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Will a guy want u more if you ignore him

No, he will start to despise you. Just as I have.


My freshman year I had a huge crush on this girl that I had a few classes with. I know me and her had a thing but I never made a move on her.. I was a pussy. i think i had(still have) social anxiety and a really bad self conscious. i would stay in the bathroom looking in the mirror untill i thought i looked good enough to go to school and if i couldnt look good then i felt like everyone was judging me. I wore the same thing to school every week so this added on to myself thinking people were judging me. I only wore the clothes I thought I looked the best in.. sometimes that wasn’t good enough. When I couldn’t look good I would think I would be too ugly to present myself to her. This made me not want to go to school. I was 16 and y sophomore year came and things between me and her changed drastically. I had one class with her and we didn’t talk at all because I didn’t know what to say or I was just too nervous and shy. I was doing really good in school the first semester of my sophomore year but then the 2nd semester came and things went down the drain. i basically skipped the whole second semester of school just to spend my day playing this addicting computer game and so I wouldn’t have to deal with any awkward moments and the thoughts of people judging me. Also because I had a speech class the 2nd semester and I hated giving speeches. i would hide from my mom in various spots in the house just so i didnt have to go to school or i would tell my mom i was going to school, leave, and just kick it somewhere by myself untill she went to work. my mom was going through A LOT. From money being really low(we lived in a really nice house though) to her lesbian lover leaving her after 6 years, to my 14yr old sister being sent to live with HER father in california because she would not listen to my mom, would completely disobey her and acted bad. My moms childhood wasnt good either. her father would sexually touch her; this happened twice. then my mom’s mom left my mom’s dad and married another man. MY dad left my mom when he found out she was pregnant with me(I found this out after the suicide. I was lied to my whole life until I was 16) and then my mom had my sister with another man who basically took the role as a father until I was 10 because we moved to texas to get away from him because he was abusive and my mom really wanted to be with her lesbian lover. things were going really good before my sister got sent away. money wasnt as low and i was getting good grades in school. things went downhill after she got sent away because a couple of months after that happened, my moms lover left her. My sister being sent away also left me with more of an opportunity to stay home and skip school with my sister not being home at all. my mom would find me sometimes hiding(she would look for me in the house) and drive me to school. one time she was driving me to school after she found me and she slapped me really hard and told me she could go to jail if i kept skipping school. i was so fucking selfish and didnt really think she was serious and i said id go to jail if anything. anyways i kept skipping school to play this game and waste my time on the computer watching videos. i remember being at home and heaing my mom crying her eyes out begging lauren(her lover) not to leave. i asked her what was wrong and she said lauren is bored of the relationship. it hurt so much to see my mom like this. i told her maybe she will come back and she said i hope so. after this is when things really got bad, as she got really depressed and started abusing alcohol and cannabis(i found out after she committed suicide). not to mention that we never really spent that much time as a family but she tried very hard to keep us together. we had no real family in texas so we usually spent holidays with laurens family. i remember my mom leaving for a week and i had to stay at my friends house because the electric bill didnt get paid(this happened a couple times). after her suicide i found out she was attending a mentally ill hospital to help her feel better. i had no clue at the time where she was. she didnt tell me and i didnt ask. i just assumed she was having fun somewhere. i now think my sister was mentally ill too because she did something wrong idk i dont remember and my mom told her she was in trouble or something and my sister said that my mom would regret punishing her. all i remember is coming home and my sister emptied all the food in the pantry all over the floor just sitting in the middle of it. it was a huge mess. i was fucking confused thinking why would she do this. i called my mom and told her. i think she got grounded but now i understand that my sister was probably mentally ill too so it was not her fault to an extent. i was really pissed at the time because money was low and there was a lot of GOOD food all over the kitchen floor. i just couldnt understand. anyways back to the point, it was a normal day, first day of summer, and i was playing the computer game. my mom came out of her room to leave to work and i said bye. i dont remember if she said bye back. but i said i love you and she didnt say anything. i don’t know if she ignored me or didnt hear me. a couple hours passed and cops were at my door. i thought they were there because of me skipping so much school. i was scared to answer. i finally opened up and they