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Hello. I am 18 years old and have 2 month old twins, the father of my twins left while i was pregnant with them. recently he told me he wants to get back into me and his babies life and wants us to be a family. we are not together but working on it. but on top of this i have recently slept with another boy and could possibly be pregnant by him. i really want to be with my twins father and we have even talked about our wedding but i know if he finds out about this other bot he is going to leave me. i honestly do not know what to do, HELP PLEASE!

Abort, then stop dating for ten years.



I just had the biggest job interview of my life. I would just like some of your feedback on some things I remember:

1. I made some jokes. Like, when they asked my biggest weakness, I said "The temptation is to say that I work just too hard!" and they both laughed and said "We hate them answers!". I also replied "getting the coffee" when asked what task I would least enjoy. I wasn't trying to be funny, I was just nervous!

2. I kept noticing that they kept smiling at each other. I don't know if it was because they thought I was impressive, or because I was rambling on. When I'm nervous, I ramble!

3. My interview was supposed to start at 12, but didn't start until 12.40ish. So I assume the persons before me (or someones along the line) over ran. I can't quite remember how long mine lasted, but it felt much shorter. Was this because they realised I wasn't right for it straight away, or because they got everything they needed to know?

Saying all that, I do feel I impressed them (at some points), whilst whipping out my knowledge of monetary policy ideas, and international relations.

So what do you all thing? Did it go well? Badly? I know there's nothing I can do about it now, but I can't get it out of my head.

There's really no right answer I suppose, but what do you think?

Thanks! :)

Haha, your biggest weakness answer was a good one and I think it went over pretty well. Sounds like a good interview to me.


Hey I'm 17 and I was wondering if I could get a hookers number or something I'm not a virgin but need sex please help

Let your hand be your hooker. God wanted it that way.


I'm Gay., is this a gay website?

Only if you want it to be. ;)


shaggy, medium-length brown hair, too. I rarely like guys with short hair. what's up with me? it just makes me instantly swoon

You were a brown hair green eyed boy in a past life.


I have been with my wife for 4 years. coming into this relationship I knew her bestfriend was her ex. That should of been a red flag for me, but as the years gone by I got to know her bestfriend and the more I got to know her the more I hated her. she seems to always have to top everything I do, from cooking, to baking, to decorating to the way we dress(just so you understand I'm a girl shes a girl we are all girls)the way we raise the kids everything is a compotition. Plus she always talks about herself and what shes doing and how she gets to go out and do this and that know we have young children and we can't do those thing almost like she rubbing it in our faces. The hard part is shes a huge part of my wife's family the sisters look at like a sister and the in-laws love her as a daughter and call her daughter their gran. see i'm the actual wife and I gave 2 grandchildren but i get treated like the outsider. she comes over almost everyday and doesn't know when to leave, she sleeps in my bed uses my shower. but when i try to say anything to my wife she lets me know how wrong i am and that she doesnt understand why i have such a problem with her and that i'm trying to put her in the middle and she won't choose. like today i packed a picnic to take to my wifes work so the kids and i can eat lunch with her but guess whose been there since early in the morning her bestie so now i have to make extra to feed her to. I just feel liek everywhere i go or anything i do her bestie has to be apart of it. they go and have lunch they talk on the phone for hours they tell each other eveything. my wife and i never go out and have lunch just the 2 of us, and she never opens up to me like that. not only that but she would never let me hang out with her at work like that. I don't know what to do. I don't think they are messing around but I want to be the one to be close to my wife not her. any advise?

Tell your wife you would like to go to marriage counseling. If she refuses to go, go on your own.


