad for my grandmother cause she lost her daughter. But things have been better since she died and I just didn't cry when she died. Am I wrong?

You're not wrong, but I don't think your aunt was evil. She was a drug addict, and there's a big difference.


19/female. There's this guy, named Bryan who started talking to me over facebook. He went to my school, graduated 2 years before I did. We started texting and I began to like him, every time he'd text me he'd tell me to come cuddle, or that he wanted to give me a massage and that I was pretty every now and then he would mention my boobs or whatever but I figured thats every teenage boy. We'd always plan to hang out but we always ended up both getting to busy, but we'd still text. Well, there was one day that we both got time to chill so he came to pick me up, but it was really awkward. I got in his car and it was just silent the whole ride from my house to his. We get to his house and go straight to his room. I sat at the edge of his bed and we just sat there for a good 5 minutes before he asked me if I wanted a massage. I said no, because that was the first time for us to hang out and I figured that'd be awkward, he insisted on giving me a massage so I was like whatever and let him give me one, he told me to lay down, he stareted giving me the massage and the first 2 minutes were normal he was just rubbing my back, then he goes under my shirt, which I didn't mind to much either, but like 10 minutes into the massage he reached up my bra. I stopped him there because I didn't want things to get that personal on the first date, all I said was "woah, what are you doing?" he then stopped the whole massage and said he had things to do, and took me home. On our way back I asked him what he had to do and he said his mom was about to be home. We didn't talk the entire rest of the way to my house. When we got to my house, I said bye to him and thanked him for the massage. I haven't talked to him since. He hasn't texted me or anything. I want to text him, just to find out whats up, but i'm scared he won't reply, and i'm scared he's pissed at me. do you think he's mad that I didn't put out? I keep thinking that he thought I looked better on the internet than in person and that's why he quit talking to me? I just can't stop thinking about him though. I thought he was cute. Should I text him? or should I leave him alone, like I've been doing? if I do text him what should I say? why do you think he quit talking to me after we met?

If all you want to do is have sex with him, text him. If you think you're going to want anything beyond that, you're not going to get it, so don't.


I hate this stupid website. I never get anyone to help me anymore. Thanks everyone...

I've been not helping people for eight years now, it's good to finally get some credit. Thanks!


Hey I wa the one who asked about a one night stand. Where u from and maybe we could hook up.



Hi, I'm 20 years old and my boyfriend of about 7 months is 21. He is graduating in 2 weeks and going to med school next year. I'm starting my professional school in the August. So we are both leaving the college we met at. I don't know what a good grad gift for a boyfriend would be. I think it is a lot more important than High school and want to give him something nice. I ended up buying a kindle fire for him and it was about $200. Even though my last boyfriend and I were together for 3 years i never bought anything quite that expensive-it was always ranging from 60-150. But i feel like we are honestly a lot more serious and mature of a relationship and graduation is a different situation than birthdays/christmas. His parents like me as far as I know and they are coming up for the ceremony. Will they be annoyed or happy with that gift? And what will he think? I know he likes tech stuff like that and he can get text books from amazon and all his apps and movies on the go. Any input would be great. I can always exchange it for something different.

I'm not really someone that founds their life around possessions or has much advice to dole out to others on the subject. If I received that, I would be very happy.


Hey would anybody like a one night stand?

Absolutely, HIT ME UP YO.


What is your input on tipping at restaraunts? I tip when I eat out but I also feel 'why tip when they are paid by the hour?' I understand that waiters/waitress make little but when one pays for their meal I do get why it is expected.

Example: Why tip a pizza boy when they are paid minimum wage hourly? Why tip a barista?

I am looking for inputs on how people feel, I feel both ways. We shouldnt have to tip... We pay for our food and we pay for good services.

Tip or move to Europe.


Ok so I recently broke up with my boyfriend and he kind of flirts with my best friend, it bugs me but I dont really seem to mind much. He talked to me today and gave me a hug and said he loves me and started begging to get back together with him, he said that he cant move on, I said no because I dont want a relationship right now and he walked away upset and almost started crying, instead, I started crying. =( Btw, we were going to kiss today for no real reason but didnt because we kinda fought instead.

He sent me a message on facebook saying that he wants to kiss me tomorrow and everyday until he moves on and I said no because I dont want him to feel "the spark" if we kiss repeadidly and not ever get over me. I want to kiss him once but only once, should I?

For his benefit and your benefit, do not kiss him at all. I say this knowing you'll give me a poor rating -- that is how much I stand by this advice and how little I give a fuck.


About a month ago i hooked up with a co worker (we are both married with children) and have been traveling extensively with him so the sex has continued. However, he has been flirting extensively with another co worker (which I happen to be her supervisor). He said he was doing it to protect our relationship so no one would suspect anything. Well i found out that he actually spent the night with her last night. I feel completely blindsided, hurt, and jealous. How do I approach talking to him because i don't feel like I have a right to feel that way.

You're right, you don't have a right to feel that way.


For school I have to parody the song we didn't start the fire by billy Joel. Since its about events from 1949-1989, I have to do one for my life. I was born in May 1998 so all I have is Apple, 9/11, Obama. I need more events and how to put it in a song

Haha, I'll answer this because adviceman obviously didn't really help you at all.