asked me if anyone was home and who i was. i asked what are you guys here for. they sat me down and told me my mom was killed in an accident. i was told she was parked on the freeway because something was wrong with her car and when she was walking back to her driver door she was hit by an 18wheeler. i was in so much shock it was the last thing i couldve expected to happen. i cried so much and stared at her door thinking oh my fucking god is this real. I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. within a few hours my house was filled with friends and neighbors. my sister called after not talking to her since she got sent to texas and she was crying hard and asked me if mom was really dead. I was instantly filled with sadness and tried my hardest to not let her hear me cry, and I said yes. her crying got harder and she hung up. I think I started crying after this too. I to my room and I started packing because I was told my aunts are coming to get me from California. The night came and I ended up staying the night at my friends house down the street.. Everything seemed so weird I don’t know how to explain it. Just in so much fucking shock. I was just laying there watching tv by myself in a room with my cats that I brought from my house. I was about to fall asleep and I remember something coming on the news talking about my mom. It said suicide or accident. I was then again instantly filled with emotions and just turned the tv off and tried to fall asleep. I woke up still in complete emotional pain. I went and hung out with my friends that I skated with all the time, until my two aunts were at my friends house. I got my bags, said goodbye to my friends and I remember one of my friends stopping by right before I left to say bye. My neighbor also stopped by right before I left and told me that she gathered up money from around the neighborhood to help a little bit. Then I was on my way back to California. I ended up living with my aunt, her husband, and their daughter. Things weren’t really uncomfortable but I didn’t want to be there. Starting a whole new life after this all happening was hard. I made friends and everything but of course I was still completely hurting and still am to this day. I tried counseling but I didn’t feel like anyone understood me and I think social anxiety kind of limited me explaining myself. I was at a social security place getting things set up for me to receive social security money and I heard my aunt mention something about a biological father to the social security worker. I ignored it. Then some time passed and we were at a bank getting a bank account set up and I heard my aunt mention something about a biological father again. This time I asked her about it whenever we were finished and inside the car leaving. She told me that my mom was going to tell me soon before she died that the father I was growing up with in California was not my real dad. He was my sisters dad. Also that my real dad left before I was born. This left me in even more confusion and shock. This just piled on top of everything else that was going on making things worse. Im now less then a month away from being 18 and I still feel absolutely hurt and depressed. I havent had any real suicidal thoughts because I couldn’t imagine leaving my sister by herself. My sister was going through a very hard time with controlling herself in the past year. Shes been doing drugs, drinking a lot, getting in fights, and even got expelled from her school. As of the last month or so shes improved dramatically. I think she started taking anti depressants along with therapy/counseling. Im so happy for her. Shes been visiting the last week or 2 with my cousin that’s visiting from south Dakota. As for me, im still completely depressed, I tried to take anti depressants but stopped after day 2 because I don’t wanna mix weed with the pills and I heard the pills side effects could be bad. I basically spend all my money on weed haha. Smoking weed is my way of medicating myself and it helps a lot but my aunt and uncle completely refuse to let me enjoy it. I had a half ounce of weed and they found it and took it. This is after getting in constant trouble with them all relating to weed. Them taking it pissed me off so much because I saved up so much money and JUST got it the day before I got it taken away. Currently im attending psychotherapy once a week along with still getting in trouble with my aunt n uncle because of my weed habit haha. Fuck it though. I feel bad because I never want to spend time with them. I’m always in my room. I love them a lot but im just so depressed. Like right now, my sister and cousin are visiting and everyones in the living room but im still in my room just on my laptop and watching tv. I feel like its because I don’t want to get real close to anyone because I put all my love into my mom and because I never got used to the fact of spending time with family in texas because my mom was always in her room too. She was all I had, and then she killed herself, just leaving me. Walking right passed me without saying anything the day it happened. I wish I could go back and tell her how much I really loved her and cared about her .I had no clue she was depressed, we didn’t talk a lot. If I had any idea that she was going through what she was going through I would have automatically changed my ways. Maybe it would have stopped her from killing herself. Now im left with all this regret, guilt, and anger. My heart is in a million pieces.