Four years ago, I met this guy through a friend and we started going out. Three months later he cheated on me, but by that time we already had so many of the same friends it was impossible not to run into each other. Over the years we have become the best of friends. There is no one in the entire world that means more to me than this person, and he says he feels the same as I do.
Over the course of our friendship it has become increasingly clear that he's a manic depressive. It has also become clear to me over the last year and a half that I still have romantic feelings for him. Because we share everything, and I needed to know if there was a chance for us, I told him how I felt about a year ago. We continued our friendship, but things got way more intense until I told him I needed some sort of commitment. At a bonfire, he took me aside and told me that I meant too much to him to lose, and he thought we should try to be together. Then he kissed me. That was however, on an upswing of his depression, and with every down cycle he acted like nothing had happened and we were just best friends. I was weak, and I didn't want to lose him, so I just went with whatever mood he was in in the moment, from adoring partner to buddy buddy. I loved him so much, I thought if I could show him that I loved him no matter what, maybe he could love himself just enough to get help. That's when the awkward spending the night started. He started sleeping over, holding me, caressing me more, telling me all the things I knew he felt, just cuddling on the couch watching our favorite movies and being together, but whenever it got too sexual, he would either make an excuse to leave or (and I'm positive this is what he was doing) go to the bathroom and masturbate, leaving me high and dry as he drifted off to sleep satisfied. I finally had enough and told him I needed, wanted, deserved the title of girlfriend. He told me he just wasn't mentally stable enough to give that to me, and that he didn't want to hurt me because I mean so much to him. Things continued as they had. I didn't know what else to do. He blamed all of his issues on his ex girlfriend who cheated on him constantly and eventually left him for a woman, but he started having casual sex with other girls and hiding it from me, which I equated to the pain of cheating but he rationalized as fine because we didn't have a title and weren't having sex. I fully believe he was doing this as a way to fulfill himself sexually while trying and avoid the pain losing me would cause if we tried at a relationship and failed. Then, I was leaving for a week for a graduate residency, and came home to find him sitting outside my house. He took me upstairs and told me everything I'd been wanting to hear, that he felt the same way I felt about him, that he was afraid of hurting me with his depression, and that he wanted to try. Then, he kissed me like I always wanted him to kiss me, like he was present, like he was in the moment with me, and it broke my heart to have to leave for the week, but he promised he'd come down the last day for the giant banquet we have, and I was pretty much walking on the moon. This lasted for three days. Then, he didn't show up for the banquet, and when I brought up everything he said to me the day he was waiting at my house, he literally said he didn't remember any of it or the three days that followed. I was crushed. I'm still crushed, but I thought he was just scared, that if he could have that moment of clarity once, he could have it again if we worked on his mental health together. Things went back to the friends with conditional benefits thing, but every time he left me, I started to feel this frantic need to be with him, to somehow tie him to me with some permanence, even though I knew he'd gone back to having casual sex with other girls. I felt like he was slipping away more and more, but at the same time we had never been closer. The girls were the same as the booze and the weed he'd been self medicating with for years, I knew they were a quick high and i meant something more to him, but I wanted him to take me of the pedestal he put me on and just be with me in the real world, not some world where I was a perfect relationship he couldn't have while he was sick. Last month, I finally got up the courage to have another talk about what I need out of whatever we have, and he told me he still wasn't ready for a relationship (even though, despite the lack of sex, that's exactly what we've been in), but that he sometimes felt about me the same way I felt about him, "that we were made for each other, that we belong together". I tried to take it all with a grain of salt. He really is sick, and he really does care about me, and I can understand why he wouldn't want to hurt me. We made plans to go to the fourth of July fireworks three days later, and the entire day he acted strange. We were supposed to drink and watch movies in bed for the rest of the night, but he said he had somewhere else he needed to be. I was absolutely livid when I saw the bite mark he tried to hide on his neck, and told him to take me home. I'd had enough. After he dropped me off, he sent me a text that simply said, "I've met someone". I asked him to come back to my house so we could talk about it, and he said no. I told him he better get to a phone then, because I needed to talk to him. I called him and asked him how he could do this to me after everything we were to each other, and he told me nothing would change between us. I told him there was no way I could be with him if he were giving himself emotionally to someone else, and he told me I was being selfish, that what we had was too important to throw away over someone he was probably only going to date for a month or two. I told him there was no way I could stay with him and he hung up on me. A few days later, he sent me a msg saying that he understood, and if being apart was what I needed he would try to respect it because of how much I meant to him. I few days later, my room mate noticed him driving past our house. I've seen him doing it a few times since then too, and it just tears me apart. After a month of no contact, he sent me a msg saying we needed to talk. I didn't want to. Nothing had changed, and that's what I msg'd back. He started cursing at me and told me I was being selfish, and that I was a horrible person to leave him alone like that, and that no one had ever hurt him as much as me. I don't understand this. He is the one who didn't want me. All I ever wanted was to be with him, to have some sort of recognition that I mattered, that I was as important to him as he said I was. Yesterday, I finally said we could have that talk, and he came over. I told him everything I said here and how it had made me feel, why I had to have space for a while, why I still need space. He told me I don't love him, that I'm obsessed with him, and any feelings he had for me are gone, but he still wants me in his life, that I'm still his best friend. I am completely lost. I don't know what to do. I'm not obsessed with him, I'm trying to figure out why someone who so clearly loves me would be afraid enough to risk losing me over being honest. He still denies that he came over and told me he loved me, he has completely switched from rationalizing that he can't love me because of his ex to he never loved me and I'm the one with the problem, and the worst thing is, he's so damn considerate about it all, it makes me feel like I'm the one who's lost touch with reality, but I'm not the one with missing bits of time, with blocked memories, who breaks down every time we're alone and tells me he thinks he's lost his mind, that I deserve better. He is my best friend. I want to see him well, but how can I continue to help him with his mental issues, if he's going to lie and change his perception of our reality whenever it's convenient? Now, especially because he says he's in love with this girl the way he was in love with me, that he doesn't know if he should be with her because she deserves better. To hear him say exactly what he always said to me about someone else is like a knife in my chest, and even more so because he was able to commit to her three days after he told me he thought he and I might belong together but he couldn't commit to me. I'm completely broken. As much as I am his rock, he is mine. He is the person who knows everything about me, who knows exactly what I need when I'm hurting, exactly what to say to make me smile, exactly I'm thinking at any given moment in the day, but is that worth always being held at arms length? Is it worth always feeling like I'm being lied to about my own relationship? The girl he's with now reminds me of me when we first met. Is our friendship worth watching him make the same mistakes with her he made with me because he won't get help? Or, even worse, what if he doesn't make mistakes with her? What if she's just enough for him to finally be happy? Could I stand watching that either? He is my family. I feel like I've been served divorce papers for a marriage that never happened. Someone help me figure this out. Please.