In random order as they come to me:

The War on Terror, Libya, Syria, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, the Red Sox winning the WS in 04, cell phones, Limewire, Chinese Democracy by Guns 'n' Roses, the execution of Saddam, the killing of UBL, 7/7 attacks in the UK, train attacks in Spain in like 04 I think, health care reform, Wall Street regulation, the Great Recession, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, hybrid cars, blahblahblah.

Things have sucked since you've been born, thanks a lot!


So I started high school this year and there is this girl I knew from last year. We have a class together now and I guess we could be considered friends. Today one of my other friends in our "group" told me that she found some beer in the girl's cup one day. Now, I don't know if it's true, but this isn't something that my friend would lie about and most likely she knows what beer smells like...So I'm wondering what I should do. I'm not going to tell on her because I have no idea if it really happened. But just in case, what would be the right thing to do in my situation? Because underage drinking is against my morals. I know that we're not close enough for me to ever feel pressured by her, but I know that my parents wouldn't necessarily approve of my even being kind of friends with her. Please no answers about reporting her. I have no idea if this is true, but I just want to be prepared in case I find out that she really has been drinking at school.

I would just say to mind your own business. The sooner you learn that morality is relative, the better. Your morals are not everyone else's.


Is it a bad sign when your boyfriend splits his leisure time between you & his male friends

It's a bad sign for him that his girlfriend has a problem with this.


i need a tumblr url
my names Nathaly
anything cute works or girly anything



I am talking to this girl she likes me and i like her but i know i can do better there is this other girl who is much prettier and i think she like me but im not sure i can get her if i tried and shes really fun what should i do?

Continue being as shallow as possible.


hi im sure u have had many questions like this but im going to ask anyways. i apologize for the spelling.and its kinda jumpy sorry.

my boyfriend who i have been with for 3years & 2months so far, (we've been together sense i was 15 and he was 16, we are now almost 19 and 20) anyways he keeps haveing dreams about me being pregnant and not just a few months pregnant i mean like 8 and 9months pregnant, to where im about to have the baby, he has them all the time ah and hes also having dreams about us already having children its always a girl with blue eyes,blond hair, lightly skined and etc.he has always had these dreams about me, and im not sure why. yes he wants a baby girl so i know that could be a reason why, i know its not because hes afraid to get me pregnant because we both want to have a baby yes we do plan on getting married next year so you guys know. i dont know i was just wondering if there could be an actuall reason why hes having these dreams or is it just because there random? please dont have rude comments im just curiouse. and thank your for your answers or even just reading it. i want honest opinions though.

Could be a Nazi sympathizer?


What is your opinion on age gaps? I'm talking 16 and 21.. is it wrong? is it okay if you've known them for a long. Is it okay to be friends with people that much older than you. I'm 16 f and hes 21 m. im worried even being friends makes him look like a bad guy.

His peers would rightfully view him with disgust.


OK, so my boyfriend and I had sex last monday. I have been thinking that I may be pregnant (I'm 18)but my parents don't like my boyfriend. I am determined to tell them if I am pregnant that it was with my boyfriend ( of which they don't know about nor do they like). How can I go about telling them if i am pregnant that I am pregnant without them yelling at me or freaking out?

Get a pregnancy test.


how would you economically solve the problem of illegal immigration? what would be the impact of your policy? what is the economic debate on both sides as to why immigrants are economically important, and how they are hurting the american economy? which do you agree with?

-just homework i need help with.

That's not help: that's an answer.

Extremely secure borders for 1-2 generations would solve the problem. Children born in the US, regardless of the immigration status of their parents, are American citizens. Preventing new illegals from entering the country means the old ones die, and the Constitution legalizes their American born children on its own. Problem solved without splitting families up via deportation.


I know a couple of people that went to jail for traffic tickets and they said that it was the worst experience ever. They said that they got treated badly but federal inmates get cable tv good food and everything. Why is this?

Not sure if someone that actually went to jail for traffic tickets is the best source for anything.


Im 16 years old, almost 17. I've never had a boyfriend, i've never kissed a guy, i've never been drunk, i've never done drugs, and I don't go to parties. At my age that's all my friends want to do. They get drunk/high, they go to parties, and they hook up with guys. I feel like such a loser because I have no intentions of doing any of that stuff anytime soon. I feel like I don't have anything to talk about with my friends because that's all they talk about. Like everytime i've gone to little get togethers with them everyones smoking weed or drinking, and I just stand there awkwardly. There's been times where I want to try it, but theres just something in my head that tells me not too. What would you think of someone like me? should I continue to be the way I am? are there any other teens out there like me? should I just let go and open up to new things? What does being high/drunk feel like?
do people at parties who do get messed up all the time think badly about the ones who don't? HELP!

When I was 17 one of my closest friends was only into doing drugs and drinking, and I resisted for a few years. I even asked a question on advicenators inquiring what to do.

Continue doing what you're doing and stay away from drugs: do not make the same mistake I did because it will fuck up your life.


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