Take it from me man, the weed is going to make you feel worse. I'm not some anti-drug loser trying to bum your high -- I'm just speaking from experience that weed and and depression don't mix, they really just make the depression worse over time. Quit with the substances and continue with the psychotherapy. If you don't like your therapist, fuck them... get a different one. Only after you get to a less depressed place should you allow yourself to smoke, and even then it should just be a social thing, not a constant.

Smoking habitually and developing a weed dependence when you're depressed is horrible and is going to make things even worse.


Hi. Well I'm 28 years old . Where can I find a female doctore (Indian /Pakistani) who can remove my Hymen !?? ( In CA. Sacramento.

I'm a doctor...

Just kidding. If you're 28 the odds are pretty good that your hymen naturally took care of itself and is gone.


I wrote this rap for the song "somebody that I used to know remix" and it's my first rap so tell me if it's good or things that could help the verse. If I should rap fast of slow. You could add more to the verse.

The Verse:
All these voices in my head come as I'm laying in bed
We had it all, I wasn't gonna let you fall
I was in rehab for something I thought I had
Everyone thinks I'm bad.
Stop eating your chicken and listen.
You were the one for me 
What could be is a mystery.
Don't realized what you done honey bun.
While you were soaking in the sun, I was in the room thinking why do you make me cry, the anger, frustration, DENIAL.
Now I walk a mile with an empty heart and sadness.
Thinking I caused all this madness when it was all you.

I like the chicken part, it goes HARD AS FUCK


I'm a single dad with custody of two kids 8 and 9. I met a woman over the internet, let's call her Carol, and I love her very much. She has everything that I want in a woman except she has little money, and a tiny bit overweight (I can handle with the weight issue). We both want to marry. Carol is divorced, she has two daughters 14 and 5. She lives in the Caribbean and we talk almost every day on skype.

I told her many times that I cannot afford a family of six on my salary. She tells me that if we love each other it doesn't matter b/c we can solve any problem. She's willing to look for a job to make it work.

Carol is not a skilled worker, she didn't finish college, and I can't imagine how she can contribute anything significant to the cost of managing the household. I'm afraid that if marry her and try to support a family of six on my salary that we all might fall on hard times; I'll lose everything that I've worked for.

She insists that money doesn't matter and I should follow my heart. I told her that we can get married in 2013, but I have ice cold feet.

Do I follow my heart and overcome, or do I follow my brain and stay alone? I'm really torn between the two decisions because she really is good woman.


Your kids are your responsibility first and foremost. If you think that financially adding more people to your household is going to prevent you from providing for them and their college fund, I wouldn't do it.


okay so like I wanna give my bf a handjob but i need to be able to do it without lube. uhmm and like i dont wanna use spit cause that would be awkward soooo ya how can i give a handjob with no lube?????

If you use your mouth, yes. Otherwise, not really.


hello, matt. why the hell are you on this fucking site if you dont even give a shit? i mean really, this is for people who want to help, not act like assholes.
ps: im 11, female. and ya, i dont give a shit about language.
thank you for your untrue consideration.

Chill out dude!


When I'm giving my boyfriend a hand job, what should I say to him to make it more exciting?

Putting yourself in a position where you can't say anything would raise the excitement.


So there is this boy. He's my ex boyfriend and i sill kinda like him but does he like me ?? What are the signs and stuff saying if he does?? Help me please? I wanna know if i should move on to a different guy.

I don't think he does, so you should move on to a different guy.


I have made a resume but I am not sure if it's a bad, good, or great resume.

I have a header with my name, phone number, address, and date of birth.
I have an objective which is one sentence.
I have skills which I listed 12 skills in a chart and I deleted the borders and centered everything.
I have my education.
I have my experience which I listed my last 3 jobs starting with my most current.
I have my volunteer experience which I listed the types of mission work I did with my church over the years.
Lastly, I have 'References available upon request'
Everything looks very organized.

What else should I put into my resume?
Any tips on making a resume great?
Do I need to omit any information?


I think 12 skills is way too many...I'd cut it way down to just a few, and I'd also put that after your volunteer experience but before your references portion.


I'm smart but lazy.
Dark... As in my mind..
I could be seen as a negative person, but I don't try to crush people's dreams.
I'm nice...but evil..
I don't care at all what people think about me.
I don't try and follow the trend or blend in, but I don't try to stick out.
My favourite song is Therapy by All Time Low...
you don't have to include that but they say that music says a lot about a person so... Other than that I don't really listen to music apart from Pierce the Veil BUT I love listening to theme tunes for films especially for Pirates of the Caribbean, I listen to that while doing homework...
Umm my favourite colours are black and deep purple...and other deep colours :)
I'm not like suicidal or anything, just in case you're getting that impression...
Um... Yeah.
I'm a girl. I'm girly I guess, but not like, frilly pink dressed kind of girly.
I'm kind of reserved...and I'm awkward around people..and I get irritated very easily...
Yeah. Thank you :))

A swastika.


I'm evil. BUT LOVELY ;D But yeah, evil and reserved. AND I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME. yeah.
short nicknames are preferable.



How common is the idea of men waxing to remove hairs? Would it be weird if I wanted my boyfriend to wax "down there?"

Just ask him to shave it.


im looking for a 9 year old girl to have sex with help me

Call 911, tell them.


Seriously! And, I'm not even allowed to move out because my parents will get all offended, and it's not in their culture to have kids living alone. Plus, I clearly can't afford living on my own.