I don't doubt that this guy is mentally ill and that's playing a large role in all these problems, but I also do not doubt that this guy is a legitimate asshole, and that's a character flaw that is separate from the manic depression.

Until he actually makes the effort to get better by seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist, this crap is just going to repeat itself over and over. give him the ultimatum and then cut your losses.

Additionally, you yourself would probably find great value in therapy to figure out why your self-value is low enough that you'd tolerate this for so long. It would give you a refreshing perspective on this situation and your life as a whole.


Why do men love blowjobs and what happens if you dont give them one

I need blowjobs to survive... without them I'll die. :(


i went on a date with a really cute and older guy.
we got drinks- the first one he paid for and the second he culdnt afford and had to awkwardly ask me to pay for it myself.
he didnt mean anything by it it was a honest he couldnt afford to buy mea drink! hes a waiter and doesnt have a lot of money at moment, so its understandable- however i am still turned off.

OTHER than that we had an AWSOME time but i cant get over how he couldnt afford to pay for my 8$ drink.

i told him it was werid and he owes me.

am i weird for thinking this is such a red flag? i really like him but im insulted by how he asked me to pay!

You're insulted? I am insulted that you are sabotaging the progress of your own gender.


im looking for into buying a new camera, and i really like the nikon d40 (http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10783765#)
if anybody has it, can you tell me what you think of it? is it worth the money (i do take a lot of pictures)? what are any speacial "features" about it, and are they really hard to figure out?
anything, really. thanks a ton!

Haha you asked this three years ago but I'll answer this anyway, since I legitimately owned this camera for a bit less than a year.