UGH. I've always wanted a kitten since I was a little girl. I found one last summer but my dad made me give him away.

What can I do to convince him?

Too bad.


During foreplay when I go down on my man, I never know if you're suppose to blow him until he comes, or just stay down there for a couple minutes to get him warmed up before we start to have sex. I've gone down on him until he finished, but once he entered me, he was already tired and couldn't pump anymore which made me get nothing out of it. So my question is, what do the guys expect to receive when girls go down on them begore intercourse? Please help!

Go downtown and then take a ride before I run out of gas.


Welll, Im Friends with this guy and i been talking on the phone with em for couple Days we dont sleep at alljust to stay on the phone and uhh we be talking dirty like him getting boners and im telling em im bi and stuff like that but i dont know if he likes me . he told me that my voice is sexy im like ahh weird

His penis likes you, that is all.


If a person was that was close to you, really evil to you would you care if they died?

My aunt died 3 years ago and I didn't get upset when she died. Am I wrong? She died from some heart problems. My aunt was very evil to the people in our family. She stole money from a lot of them and did drugs with her boyfriend. They had a daughter together and continued to do drugs, just not around her. My grandmother was always in denial about them doing drugs until their daughter got taken away and they admitted it. My aunt also stole money from my grandmothers account somehow forging checks for over a year and she admitted. They used the money for drugs. They also begged for money from my grandma and she'd give them money for food, but they were most likely using it for drugs. My grandmother had to pay their rent every month and feed them, the only reason why my grandmother and most of my family dealt with her is because she had a daughter. My cousin who is my aunt's daughter didn't know that her parents were smoking crack and she Still doesn't know. My aunt used to say very evil things and do evil things. She cared about nothing but drugs and her boyfriend. She used her own daughter to beg for money from family members for food, they even came over our house begging for dinner because they spent all their money on drugs.My aunt was turning my cousin into an evil person just like her and her bad habits was rubbing off on my cousin. She used her own daughter to beg for money from family. My aunt left my grandmother broke every month from stealing and begging for money. Ever since my cousin got taken away and her bigger sister got custody she has had a better life, she goes to a better school and she's a very smart and good girl. My aunt is dead now and my cousin's father has cancer. I just didn't feel bad when my aunt died, but I feel bad for my cousin because she loved her mom and sometimes she still cries about her mom being dead. I also feel bad for my grandmother cause she lost her daughter. But things have been better since she died and I just didn't cry when she died. Am I wrong?

You're not wrong, but I don't think your aunt was evil. She was a drug addict, and there's a big difference.


19/female. There's this guy, named Bryan who started talking to me over facebook. He went to my school, graduated 2 years before I did. We started texting and I began to like him, every time he'd text me he'd tell me to come cuddle, or that he wanted to give me a massage and that I was pretty every now and then he would mention my boobs or whatever but I figured thats every teenage boy. We'd always plan to hang out but we always ended up both getting to busy, but we'd still text. Well, there was one day that we both got time to chill so he came to pick me up, but it was really awkward. I got in his car and it was just silent the whole ride from my house to his. We get to his house and go straight to his room. I sat at the edge of his bed and we just sat there for a good 5 minutes before he asked me if I wanted a massage. I said no, because that was the first time for us to hang out and I figured that'd be awkward, he insisted on giving me a massage so I was like whatever and let him give me one, he told me to lay down, he stareted giving me the massage and the first 2 minutes were normal he was just rubbing my back, then he goes under my shirt, which I didn't mind to much either, but like 10 minutes into the massage he reached up my bra. I stopped him there because I didn't want things to get that personal on the first date, all I said was "woah, what are you doing?" he then stopped the whole massage and said he had things to do, and took me home. On our way back I asked him what he had to do and he said his mom was about to be home. We didn't talk the entire rest of the way to my house. When we got to my house, I said bye to him and thanked him for the massage. I haven't talked to him since. He hasn't texted me or anything. I want to text him, just to find out whats up, but i'm scared he won't reply, and i'm scared he's pissed at me. do you think he's mad that I didn't put out? I keep thinking that he thought I looked better on the internet than in person and that's why he quit talking to me? I just can't stop thinking about him though. I thought he was cute. Should I text him? or should I leave him alone, like I've been doing? if I do text him what should I say? why do you think he quit talking to me after we met?

If all you want to do is have sex with him, text him. If you think you're going to want anything beyond that, you're not going to get it, so don't.


I hate this stupid website. I never get anyone to help me anymore. Thanks everyone...

I've been not helping people for eight years now, it's good to finally get some credit. Thanks!


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