I sold my D40 on Amazon for around 350 bucks with the kit lens. Let me be clear: in my opinion this camera is not worth that much money. I didn't rip anyone off -- it was priced pretty comparably to other cameras -- but if I was going to buy that camera again, I would pay no more than 250 bucks for it. It's a legitimate SLR that will probably accomplish what an entry level person needs it to do, but nothing more than that. Its megapixel count is shit and pales in comparison even to iPhones.

A brief note: Nikon lenses generally are slightly less expensive than Canon lenses. But not so inexpensive that it should influence which camera you end up choosing. Honestly your best bet today (because I switched to Canon for practical reasons, unrelated to camera quality) is to go with a Canon T1i or T2i, and buy it used.


How do I FedEx?

Don't bother, it's really hard.


I'm starting to really hate, and despise my best friend's mother. She's too strict, and cultured. They're from Pakistan/Afghanistan. I've known her for like 5-6 years.

Anyways, I live in an apartment building. She lives 2 floors down. Her mom won't let her come over to my house because it's my step dad's day off from work.

Honestly, that is so insulting because my step dad is not a fucking rapist or a sex offender. I told my friend that him and my mom are out shopping anyways, and her mom is like "It doesn't matter, because he's going to come home anyways."

That is so insulting. Not just to my stepdad, but to ME and to my MOTHER. What kind of people does she think we are?

Wow dude chill the fuck out, it's called cultural conservationism. Don't be so butt-hurt making everything about you: don't you think your friend is as fed up as you are? She lives with that every day, count yourself lucky you selfish punk.


im 10 and im a female what should i talk about when on the phone with my boyfriend?

How awesome it is to have reached a double digit age.


I a 22 year female. I recently lied to my step father about being with my boyfriend who i have been on and off with for quite sometime. Well my boyfriend heard and got upset and now he thinks i am not ready for a committed relationship. When we were talking I couldnt look him in the face cause I hate seeing him hurt and I hate him seeing me cry! I dont know what else I can do to show/tell him that I only did it to not have any more conflict. Can you please help me?

That reason is probably not going to fly with him so well. Is he not worth the conflict? You're a 22-year-old woman, not a 15-year-old girl that needs to hide her relationships from her parents because she's not old enough to date.


What does GOP mean? On the news they are always talking about what the GOP is going to do about this or that but I have no idea what they are talking about. thank you if you can help!

GOP stands for Grand Old Party, and it's just another name for the Republican Party.

It's referred to as the Grand Old Party because it's old and most of the people that buy into it are equally old. har har har


I'm 17 male and having sex,I have day where I will cum aloast instintly ,techniques?? Is masturbating regulary good?

Beat it before you let her meet it.



I pretty much understand the whole weight loss thing. My question is about calories.

Now everyone (including myself) always says that you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. This seems pretty straight forward, but does that actually mean:

You eat 2500 calories a day
You need to burn AT LEAST 2501 calories to start to lose anything?

Because one day, I walked constantly for 7 hours. It wasn't planned: me and a friend walked to the city, browsed shops, then just took a long walk as the sun set, and then walked home. I used to have an app on my iPod Touch. You put in how much exercise you've done, and what you've eaten. I put "brisk walking, 7 hours" in, and it only said I burned 1600 calories?! So I would have had to burn 900 more calories (assuming I consume 2500 calories a day) ? Because that seems crazy. My body felt like jelly after all that walking, and I still needed to do MORE just to lose weight?

Any guidance?


No, fuck calorie counting. You need calories to survive. Just avoid eating foods high in fat -- primarily saturated fat -- and exercise and you'll lose weight.


I am getting depressed because Im telling myself im lesbian, but i do not in any way want to be. i look at girls boobs and stuff and have sexual thoughts about them but I would never ever date one or kiss one. Is it normal to doubt your sexuality? im 14

errbuddy in da club be kwestioning if dey go for da dick or puss when they uh yougn no worries babe


i'm 19/f
he's 22/f
strong christian, doesn't just lead girls on.

he asked me to coffee just to chat about life. we talked about EVERythiNG. why would he do this?!

He wants to crucify you. :(


13/f Hi, I'm trying to grow my shoulder length hair out because I'm tired of everyone else having longer hair than me. Any suggestions?

Don't cut it.


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